Heartbreaking moment a grieving widow meets her hero Army vet husband's coffin on the airport tarmac - leaving a plane full of passengers in tears-2/19

REVEALED: Approximately 700 Cubans have been returned home since Obama ended 'wet foot, dry foot' immigration policy-2/19

Ex-CIA Analyst Says Former Obama Staffers Sabotaging President Trump By Withholding Intel-2/19

Crazy Pope Francis: “Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist”-2/19

Who Really Rules The United States?-2/19

Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump-2/19 America is under attack from within. Editor

Angry Protesters Demand That Trump "STOP Attacking Women, Muslims, Immigrants, LGBTQ+, Journalists..."-2/19

Congress Probes U.S. Funding for Radical Soros Groups, Questionable Left-Wing Causes In Europe-2/19

How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency-2/12

Obama Should Be "Held Accountable" For The "Soft Coup" Against Trump-2/19 In his final days, he gave the NSA broad powers.

The Shadow Government's Destruction Of Democracy-2/19

Rand Paul Blasts McCain’s Comments On Trump-2/20

What happened when factory jobs moved from Warren, Ohio, to Juarez, Mexico-2/19

Nestle Joins Thousands Of Companies Leaving California Over Anti-Capitalist Lawmakers and Activists-2/20

Household Debt Climbs to $12.58 Trillion, Just Shy of Its 2008 Peak-2/20

U.S. deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea-2/19

WIKILEAKS: Chinese Government Requested SECRET Meeting With Top Clinton Campaign Aides During Campaign-2/19

Byron York: 25th Amendment chatter: Dems, pundits mull ways to remove Trump-2/19

Calm before the next storm: California begins clean-up after devastating weather kills four - but deluge is set to continue through next week-2/9 Officials look over the scene on Saturday where a tractor trailer fell from southbound Interstate 15 where part of the freeway collapsed due to heavy rain in the Cajon Pass ...

A Climate Scientist Is Smeared for Blowing the Whistle on ‘Corrected’ Data-2/19

How can we trust global warming scientists if they keep twisting the truth-2/19

Load of bollocks: 2016 allegedly ‘hottest year’ by unmeasureable 1/100 of a degree – While satellites show ‘pause’ continues-2/19

A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: February 24th Mass Ritual-2/20 Even darker forces may be getting into the act. Something to consider counteracting. Editor

President Trump and the Future of America-2/19 Vedic Astrology. She uses America's conceptual chart not the birth chart which is the time of Washington's inauguration. So it could be a little off regarding America. Editor

Fiery Thoughts ...

El Morya:


Each era chooses its new, corresponding Teaching, when all previous Teachings have become distorted. People tend to cling to these twisted distortions of the faith of their forefathers, yet no new Teaching ever excludes preceding ones. Little attention is paid to this fact, for the followers of every Teaching like to build their success on denial of the previous Teachings. But it is easy to prove the continuity of what people call religion. In this continuity is sensed a single stream of one energy. Calling it psychic [fiery] energy, we speak of the Sophia of the Hellenic world or Sarasvati of the Hindus. The Holy Ghost of the Christians manifests signs of psychic energy, just as do the creative Adonai of Israel, and Mithra of Persia, full of solar power. Certainly, no one doubts that the Fire of Zoroaster is the Fire of Space, which you now study. Agni Yoga, #416, 1929, Agni Yoga Society



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