Mosaic in the church in Lourdes, from left to right:
the apostle John, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene

embracing Jesus' feet, Mary the sister of Mother Mary.

The Blessed Virgin,
Brought Pillars of Fire to Portugal, France and Ireland;

the Holy Grail to England,
and Celebrated the First Christmas back at the Holy Land

Excerpted from Memoirs of Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus (Heretofore Unchronicled)
by Thomas Printz

Editor: There are many rich teachings and amazing revelations here, much of it rings true. How much, is up to you. Some of the anecdotes are truly astounding. For example, the rowers of Joseph's boat earned the right to be the first knights at Camelot. I will let the narrative of Mother Mary speak for itself without futher comment. The book was published by The Bridge to Freedom in the early 1950's. It is now available through the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation at the link below. Thomas Printz is generally regarded as a pen name for El Morya. I've included his Forward, then we pick up Mary's story later on in the book.

"Every 2000 years a new spiritual outpouring is released to bless our Earth and Its evolutions. Great Beings volunteer to take embodiment in order to establish the particular magnetic and radiating center through which that spiritual outpouring may enter the souls of men. Even as light, heat and fecundating power is focused to the Earth through our physical Sun, so must there be a focal point through which all blessings enter the world of men.

Approximately 2000 years ago, the Christian Dispensation was destined by God to bless the race. The beloved Master Jesus was chosen as the Being Who would descend into physical embodiment and, with the help of other dedicated individuals, present the Truth which would be the foundation of that Era. his Holy Mother (Mary), His blessed Father (Joseph), His disciples and the apostles pledged themselves to help Him fulfill His destiny. From the time of His conception until the day of His Ascension, His spiritual strength was upheld by loving, consecrated, faithful friends and family.

To complete His service, His Mother and the disciples formed a spiritual community, bound together in love for God, for Jesus, for the New Dispensation and for all mankind. Thus, even after His Ascension, Jesus was enabled to radiate His blessings and anchor His Rays through the minds and bodies of His loved ones on Earth, leaving a strong foundation upon which the Christian Era has been built and sustained through the ages. All beginnings are small, from the human embryo to a planetary System.

This book is written to inspire the people of today to a like achievement in building a spiritual foundation wherein health, peace, illumination and opulence shall be the common heritage of all God's children.

Beloved Mother Mary has kindly and generously consented to bear Her heart, hoping that the trials, the test of perception, the general experiences of Her day might inspire some few to a like endeavor in this day. We thank Her and bless Her for the energy released to make such a record available to all. We thank and bless all those whose individual and collective energies made it possible to translate the pure energy of Her Heavenly heart into words that can be read by every man."
Sincerely, Thomas Printz

Chapter 10, page 130:

"... After the Ascension of the Beloved Jesus from the Hill of Bethany, those of Us Who knew of the coming of the Holy Spirit prepared for the first Pentecost. Our Beloved Matthew was keeper of our funds and it was His responsibility to see that We secured an upper chamber where the disciples might meet, right in Jerusalem. Here the first baptism of the Sacred Fire pouring through them gave them that comfort which their hearts so much desired and that confidence and faith which their souls required. This they had formerly received from the proximity to Jesus' visible Presence but it seemed to recede from them with His ascending form. Right after the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, things were very quiet so far as the Sanhedrin and the Roman Government were concerned, for they felt they had put an end to this particular menace to their authority. However, the Beloved Jesus suggested that we should in no way draw attention to Our small, humble community in Bethany. He asked Us to go down into Jerusalem and prepare for that Pentecost, using great wisdom in all Our actions so as not to draw upon our heads any the undue wrath.

Therefore, at that Pentecost with which you are all familiar, when the radiation of the Beloved Holy Spirit poured down, the disciples were filled anew with vital fire; with the desire to go forth and preach the Gospel. Now they felt even a thousand fold more strong than they did when they were in the actual Presence of the Beloved Jesus. Personally, I was greatly relieved when this took place because that ten days after the Ascension was a great drain upon My strength. They all leaned on Me for faith and confidence in that seeming "loss" of the proximity of the physical association with their Friend, Jesus.

For a time we abided in this comparative peace and we planted our grain, flax and trees. We sheared are sheep and wove our garments. In the evenings we wrote the simple Gospels. The women sewed and embroidered and the disciples themselves taught those who came to Us.

Then one day there came a message from Joseph of Arimathea who had great business holdings in the British Isles. It was requisite for him to sail west on a trip to Britain and he gave us the invitation to accompany him. As we had been told by the Beloved Jesus that sometime, previous to Our Own victory and Ascension, it would be necessary to carry the "Cup" to the British Isles, We felt within Ourselves that this was the hour of opportunity. At about the same time We heard that Pilate was to be replaced by the Romans and we knew then that the new Governor would not be as lenient as Pilate had been. The disciples therefore thought it wise for Me to be removed from that place temporarily, so we made our simple preparations to join Joseph's caravan and go west.

Joseph of Arimathea, like all men of great wealth in his day, had many slaves and those slaves manned the galleys of his boat. I said to him: "Joseph, We cannot carry that Sacred "Cup" with slave labor". He said: "No, truly, that could not be". Then from among the Christians of our little band we received offers from enough of the gentlemen to man each oar when required—when the winds of Heaven did not provide the sufficient motivating power for the sails. We left John in Bethany to hold the daily tryst with Our Beloved Jesus. He also left Andrew and Mark and with Us We took Peter, James, Bartholomew and Nathaniel. We also took Mary of Bethany but Martha remained at home to watch the household with her usual care. Pilate's wife also came with Us for she was to return to Rome and We thought to leave her there en route. We were a simple but dedicated band. I remember, as We all knelt that final morning and John gave us the benediction, We felt the Presence of the Beloved Jesus.

The first bloom of My youth was gone and the journey seemed long to Me. I wondered within Myself whether I should ever return to the scenes so dear to Me because of the Christian pageant of which I had been a part. However, I did—I returned again! Tomorrow I shall tell you of those last days and of My Own victory. However, today we shall continue the story of Our journey.

We passed Alexandria (in Egypt) and Joseph asked Me if I would like to visit Luxor. I was indeed delighted to have the opportunity. As you know, Alexandria is quite a distance from Luxor and Joseph's boat could not take Us all the way. So, Joseph and his group waited for Our return at Alexandria while Peter, James, a few others and Myself went to Luxor.

There I renewed My association with the magnificent Heirarch of that Retreat (Serapis Bey) and give Him My personal gratitude for His assistance in that victory of the first Resurrection morning.

I stood in the Halls of Luxor, smelled the fragrance of those lovely lilies and felt the Flame of the Ascension pass through My body. I so much enjoyed that association, short and sweet as it was.

Then as We returned to Alexandria, to Joseph and his group and join Our caravan, We stopped at the Island of Crete near Greece. There we stayed a month and the Beloved Jesus in His great kindness came to Us and helped Us magnetize and prepare the way for the "Great Persuader" the Apostle Paul (today, the Ascended Master Hilarion). He was later to bring the light into that land. Then, as We left Crete, We headed toward Rome. You will remember that We had with Us Pilate's wife whom we were to leave at that city. However, the Beloved Jesus came to Us and said: "Stop not in Italy as there is already a great movement begun against Christianity. Move onward". So we did go on and Pilate's wife was very glad for the opportunity of continuing the journey with Us.

Then we sailed onward to the very tip of the Iberian Peninsula. There I disembarked in order to make the pilgrimage through Fatima, through Lourdes, through Orleans, through all the places that would be magnetized later. I stayed and prayed some time in each one and the current of energy from My Own heart drew down those special Rays which some great soul would later vitalize. When I came to the north of France, we met the kindly Joseph of Arimathea again and he carried a Us across the Channel to the magnificent Isle of Britain. As We set foot upon the shores, I carried the "Cup" within My Own hands and all of Us knelt on the sands. As We were so kneeling, the Beloved Jesus manifested and gave the first benediction and ceremony of the Holy Grail. It was this etheric record into which the Beloved Arthur (King Arthur of the Round Table) was to "tune in" so powerfully later. The "Cup" was left by Us in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury spring where the Cup may be buried.

We remained in the Isle of Britain for some time, traveling up to Scotland and Wales. We then went into Ireland where a few hundred years later another disciple of Lord Maitreya (the Beloved Saint Patrick) was to render a service to life. Again We magnetized that place through prayer, by invocation and by devotion to God until those mighty currents stood as a living pillar of vital fire and light. Into this pillar of light the mighty Patrick walked, in His outer consciousness not even knowing of this preparation made for Him by Those who went before. Even so, He felt that strength and fire which enabled Him to bring the Christian faith into Ireland. How seldom does mankind know the prayer, the invocation, the magnetization and the application that makes their Ministry possible as they place their feet in the shining footprints of those who preceded them.

We had a lovely stay in the Isle of Britain which was destined for a great future. Here Francis Bacon (now the Beloved Saint Germain), desired to establish a "United States of Europe", hoping, if it were successful, to extend it to the rest of the world. Here also the Beloved Jesus gave a blessing through radiation that one day all mankind shall see in its fullness. We left three of Our party in Britain and started a long journey home around the Rock of Gibraltar, through the Mediterranean.

I was so glad to see that lovely old granary and I was glad to see the seeds that I had planted fully grown and bearing a fine harvest. It was good to see the trees We had planted grown so tall and strong. I was delighted, too, to see the beloved brothers and sisters who rushed forward to meet Me and then to kneel down in the privacy of My Own little room and kiss the ground of Judea. Thus, at the close of this trip, was Our great mission accomplished.

After that, I had but to abide within the patience of the Great Law until My call should come; until I should hear My Beloved Son say: "Mother, Your Hours are Accomplished. Now, COME HOME!"

Thank You for Your Loving Interest. Good Evening!"

Chapter 11, page 142:

"... Now we shall turn again to the story which I have woven for you with much joy. While I have been doing this, I have woven into the substance of your worlds a realization of Our actual, practical reality as individuals.

During the journey from Judea to the aisles of Britain, from time to time I was prompted to draw into our company certain live streams from the various countries to which we passed. There again the state of "listening grace" was so important. Perhaps I would be just walking along the road or visiting with some friends and I would suddenly hear a very delicate burst of music when I would pass through the aura of a specific soul. I could feel and sense that vibration in My body. It was just as delicate as the song of a bird, scarcely discernible; yet, when I would hear that, I would pause and look around to see whom I was to invite to accompany Us.

Out of the land of Egypt alone, I drew twelve individuals. From Greece We drew several more and when Joseph (of Arimathea) put us ashore in Portugal, we began that long wearisome journey through Spain and France. Crossing the Pyrenees is no small task when one has not the comfort of carriages or sometimes a donkey. We drew from Portugal those who were to be the children of Fatima later and We drew from Spain those who were to be known later as Loyola and Xavier. We drew from France a small child who was later to become Bernadette. All of these We gathered into Our group, depending upon the courtesy of Our host to accept Our ever-increasing number. When We got to Glastonbury We abided for some time, as We were making certain records for a future day. There we drew a very small infant who would one day be the Mighty Saint Patrick and glad I was I had women in My company to help me care for him. Those of you who have crossed the English Channel or know the rough seas off the shores of Spain, can imagine what it was to travel these seas with small children and not so large a vessel, propelled by oars and sails. Sometimes We were becalmed for days in the blazing sun and sometimes tossed about like a chip on those rough seas. Then I was glad We had woven cloaks for ourselves from the warm wool of the sheep. These made Us more comfortable but even so, there was very little privacy and very great proximity among those who were comparative strangers. Yet, We made that journey in such harmony. Those oarsmen, with their strong arms, as it beat out the path for that vessel through the blue waters of the Mediterranean, were creating for themselves the right to be the first Knights of Arthur's Court. How long is the karma woven before the day of opportunity, which gives man the right to wear the Crown of Victory!

It was a long journey back, but We finally returned to Our home. You will remember We had left the Beloved disciple John in charge while We were gone. John was a visionary and a dreamer. He was a mystic but not a practical man. Therefore, when We got back, Peter (the Patriarch of our new activity) was distressed indeed to find that, although through Martha's care the household had run smoothly, individual liberties had run down the morale of our new community. Peter said to James: "Never again shall I go away unless you remain. Never again shall I leave to this dreamer the fate of a community that is yet so new that it could easily be swallowed up again by the Sanhedrin or by Rome". I smiled within Myself for I knew that love was still the greatest thing in the Universe. Not one had left and even as they had clustered around Jesus, now they clustered around John. In the fragrance of His Presence and His love they found peace.

Then I think began the fifteen most difficult years, the years of adjustment with the many selves; the years when I had to be Mother and referee among so many types of individuals. For lack of actual leadership, the community at home had reverted to or continued in the celebration of the Jewish feasts—the Passover and others. Peter was incensed at this. He said to Me: "Mother, it is fitting now that We have Our own new and vibrant worship. We shall build around new holidays events of Our Master, doing away with the old."

I said: "Yes I think it is time". So We had Our first Christmas celebration. The disciples prepared a small crib as a surprise for Me and We re-enacted the Nativity with a lot of happiness and joy.

I had meant to tell you that, in the visitations of Beloved Jesus after the Resurrection, the music which you use today to "Joy to the World" always accompanied His Presence. Ofttimes when We would be together, I would be amazed that the entire group did not hear that theme as Jesus would come within the room in the magnificence of His Electronic Body. He was a part of many of the festivities in which We all joined.

In due time, We had Our first Easter celebration, Our Ascension Day and Our Pentecost services. Thus We began a rhythm of worship, discarding the old and building in the new. ..."

Editor: She goes on to describe her very capable attempts at refereeing which often times included the slightly fanatical Peter. He would usually have problems with people coming from other parts of the world including India. They brought their own ideas of worship that conflicted with his. Mary would then come up with an amiable compromise. Although trying for her as she says, these interactions really were quite comical in retrospect. I recommend you pick up the book and continue learning about her story and the early begginnings of Christianity.

Since the very first Christmas was centered around the scene of the Nativity, how truly tragic is it that this re-enactment is banned in so many cities today?

Memoirs of Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus (Heretofore Unchronicled)
by Thomas Printz

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