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Bombshell leaked emails prove the State Department DID block Afghan evacuation flights even if they had Americans on board, report claims-9/8

Four ex-Guantanamo Bay inmates Obama freed in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl are named as top commanders in Afghanistan's new Taliban government-9/8

Things Look Bright for US Diplomacy as Club Gitmo Alumni and Al Qaeda Terrorists Lead the New and Moderate Taliban Government of Afghanistan-9/8

Biden Lies His Head off and Attacks Americans Who Yelled at Him About Afghanistan-9/8

Joe Biden's Train Goes off the Track and Exposes the Sheer Lunacy of His Sloganeering-9/8

President Biden States Tornadoes Aren’t Called Tornadoes Anymore-9/8 I think they call them Climate Change Vortexes.

Joe Biden Staffers Struggling to Cope Because They Are So Terrified of Him Going off Script-9/8

Milley: ‘What You Saw Unfold’ with Afghanistan Evacuation Was One of the Plans, ‘There Was an Extensive Amount of Planning in This’-9/6 Yes, we know. You should probably plead the Fifth. Either that or drink a fifth.

The UN has announced a meeting with the Taliban, and that meeting included the promise to keep shoveling money into the bottomless pit that is Afghanistan-9/6

“We Will Not Tolerate Violence Against Those Seeking to Obtain or Provide Reproductive Health Services” – AG Garland Puts Texas on Notice-9/7

Satanic Temple Attacks Texas Abortion Law, Argues That it Violates Their ‘Religious Freedom’ to ‘Abortion Rituals’-9/6

4 Under-Reported Signs Paper Money Is Dying-9/8

Rabo: The Street Can't Resist Buying Things That Have Gone Down-9/8

China Accuses NATO Of Inflating Its 'Purely Defensive' Nuclear Arms Program-9/8

China’s Military Jets Repeatedly Fly Into Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone Since Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal: Report-9/6

Time for Less Long-Term Thinking About China-9/6

Inside Lockheed's Super-Secret Skunk Works Factory-9/7

New Skunk Works Plant to Build Advanced Fighters, Other Projects-9/7

Going two spend two weeks in the Colorado Rockies. If you see a maroon Dodge Ram Pick-up with a Lance camper on top and a GSP running around, that would be me. Will update when I can. Willliam

'I don't know if he is familiar with a menstruating person's body': AOC blasts Gov. Greg Abbott-9/8 Neither are we, preposterous pronoun person.

The Highly Effective Covid Treatment Joe Biden Won’t Tell You About-9/8

Journal Nature: COVID lockdowns are key to begin ‘personal carbon allowances’: ‘Restrictions on individuals…that were unthinkable only 1 year before’ have us ‘more prepared to accept tracking & limitations’ to ‘achieve a safer climate’-9/7

Inside an Australian COVID Internment Camp, a Dystopian Hell Awaits-9/7

Top Scientist On New Report About Research In Chinese Labs: It’s ‘Clear’ Fauci Was ‘Untruthful’-9/7

Rolling Stone 'Horse Dewormer' Hit-Piece Debunked After Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses-9/5

Horse-Paste Hooey: How Left-Wing Lunatics Spread Yet Another Obvious Lie-9/6

Liberal Talking Point About Joe Rogan and Ivermectin Gets Blown up From Unexpected Source-9/4

Ivermectin Just A Horse Treatment? The CDC Didn’t Seem To Think So In 2019-9/3

The Covidian Cult (Part III): There's Reality & There's "Reality"-9/4

Robocop Is Here: Singapore Deploys Robots To Detect "Undesirable Behavior" Including Groups Of "More Than Five People"-9/6

Brazen Oregon Lowe's shoplifters push carts laden with $2,000 of copper cable in latest example of 'legalized stealing' in lenient Dem states-9/7

CNN: American Racism Will Never Disappear; It Will Become ‘White Supremacy With A Tan’-9/8

Miracle Woman Dies and Visits Heaven and is Shown Hell-8/29

How to Do Metta-9/9 Jack Kornfield

Rise and Demise of ATLANTIS-9/7 PDF, Accounts of Atlantis from the original early Theosophcal literature

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Padre Pio: Stories and Memories of My Mentor and Friend Paperback by Fr. Gabriele Amorth. New – published September 3, 2021.
Amazon description: This colorful memoir offers a rare, up-close glimpse of the life and personality of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, the beloved Italian monk who was blessed with extraordinary gifts. The late Fr. Amorth—well-known as an exorcist —enjoyed over two decades of a close friendship with the holy, quirky Padre Pio, whom he considered his spiritual father. Adding his own personal experience to a foundation of biographical research, Amorth gives an entertaining and illuminating account of perhaps one of the best-known saints of the twentieth century. In this book, we span from Padre Pio's childhood—where he cured himself of a disease by wolfing down all his mother's fried bell peppers—to his miracle-filled priesthood, to his Italian gift for mimicry, humor, and storytelling. Rather than a plaster image of a saint, this book is a portrait of a fully human kind of holiness, proof that even the most astonishing graces can be lived out with simplicity and joy.

Astonishing Earthen Structures Showcase Early Native Americans' Engineering Skills-9/7 Scince Alert, by DAVID NIELD, Poverty Point in northern Louisiana is one of the first US civilizations on record, inhabited by a community of Native Americans as early as 1700 BCE. In a new study, researchers have shown these inhabitants to be highly skilled engineers, rather than the simpler hunter-gatherers they're often portrayed as. ...

Legend of King Arthur revealed: Experts decode seven pages of a 700-year-old manuscript - one of the earliest of its kind - telling the story of Camelot, including a romance between Merlin the Magician and the enchantress Viviane-9/7 Daily Mail,
• The fragments of parchment were discovered in 2019 in a library in Bristol
• They had been recycled into the bindings of four volumes of French philosophy
• Experts from Bristol and Durham have revealed damaged sections of the text
• They believe that the work inspired modern retellings of Arthurian legends
• Yet the older work contains subtle but significant differences, the team said
Fragments of a hand-written medieval manuscript telling the story of Merlin the Magician from the legend of Camelot have been translated into English. The text tells of battles between King Arthur and King Claudas, as well as the romance between Merlin and Viviane — sometimes known as 'the Lady of Lake'. The seven pieces of parchment date back some 770 years, and were discovered in 2019 among the University of Bristol’s Special Collections Library by researchers trawling though the ancient tomes. ...

The oldest surviving Zoroastrian scriptures were found not in Iran or India, but in China-9/2, In its Epic Iran exhibition, the British Library will be displaying its unrivalled collection of manuscripts.
--In the United Kingdom, the British Library has an unrivalled collection of Zoroastrian manuscripts and therefore welcomed the opportunity to display three of its Zoroastrian treasures in the current exhibition “Epic Iran” organised by the V&A with the Iran Heritage Foundation in association with The Sarikhani Collection. The exhibition covers approximately five millennia of Iranian history and is the first of its kind since the Royal Academy’s International Exhibition of Persian Art of 1931. Arranged in nine sections it explores and brings together the whole range of Iranian material cultures from the earliest known writing to the 1979 Revolution and beyond. Out of around 300 exhibits, the British Library contributed fifteen manuscripts which will be the subject of two blogs. In this first post, I will focus on the three Zoroastrian items. ...

HENRY STEEL OLCOTT: THE ‘LION-HEARTED’. Mesmerist, Journalist, and Theosophist-9/7 Hermes Risen,
Early in the morning of 17 November 1907, the President-Founder of The Theosophical Society, Henry Steel Olcott, discarded his earthly robes and passed to the greater light while at the Society’s international headquarters beside the Adyar River. This short appreciation cannot but touch on the highlights of this giant of a servant to the cause of ‘universal brotherhood’, in an era when the very words were considered positively revolutionary.
Tellingly, like his compatriot Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Olcott was a Leo. He was born 2 August 1832, just one year after ‘HPB’, in Orange, New Jersey – dubbed by Americans “the Garden State”. He came from an old English Puritan family who had settled for many generations in the United States – his grandmother was a descendant from one of the early members of the Dutch East India Company. From an early age, it appeared that Olcott was set for a successful career in agriculture and/or journalism. He gained international renown at just 23 for his work on the model farm of scientific agriculture at Newark and as a result was offered the Chair of Agriculture at the University of Athens, by the Greek government. But he declined. ...
Shortly thereafter he co-founded a farm school near Mount Vernon, in the state of New York – the first scientific school of agriculture in the U. S. A. At this point, Olcott’s writing career was given a boost. He was despatched by the New York Sun and New York Daily Graphic newspapers to report on extraordinary spiritualistic manifestations taking place at the Eddy Farm in Vermont. So valuable were his articles that no less than seven different publishers contended for rights to reproduce in book form. The papers sold at the then incredibly princely sum of one American dollar. It was here that Olcott was to meet his Blavatsky and discover his true mission in this incarnation. Olcott, had by this time, resigned from the War Department, had been admitted to the Bar, and was earning a tidy sum as Counsel in Customs and Revenue cases. But in 1874, he abandoned his practice and the following year, co-founded The Theosophical Society, of which he was appointed President for Life. In a special edition of The Theosophist magazine, produced in 1932 to co-incide with the centenary of Olcott’s birth, Annie Besant – the then International President had the following to say of  HSO “This was a man whom Madame Blavatsky was sent by her master to the United States to find, chosen by them to found with her the Theosophical Society, and then to spend the remainder of his life organising it all over the world. He brought to the task his unsullied record of public services rendered to his country, his keen capacity, his enormous powers of work, and an unselfishness which, his colleagues declared, she had never seen equalled outside the ashrama of the masters.” It is noteworthy that no subsequent President served as long at the helm – some 32 years (1875 to 1907) – until Radha Burnier set a new record of 33 years, from 1980 to 2013. Also, until the current President, Tim Boyd, no other American had sat in the ‘top seat’, in Adyar, since Olcott. ...

Christian Rosenkreutz

The Esoteric Origins of Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians and the Lost Symbols Of Ancient Egypt-4/14 By William C. House, Reverse Spins
"The critics can go to hell. We don't know half enough about Lord Bacon." —Frederich Nietzsche
From: The Real History of the Rosicrucians by Arthur Edward Waite [1887]
Quod utilius Deus patefieri sinet, quod autem majoris momenti est, vulgo adhuc latet usque ad Eliæ Artistæ adventum, quando is venerit. "God will permit a discovery of the highest importance to be made, it must be hidden till the advent of the artist Elias." In the first chapter of the same work, he says:--Hoc item verum est nihil est absconditum quod non sit retegendum; ideo, post me veniet cujus magnale nundum vivit qui multa revelabit. "And it is true, there is nothing concealed which shall not be discovered; for which cause a marvellous being shall come after me, who as yet lives not, and who shall reveal many things."
These passages have been claimed as referring to the founder of the Rosicrucian order, and as prophecies of this character are usually the outcome of a general desire rather than of an individual inspiration, they are interesting evidence that then as now many thoughtful people were looking for another saviour of society. At the beginning of the seventeenth century "a great and general reformation," says Buhle,--a reformation far more radical and more directed to the moral improvement of mankind than that accomplished by Luther,--"was believed to be impending over the human race, as a necessary forerunner to the day of judgment." ...
Was Christian Rosenkreutz a real person?
... I have come upon some new information that has changed my mind regarding the origins of Rosicrucianism. In some unpublished remarks of Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, they both stated that Saint Germain was Christian Rosenkreutz. Mark said it first. ECP said it again in 1996. Now it is possible, since Saint Germain was Sir Francis Bacon, that they meant Bacon wrote the Rosicrucian texts. But they didn't clarify that, they said he was Rosenkreutz.
Manly P. Hall did not believe Christian Rosenkreutz was a real person. On the other hand, the more intuitive Rudolph Steiner did. In fact, to his credit, Steiner recognized that the Count of Saint Germain is the avatar for the Aquarian Age. Other than an inner confirmation, the only proof he offers is the decorations and artwork in Karlštejn Castle outside of Prague built by Charles IV (1347-1378). Many, he says were inspired by Rosicrucian principles. ...

Mark Levin’s Book ‘American Marxism’ #1 on NYT Best Seller List, 400,000 Copies Sold in First Week-7/24

9 Cats 9 Lives: Karma Reincarnation and You, Paperback-4/15 – June 1, 2021 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Amazon Description:
FDR, Al Capone, Henry Ford . . .
What were they doing on Atlantis?
And how did that set the stage for future lives? Elizabeth Clare Prophet penetrates the veils of akasha to reveal the past lives of individuals who helped shape the modern world. As she traces threads of karma, we see how their choices in many lives set their destiny and the karmic challenges they would face in the twentieth century. The stories are intriguing. More importantly, they show that while karma may determine the cards we are dealt in life, we each choose how we will play our hand. We can rise to our higher calling and balance our karma-or wrap ourselves more tightly in its bonds. The message is that we can transcend our past-and our past lives-and find a new freedom and joy in life each day. [Babe Ruth is one of the Nine Cats]

Lou Gehrig and The Babe

Lou Gehrig today

Editor: The lives of FDR, Henry Ford, Al Capone and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were all very interesting in Nine Cats. Nine Lives. Their karma on Atlantis and how it played out is fascinating. Al Capone flip flops from bad to good and back to bad in embodiment after embodiment. He actually was a revered Saint a couple hundred years ago. My favorite individual in the book was Charles Lindbergh since a great deal is known about him and about a previous embodiment as Abraham Lincoln. FYI: Yogananda also was aware that Lindbergh was Lincoln. Swami also said Lindbergh was once an Indian yogi. The book is taken from a lecture by ECP with the same name as the book. There was one life she didn't get to—Babe Ruth. The notes were there but no mention of his other lives. They included The Babe's life in the book because, after all, it is called Nine Cats, Nine LivesEight Cats, Eight Lives just doesn't work.
There is another book that intersects with The Babe and reincarnation. It's called "The Boy Who Knew Too Much." Full Disclosure: I was born in NYC., lived my first 3 years there and then we moved to the Connecticut suburbs. I am a life long Yankees and Mickey Mantle fan, so I probably liked this book a little more than most. It is a wonderful story of discovery.
Pipp, Gehrig and Ruth. For the first 65 years of the Yankees' history, there were four all-time great Hall of Fame players: Babe Ruth (3), Lou Gehrig (4), Joe Dimaggio (5) and Mickey Mantle (7). All their numbers are retired. 
I once met Lou Gehrig's predecessor Wally Pipp, at my great, great uncle's house in Grand Rapids. My uncle John was on What's My Line in 1958. His secret: he was the oldest living (85) practicing Detective. Wally was a machine parts salesman, selling bolts and screws to automotive companies based in Detroit and Grand Rapids.[1] Somehow they met in Grand Rapids and became friends.
Forty years before I met Mr. Pipp, he played first base for the Yankees.  He led the American League in home runs in 1916 and 1917 and is still considered to be one of the best power hitters of the dead ball era. But he is best known as the player who got replaced by Lou Gehrig. 
In the movie "Pride of the Yankess" he has a headache one day in 1925 so the rookie Gehrig got his break at first base. From that day on, Lou played in 2,130 consecutive games until sidelined by ALS. He was called The Iron Horse. The record stood for 56 years. Losing his job that fateful day, Wally Pipp went on to play for the Detroit Tigers.
Gehrig Today. The boy who knew too much is Christian Haupt from Southern California. Since he was very young, he lived, breathed, and thought about only baseball. He had to wear a baseball uniform all the time. His parents had to take time to play catch with him just about everyday. On a plane to Boston at age two he didn't want to wear a seat belt, he exclaimed, "When I was big, I didn't wear seat belts and I drank alcohol." Everyone nearby laughed. Another conversation with his mom:
Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player.”
Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday.”
With a look of exasperation, he stomped his foot and hollered.
No! I was a tall baseball player—tall like Daddy!”

Christian throws the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium on September 4, 2012

His baseball skills got him a role in one of Adam Sandler's movies on Cape Cod. The role was for a 5 or 6 year old. He was so good at only two yrs old, they gave the part to him. Some of the movie crew and Sandler joked with Christian and asked who are going to play for, the Dodgers, the Red Sox? His answer:
"I play for the Yankees." Sandler, a New Yorker said, 'That's my boy.'
After the movie shoot, Christian and his mom went to see the Yankees play the Red Sox at Fenway Park. He saw a large picture of Babe Ruth on the way in and was mesmerized. Then out of nowhere:
"Next came an outburst that made time stand still. Christian was visibly upset as he waved his little wooden bat at the photograph and repeatedly yelled,
"I do not like him. He was mean to me!""

A passerby said the kid is on to something, 'he [The Babe] was a real jerk.' His mom asked,  "Was Babe Ruth mean to you? The answer was "Yes!" Christian was so agitated they had to leave after the 2nd inning.
Once, looking at a picture of one of the greatest baseball teams ever, the 1927 Yankees, he points to Ruth and says, "There's dumb Babe Ruth." His mom asked were there any players that didn't like Babe Ruth? He points to Lou Gehrig and says, "Him." Then adds, "That's me."
The Feud. The Ruth-Gehrig feud started in the 1930's. The two families were close friends, but when Gehrig's mother complained to Ruth's second wife about how she treated the Babe's kid, Babe Ruth told Lou to tell his mom, "mind her own goddamned busines." They never spoke for years after that, even when they were teammates. On Lou Gehrig's Appreciation Day when he retired, after he gave a speech for the ages, Babe Ruth came up to him and gave him a big hug. If you look at the picture above, you'll see Lou Gehrig refusing to raise his arms to hug him back.
By the way, Christian told his mom, 'she is a better mom in this life than she was in that life.'
The Babe. We don't know where The Babe is now, but old hurts and feuds can carry on into other lifetimes. Lou Gehrig was reserved. The Babe was gregarious. Ruth was brought up in a strict environment at an orphanage. He rebelled and carried on as if making up for lost time. He drank and smoked to excess, affecting his health later on in life. "According to his teammates, it was an extremely rare day that passed during his baseball career (1914-1935) that he did not find some lady to become “friendly” with." Source. The Babe might have been a jerk, but he went out of his way to be always gracious and kind to kids wherever they were. I'm sure ECP would have pursued these connections to past lives. If you get a chance, watch the movie about Lou Gehrig called, "The Pride of the Yankees." It stars Gary Cooper and Babe Ruth.
If Christian makes it to the Majors, I hope he plays for the Yankees, not the Dodgers.

Babe Ruth's amazing life in photos, 101 years after his first home run as a Yankee-5/2 Daily Mail




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The Greatest Story Never Told: How the Knights Templar created Europe's first nation-state and a home for the Grail-6/29 View Zone review of Freddy Silva's book.
In 1159 the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, placed a mysterious seal on a charter that awarded the Knights Templar one third of his new, hard-won territory -- an extraordinary move for a new monarch. On this strip of land the Templars would erect they most famous and lasting monuments: the Mother of All Churches dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and a rotunda with no door; visitors accessed the interior of the building via a secret chamber used for the investiture of new knights, or to administer the inner brotherhood's most secret rite, the 'raising of the dead'.  The king of Portugal's seal on the Charter of Ceras awarding the Templars a third of the country. But why does it read PORTUG-R-AL ? The king's seal contains an anagram and reveals why the Templars were awarded this territory and why they patiently waited forty years to receive it. Secret societies love their symbols because, just like parables, to the casual viewer they convey one message while to the initiate of the Mysteries they conceal another.
At first sight the seal with its scrambled letters form the word PORTUGAL. To the esoteric reader it reveals something altogether deeper, an added R, PORTU-GRAL. But to an initiate it reads, in Portuguese, POR TU O GRAL: "Through You The Grail." Is it possible the Templars inherited one-third of Portugal under unusual circumstances and there deposited their most famous artifact?
To understand how we got to this point we must first return to the moment when the Templars became an official order. In 1118 a new king of Jerusalem was chosen, Baudoin de Bourcq. Barely had Baudoin gotten used to his newly appointed seat when he received a visit from Hugues de Payen and Godefroi de Saint-Omer, as though the two proto-Templars were presenting their credentials. Whatever Hugues and Godefroi pitched the new king it sold him, and soon after, a small, close-knit group of knights moved into premises on Temple Mount to became officially known as the Knights Templar.
This is the official historical record. But new evidence shows that, seven years earlier, the Templars were already present and materially active in another land two thousand miles to the west, and through their intervention, this secret endeavour became their greatest accomplishment -- the creation of Europe's first independent nation-state.
It's the close of the 11th century. There is no France, no Spain, and the German states are largely under the tutelage of the Holy Roman Empire. After riding west to help the Castillian king reclaim his lands from the Moors, a knight named Henri of Burgundy inherits the Atlantic port city of Porto Cale and its surrounding territory -- the small county of Portucale -- whereupon Henri changes his name, in Portuguese, to Count Dom Henrique. He had barely time to enjoy his new status when he was asked to set sail for Jerusalem, arriving just after its conquest by Crusaders. Little did Dom Henrique know that his decision to sail to Palestine would mark a pivotal moment in the history of his newly-acquired land, for the people he'd meet in Jerusalem would one day shape the destiny of his tiny territory. ...

Ghosts of Atlantis: How the Echoes of Lost Civilizations Influence Our Modern World Paperback – April 6, 2021 by J. Douglas Kenyon
Doug Kenyon's latest book from the pages of his popular Atlantis Rising magazine. Here is the Amazon write-up:
An intensive investigation into the evidence for a forgotten fountainhead of civilization lost at the end of the last ice age
• Reveals evidence of advanced ancient technology, anomalous ancient maps, time travel, crystal science, ancient Armageddon, and Atlantis in the Bible
• Explores the true age of the Sphinx, the Stone Age high-tech found at Gobekli Tepe, the truth of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Zep Tepi monuments of Egypt, the mysteries of the Gulf of Cambay, and what lies beneath the ice of Antarctica
• Examines the advanced knowledge of the ancients and how the search for Atlantis and other lost worlds reflects the search for the lost soul of humanity
We live within the ruins of an ancient civilization whose vast size has rendered it invisible. Remembered in myth as Atlantis, Lemuria, or other lost world archetypes, the remains of this advanced civilization have lain buried for millennia beneath the deserts and oceans of the world, leaving us many mysterious and inexplicable clues.
Investigating the perennial myth of a forgotten fountainhead of civilization, J. Douglas Kenyon presents extensive physical and spiritual evidence of a lost great culture, the collective amnesia that wiped it from planetary memory, and the countless ways ancient catastrophes still haunt modern civilization. He explores evidence of advanced ancient technology, anomalous ancient maps, extraterrestrial influence, time travel, crystal science, and the true age of the Sphinx. He examines evidence of Atlantis in the Bible and ancient Armageddon, the Stone Age high-tech found at Gobekli Tepe, the truth of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Zep Tepi monuments of Egypt, the mysteries of the Gulf of Cambay, and what lies beneath the ice of Antarctica. He looks at extinction events, Earth’s connection with Mars, and how our DNA reveals that humanity has had enough time to evolve civilization and lose it more than once.
Exploring the advanced esoteric and spiritual knowledge of the ancients, Kenyon shows that the search for Atlantis and other lost worlds reflects the search for the lost soul of humanity. Drawing upon Velikovsky’s notion of a species-wide amnesia caused by the trauma of losing an entire civilization, he reveals how the virtual ruins of a lost history are buried deep in our collective unconscious, constantly tugging at our awareness. As Kenyon reveals, by overcoming “the Great Forgetting,” humanity can find its way out of the haunted labyrinth in which we find ourselves lost today and rediscover the heights of spiritual and technological advancement of our ancient ancestors.

Turner Classic Movies adds 'sexist and racist content' warning to 18 movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany's, Psycho, Gone With the Wind and My Fair Lady-3/6 The list includes The Searchers and Stagecoach both of which made my list below. Editor

Another on my List: The Magnificent Seven now has a warning in the beginning titles like PG-13, only this one is labeled "OC." It means "Outdated Cultural Depiction."

Watch These Westerns Before Wokeness Cancels Them-1/7 Reverse Spins, by William House. I once read an article maybe 20 years ago about Russian Jews escaping the Bolsheviks in the early 1900's. Some of them settled in New Jersey. They got into the film making business where it was already thriving thanks to the likes of Thomas Edison and others. As a reaction to communism that they witnessed first hand, they focused on what they considered was good and noble in their new country. They chose to make Westerns. This medium could best express those ideals.
The way things are going, it is only a matter of time before Wokeness and the Cancel Culture targets Westerns.
Here then are the Westerns you should watch before Netflix, TNT and Amazon Prime make them disappear: ... More

A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics-1/17 Quanta Magazine, By Natalie Walchover; Physicists have discovered a jewel-shaped geometric object that challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental constituents of nature.
Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. “This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been following the work. The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions. Interactions that were previously calculated with mathematical formulas thousands of terms long can now be described by computing the volume of the corresponding jewel-like “amplituhedron,” which yields an equivalent one-term expression.
“The degree of efficiency is mind-boggling,” said Jacob Bourjaily, a theoretical physicist at Harvard University and one of the researchers who developed the new idea. “You can easily do, on paper, computations that were infeasible even with a computer before.”
The new geometric version of quantum field theory could also facilitate the search for a theory of quantum gravity that would seamlessly connect the large- and small-scale pictures of the universe. Attempts thus far to incorporate gravity into the laws of physics at the quantum scale have run up against nonsensical infinities and deep paradoxes. The amplituhedron, or a similar geometric object, could help by removing two deeply rooted principles of physics: locality and unitarity.
“Both are hard-wired in the usual way we think about things,” said Nima Arkani-Hamed, a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., and the lead author of the new work, which he is presenting in talks and in a forthcoming paper. “Both are suspect.”
Locality is the notion that particles can interact only from adjoining positions in space and time. And unitarity holds that the probabilities of all possible outcomes of a quantum mechanical interaction must add up to one. The concepts are the central pillars of quantum field theory in its original form, but in certain situations involving gravity, both break down, suggesting neither is a fundamental aspect of nature.
In keeping with this idea, the new geometric approach to particle interactions removes locality and unitarity from its starting assumptions. The amplituhedron is not built out of space-time and probabilities; these properties merely arise as consequences of the jewel’s geometry. The usual picture of space and time, and particles moving around in them, is a construct.
“It’s a better formulation that makes you think about everything in a completely different way,” said David Skinner, a theoretical physicist at Cambridge University. The amplituhedron itself does not describe gravity. But Arkani-Hamed and his collaborators think there might be a related geometric object that does. Its properties would make it clear why particles appear to exist, and why they appear to move in three dimensions of space and to change over time.
Because “we know that ultimately, we need to find a theory that doesn’t have” unitarity and locality, Bourjaily said, “it’s a starting point to ultimately describing a quantum theory of gravity.” ...

China Building 62-Mile-Long 'Supercollider' to Produce a Million Higgs Bosons

Cheryl Eckl's trilogy about Twin Flames at Amazon description for Book 1
Great Masters of Light - The Ancients - have called twin flames to reunion.
Do Sarah and Kevin love enough to answer the call?
These twin flames thought they had resolved their differences last summer in the luminous atmosphere of Éire. But that healing experience was only the beginning. For now they know that love can be lost-even when you have mystical powers, as they did in their lifetime as the first-century Irish druids, Alana and Ah-Lahn. Will they rise above the forces in this life that threaten to separate them forever? Will they escape the treachery of their old nemesis, Arán Bán? Will they fulfill their commission from the resplendent Ascended Master Saint Germain who calls them to return to Ireland, merge with their past attainment, and unleash the power of twin flames united for a cosmic purpose?

The Inner Ring of the Academy-5/21 First Things, by Augustus Howard.
In his 1944 lecture “The Inner Ring,” C. S. Lewis made a profound observation about social exclusivity, one applicable to today’s institutions of higher learning. Exclusion, Lewis explained, is not an evil in and of itself; it can be “accidental” to groups dedicated to substantive activity. But a problem arises when an exclusive dynamic exists for its own sake, when elitism develops in the absence of substance. “Your genuine inner ring,” Lewis stated, “exists for exclusion. There’d be no fun if there were no outsiders. The invisible line would have no meaning unless most people were on the wrong side of it. Exclusion [for the inner ring] is no accident: it is the essence.”
One of the defining features of this inner ring is the shifting and shifty nature of its parlance: “A particular slang, the use of particular nicknames, an allusive manner of conversation are the marks. But it is not constant. It is not easy, even at a given moment, to say who is inside and who is outside.” The inner ring, then, is really a society of virtue-signaling—with no attachment to substantive truth or reliable social construct. Entry is entirely the gift of those already in power.
This is precisely the ethos of the modern academy and its regnant leftist ideology. We watch as institution after institution dismantles canonical curricula. Traditional subjects of inquiry, from Renaissance art to Shakespeare to the American founding, are critiqued, demeaned, and then discarded. All of this is done in the name of “decolonization.” According to this logic, the old, white European patriarchies must be overthrown; their legion victims must take their place. The real point, though, is to destroy standards of knowledge altogether, and to replace them with the egos and interests of the insiders—to supplant the power of truth with power itself. ...