El Morya

Fiat Rex by Nicholas Roerich ( El Morya is in the center)

Nicholas Roerich


El Morya on Guarding the Magnet of the Heart

from Agni Yoga Society


Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on guarding the heart.

The Call, 202. Sacrifices have been made upon M.'s Mountain.
It is difficult to pray when the mind is filled with worldly thoughts.
Your will must guard the place of prayer.
It is better to truly know people than to be charmed by their masks.
If human hearts were filled with beauty, no sacrifices would be needed.
But many are the unillumined ones.
Therefore, it is a thorny way that leads to each truth.

The Call, 207. The Cosmos is reflected in the pupil of every eye.
And God dwells in every heart.
Woe to those who expel God.
Better never to know than to betray.
The Teacher was manifested, and the Name of the Messiah was pronounced in My Abode.
Not to small things will you be witnesses.
The cloud above God?s Mountain will be dispersed.
The lightning of His Voice will illumine the abysses.
New, new, new ones, beautiful ones, clear-minded ones, exalted ones, will gather.
The Teacher has entrusted you to manifest Him.
Gather people under My roof.
M.'s Mountain is erected, is upheld, and is encircled by the plough of labor.

Illumination, II:I:7. The density of matter obstructs each experiment of the spirit. This concerns men as well as the whole of nature. For access to it matter must be melted. In the process of smelting there is produced a specific gas which assimilates with the substance of the spirit. In man, a gas emanates from the nerve centers at each ecstasy of happiness or unhappiness. Thus a laboratory of the spirit is obtained. Therefore, a misfortune is called the visitation of God, but each somnolent existence is death of spirit. In nature, ecstasies manifest as thunder-storms, earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes and floods. A similar laboratory of spirit begins to work. Hence, all sparks of ecstasy are blessed. Molten matter yields to improvement and provides new formulae. Instead of prolonged researches it suffices to reflect the elements in Our mirrors, and then to accumulate new formulae. Then remains the second part of the work: patiently, and in due time, to give them to people. Upon the fires of ecstasy travels Our Ray, seeking admittance into the heart. Where is the happiness or misfortune that has opened the entry? But, contacting molten matter, one senses the pulse of Earth, and the heart must withstand the gravitation. Those who will take part in this work must guard their hearts. Therefore, I say, guard the heart—all else is easy to repair. It represents matter, whereas the nerves are subservient to the spirit. At the knock of the spirit the door of the solar plexus is opened. But each stroke of matter beats upon the heart. Whosoever wishes to come in touch with the formula of matter must guard the heart. Our medicine teaches how to strengthen the heart through breathing; but about this another time.

Illumination, II:I:8. The nerve emanation is imponderable; it is odorless and invisible, because it is of the spirit. The product of the heart is blood, with all its earthly dimensions. Therefore, when it is said that one must feel with the heart, this means it should be adapted to the earthly plane.

The sole bridge between the spirit's understanding and the embracement of the earthly plane is the white blood corpuscle. But you know what conflict attends their existence. Do not the white corpuscles, subject to the forces of Earth and bearing the knowledge of spirit, seem to you like White Brothers? This is why harmony is so difficult on Earth. But to work there where the spirit has descended into matter, the conditions of both planes must be met. One should not estrange oneself from the earthly, yet one must abide in spirit. For the mastery of the earthly formulae, one must possess a strong channel of the heart, because the reflex of the earthly signs carries dangerous sparks. But for Earth, all must be accomplished upon the earthly plane. Therein is the chief reason for the existence of the Brotherhood here. Therefore, upon Earth one must reach Us, discover Us, as silver ore—the best beneath the earthly crust.

Illumination, III:III:11. Let new countries also realize the power of the aspiration of the pure in heart. Let them understand that hypocrisy of thoughts is an obstacle to the attainment of communion in spirit. Say to all who hope to be with Us that they should keep their thoughts pure. Achievement is born of pure thoughts. No display of action will yield fruit unless it has been uplifted by the wings of a rainbow thought. I understand how difficult it is to catch the fleas of thinking. That is why I repeat: to ventilate the convolutions of your brain so that the tiny jumpers will have no chance to settle their progeny there. Chaotic thinking begets small insects and cuts off the best paths. Vermin of the body cause a man to be shunned. How much more repellent must be the vermin of spirit! When thoughts flow broadly, then even their unpleasant direction may finally be not harmful. But when the thinking resembles in content a drop of stagnant water, then there is no possibility to reveal the image of the New World. One must affirm one's thinking, and steadfastly keep in mind the four given precepts. One has to remember this; one must avoid confused thoughts. I strongly urge you to emphasize the beauty of the firmament and to link it with thoughts about the future.

Infinity I, 146. When the heart demands the creation of higher forms, the Cosmic Magnet attracts all possibilities. A most mighty magnet is the heart! Thus, men have been deprived of a most high concept, that of the Arhat. If this principle does not inspire creativeness and heart, the understanding becomes distorted, and the result is not the construction of life but mediocre thinking. Man must learn the principle of self-sacrifice. As a flame, the Arhat carries in his heart all the fires of life. The Arhat maintains that Space is so full, so evocative, so beautiful! Naturally, We cannot convey to humanity the beauty of the ascent of an Arhat. The highest only to the highest. Before Me, as a ray, stands the Sacrament of Be-ness - that ray which unites the path of millennia; that ray which transforms the millennia into one moment before a new path; that ray which transforms the earthly enigmas into the highest laws; that ray which transforms the burden of earthly life into the radiant beauty of Cosmos. Yes, yes, yes! A great deal appears unsolvable on the planet. When this unsolvability becomes apparent to a spirit departing from the planet, this action is confirmed in Cosmos as a sensible one. Yes, many are the mysteries in Cosmos!

Infinity I, 301. The Perfect Heart can express all potentialities of nature to such an extent that any form can find life. The Perfect Heart contains within itself all the nascent life manifestations of the creative forces. Absolute Reason, from which humanity derives its striving essence, affirms solicitously the creative manifestations. The constructive work of the cosmic energies is directed by the Perfect Heart. The duration of action in Cosmos is termed perpetuity. Why then is it not possible to apply this concept to the energy which impels the spirit into higher spheres? When efforts are made to refine even the plant life, why not apply the same effort toward humanity? The Perfect Heart strains all its energies for this ascent. The Cosmic Fire is in eternal motion, directed by Absolute Reason and the Perfect Heart.

Infinity I, 349. One of the most powerful magnets is the magnet of the spirit. A most powerful force, which transmutes various energies, is the magnet of the heart. All currents are transmuted by this magnet. Man is attracted to this magnet; therefore, the power of his transmutation lies in the heart. The sun seen in the region of the solar plexus is that powerful magnet. Its location is certainly in the heart, and its reflection is great. It is a most powerful force! Its rays penetrate all strongholds and can be manifested as a most radiant magnetic force. Hence, the sun of the heart is the force which determines the balance. In ancient times this truth was as well known as the laws of attraction. Therefore, We value the centers which glow as the sun. The luminaries rise as banners!

Infinity II, 68. Cosmic attraction is directed toward the affirmation of all manifestations. The heart assimilates all energies directed to it. The heart expresses all strivings in life. All cosmic energies are attracted to the heart. Those who deny the conscious attraction of the heart deny the significance of the Magnet. The Spatial Fire is impelled to the heart, and in this principle is comprised the entire cosmic process. Hence, Cosmos dwells in the attraction of the heart. Only the energies based upon the attraction of the heart produce life. Thus, the life chain is endlessly forged by the heart.

Infinity II, 69. The life-creating force of the heart is most powerful, and it may be said that it is a magnet. Thus, creativeness of the heart is the propellant to consummation. Only these attractions saturate the cosmic creativeness. Thus, the cosmic heart quivers in the Arhat. Thus, the cosmic heart quivers in the Tara. Thus, the cosmic heart quivers in the atom. When the consciousness awakens, the Chalice resounds. Therefore, Our path is paved by the heart.

Infinity II, 71. These battles and victories are most vividly brought out by the transmutation. Only when the spirit is strained in fiery striving can the shells be transmuted. Only when the spirit strives to the pure Fire can the shells be transmuted. When the spirit of an Agni Yogi regenerates its shells, the fiery transmutation is affirmed; this is the highest process, and in its tension it embraces all cosmic spheres. When the center of the lungs is kindled, each kindling successively strains a new current. The affirmed receptacle of fire thus correlates with the Fire of Space. That is why the centers must be so greatly protected. Before consummation the centers resound with especial subtlety. Hence, the separation from Earth makes itself very keenly felt. The heart is the receptacle of all the finest energies. The subtlest currents resound upon the heart.

Infinity II, 119. Each action is strained by the lever of spirit and the lever of heart. Cosmic creativeness expresses forms by these levers. In Cosmos, the lever of the spirit is the consciousness of Materia Lucida, and the lever of the heart is the same manifested symbol of attraction. How greatly humanity has deviated from the great principle of the creative Magnet! Man has accepted the center of the creative impulse as his Ego, and the action of the Ego absorbs all tensions. Thus, instead of a cosmic action there results a focus of egotism. The creativeness of Cosmos evokes cooperation. The creativeness of Cosmos evokes striving to the far-off worlds. The focal point of the Ego, rejecting all ordinances of Cosmos, generates causes which affirm the manifestation of isolation. Cosmos attracts dates which are identical with the direction of the Cosmic Magnet. The core of the Ego proceeds in isolation. The creativeness of Cosmos manifests boundless cooperation.

Infinity II, 158. It is not the manifestations of insensibility that can sustain the Cosmos! It is not measures of passivity that can create! It is not encasement in a single shell that can build! Therefore, I say that only the key of the heart and the achievement of self-sacrifice makes life out of a vibration. Only the striving to independent action can develop the sensitiveness of receptivity. Therefore, the spirit imbued with quest can ascend. Only the vibration of the heart creates. One can create only through the vibration of the heart. The greatest power lies in the magnet of the heart. Through it we seek, through it we create, through it we find, through it we attract. Thus let us remember; thus I affirm. The magnetic vibration has molded all creative manifestations. Thus, Our close co-workers, having accepted the beauty of the Teaching, will be strengthened by the magnetic vibration.

Infinity II, 238. The spirit imbued by fiery striving manifests a drawing power for all vital impulses. As each energy reaches its identical element, so also the spirit of the higher Agni Yogi reaches the hearts of those striving to Truth. Thus, each energy of the heart molds people. The lever of the heart sets all the strained strivings. This is why people are attracted to the fiery heart of an Agni Yogi. Thus, the power of the heart affirms the manifested striving of an Agni Yogi. The creativeness of the heart can bring the pledge of Light. I so affirm!

Infinity II, 246. The tension of a striving spirit attracts corresponding vibrations. Only the attraction of the heart creates; and the Agni Yogi, tensed by the cosmic Magnet, creates through his heart. Thus, when self-sacrifice of the spirit strains the spheres, the tension of impelled forces puts into strain the forces of the surrounding spheres. Therefore, when the rays of fire contact the centers of an Agni Yogi, each center sends forth a fiery torrent.

Infinity II, 264. The Brothers of Humanity bear within themselves the striving to save the planet. Every vital impulse dwells in the Heart of an Arhat. The urge of the Cosmic Magnet is felt by the Heart of an Arhat. The Heart of an Arhat knows the flux of the rays of the luminaries. The Heart of an Arhat knows the striving toward consummation. Therefore, Our threads flow in tension with the striving for unification.

Infinity II, 337. Indeed, We value sincerity above everything. The word which does not contain the affirmation of the heart is void. Only the potential of spirit can give power to creativeness. Thus, every thought bereft of this wondrous fire is deprived of life. Hence, each thought intensified by the heart is revered by Us.

Infinity II, 345. We build new possibilities upon the sensitiveness of receptivity. The creative forces are especially powerful when they are strained by sensitive receptivity. Only when the strings of the sensitiveness of receptivity resound can one harken to the Cosmic Magnet; only then can the spirit gather all threads for creativity. The adherence to the Cosmic Magnet has impelled all Lords to the great self-sacrificing achievement. It is therefore that We value so much the heart which senses the course of the Cosmic Magnet.

Infinity II, 507. In the Book of Life is contained the saturated stream of creative fire. Only upon the higher law can the page of Sublime Be-ness be affirmed . Valiantly must the spirit strive to the realization of all the subtle principles in order to attain higher knowledge. The Book of Life contains every aspiring action. The Book of Life contains the manifestation of all vital fires. The heart carries in itself all imprints of the Book of Life. The heart carries in itself the beauty of Be-ness and boundless cognition. Verily, the attainment of the heart affirms all possibilities. Verily, the attainment of the heart forges all the best steps.

Hierarchy, 79. Already you know how tense is the time; and to those who are seized with fear, say that when the Lord lives within the heart, no hair will fall from one's head, and to each one a palace for body and spirit is allotted. But preserve your heart in purity, in order that I may enter there and surround you with armor. Remember that if you give in spirit to the Lord what has been taken from you, He will reward you a hundredfold. Thus, direct your thought to the Lord and let the Lord enter your heart. Without the Lord it will be narrow in the empty heart, and like peas in a dried sheepskin, wrath will jar within the empty heart. Fill your heart with the Lord so fully that no enemy can force his way through. Peace unto you.

Hierarchy, 85. All religions have introduced special movements and positions of the body that aid the accumulation of the energy and impel one to the Highest. When following Us, achievement may be arrived at through the saturation of one's heart, without fatiguing movements. He who succeeds through this means has an advantage, because the source of the heart is inexhaustible. The Image of the Lord, impressed upon the heart, will not grow dim and at any hour will be ready to help. This way of the heart is the most ancient, but it requires a considerable expansion of consciousness. One should not speak of the heart from the very first conversation, for then one may over-burden it aimlessly. It is likewise aimless to speak of love if the heart does not yet contain the Image of the Lord. But the hour strikes when one must indicate the power of the heart. I advise addressing oneself to the heart, not only because the Image of the Lord is already close but for cosmic reasons. It is easier to cross an abyss if the link with the Lord is strong.

Hierarchy, 107. The cosmic currents pass through the heart of an Agni Yogi. "The saturated heart senses all perturbations," thus the Ancient Wisdom speaks of the heart filled with Ether. That through which the Cosmic Space breathes, the sensitive heart breathes through also. That with which the Cosmic Heart breathes, the heart of an Agni Yogi breathes with also. Each vibration resounds upon the subtle strings of a sensitive heart, therefore one has to guard so greatly this cosmic treasure. The currents fill the heart and expand the sphere of its action; thus the cosmic correspondence is established.

Hierarchy, 132. I call attention to the saturation of the heart and the prayer of the heart for two reasons firstly, it leads to a blending with the Higher World; secondly, it does not require a special time and can be performed during any labor. One may easily become used to a special sensation within the heart without fearing any ill effect. The heart will not be overtired by the Lord, on the contrary, only surrounding thoughts can ill-affect the heart. Thus, someday men shall finally realize the significance of thoughts, at least for the sake of their own hearts. Let them ponder upon the poison of sendings! It is time to pay attention to the amount of sicknesses generated by thoughts. During each sickness it is not bad to make a suggestion against negative thoughts. Magnetic passes over the affected organ can also be made. Nothing special is needed beyond a prayer of the heart, which creates a magnetic link with the Highest. During the laying on of hands one should not think of sickness, but should try to unite oneself with the Highest.

Hierarchy, 219. The language of the subtle body is expressed through the saturation of the Brahmarandhra center; other than this, there is no need to strain oneself in pronouncing all letters. The sound of the first letter is sufficient, because the rest is understood by the heart. Likewise, the music of the spheres does not require melody, but is based upon rhythm, for the rest resounds in the heart. Precisely the heart is the link between the worlds, and only the heart can respond to the heart of the Lord and to the entire Hierarchy. One may be bereft of sight and hearing, but the heart will be the best substitute, and even a more subtle expresser of the essence.

Hierarchy, 304. The word Mahatma is translated as Great Soul. Some imagine the Mahatmas as a completely distinct race. One should not conceive a Great Soul to be entirely distinct. Each Mahatma began his ascent from the very midst of the people, having only dared to choose the difficult path of the Great Soul. And, besides daring, he found in his heart indignation of spirit, for how else can the fires be kindled? Upon these fires the precious substance of the secretions is transmuted into a healing substance. One can see how the saliva of a fiery being can remove an inflammation and restore the vital energy to numb centers. Alongside the sacred property of secretions stands the healing power of the laying on of hands. It is instructive to compare the secretions of men having dormant centers with the ejection of the fiery substance. If I advise medicines made from plants for common organisms, then for the more knowing ones there is a powerful laboratory of sacred fiery secretions.

Hierarchy, 305. My latest book will be understood by few. Who will comprehend the sacred quality of the saliva of the Savior or the laying on of the hands of Moses? People are not accustomed to appreciate a fiery heart. The book can help those who have already sensed the rise of the solar serpent. It winds its coils amidst the fiery ejections. It is impossible to imagine the affirmation of the subterranean fires without the eruption of the fires of the heart. You know about the usual ejections of the Yogi, which cannot be replaced by anything else, for this gas of the fire must be released and must blend with the Fire of Space. But the Yogis seldom attain this manifestation of confluence with the Cosmic Fire. We call this stage a holy one, for the light of the fire of the higher worlds is blended with the rays of planetary Yogis. This is the shortest path to the Mahatmas. Do not fear tension, this is the same path. Do not be disturbed by anguish, it comes from fire. Do not be angry, for the heart dislikes this root.

Hierarchy, 354. Some people cannot tolerate Our frequent reminders about battle. For them let it be not a battle, but the opening of the Gates. The process of opening also requires energy; but for you, without need of hypocritical palliation, it may be said that the battle of Light against darkness proceeds incessantly. Many warriors help in this battle, otherwise we again would be engulfed in Chaos. Often the participants in the battle ask why, in their physical shells, they do not remember the achievements of their subtle bodies. But it would be criminal on Our part to permit such consciousness. The heart could not bear the realization of so gigantic a battle. Only an especially flaming heart retains the black missiles in its consciousness. The heart is stopped, either because of realization or through sclerosis. But the cosmic battle can strike at the strongest heart. Thus, let us remind about the battle, when the clash again assumes such colossal scope. The subterranean fire is equilibrated with difficulty, and the layers of magnetic currents are intercrossed. But let us not deny that this perturbation brings renewed possibilities.

Hierarchy, 431. A sensitive heart is close to the sensitive ear. A sensitive heart transforms the brain. The lack of heart annihilates all previous accumulations. What is the use of literacy if only superficial eyes measure the curves of a hieroglyph! Onerous is the Burden of the World! Filled to the brim is the Chalice of the Keepers of the Magnet! Flaming hearts can combat everywhere the annihilation of the essence of Bliss. One can comprehend why one should become accustomed to understanding the heart as the propellant of Be-ness. One can understand how the thread of the heart is linked with Hierarchy. If the heart is withered the brain will not be kindled to consciousness. Thus we realize chemically how an organism becomes part of the great Heart of the Universe. When I advise cautiousness it means that outer conditions set the over-filled Chalice atremor.

Hierarchy, 436. Let no one think that without the energies of the heart he can comprehend help, cooperation, and Hierarchy. Neither the mind nor intellectual erudition will enlighten where only the tensity of the heart can kindle the rainbow of complete comprehension. The shield of heart-comprehension is most lasting. The sword pierces suffering, but the heart is the stronghold of the hero. To you, the keepers of the Stone, only heroism is befitting. Only unwaveringness and courage befit you. The ecstasy of a hero comes again with the tension of the heart.

Hierarchy, 448. Hierarchy is cooperation. But with cooperation, the intensification of energies results in a continuous circuit of sparks, from above downward and from below upward. The dynamo producing this flaming torrent is the heart. It means that above all else, Hierarchy is the Teaching of the Heart. One should be accustomed to understanding the heart as the central motive power. One cannot understand the flame without understanding the significance of the heart. I spoke to you of many centers, but just now I especially stress the Chalice and the heart. The Chalice is the past, the heart is the future. Now, certainly, we comprehend that the ascent is accomplished only along the single silver thread! Therefore, let us be especially cautious with the predestined structure. The chemist values a rare reaction in a certain test tube, and nothing in the world will repeat this reaction if the test tube is broken. So it is with Our construction.

Hierarchy, 449. Likewise the heart should be understood as the unique natural link between the visible and invisible worlds. Many secretions bind the lowest strata of both worlds, but only the thread of the heart can lead into the Infinite. In this lies the difference between magic and the nature of the spirit. Thus, I advise, first of all, to pay attention to the heart as the source of the predestined unification of the worlds. It should not be thought that Hierarchy is only discipline; it is the advance into the Higher World.

Hierarchy, 454. When you understand the foundations of Hierarchy, We shall proceed to an explanation of the centering of the spirit in the heart. In order to link the chain of the worlds it will be necessary to give special attention to the heart. Only thus shall we keep within the boundaries of a natural growth of the spirit. The abode of the spirit is in the heart. Thoughts about Hierarchy are spiritualized by the heart. Thus we shall remain as before in the essence of a true accumulation.

Quotes from Heart:

Heart, 1. To behold with the eyes of the heart; to listen with the ears of the heart of the roar of the world; to peer into the future with the comprehension of the heart; to remember the cumulations of the past through the heart; thus must one impetuously advance upon the path of ascent. Creativeness encompasses the fiery potentiality, and is impregnated with the sacred fire of the heart. Therefore, upon the path to the Hierarchy, upon the path of Great Service, upon the path of Communion, synthesis is the one luminous path of the heart. How can the manifested rays be radiated if the flame is not affirmed in the heart? It is precisely the quality of the magnet that is inherent in the heart. The highest creativeness is imbued with this great law. Hence, each consummation, each union, each great cosmic unification is achieved through the flame of the heart. By what means can the foundation of the great steps be laid? Verily, only through the heart. Thus the arcs of consciousness are fused by the flame of the heart. Thus, we shall keep in memory the beauteous attraction of the magnet of the heart, which links all manifestations. Verily, the silver thread that links the Teacher with the disciple is the great magnet of the heart. The union between Teacher and disciple affirms the essence of all evolutions.

Heart, 2. Many legends tell of the fulfillment of wishes, but they do not speak of the fundamental condition of issuelessness, which whets the desires to the point of immutability. Each tiny deviating path already dulls the arrow of immutability. But as one who is unaccustomed to the water can swim when in danger of being drawn to the bottom, so the solution of the fulfillment of a wish is found when all paths are cut off. People say a miracle has happened! But often it was only the intensification of the psychic energy. The heart, the sun of the organism, is the focus of psychic energy. Thus, in speaking of the heart we must have in mind the law of psychic energy. It is beautiful to sense the heart as the Sun of Suns of the universe. We must understand the Sun of the Highest Hierarch as our Banner. Beautiful is this Banner, like an invincible power if our eyes have assimilated its radiance, reflected in our heart.

Heart, 3. Whether the heart be called the abode of the Elohim or the synthesis of syntheses, it still remains the focal point. Even those who recognize in the heart only its lower physiological functions, even they have an attitude of care for the heart. How much more deeply, then, must he who knows about the magnet and silvery thread harken to the heart. Therefore the Teacher draws one away from everything narrowly physical, in order to remind about the spiritual world through each organ. It is a festival for Us each time a pure direction of thought is projected into the sphere of invisible existence. One must lead into the abode of the Elohim with complete perseverance, as though danger pursued the entering one. One can recognize the path of the chosen ones when the Invisible World has become real and accessible to them; then one can notice the growth of consciousness, and the very organs of the body become transformed, imbued by the link with Hierarchy.

Heart, 4. The heart is a temple, but not an abode of idols. Thus We are not against the construction of a temple, but We object to fetishism and to bazaars. Likewise, when We speak of constructing a temple like a heart, We do not mean that it be of heart-shaped design. We speak of its inner significance. A temple cannot exist without realization of the infinite chain; so, too, the heart contacts all the sensations of the Cosmos. The heart's anguish or joy interresounds with the far-off spheres. Why, then, is anguish sensed more often than joy? Of course, the constant cosmic perturbations agitate the heart that adheres to them. Therefore is the service of such a heart so great upon the scales of the world. Help the structure of the world! There is neither a day nor an hour when the world is not in danger! Two eyes alone cannot foresee these dangers, but only three, as upon the Banner of the Lords! One must comprehend the temple of the heart as an imminent sensation. Not without cause was the heart marked by the sign of the cross. Thus, the sign of the cross eternally accompanied the temple of the heart.

Heart, 6. Doubt is the destruction of quality. Doubt is the tomb of the heart. Doubt is the source of ugliness. Doubt must be mentioned in each talk, because where can we go without quality? What shall we understand without the heart? What shall we attain without beauty? They will ask, Why first Infinity, then Hierarchy, and only then Heart? Why not the reverse? But first comes the direction, then the connection, and then the means. One must not spoil this sacred recourse by doubt. Let us regard the quality of the pulse of a man in doubt and also at the hour of devoted striving. If doubt can alter the pulse and the emanations, how physically deteriorating will be its action upon the nervous system! Psychic energy is simply devoured by doubt. After doubt, let us recall treason itself, for who is closer to doubt than the traitor? But one can overcome that darkness only by adherence to Hierarchy, to the most inevitable, like the radiance of the sun. Truly, it burns, but lacking it there is darkness!

Heart, 7. The heart is the focal point, but of all it is least egocentric. Not egoism dwells in the heart, but pan-humanity. Only reason enshrouds the heart with a cobweb of egocentricity. Mercy is measured not so much by so-called good actions, the cause of which can be too varied, but by the inmost kindliness; it kindles the light which shines in the darkness. Thus, the heart is verily an international organ. If we accept light as the symbol of the aura, then its parent will be the heart. How necessary it is to learn to feel one's heart not as one's own, but as the universal one. Only through this sensation can one liberate oneself from egoism, safeguarding the individuality of accumulations. It is difficult to contain individuality with universal containment, but not vainly is the magnet of the heart connected with the Chalice. One can understand how the heart radiates a special light, which is refracted in every way by the nerve substance. For the crystal of psychic energy can be variedly tinted.

Heart, 11. When the treasures of energy surpass the treasures of the heart and straight-knowledge, then a co-worker-teacher is usually sent for equilibrium. Verily, a Professor was attached to Washington, and a Sage of the Mountain was attached to Genghis Kahn. Many similar examples can be cited. One should regard this as a supplement to their activity, but not as an absolute requirement. There are also many examples when the workers resisted such cooperation, bringing irreparable harm not only to themselves but also to the General Good. More than once have We experienced such refusals. Precisely, the want of development of the heart impeded the increase of possibilities that already had been assembled through accumulations.

Heart, 13. Can you imagine what humanity would represent with healthy bodies and uncultured hearts? It is even difficult to imagine such a feast of darkness. All the illnesses and infirmities are unable to curb the universal madness of the heart. Verily, so long as the heart has not become enlightened, diseases and infirmities will not be removed, otherwise the fury of the heart coupled with powerful bodies will terrify the worlds. It was said long ago of the holy man"He walked before the Lord." That means he did not violate the Hierarchy, and thus purified his heart. Through the slightest purification of the human heart one can manifest a waterfall of Benefaction. But at present one can act cautiously if the heart has not as yet become putrefied. Thus, without falling into despondency, one must know that the darkness has become heavy and many hearts are putrid. The actuality of the significance of the heart is an old truth, but never has it been so needed as now.

Heart, 14. It will be asked, Which energy is assumed when one speaks of the heart? Of course this is the same Aum, the psychic energy of all three worlds. But in studying it one can establish that the precipitations are multicolored. Certainly the precipitations may be red, purple, or blue, but approaching the heart, they lose their coloring. The crystal of the heart is white or colorless. Of course, this resonance of the heart is not often observed, but one should strive toward it. The ancients advised the placing of one's hand upon the needles of the young cedars, in order that the condensed prana might penetrate through the fingertips. There are many ways of receiving psychic energy from the vegetable kingdom, but the one regarded as best is that of the open heart when it knows the direction of striving.

Heart, 19. If people, at least partially, could feel the essentiality of a moment, they would help Us greatly. Without speaking about the exact discernment of an occurrence, even the general mood would already strengthen the magnet of the will. People do not take into account to what extent unconscious vegetating complicates the world order! The heart, as a hearth of transmutation, must prompt everyone about the pressure of the spiritual atmosphere. It should not be thought that the heart suffers only concerning oneself, of course it pains because of universal agitation. One should attempt to unite the hearts into a harmonious round; even a little-tested heart will contribute its valuable energy to the common chalice. The heart strengthens Our sendings, pushing aside the new weeds. There are many untested hearts, but still more that are covered up with ashes. Many sparks are needed to penetrate the cold ashes.

Heart, 62. The sun is the heart of the system; so, also, the heart of man is the sun of the organism. There are many sun-hearts, and the Universe represents a system of hearts; therefore, the cult of Light is the cult of the heart. To understand this abstractly is to leave the heart cold; but as soon as the Light of the sun-heart shall live, the need of the magnet's warmth will begin to shine forth like a true sun. It is said, "Cross Santana with the aid of the heart." Thus one can come closer to an understanding of the heart. The heart's rhythm can be regarded as the rhythm of life. The Teaching about the heart is as bright as the sun, and the warmth of the heart speeds as swiftly as a sunbeam. Everyone has wondered at the instantaneousness with which a ray of the rising sun warms all things. The heart can act likewise. I speak of the warmth of the heart when it is especially needed. The striving thought kindles space, but the warmth of the heart is a constant hearth. Courage dwells in the warmth of the heart. This must be remembered. The appearance of the dark forces is like a frost to the sowing. Only the heart's warmth provides a glowing shield. But, as we delicately test light-waves, so solicitously must one approach the heart.

Heart, 73. Even in the most ancient times people understood the significance of the heart. They regarded the heart as the Abode of God. They pledged their oaths by placing their hands upon the heart. Even the most savage tribes drank the blood of the heart and ate the hearts of their enemies, in order to strengthen themselves. Thus the significance of the heart was shown. But now, in our enlightened days, the heart is reduced to the state of a physiological organ. The ancients drank from the skulls of their enemies; the chalices of the sacred rituals were made out of the sincipital bone. Those who knew about the Brahmarandhra center understood that the magnetic pressure transmutes the substance of the bone. But now people only laugh at these powerful curative substances. The most mediocre invention attracts a multitude of consumers, but the most powerful chemical laboratories are forgotten; whereas a natural coordination of the three kingdoms of nature provides the strongest compounds. One should remind people primarily about the significance of the heart as the unifier of the worlds. Is not the fire of the heart the very Fire of Space? One can clearly understand the constant communion with the far-off worlds which was attributed to the ancients; the magnetism of the far-off worlds affords imponderable power. But does not the heart feel the most subtle vibrations?

Heart, 74. The concepts about the will must be firmly realized and distinguished. The will of the brain has become the citadel of the West, whereas the East has maintained its stronghold in the heart. In suggestion, the Western hypnotist uses the will, straining the centers of the extremities and eyes; yet this emanation is not only rapidly depleted but brings fatigue and, primarily, acts only over very inconsequential distances. In transmissions of the will spatial attainment is impossible; but the heart of the East does not need any tension of the extremities, does not needlessly exert the energy, but sends out its thoughts without any limits of place. The suggestion from the heart, as a natural channel for communication, does not bring harm to the one who suggests or to the receiver. The Western method is always apparent externally, but the Eastern act has nothing external about it; quite the contrary, the transmitter does not look upon the receiver, for he has the image of the destination in his heart. There are many numerous advantages in the heart activity, but to encompass it it is necessary primarily to realize the significance of the heart. The power of the heart conquers absolutely everything. The heart may know the significance of far-off happenings. The heart can soar, fortifying the needed links. The heart can unite itself with the far-off worlds. Test it by the transmission of the will alone and you will realize the difference in the will of the heart. Maitreya's is the Age of the Heart! Only with the heart can one evaluate the treasures of Maitreya! Only with the heart can one understand how greatly all acquisitions, all straight-knowledge are needed for the future.

Heart, 96. Sickness rises from sin—says the Scripture. We say that sickness comes from the imperfections of past and present. One should know how to approach the cure of sickness. To the regret of physicians, the process toward perfection is the true prophylactic measure. It can be understood that the process toward perfection begins with the heart, and it has not only a spatial but also a narrow material meaning. Mothers carry their children close to their hearts as a panacea for calming them, but usually one is unaware that this holding close to the heart creates a powerful reaction. Thus, also in the Subtle World we gather people close to the heart for strengthening and for cure. Of course, the heart loses a great deal of energy through such strong application. But, then, more than once has the heart of a mother been represented as transfixed by swords and arrows, a symbol of the acceptance into the heart of all actual pains. Not only in developed sicknesses but at their inception is the cure through the heart especially potent. At present, this remedy is almost forgotten, but it is no less powerful than a blood transfusion, for through the reaction of the heart the finest energy is transmitted without the unpleasant low admixture of blood. When one thinks about the process of perfectment, one must not forget solicitude for the heart that gives.

Heart, 100. Healers are divided into two groups one heals through the laying on of hands or through the direct glance; the other sends a heart current from a distance. Of course, for future construction the second means is preferable. With the heart's radiation one does not need to strike many centers of the patient, but without burdening his attention, the sick part alone can be reacted upon, thus sustaining the organism in the battle for balance. You know how imperceptible are Our touches, in order not to infringe upon independent activity. You also remember how We avoided physical manifestations, permitting them to the extent that was necessary for the evidence of a certain step. We strive further as soon as We see understanding. We call a lazy person the violator of the law of life. Healers through the heart current act in the physical as well as in the subtle body. Attention should be paid to the phenomenal side of life, it is far more substantial than it seems.

Heart, 105. In the book Heart one must speak about even such simple matters as a living fire. The best people are content with electric light, forgetful of how many sicknesses are brought on by energies that are purposely sealed. So with rays. Why do they not notice that x-rays react upon the heart? So, too, they do not care to notice the influence of metals upon the heart. Many experiments are needed in order to learn even slightly to control destructive conditions. People wish to be relieved of sicknesses, but they hasten to multiply them. We should not be regarded as opponents retarding discoveries; on the contrary, We summon new discoveries. It is very necessary to take into consideration the special conditions of the present. It is necessary to understand the new shifting of nations, the formation of new fiery manifestations, which can react weightily. Whoever can preserve a solemn frame of mind is acting correctly. Harmony and vigor are needed—but guard greatly the heart.

Heart, 106. The chief perplexity lies generally in the question about why people cannot see the Subtle World with the physical eye. But, of course, it is because the eye still cannot master the transmutation of ether. Imagine a photograph taken against a window; one can never succeed in receiving a clear image of the inner objects or distant outlines. So, also, on leaving the dark and going into the sun, we often are blinded and struck by the force of the blue light. By multiplying these light manifestations ad infinitum, we get the light of the Subtle World, which to an unprepared eye appears as darkness. So, too, sometimes people are perplexed about why some seemingly limited persons have visions of the Subtle World. First of all, because even though they may have lowered themselves at present, in the past they performed some purifying action; in other words, their hearts at some previous time were already awakened. It is especially remarkable that the quality of the heart does not disappear; it can be manifested very one-sidedly, but it will nevertheless be potential. Also, why are women often awakened to the Subtle World? Because the work of the heart is most subtle, and thus transcendentalism appears easier for them. Verily, the Era of the Mother of the World is based upon realization of the heart. It is precisely woman alone who can solve the problem of the two worlds. Thus, one can summon woman to understanding through the heart. That will also be useful, primarily because the quality of the heart is eternal. Already there are many heroic deeds among women, but now instead of the stake woman has been accorded the flame of the heart. Let us not forget that for each important achievement the Feminine Principle is essential as a foundation and essence. The heart cannot open to the Subtle World if it is not understood through a special achievement.

Heart, 138. Incomplete sleep is not actually insomnia, which is injurious because it tears one away from the Subtle World. On the contrary, an incomplete sleep sometimes leads to the necessary consequences of restraining the impetuosity of the subtle body during the spiritual battle. True, sometimes there may also be no necessity of sleep, but this is a special condition. During sleep the heart can provide very remarkable observations. Gradually one can manifest activity of the heart in connection with participation in the life of the Subtle World. It can be explained how, on the one hand, the heart depends upon and reflects the cosmic pulse; whereas at the time of direct participation in the Subtle World the heart takes on a particular tempo from the Subtle World. Thus, by a series of attentive observations, one can establish the connection of the Subtle World with the Cosmos and the physical world. The role of the human heart is the accumulation and transmutation of energies, but it is important, through experimentation, to demonstrate to humanity the significance of vibrations.Who would believe that participation in a battle in the Subtle World can give a heavy feeling and tension in the entire organism? Yet even physicians can testify to how many depressed conditions are now being observed.

Heart, 206. One can understand how greatly the ritual aspect of Yoga was demanded in ancient times, but now one should ascend by way of direct communion with the Highest World. The Yoga of Fire leads one upon this shortest path without abandoning life. This comprises a departure in the new understanding of rapport of the worlds. Before us we have an example of a significant step in the so-called Samadhi without withdrawing from life. It should be understood that this manifestation of the Mother of Agni Yoga is not easy to attain under the conditions of the Great Battle. The value of such a manifestation consists in that the usual rules of concentration are transcended. Precisely, the entire significance is transfixed in the heart—in other words, the significance of the entire rapport of the worlds is centered there. One must also mention that along with this the heart has withstood beautifully this saturation. Of course, the sensation of the present time does not result from Samadhi. Many times I have already advised necessary caution, in spirit as well as in matter. I beg you to guard the heart from outer and also inner disturbances. Extreme measures should be taken to withstand all attacks. It must be understood that yesterday is completely different from tomorrow, so unheard of is the rotation. Unprecedented are the clouds and one must encounter them joyously.

Heart, 320. In ancient times the coordination of the activity of the heart with distant worlds was strengthened by certain mechanical methods. For instance, they utilized the clasping of hands above the head with interlocked fingers—thus was formed the magnetic circle. So, also, they used to place their hands, with interlocked fingers, at the position of the Chalice, in such a way that the end of the left palm would be against the heart. Thus the current of magnetic waves was strengthened. But now, of course, in teaching the broadening of the consciousness, we will avoid mechanical external methods. It is much more subtle to act through the inner consciousness. We must sense how the sending of consciousness contains the substance of the heart, inducing the motion upward, as if drawing it into Infinity. Of course, many of our sensations depend on the condition of the atmosphere. One may feel depression or solemnity, but let us realize that during these moments the heart has opened the supermundane gates. Only malice and fear use the subterranean passages.


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