El Morya on the Mayan Date and Prophecy

Adjust to the New Cycle!

Pearls of Wisdom
Vol. 30 No. 46 - Beloved El Morya - November 15, 1987
© The Summit Lighthouse, Used by permission.

Editor, Reverse Spins: This dictation was given by El Morya through Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1987. He addresses the subject of UFO's, Nephilim and fallen angels because some knucklehead named José Argüelles wanted to contact them at the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. The idea being that it was in preparation for the Mayan date of 12/21/12. Thus, El Morya also talks about this date. He basically says that much of the Mayan culture is Nephilim based and that that date is a Nephilim date. (See links below to learn more about the Nephilim). Lest you be concerned about his comments regarding the Mayans, God in his infinite mercy and love always tries to elevate nations. He sends his best chelas to do so. Godfre wrote about his efforts and Saint Germain's when they were embodied as Mayans (see Inca Memories). But that was a moment in time not the norm.

There may be some notions and ideas that are unfamiliar to you. Ask El Morya for assistance. And definitely ask him and Archangel Michael to take command of this Nephilim date and their cycles as preparation for the alien agenda.

P. S. Probably not a good time to go on a Mayan Millennia Tour.

Without further ado, I give you one of my favorite Masters of ALL TIME:
(Bolds are mine)

Let the fire of the mind penetrate the gloom and doom of a darkness that appears real in the astral plane and here below. Yet, swift as an arrow the mind can soar to the place of the Eternal Day, thus entering the highest etheric octave where our sky does scrape the Absolute, where doves transcend this octave unto pure Spirit of the absolute Mind of God.

Thus understand, there is a safe passage octave to octave and quadrant to quadrant. But the gloom and doom of the mortal mind that would not only encase the Messenger as a bird in a cage but compress the cage as well must be dealt with. Thus, beloved, here below Christhood pure cannot long endure the mockery of a mortal mind that long ago and since time began could not contain the immortals.

Thus, I say, adjust. Adjust yourselves to the new cycle and the New Day, else, stuck in the mud of this mortal consciousness, you may be called a stick-in-the-mud by those who pass. Pray, then, it be not Maitreya, whose garments can be heard rustling and be mistaken for the wind in the branches.

Beloved, cycles do not sit still. Why do ye, then, sit still when God does descend in the power of his glory as not since ancient days have you been told such a story of eternal Life?

Complacency has set in in some chelas who have truly wearied in being in my house. I simply prick the mind and prick the conscience and the heart. For perhaps to shed a tear and a drop of blood should make you feel again more real, as Morya would have you.

Thus, dear hearts, those who have ever thought that to attain immortal Life would be like joining a caravan of covered wagons across America, those who have thought that by merely joining our bands or bandwagon they should arrive must understand that to take the spoon and gently tap the egg, one may remove a shell and find inside the hard-boiled egg or the yolk. Blessed hearts, the point is skins can be peeled away; thus finding another day and traversing an octave, you discover another self and a higher love.

Whilst confined to the geometry of karma here below, it is always well to establish a point of contact with the Infinite. This we know. And this is why the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood determined to call your Messengers, that twin beacons might be found in our Lighthouse of Love.

Blessed ones, for the purpose of imparting not only a vision but also a light, a power, a cosmic dimension and episode, we determined that the dictations themselves should be the Holy Communion of our band. For without a transmission of Light by the spoken Word, all of the lofty ideals and ideas could not be quickened by a flame.

The process whereby the dictation is delivered is congruency of our Electronic Presence with the Messenger’s and with her chakras. Understand that this process, by contact with physical matter and atoms of one so charged with our office, does quicken as with an electricity the entire plane where this Messenger does abide.

This, then, has been our solution to the equation of stultification in Matter that comes so quickly as sedimentation. And then there ensues a lethargy, even a sloppiness, and people become as though death had begun to set in, and indeed it has in many cases where bodies are not quite alive but not quite on the other side. Blessed ones, death has more than a toehold in the human mind and body. Pray that it not enter the consciousness and begin to fashion thought sequence and consequence by inches of death measured by karmic limitation and the rod of time and space.

Blessed hearts, it takes effort to leap into the etheric octave, and not mere sleepfulness! It is sad news to some who would be with us that to enter in requires a constant effort, a hearkening unto that Light, a tending of the Word.

You have heard of the dispensation whereby the dictations are repeated even as they are played [on audio- or videocassette]. Blessed hearts, I must give you a sense of co-measurement of how powerful is this Word, what a grid of Light is formed and that its necessity becomes to you more and more apparent as you understand the nature of the presence of aliens, not in some distant past or space apart but in this very time; for in these days when you also walk the earth, they occupy space in close proximity to your own.

Blessed ones, these spacecraft and their inhabitants are up to no good upon this planet. But they do have an agenda. Therefore, Alpha’s Agenda,¹ delivered by his Servant-Sons and the Lord of the World and himself, must be studied and implemented and organized even as you organize yourselves for effective action.

It is an end of an age, when those who come from the Twelfth Planet² and even another called the “Thirteenth,” beloved, anticipate a rejoining with those evolutions which their overlords engineered. A number of those in these craft are mere automatons. Their intelligence is not their own, but it is stolen from the Mind of God. Yet by manipulation in Matter, they become tools of that Force [that is Absolute Evil] that is known as the anti-Mind. It does exist.

And thus, all who have no allegiance to the I AM Presence by the threefold flame multiply themselves in physical universes according to the false hierarchy of anti-Life. Thus, they are in reality dead and only claim to be alive. Ye who have the Sun of the Presence in your heart are truly the living. Thus, Life must prevail in an octave where Death seems to swallow up and cover the land even as the sands of the desert, creeping and crawling, devour homes and vegetation and towns.

Therefore, know, beloved, by the vibration of the higher octaves and solely by it are you personally protected from those encounters of the wrong kind which are truly not encounters with Maitreya. To equate with the etheric octave, to draw the Electronic Presence around you, to increase the light of the spinal altar and to be nevermore without the dynamic decree, this is to repel those who seem to exercise powers over mortals, have none over the immortals and have none over those whose allegiance to Almighty God has established truly a vibrational congruency with His Presence.

Where shall we go, Lord Sanat Kumara? Thou hast the gift of eternal Life.³ Therefore, O chela of the will of God, enter into the mantle of Sanat Kumara and the Great White Brotherhood and know that angels continually do battle in your stead, turning back aliens from any contact whatsoever with those who are our true chelas.

Keepers of the Flame, it is by degrees that you have become acquainted with varied and subtle dangers upon this planet. Thus, the wise ones and the mature have come to a realization, O beloved, of the wiles of the sinister force and that realization has not unseated them nor has it caused them to entertain undue anxiety. Thus, by much communication of misguided psychics, so-called UFOs have already gained a dangerous entry into this very octave. The allegiance of many is utterly and completely given.

We, then, are grateful to attend this anniversary of our Summit Lighthouse, symbol of the I AM Presence, to have presented before you and those worldwide who shall immediately receive our message, that, beloved, It is the last time. (4)

Keepers of the Flame must be aware that these fallen ones and aliens are utterly, and I say utterly, fearful of those who embody the Light of Sanat Kumara. They are not omnipotent nor are they omniscient, but they have used science and retain those accomplishments that were known upon Atlantis and Lemuria for destructive purposes, for manipulating life. Their goal is indeed that ‘communion (5) whereby they shall take from the bodies of this lifewave, as they are able, all the light and secondary light that humanity themselves have received from those outposts who are the sons of God in their midst.

Beloved, they desire the Light and the genes* of the Lightbearer. And thus, they would approach those of the highest attainment for one purpose: to combine the seed of the fallen ones, even of Satan and Lucifer, with the seed of the highest Christed ones. (6) For thereby they have determined to do in this age what they have accomplished in many ages: the prolongation of the life of their own bodies and then that of the robot creation which they have brought forth. You will realize, then, that the very presence of the seed of Light in their genes can extend the life of that particular physical evolution for long decades, centuries and aeons.

Therefore understand, beloved, how critical have been the laws handed down by the patriarchs unto the seed of the true Hebrews and Lightbearers which stated that they were not to commingle that seed with the lesser creation that had been created by the fallen angels. Now the plague has come upon the race, beloved, for the ancient Atlantean karma, worse than sodomy, of animalism whereby these laggards, these godless ones, did cohabitate with their own animal creation, producing a genetic mutation that has survived to the present for which the curse and the judgment has now descended.

Therefore, we see how Life has judged Death and the misuse of the sacred fire. And in the midst of the Darkness of this planet our Lightbearers raise up a standard, our chelas raise up a sacred fire. And thus we see the creations of heaven and hell rubbing elbows in the subways of life.

Blessed hearts, all this has come to pass. Our warning to you, then, is that if it were not so, we should have told you. By this I mean that every teaching given has been first and foremost for your physical, mental and spiritual protection under the Law.

Blaze the Light through, legions of Morya! Come now, angels of Michael and Lanello, Hercules and Amazonia! Therefore, let the shaft of the blue flame descend once and twice and thrice around each and every faithful Keeper of the Flame whose heart is true and because it is true, I, Morya, may enter there.

Understand, beloved, that Truth is a vibration. It cannot be faked. Nor can the Lie be hid.

If you would have Morya in your heart as the protection against all forms of aliens and their creations, know, then, that the Ascended Masters must be a part of your self-conscious awareness—by devotion, by right-mindfulness, by the science of the spoken Word. This we give, beloved, for your protection and the protection of your children and all Lightbearers who shall make their way to this place.

Thus, we address the topic brought to the fore concerning an ancient calendar and a date. Among the misguided psychics who have promulgated a message of “communion” and “harmonic convergence” with UFOs (by invoking these gods and surrendering to them) (7) are some who are the descendants of the gods, having been created by them. They know only the Nephilim as their creators, and none other.

You will know them by their allegiance. For by a man’s allegiance, the place where he puts his highest honor, you will discover who is his god. If it be envy or resentment or anger, then that is his god and you know his source and you know his seed. Blessed ones, where the heart is, that is where the individual’s god is.

Now, beloved, these fallen ones have placed their races upon this planet for this hour when they might be the negative electrode in embodiment for the anchoring of their energy, their control and their final manipulation of the children of the Light. Understand the complexity of a half a million years, ten million years of programming. Understand the nature of false hierarchies and of the anti-Mind itself.

It is a giant network and it has long moved throughout the Matter spheres for only one goal: to take millions of its own kind in order to devour the Light** of one son of God who has descended into Matter. They will stage a conspiracy for thousands of years to accomplish the undoing and the fall of a single son of God.

We who are in the etheric octave of Matter as well as in the octave of Absolute Spirit need not fear this devouring process. But mind you well, we are deeply concerned, gravely aware of the jeopardy of souls in whom there yet exists a divine spark, albeit sometimes small, of souls who come and hear the Lost Teachings of Jesus and go out and hear many other voices and are fascinated by the cult of UFOs.

Hearts full of fire, understand that the Sons of God in earth are not in great number. Yet the salvation of these is the reason for being of Sanat Kumara. There is a chaff that is burned and there are the tares that are bound in bundles and burned. Realize, then, that that which is saved unto everlasting Life is the good wheat of the [genetic] seed of Christ. (8)

When you have this seed and you know that you have this seed, for the fire burns in your heart, you have two goals in life: First, to preserve your personal integrity and to disentangle yourself from the enmeshments of karma with these fallen ones. And second, to bring the knowledge of the Great White Brotherhood and the religion of the Divine Mother to all others who have this divine spark. Two goals alone: disentanglement with the dark web woven by the anti-minds of the UFOs and the ascent (vibrationally) of the heart and mind to the octaves of safety.

Safety on earth, then, is when you are sealed in the Light from above. There is none other. Thus, the Mighty I AM Presence is your safety when you invoke it. But that I AM Presence remains in the octave native to its own vibration, Absolute Spirit, absent your call.

We the Ascended Masters step down the Light of Absolute Spirit through the etheric octave where our retreats are located. And from that place to your physical atoms the Light descends swiftly in answer to your call. Without that call we also must stand by, for unless we receive it from you daily we may not intercede in your behalf.

Now, realize this law of the separation of octaves and teach it to your children. Let them be shaken into a wakefulness as to the correct perspective of life on planet earth. Though this earth be beautiful and was once even more beautiful, beloved, I assure you there are places in this universe far more beautiful even in the physical octave.

Now we are about the challenge that does come when, through an erroneous psychic prediction, there has been the gathering of many thousands who are determined to achieve that number of a critical mass necessary for a vibrational convergence with the false gods of the UFOs. The first order of business for Keepers of the Flame of Life, then, is to visualize and call forth from the octaves of Light a blue sphere around the planet at the line where the physical meets the astral plane. Let this sphere be a barrier between those in physical embodiment and the aliens in their spacecraft who seek to find a window of contact and consonance on those two days noted of the sixteenth and seventeenth of the month of August.

Blessed ones, as my scribe has written down this day, if the people of earth in these numbers elect to establish this tie with these Nephilim gods and their spacecraft, if the allegiance be established and the tie made, there will be no recourse from unleashing cataclysm from the highest levels of the Cosmic Council. There will be no life worth living for Lightbearers on earth, as there occurs a grave overtaking of those who have not yet discovered the seed of Light within themselves. Understand just how critical these days and weeks are and just how much it does indeed lie in your hands to prevent this tie.

Following this, of course, beloved, there will continue to be a greater acclamation, by some, of the people of the Lie in their spacecraft, a greater desire for a convocation by certain humans with these their progenitors. Know, then, that the Great White Brotherhood and all angels of Light and Archangels are fully equipped to deal with the entire fallen race of aliens making their way to this planet. All of them may be turned back, beloved, but only in answer to the call of those who are the true Lightbearers of the earth.

Saint Germain has long foreseen this coming and has begun to sound his cry “Lightbearers of the world, unite!” You can see just how literal is this command. For the unity of the Lightbearers in these very hours when an anti-unity force is being established is all that is required for the stopping of this diabolical plot.

Blessed ones, these civilizations of South America were peopled by the Nephilim gods. And they also did create races even out of their own genes and out of the substance of the earth. Thus, dust to dust is the nature of this clay creation, animated not by a divine spark but as the animal creation is.

Realize, then, that the gods they worship are the gods that created them. And I speak of certain lifestreams and lifewaves embodied in this hemisphere who were also embodied here long ago, who have left their records and who have continued to reembody and whose strain and seed of the Nephilim is with them.

Now, therefore, understand the metallic nature of these individuals, their glamour which does replace the existence of any aura whatsoever, and their sense of association and even memory of having come here with spacecraft. Understand, then, that their calendar is the calendar of the Nephilim and of their cycles. Thus, one can learn from a false-hierarchy teaching the cycles that they are plotting on the graph, even according to the heavens, of those hours and years when they shall come closer to marrying that creation which they have created long ago.

Now you may search through the records of recent UFO contacts and begin to understand and put together the pieces. These eyes boring through (9) are of robots who are programmed to read from the level of the gene all that there is to know about an individual. Thus they become data banks whose information is fed into a larger computer, all of which is used to program humanity against the Lightbearers and their ways, to present every possible plot for mechanization man to lead your children astray. Thus, I think, beloved, through my presence and my word I have made clear just what is about to be programmed into the masses.

Blessed hearts, forty-five hundred souls of Light gathered in the Heart of this Inner Retreat for FREEDOM 1987! Your momentum of light and decrees is a celebration of Cosmic Consciousness! You have made contact through the vortex of the Messenger’s heart with octaves of Elohim not even probed or penetrated by these false gods or their human creation. You have already set a planetary network of Light.*** It is in position. Let it be strengthened and not suffer a decay rate by inattention to a continuing momentum of decree work. Blessed ones, using the great gain of the dictations and the decrees, the joy and the songs, let this high energy released at our summer conclave be the very forcefield upon which the sphere of blue is focalized.

I, El Morya, give you this assignment of that forty-eight-hour vigil whereby They shall not pass! This victory can be secured as you continue the calls for the resurrection flame, that there may be no breach in this funnel of Light twixt the Elohimic octave and your hearts and this place. That particular manifestation, beloved, does neutralize any and all that could come from the psychics led astray or the archdeceivers in their craft.

Realize, then, that we have already set the stage for your victory. You have only to take the steps, walk into it and claim it and use the full power of my mantra for that action of the blue lightning to descend to shatter all that would be built as the antithesis of the mighty work of the ages of the Sons of God—the Christs on earth.

Blessed hearts, those who follow the cult of the UFOs have not even taken a simple decree from our dictations to learn it, for they have no affinity, no fine tie, no thread of contact with the etheric octave or the Absolute Spirit.

Let there be the reckoning, then, by the sons of God gathered in this place that the Light in you is able, that the Son in you is able, and then, having so dispatched the commands to our bands to bind and remove from the earth all aliens not of the Light and bring to judgment their tools, you make haste to defeat, then, another conspiracy that also comes from the UFOs, which is World Communism in this hemisphere.

Blessed ones, who could give to the bankrupt Soviets and Communists worldwide the impetus and the energy that they use to cause many to go in their direction? I tell you, it is not those who comprise the Soviet government. They, too, are the pawns, all too willing in their lust for power, of the false hierarchy of the spacecraft.

Now, these spacecraft have left some of their own, very capable ones, to be in embodiment on earth, sometimes against their will, forcing them to evolve through the human evolution. They are indeed in positions of leadership in the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy. Beloved ones, they are the angry ones. They are angry against the gods in the skies who have left them to the dirty work here below. Realize the archrivalry amongst them as well as the blood tie of their loyalty.

Now understand that it is the religion of the Divine Mother, that it is Shiva (the Holy Spirit personified), that it is the Divine Shakti (the Feminine Principle in polarity with Shiva), that it truly is the Force and the Power of Almighty God in his sons and daughters that is able to overturn these fallen ones in the Matter octaves that these octaves might ascend as a cosmos unto God, unto Alpha and Omega!

Weary not, beloved; your crowns have increased. Any number of you have added to your crowns even the beauty of aquamarine, signifying your love of the Divine Mother, and some the star sapphire and others the ruby.

Blessed hearts, so valiant an effort that has won so great a victory as this July 4th conference at the Ranch should not end in personal defeat for anyone who has given his all to make it happen—because of acclimating once again to a less accelerated vibration and to rest from such intense activity. Blessed ones, when you go into battle you are prepared to give your all. When you come home from the battle you understand there is a necessary period of adjustment. Every conference is the charging forth of the troops to do battle with Death and Hell projecting against those who would come to that enclave of concentrated Light.

Therefore, I, El Morya, your beloved and servant and father and Guru, give you my heart in gratitude for all who understand what they have given, for all who understand what they have received. And to you who are in the process of assimilating both, I say, the gratitude of heaven itself be upon you in added graces and light and especially protection. Gratitude of heaven be upon you in many ways that we have planned with joy whereby we may surprise you and bring you gifts that lighten the eye and enable you to know that the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood are your loyal friends and compatriots.

We will never let you down, but when you let yourself down and try to take us with you, beloved, we must let go. For we must be about our Father’s business. And so it is your own calling.

Blessed hearts, to each one personally, therefore, I give love, recharging the cells, animating the mind and lightening the burden. This transfer, beloved, comes from many of the Great White Brotherhood. It is no small amount of light that we shower upon those who have been a part of this grand conclave in the physical, which in every moment did anchor the simultaneous conclave of the Royal Teton (etheric) Retreat at the Grand Teton in Jackson, Wyoming.

Blessed ones, speaking to you, then, I come, I would tell you what I have said to the Messenger this morn, that in my concern for the building and maintaining of the Inner Retreat, I would have you know that the present momentum of attendance at decrees and services is not sufficient to hold the Light against all extraterrestrials both in and out of embodiment who oppose this endeavor of the Great White Brotherhood on earth.

Yes, you have heard of the ancient shrines, holy ground where many will gather on these days. The names run past, whether Glastonbury or Shamballa or in South America. One and all, today they are barren. There are no temples remaining, no golden-age civilizations, no place left; yet they are called shrines, for some remember that here was once a nucleus of a golden city of light.

Blessed ones, shall they one day say of this place, “It is a sacred shrine” when only the trees and the meadows remain? Or shall they come and make their pilgrimage here because the City of Light out of the etheric octave has been established in the physical? The physical barrenness of these places is a testimony to the nonperformance of the very ones who gather there—their refusal to defeat the gods and to place their allegiance in the heart of the Divine Mother.

Thus, beloved, there is a co-measurement that must be understood: Of the vast lands that you hold and the Light as well, of this place being prepared these fallen ones are frightened and have extreme envy. The guardian action must be seen, else you will find yourselves engaged in little skirmishes. You will find yourselves putting out fires here and there, whether with the media or the government, the neighbors, the nation or the planet.

Instead of allowing your attention to be drawn into those skirmishes, why not put in more decree time? Be here, then, and let your hearts understand that unless that momentum that is required is built, you will find yourselves not being able to hold on to your own souls or path or chelaship, much less the property on which you stand....

Blessed hearts, I, El Morya, tell you, having come from the Darjeeling Council table, that every word spoken to you by the Messenger this evening, every note of warning concerning World Communism in this hemisphere, the deplorable state of mind of the President and the Congress, every word concerning the threat of World Communism spoken by Saint Germain is true and it is imminent.

It is an hour, then, that I am tarrying with you to press into your cells the image of your Christhood and mine. For I would secure the oneness and the permanence of the Guru/Chela relationship. I would make you to understand that there are obligations to being a chela of the Chohans [of the Lords of the Seven Rays] and that you are standard-bearers. You are here, then, to witness. You are here, then, to abide in the Truth.

May understanding abide. And may you be attentive to the explanations of the guises of the sinister force that tempt the mind and aggressively penetrate with those suggestions that have naught to do with Reality.

Let there be the taking of the stand, then, for the throwing out of all peace offers to the seed of Satan and the seed of the UFOs in Nicaragua. (10) We say to them and we say to the spacecraft, In the name of Sanat Kumara, your day is done! Get thee hence! You have no power over the Lightbearers of the earth. Let them be turned back, O Elohim of God. For the day and the hour is come!

Therefore, I, Morya, say to you, prepare this place. Prepare it for students who would come and for survival. Prepare your mind and heart to be tough and to be a part of me. For, blessed ones, where I AM there is the love of the will of God and instantaneously there is a quickening of that vibration of all cosmos.

Thus, the secret of the will of God and the devotion to it is that it makes you a part of the vast antahkarana, the great blueprint of Life for all of cosmos. And the electricities of the Central Sun pass through you, and they neutralize the negativity of negative karma, in conjunction with your use of the violet flame.

Let the mind in this instant soar as an arrow. For I soar upward to the etheric octave. And from that point I say, Guard the Messenger! Guard Community! Guard the child and the chela and your own heart.

I AM Morya. I have not left off speaking with you, but shall continue at inner levels—nor have I concluded this address. But I close my portfolio on this chapter that you might find peace in the will of God and return again to hear me, beloved. For can a Gemini be without a twin?


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana, through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, August 8, 1987, the twenty-ninth anniversary of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse by the Ascended Master El Morya through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet August 8, 1958.

* the Christ consciousness and the Christ image

** Christ consciousness

*** of the Christ consciousness

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7. Harmonic Convergence, August 16, 17, 1987. According to José Argüelles, father of the event, August 16 marked a 25-year period that would culminate in 2012 with the end of the Mayan calendar’s “great cycle.” At that time earth would enter a period of “galactic synchronization”—contact with alien beings. Believing that a “cosmic trigger point” existed on the August dates, Argüelles called for 144,000 humans to come together at dawn on August 16 and surrender themselves to the “higher galactic intelligences which guide and monitor the planet.” In response, these intelligences were to beam communications through the 144,000, which would catalyze the “mental field of the planet” and lead to a decisive turnaround from the present course of events. On August 16 and 17, thousands of people gathered for the Harmonic Convergence at “sacred sites” around the world, taking part in various ceremonies, meditating, and chanting.

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