El Morya

Treasure of the Angels, by Nicholas Roerich 1905, Private Collection

Nicholas Roerich

On Joy and Happiness

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on joy and true happiness.

Urusvati knows how to bring joy. This quality is contained in the disciplined will. The realization of joy grows through conviction, not through the acquisition of things. There is no condition that cannot be turned into joy. When We speak repeatedly about joy We evoke it as a great reality. One cannot imagine Our Abode without joy. The most tense battles are filled with joy. Without it there is no action. To elucidate the meaning and value of joy is to resolve a great physiological principle. The ignorant connect the sensation of joy with a healthy digestion or with success in life, but joy is greater than health and success. It can also exist amidst sickness and humiliation. Such a feeling is developed not only through many incarnations but also from a wisely spent sojourn in the Subtle World. People encumber themselves with objects not only on Earth, but also in the Subtle World, where each unnecessary object will become a heavy load. Equally intolerable is unrestrained, foolish creativeness in the Subtle World. There one can create so much ugliness that it will follow one through all lives. Joy cannot be born when dirty tails are dragged along. Joy is about the future and cannot live in the past. It should be understood that We wish to explain joy as something creative and inspired. Joy is a reliable magnet. We want people to know where their panacea is. They can conduct a better and higher communion in joy. They will find a firm co-worker in joy. They will wish that the world might live in joy. We can affirm that despondency will not cross the threshold of Our Abode, for joy lives there. Let people remember that no one can deprive them of their joy. Even a machine works better when it is used with joy. Decidedly, everything can be set right and improved, and nothing can close the way to perfectment. For Us it is a festival when We see that Our co-workers have understood the shield of joy. Supermudane I, 55.

The Call, 321.
Behold Nature when you are in it.
      Hearken to the manifestation of creation in every
            sound of the desert.
      The Master attends each manifestation of your spirit.
      In His Rays will you find the joy of creation.
      Children, do not regret time spent in the search for Truth.
      The Great Sages have found it by intense search.
      Believe in your power and know that you are chosen
            by Him Who is your Father in spirit.
      If in a moment of weakness you falter on the way
            —stretch out your hand, and help will come.

The Call, 339.
      There is no present hour of happiness.
      There is a past hour of happiness.
      And there is a future hour of happiness.
      The past hour holds you,
      And the future hour draws nearer.
      I have ordained for you a time of future bliss.
      Naught that holds you is worthy.
      Live in the hour of future happiness.

The Call, BOOK OF JOY; 357.    
      Can the tree stand firm?
      Yes, yes, yes!
      If the roots are deeply buried
            and unseen beneath the ground.
      I told you of beauty, I told you of love,
            I told you of action.
      I told you of devotion, I told you of readiness and
      I have opened the window for you, and shown you
            the battle.
      I explained the meaning of courage,
      And finally I summoned you to the Great Service.
      And where is the garment in which to ascend
            the steps of the Temple?
      Where is the worthy vestment to cover the nakedness
            and impurity of our bodies?
      Throughout the Universe pulsates the fabric
            of Life's Beginning.
      Throughout the Universe is found the worthy
      Joy quivers, and vibrates, and resounds.
      In this Garment of Joy you will ascend the steps.
      This garment will enfold your body.
      They are rending the Raiment of the Lord.
      They scoff at its tatters.
      But the daughter of the world and the Mother of the
            Universe will mend the pieces of this Raiment.
      And you will come ready to receive your vestment.
      For, wherefore the power and wherefore the sacrifice,
            if there be no joy?
      And where is compassion,
      And where is devotion,
      And where is the love of creation,
      If your shoulders are not bedecked with the Raiment
            of the Mother of the World?
      And when you erect the Temple of Beauty,
      And on its approaches you lay out My Garden of Joy,
      Then name this Garden in My Name,
      For I told you:
      Children, rejoice!
      And while crossing the border between power and sacrifice,
      Attired in the radiance of joy,
      We shall tell you tomorrow about the prayer.
      The Book of Prayer and Podvig will conclude
            the first trilogy.
      Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!
      And you will say to them:
      "We know the battle,
      And therefore joy is within us;
      And we know the Service"
      Therefore, radiant with joy are our faces.
      I am sending Joy and Benevolence and Truth.
      For in this is everything.

The Call, 372. I know you who scratch at the door.
      You hope upon the shoulders of a guest to enter
            My House.
      I know you!
      You have become subtle and resourceful,
      Even more resourceful than many of Mine.
      You have fastened your clasps and prepared your
      You have even studied all My expressions.
      I hear you pronounce even Joy.
      But here I shall stop you.
      You do not dare pronounce the joy of Love.
      Your joy is the joy of hatred.
      But behind hatred hovers the loathsome shadow
            of doubt.
      And doubt is not fit as a shield.
      I will receive your arrows in My Shield.
      And if you persist,
      I will, with a smile, send you one�but one�in return.

The Call, 401. Only those of stony heart
            will violate the joy of the spirit.
      The wings of happiness are granted only
            to those uplifted in thought.
      Unneeded are masses or armies�
      One can attain by one single flight of the spirit.
      The manifestation of unity vanquishes even armies.

The Call, 405. Your books will give joy to many,
      Yet even the printer will bring some pain;
      For annoyances are countless.

Illumination, I:XII:2. M. and the understanding of Buddha's Teaching lead one to the vital understanding of law, conceived upon the Mount of Light. His Law will be of much help on the way to knowledge. His Teaching is My joy. My Hand leads to knowledge.
      Smile when spiritual beggars are called scholars. Smile when someone speaks irreverently about the spirit's understanding, when false books are read, when pure thoughts frighten the small of soul.

Illumination, II:II:1. Maitreya sends courage. Maitreya will accept the gift. Maitreya feels its love. Maitreya sends blessings upon the joyous labor. Maitreya bestows labor upon Earth in the name of miracle. Walk joyfully. It is a joy to Me to lead the smiling ones. Discern the Teaching of Light in each manifestation. Resourcefulness is a quality of My pupils.

Illumination, II:IV:6. For the reason that Our pupils bear within themselves the microcosm of the Brotherhood, there is not an indifferent attitude towards them. In their mode of life the same details as of Our Life are gradually revealed. There is endless labor; absence of the sense of finiteness, even of knowledge; loneliness and the absence of a home on Earth; the understanding of joy, in the sense of realization of possibilities—for the best arrows seldom reach their mark. And when We see the hearts of people who strive toward one and the same garden, how could We not manifest joy? But fearlessness in the face of endless labor is especially important. It is true that from the realization of the infinite possibilities of the human apparatus one feels relief.
      The serpent of the solar plexus helps to surmount the confusion of the nerve centers; that is why the serpent was a regal symbol. When the coils of the serpent begin to curl, the organism becomes especially sensitive. Flowers transmit their vital emanation through the fibres of the tissues of the white blood corpuscles, which defend the citadel of the serpent. In nature, serpents love flowers; similarly, the serpent of the solar plexus is nourished by them.
      Pigs also trample upon flowers, but without any effect on themselves. Therefore, without conscious consumption of the vital emanation one may pass over the best remedies. Hence the desire to see the flowers unplucked.

Illumination, II:IV:12. The necessity of deceit compels the priests of the old religions to push the people into the abyss of darkness. Yes, one may leave them at the foot of the mountain, as did Moses, but the tablets of the Commandments must be manifested.
      How perishable everything once seemed! Our disciples, appearing for the last time on Earth, experience the feeling of loneliness and of estrangement. Only in consciousness do we understand the value of Earth, but nothing compels us to look back if the spirit has already filled its treasure chest. The chief requisite is the modification of the human feeling of joy. And what joy may there be, when one realizes the imperfection of life? But when the spirit faces the dimensions of Cosmos, then this joy is replaced by the realization of possibilities.
      And when I whispered, "Thy joy will depart," I had in mind the transformation of human joy into the cosmically manifested conception as if by entering into a vacuum. The rays of the new life enwrap one better than mosquito netting, and one need not strain oneself toward the Earth. In this, when we are working for the Earth, there is harmony. For outsiders, this seems sheer nonsense, but you understand how one can grasp and develop each pure earthly thought beyond its contemporary import. And when one has traced the thread from Christ to the blade of grass, then only has the scope of work been covered.
      Great is the knowledge of the absence of death. All has been forgotten—otherwise men would live differently.

Illumination, II:V:11. Joy is as special wisdom, as Christ said.
      Nothing gathers the essence of prana as well as do plants. Even pranayama may be replaced by association with plants. And it should be understood how assiduously the eye must fathom the structure of the plants. The pores of the plants are enlarged not only by the advent of new leaves and flowers, but also by the removal of dead parts. The law of Earth's nurture affords, through the antennae of the plants, the possibility of drawing out of this reservoir by means of smell and sight the precious quality of vitality, the so-called Naturovaloris, which is acquired through conscious striving.
      Valuable as are the living plants which have not lost their vitality, preparations from them dried in the sun may also be useful. But the stages of decomposition should be avoided, because decomposition is the same in everything and always attracts the most imperfect spirits. Therefore, one should watch the condition of cut flowers. The smell of decomposition must be sensed, as it is not the external appearance but the smell which manifests the symptom.
      When it is not the season for flowers, it is useful to have small pine trees. Like a dynamo they accumulate vitality, and they are more effectual than right breathing. Instead of by ritual breathings one can thus receive a most condensed supply of prana. Of course, a state of rest also increases the action.
      Vital understanding of the power of nature will provide without magic a renovation of possibilities.

Illumination, II:VI:21. Two companions of Our works are joy and vigilance. If people could see the results of their discontent and could understand that slumbering is death, they would avoid the two chief coworkers of darkness. The evil sting of discontent penetrates even into the best places. A dull somnolence may becloud the head of a conqueror.
      When you know the solicitude about you would you burn it by discontent, which has split great works and brought down the lightning upon the sender?
      Remember, We have no discontented ones. Also no somnolence, with which the dark force besprinkles you.
      Is there not ossification hidden in this poisonous effluvia? Slumbering is not Our sister. Those who have approached the Light will not pierce themselves with discontent, and will not turn to stone.
      Slumber and such dusty manifestations should be avoided. The manifestation of the Shield should be treasured. I shall repeat once again, but no more, because the Law forbids repeating to deaf ears.

Community, 163. Creativeness is the basis of evolution. With what then is it possible to strengthen the acts of creative power? Only with cheerfulness. Joy is a special wisdom. Cheerfulness is a special technique. This enhancement of vigor arises out of a conscious realization of the creativeness of elements. Truly, creative patience and cheerfulness are to two wings of the worker.
      We do not quite approve the sentimental word "inspiration." When the consciousness is at work it does not go calling on inspiration like a basement lodger visiting his benefactor to ask favors. Then the division into week days and holidays is resumed, and again one will begin to celebrate birthdays. Our Community has but one ceaseless holiday of labor, in which cheerfulness serves as a wine of joy.
      It is impossible to be satisfied with inspiration only. One may succeed in arresting the consciousness upon a step of creative patience and to sing like the birds, for whom song is an expression of being, but one has to remove scarecrows set against the song. The quality of the song is equal to the quality of the labor. It is necessary to proceed briskly, as in the ancient simile of the arrow in flight.
      Does it not seem strange that I speak so often about patience, about obstacles, about vigor, about the endlessness of struggle? Precisely, at different times and on different sides do I forge the armor of fearlessness. Remember, this tempering cannot be completed in a single hour. In different temperatures is the sword tempered; even Buddha affirmed that at the happiest hour one should recall the misfortunes, but without diminishing joy.
      But tempered joy knows no fears. Joy is a special wisdom.

Community, 189. The fisherman returns joyfully with his prise catch. Mankind was not made for misfortunes. Man is this same joyous fisherman with a multiform catch. True, the catch is different, but the joy is the same and inalienable—the joy of thought about the future. Neither fish nor birds nor animals know of the future. But man definitely knows the unavoidableness of a future. In this call of space is contained immense joy. He who is afraid of the future is still in an animal state, and the world feast is not yet for him.
      To learn to enhance and to uplift thought about the future means to occupy a place in it which will grow together with the consciousness. He who does not await external aid knows the value of his own hammer. Whoever knows the path into the future can carry his catch without fear. Whereas, a part of humanity does not even see the thread into the future. Broken loose and swept about like autumn leaves, they raise the dust from alien bazaars. A cloud of dust will veil the gates of the community, and dusty thinking will turn all into rubbish.
      When it is dark and threatening, then keep the consciousness upon the future. We call the future a flying carpet. Teach children to fly high. Replace the legend about the ark with one about the air-ship.

Community, 263. Testing and privation. How solemnly and pompously people deck out these concepts! But you know that testing is the improvement of quality and privation the acquirement of possibilities. Man tests himself, cognizing the properties of matter unknown to him. Man divests himself of ignorance and thus opens for himself new possibilities. Where there was despondency in ignorance, there comes jubilation over the attainment of knowledge.
      It will be said, "We have renounced joy for the community." Reply, "What a graveyard your community is, if it is built on a lenten oil!" How tearfully despondent are the privations! How they smack their lips at forbidden dainties!
      The suffering of privations is unknown to Us, for containment excludes privation. Our Teaching represents the world as rich, joyous and attractive. Nowhere are fetters and floggings indicated. Like a ship filled with treasures does the indicated community rush along. Realization of the innumerable properties of matter brightly illuminates all. The matter of yesterday is clothed in a radiant fabric of energy, which is not in need of a new name but which penetrates all space and palpitates with the rainbow of human rejoicing.
      Whither then have dissolved privations and gloomy testings, when one electron of a substance can pour out an entire stream of blessing?
      Count the hours of the approach of new decisions!

Agni Yoga, 98. Express your prayers by devotional action. Know how to affirm the Teaching each day. Lose not one day, nor one hour. Know how to think of yourself as the creator of a whole world of action. Know how to apply all your forces to every action. Know how to bring the Teaching into every thought. Know how to array your forces as on a battlefield. Know how to feel gratitude as the union of joy and beauty.
      End with honor, because the end expresses the fire of one's accumulated achievement.
      It is a most heinous treason to know the Teaching and not apply it. Abuse of the Teaching is worse than death of the spirit, because by this act one exiles himself from cooperation and dooms himself to Saturn.

Agni Yoga, 110. The degree of "Lion of the Desert" especially permits the fulfillment of one's thought. Therefore one must be particularly cautious. The degree of "Lion of the Desert" knows no offense. Who could offend? The great heart can contain all.
      Joy is easily attained if at each moment you feel devotion to Us. Satisfaction is within reach of those disciples who value the clouds, realizing that without clouds the sun would scorch. The Teacher can act where His hand is not tied.

Agni Yoga, 127. Energy and will are the true rulers of karma. He who renounces self, who strives for the Common Good, who is devoted in battle and joyous in labor, acquires, at least for a moment, an Arhat's enlightenment, which makes him lord of his own karma. The realization of enlightenment may be defined as straight-knowledge. True, this straight-knowledge may be lost, or may never be realized. These meteors of spirit race by in space, bearing away the happy opportunities of unconscious humanity.
      The consciousness of an Arhat bestows advantages, but exacts full responsibility. But how many can sense the joy of responsibility? At the time when one must assume responsibility, one must also have the courage to see oneself as an Arhat who leads the battle unaided, able to withstand the assault of the elements with his wisdom and his will.
      For the ignorant, an encounter with the elements is a fantasy. But you already know how often the elements are involved in the actual life of people. The Teaching has often pointed out the effect of physical manifestations upon the human organism. Energy creates a correlation between the elements and the tension of the human organism. Will is born from experience and an attention to the phenomena of existence. Thus, "insurmountable" karma can be subject to human influence.

Agni Yoga, 152. The more perfect the spirit, the more infallibly it understands the deep suffering of earthly life. And yet I myself speak again and again about joy, the joy that lies in the realization of the far-off worlds. Let us take a simple example. Through the darkness of night your carriage rushes homeward. The pouring rain should depress you, but instead your spirit is jubilant. Why? You know that your home is near and that the darkness and rain do not keep you from discerning those close to your heart.
      What does the misery of earthly life amount to when the far-off worlds have become real to us? Make haste to realize the path to the far-off worlds. Only this broadening of the understanding of life will provide your spirit with the foundation of the path of joy. Otherwise, about what can one rejoice? About the
      inevitability of reincarnation? When one lacks vision of the future, however, incarnations are only fragmentary pages from the book of life. Animal reasoning does not need perception of the future, but man's will to knowledge impels him to understand the change of lives. Only by such thinking does man receive the right to joy, and by striving he can approach cooperation with the far-off worlds. Not by gazing at the sky, but through daily life will man multiply life's riches and discover the meaning and relative value of many daily events.

Agni Yoga, 257. How should one understand the benefits of obstacles when one is told that psychic energy, acting as a magnet, attracts all possible advantages? Truly, when a large ship increases its speed the resistance of the waves increases too. Similarly, many obstacles are brought about by our own striving. It is this process that attracts to us unexpected actions by an opposing will. If they are very strong, our own counterstroke will develop accordingly. Most important, the currents opposing us should be strong, because then our flame is ignited.
      Consider this inflaming useful; a conflagration would be dangerous. By inflaming I mean when the crystal form of the flame of the center is retained; conflagration is when the center flares up in a blaze.
      When someone is said to be depressed by circumstances, be assured that he lives unignited, and that any encounter with an obstacle confuses his consciousness. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the moment of confusion, yet it poisons all subsequent actions. But when the step is firm, the counterforces are beneficial. They generate lightning, and the thunder shakes distant mountains. Pettiness begets pettiness, however. Therefore, when bidding people Godspeed on a journey, bid them also to shun pettiness.
      The future is constructed by lightning-bolts of realization. The power of these great sparks depends upon the strength of the counterforce. Clearly then, success will not come from embarking on a voyage in a tub across a stagnant pool.
      When We say, "Set sail," We mean that you must try the ocean; the grandeur of its waves will give you joy. Does not the testing of one's strength lead to a growth of power? It may seem impossible to cross an abyss, but you have already crossed many an abyss and smiled. You see, I do not speak of fantasies, but of that which has already been tested and for which there are witnesses.
      Courage comes from knowing one's path. Otherwise, each one who tries a closed door would already be seen as a hero. What awaits behind the threshold? The Agni Yogi smiles at this.

Agni Yoga, 262. Although much is spoken about obstacles, little use is made of them. Understanding how to make use of obstacles infuses joy into one's work. But as soon as an obstacle appears, people usually begin to think of their own feelings, forgetting the advantage that has been offered to them. People prefer that everything be done in a usual way, by conventional means. But We prefer unexpected actions and equally unexpected results. People are happy when the occurrences in their lives are the most ordinary, but We wish them greater success than this. Teach them to weigh the real harm and the usefulness of what occurs. It is difficult to send currents of unusual success to people when they prefer to avoid unusual ways. We all know people who live in self-satisfied comfort. If they could only know what they lose because of their ease! People want to preserve all their petty habits, forgetting that the habits of the spirit follow from the habits of the body. The spirit weakens, and begins to fear courageous action. Thus, people become commonplace, with the same conventional joys and sorrows.
    Let us learn to rejoice at obstacles, knowing that the welcomed obstacle can be used to speed success. And this success will be like a fishnet overfilled with an abundant catch. Therefore, let us direct our eye to our surroundings and understand from what perils we are being protected just by our devotion to the Teacher. But often we trust the Teacher in great works and are less certain in small ones. Often we see the great obstacles, while overlooking the multitude of small ones that lie within sight. After all, a small, unnoticed scorpion strikes just as poisonously as a large one. An eagle eye is needed, not so much to discern the mountain as to see the smallest grain of sand.

Agni Yoga, 546. Fundamental and irreplaceable is the element of fire. Similarly without substitute is psychic energy. The most self-sufficient, the most refined, the most upthrusting energy is the true Daughter of Fire! Not without reason do We call you to the Fiery Conqueress. Every manifestation of enthusiasm precipitates a particle of the treasure. Each exaltation before nature and Beauty gathers the seeds of light and creates a ray of victory. Long ago I said, "Through Beauty thou hast Light." Is it possible that We say this only to give pleasure? Each Indication has undeniable and urgent importance. Thus, enthusiasm will be the shortest way to the accumulation of psychic energy.
      More than once you will be asked where is the nursery that produces the beautiful garden of fiery energy. You will say, "In the joy of Beauty." But learn how to embrace this joy of Light. Learn how to rejoice at each leaf awakened to life. Learn how to respond within your centers to the call of joy. Learn to understand that such joy is not idleness but the harvesting of the treasure. Learn to accumulate energy through joy, for with what else shall we weave the threads of the far-off worlds?
      Not in grief, not in madness, not in intoxication, but in the joy of realization will we become the happy possessors of the treasure. It is difficult to quench one's thirst from an empty well, but the mountain spring is ready to refresh each one who approaches. Rejoice!

Agni Yoga, 570. It is one thing to hear, another to remember, yet another to apply. The Teaching will help one to reach this third step. The Teaching will also help one to leave behind the limitations of one's earthly phantoms; it will help one to perceive the seemingly usual as unusual. When this simple truth becomes evident, one will then not be far from attainment and the next step of ascent into the supermundane spheres. Those who seek attainment will be told, "The most important is to give yourself completely to this task." The predestined hour will approach only through attainment. When the joy of attainment fills the Chalice, success will come. Of course, this joy is not that of the calf whose gamboling crushes the flowers. The joy of attainment knows all labors and all perils; it crosses the bridge only once and dazzles the enemy with its radiance.
      Teros was called a warrior; surely he is not a harvester, or a shepherd. In his nature Teros is conqueror and victor; but the joy of attainment does not turn him into a tyrant. Four prescriptions given long ago are: Reverence of Hierarchy; Realization of Unity; Realization of Co-measurement; and Application of the Canon "By thy God." With these, the disciple provides Teros with a proper basis for understanding. How else can he find where lies the path of the Good?

Agni Yoga, 618. If people would only understand that the sending of sorrow returns as sorrow, but joy sent is joy increased. Such filling of space was known even to primitive man, when he said, "I will not allow sorrow to interrupt the stream of happiness." We will live through all, and attain all!

Hierarchy, 96. If we say, "Do not have desire," it does not mean to be insensate. On the contrary, replace desire with the irresistible command of a pure thought. In this command you invoke all the powers of Light, and you make their currents act in correlation with your pure striving.
      Be, be, be joyous; not through desire, but through the striving of spirit. Be joyous; not through ancestral desires, but through the command of the entire consciousness, in order to create that luminous thread which unites all worlds. Be joyous; not because of the success of works already decayed, but in knowledge of the predestined and of that already inscribed in the scrolls of the future. Be joyous; not in the desire for repose, but because of the agitation of the elements, since only the agitation of the elements will serve you; for one cannot command the dead to revivify the living. Thus, understand that joy is a special wisdom, and do not abandon the fires of light above the crumbs of the feast.
      That which is felt by the earthly senses is not significant; but let us apply the co-service of all the particles of Light. You await me. You await the manifestation of help. But you do not know when help is needed and when the final hour of battle rings out. Yet, fixing upon Us your entire consciousness, aware that We shall not delay, you are building an indestructible bridge, and you are gathering the treasures of Might.
      Perhaps the help is greatly needed. Let Us judge, because the time is ripe, and beyond the sea the pillars of Light already arise!

Hierarchy, 216. All physical tension should be eliminated, for one cannot play the violin with a broom. Also, laughter causes disturbance of the closest strata of the atmosphere. When the heart is aflame, it resounds like a bell upon the far-off distance. It is rare to hear a Yogi laugh boisterously, for his joy is not in loud laughter, but in the saturation of the heart. Precisely, —joy is a special wisdom— not only in its essence but also in its exterior.

Heart, 71. True solemnity is built in the highest tension. Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end, but precisely the beginning, precisely determination and progress on the way to Light. Hardships are inevitable, as the wheels of striving. Terrible pressures are inevitable, otherwise the explosion is weak. But can joy come through levity? There, there is only lust, but joy is in the victory of spirit. The victory of spirit is in the assertion of unalterable principles. When the Banner of Peace is being unfurled one can be filled with solemnity.

Fiery World I, 298. Agni is eternal! The fiery energy is imperishable! Folk sayings often speak of eternal joys and sorrows. The indestructibility of joy and sorrow sent into space has been observed very scientifically. Many bear the sorrow of another, and many grasp at joy that does not belong to them. Thus, one must always remember about eternal sowings. Thought, if not powerful, can be engulfed by the currents of space; but the substance of sorrow or joy is almost as indestructible as the fiery seed. It is useful to impregnate space with joy, and very dangerous to strew the heavens with sorrow. But where can one find the store of joy? Certainly not in the bazaar, but near the ray of Light, in the joy of Hierarchy. The increase of sorrow is one of the causes of fiery epidemics, but when physiology shall teach men about the debilitating consequences of sorrow, the quest for joy will begin. Gradually the rock of joy will be affirmed and an exalted solemnity will begin, recognized as the most healthful factor. Not without reason have We pointed out the benefits of the presence of healthy people. Joy is the health of the spirit.

Fiery World I, 345. The Guru may ask his disciple, "What are you doing, what do you desire, what torments you, what gives you joy?" These questions will not indicate that the Guru is unaware of his disciple's state of mind. On the contrary, with complete knowledge the Guru wishes to see what the pupil himself regards as most important. Through lack of experience the pupil may indicate the most insignificant of all circumstances. Hence, the Teacher does not inquire merely out of politeness, but as a test of the consciousness of his disciple. Therefore one should carefully weigh one's replies to the Teacher. Not the so-called amenities, but a constant broadening of consciousness is the Teacher's concern.

Fiery World I, 385. An aviator, having attained a record altitude, is still filled with dissatisfaction. He then resolves to try for greater heights. Dissatisfaction is the gateway to Infinity. Dissatisfaction should be valued to the full extent. Pleasure is neighbor to contentment, whereas joy is wings to Infinity. The fiery Teaching must preserve each kindling of the fires and guard against all extinguishers. Satisfaction is the sign of mediocrity and ignorance. Not satisfaction, but joy in eternal labor is the destiny of the great and ascending one. Nowadays fools may laugh when We speak of eternal ascent. Even the grave will not spare the fool from Eternity. Only a puerile brain could fail to understand that the earthly garment is not consummation. The fires summon to the uncognized, and even the blind see these lights. Do not fail to ask the blind about the fires. Some of them see fiery signs and understand their connection with the heart. Thus, the calls of dissatisfaction lead to the Fiery World.

Fiery World I, 561. It is better to go to sleep with a prayer than with a curse. It is better to begin the day with a blessing than in bitterness. It is better to partake of food with a smile than with dread. It is better to enter upon a task with joy than with depression. Thus have spoken all the mothers of the world; thus have heard all the children of the world. Without Yoga, the simple heart knows what is needed for advance. In can be defined in any terms, but the significance of a joyous and solemn foundation is preserved throughout all time. The Yoga of Fire must strengthen the basis of ascent. The Agni Yoga is first of all not a hypochondriac; he summons all those who are strong and joyous of spirit. When joy keeps its glow even under the most difficult circumstances, the Agni Yogi is filled with impregnable strength. There, beyond the most difficult ascent, the Fiery World begins. The manifestation of the Fiery World is immutable. A Yogi knows that nothing can stop him from attaining the Fiery World. Thus, the first prayer of a mother and the very splendor of the Fiery Worlds are on the same thread of the heart.

Fiery World I, 638. It is said, "Do not enter Fire in inflammable garments, but bring a fiery joy." In this indication lies the entire prerequisite for communion with the Fiery World. Verily, even the garments of the Subtle World are not always suitable for the Fiery World. So, too, the joy of ascent must transcend any earthly joy. It must shine, and by its Light be a beacon to the many. Who, then, can deride joy and Light? The mole does not know the attraction of light; and only an evil spirit does not understand what joy is! When you rejoice at flowers, when you seek in thought to penetrate into their wondrous structure, into the creation of a small seed, when you value the fresh fragrance, you already have contacted the Subtle World. Even in the flowers of Earth, in the plumage of birds, and in the wonders of the heavens, one can find that very joy which prepares one for the gates of the Fiery World. Chiefly, one must not be dead to beauty. Where can one find a better setting than beauty for devotion, for aspiration, for indefatigability. Amidst earthly conditions one must learn to find that which is applicable to all worlds. There will be no time for deliberation at the moment of crossing into the Subtle World; the illumination by joy can and must be instantaneous. Thus, consciousness is actually preserved by joy. But one must not lose even an hour here on Earth in learning to rejoice at each flower.

Fiery World I, 663. How can one attain success? Remember, through joy—not through despair, but joy. Do not for an instant believe that We ponder the probability or improbability of success. The thought is, Does your joy suffice to quicken the ascent? We always counsel joy. It is necessary to realize and remember that you have succeeded when you rejoiced. Certainly this is not the frisking of a calf on the meadow, but the creative joy which transforms all difficulties. The play of the Mother of the World is in joy. She enfolds the enlightened ones in Her veil of joy. Rejoice amidst flowers; and in the midst of snow—equally redolent—also rejoice!

Fiery World II, 258. You may have heard that wise people, in an hour of danger, have sometimes exclaimed-joy, joy! This exclamation could not have signified mere self-delusion. They knew about the treasure of joy and, as it were, wished to draw therefrom a kindling of feelings necessary for achievement. Ghosts are not needed there where exists a sacred link with Hierarchy. One can borrow out of the Treasury inexhaustible forces, but they should be evoked flamingly. No one can oppose the joy of achievement. One should not submit to violence, but joy is a consummation. Thus, let us cultivate it as one would most precious blossoms, but let us not belittle it with the suspicion that it is an illusion. No, we know how joy resounds through the channel of Kundalini. We cannot often explain in words whence arises this joy, as a forerunner, but it comes to visit us on a light-winged ray of Hierarchy. Who knows from what Infinite Source sounds the call to joy? How many know that already the time of manifestation of joy has approached? But the law is immutable, and therefore joy is a special wisdom. How long ago this was said! But in spiral evolvement it gradually becomes real and comprehensible. Likewise grows the heart, and the consciousness, and fiery wisdom. We do not see how the grass grows, but we perceive the evidence of the growth. So too with the joy of achievement.

Fiery World II, 280. Esteem people who not only speak but also act. Affirm the ability to understand action. The hardships of these times have resulted from disorganization. The cause of such disorganization is absurd in its insignificance-the cooperation of hearts has been forgotten. Meeting together in prayer, people forget how to attune themselves for service. Whereas, such a condition is indispensable and is easily attained; for this it is merely necessary that people help one another. To preserve an unusual frame of mind means to proceed to the Fiery World. Under the ordinary conditions of life such a frame of mind is not easy, but precisely it must not be set aside. One should not enter the temple otherwise than prayerfully. In prayer existence is uplifted and made better; therefore each prayer, as also each exaltation, must be better than the preceding one. Each step of the ladder of the spirit must be traversed. How majestic is the Ladder to the Fiery World, which has in a year three hundred sixty six steps by day and three hundred sixty six by night! Every step is distinct from every other, and let each one be better than the preceding one. Joy toward the Teaching, will it not be a true adornment of a step? In each joy for the Teaching is already contained new cognition. Often one cannot express in words this step, given in joy. It is indisputable, and what a veritable mountain is ascended in the prayer of joy! Pains are alleviated by it, the task is made successful by it. No one and nothing can block this joy. Thus shall we have the advantage of success. The same thing may be wished to all, because on the ladder of the spirit there is no crowding. Let each one rejoice at the sheer beauty of a new step. Why should anyone go backward? But it is difficult and burdensome to lose what has been already traversed. Downfall is always harmful, even for the body. One can imagine how ruinous it is for the spirit, for the fiery being. Contact with Fire already produces a special kind of tissue, which glows on the upward, and is reduced to ashes on a downward path. The ladder of ascent is the measure of magnanimity, consequently magnanimity may be achieved daily.

Fiery World II, 371. When we touch upon the true path, we sense the power of joy. Our heart rejoices, feeling that our striving is the right one. One can be much grieved, wandering about outside of applicable reflections. But when the consciousness pictures truth, it is filled with joy. Such joy will be wise, for it is based on Hiero-inspiration. And such meditation will be useful on the pathways to the Fiery World.


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