El Morya

Fairest City is the Enemies’ Vexation. Variant, 1912. by Nicholas Roerich
Tempera on canvas. 45.5 x 45.5 cm. Private collection, USA

Nicholas Roerich

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on Armageddon.

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The consequence of the beginning of the Greatest Battle reacts primarily upon the heart of mankind. The affirmation of the heart is especially needed now, otherwise the ignorant heart will not be able to withstand the hurricane of the confusion of the elements. Therefore, think of the heart as the basic principle, which connects you with the distant worlds. It must be realized what actually burdens the heart most of all. Not special events burden the heart so much as the succession of small specks of daily dust. This is very necessary to remember, because great events can give a special influx of psychic energy. But Armageddon does not consist only of great events, on the contrary a multitude of small actions receive their evaluation, and to this shower of small currents it is necessary for the poor heart to become accustomed. I say poor, because in essence it already knows the great fiery spheres, yet in the meantime it must be shattered against the rocks of Earth. Heart, 313.

Observe a great number of events. They cannot be considered as incidental; but obviously due to some law, they are spreading through the world. It is as though invisible hands were touching numerous strings. Besides, one can notice that seemingly silent strings begin to resound anew and still more powerfully. But those who understand Armageddon as the field of the manifestation of the signs of the highest energy are correct. This battlefield cannot be accidental, but is like a magnet composed of conflicting energies. The field of the City of Light is destined as a counterbalance to this field. As the field of Armageddon is proclaimed by the clanging of arms, so the field of the City of Light is proclaimed by the peal of bells. According to their juxtaposition one can judge the dimensions of that which is destined. Thus, one can listen to the tumult of the battle for the sake of the pealing bells. Heart, 253.

Pure thinking is the best disinfectant. It is time to accept thinking as having a chemical reaction. So, too, the manifestation of Armageddon should be understood not only as the usually accepted war but also in accordance with the events of the entire life. The obsession that was mentioned is a significant evidence of the Great Battle. True, suicides and also physical and spiritual calamities permeate the convulsed planet. Special types of diseases of the brain and nerves and also many perversions are to be found among men. One is astonished at the waverings of the spirit. One becomes indignant at the way in which the best are met with threats and hatred, as though Earth itself strove to disintegration! Of course the mad ones do not behold all the luminous warriors and let the dark ones drag them down into the abyss. Thus, one must fortify oneself with all strength through the Hierarchy. Even upon an ordinary battlefield, one should not cut oneself off from communications. Thus, by the simplest examples one must cognize the Great. Heart, 283.

A simple dairymaid, while she churns her butter, already knows the secret of the formation of the world. She also knows that one cannot make butter out of water. She will say that one can churn milk or whip an egg; thus she already knows the matter that contains psychic energy. But precisely this circumstance will not seem convincing to the scientists. The dairymaid also knows how useful is a spiral rotation, but to some this postulate will seem prejudiced. Even if angered, think of the surroundings and transfer the physical laws to your own existence! Only thus will you survive Armageddon! It would of course be an error to forget the application of the heart as the counterbalance of all confusion. Heart, 284.

Command your heart to come as close as possible to the Teacher. If words are necessary for the affirmation of the Teacher, begin to converse with the Teacher as though he were beside you. It is not necessary to expect an answer from the Teacher only in the usual words. The answer may be in numerous signs, apparent and also remote. One should absorb the entire scope of life in order to perceive the signs of great creativeness. It is necessary to realize how broad is the battle field of Armageddon. It is also necessary to think about the proximity of the Powers of the Highest World; independent of the conditions of life, they may be behind the shoulders of every striving spirit. Verily, we are contacted by the gentle touches of the Subtle World, yet one must feel these not only during the stillness of night but in daylight as well. The error of mankind is that it notices all subtle sensations only at twilight. Now is the path to Light! Heart, 285.

The Teacher affirms that complete victory can be expected if only there is unity in consciousness. One cannot expect success if there is the smallest suspicion of the Teacher. Thus, it is necessary to work together, knowing that everything that is within the laws of the Universe will be granted. Who, then, will regard this period as one of rest? No one, not even one who is not far-sighted will deny that the time is unprecedented, and one must even sleep as during an unrelieved watch. The Teacher understands that your hearts are also burdened. Each day the situation of the world becomes more complicated. Viewed from the angle of Armageddon this is entirely natural, but the consciousness to whom the idea of Armageddon is absurd raves, because it does not know its way. Heart, 311.

Why must we take into consideration the laws of the Universe? Of course, they solve the manifestation of Armageddon for us. Losing the thread of Armageddon, we plunge into chaos. And there is no path of ascent upon which a salutary link is not needed. You know these linking threads on the rocks of ascent. Heart, 312.

Before you, you have the heart, which rings out to all manifestations of the cosmic affirmation. Is this not universal consciousness! Verily, by this path the transformation of life will again be intensified. Thus one can observe how these manifestations gradually will become the usual fellow travelers of the future. Observe how Armageddon acts. When the depths of Earth rise up one cannot fail to notice the intensification of the agitation of the elements. When We call for the deepening of thoughts, We offer a valuable means for the balancing of Chaos. The Teacher does not conceal knowledge within himself; at the first opportunity he arms one against Chaos. Madmen are trying to set the forces of Chaos against Us, without themselves knowing how to bridle them. It must be understood that Chaos is manifested not only in physical convulsions of Earth but also in the world of psychic energies. It is not difficult to multiply psychic madnesses, but how to control them? Madmen do not realize how bad are their allies; their desire is only to impede the path of ascent. One is amazed at the manner in which they propel all their destructive measures, as though they were in need only of ruins! Heart, 337.

The heart thinks, the heart affirms, the heart unifies. One can always remember the significance of the heart, clouded for so long by the brain. The heart will be first to thrill, the heart will be first to quiver, the heart will be first to discern much, before the judgment of the brain dares to reflect. Without undermining the tortuous path of the brain, can we disregard in silence the most direct attainment of the heart, the arrow-like ray to which the miracle-heart is equal? Thus, one can be united with the heart and bulwark oneself against all attacks of evil. Only through the heart can one sense the brown gas and arrest the asphyxiation in time. So, also, will the victory upon the field of Armageddon remain with the heart. Hence, I counsel to preserve the heart as the smiting sword against all evil. Heart, 353.

The anguish is a reflection of Armageddon. The force of the collision cannot fail to press upon the heart. Look about, is there very much rejoicing? It can even be noticed how smiles have become more rare. Do not wonder, since even ignorant minds feel the oppression but do not know its weighty cause. Many will express complete denial of this in words, but they will nevertheless feel the burden of the heart. Refinement of the heart permits many subtle manifestations—for instance, the touch of a hand of the subtle body and also many preventions of pain. Heart, 362.

The dying out of generations of human and animal life as well as the exhaustion of nature's generative forces indicates the end of Kali Yuga. This process evolves before your eyes, but only few take the trouble to notice this cosmic manifestation. Even you at times are prone to ascribe to chance the evidences of the austere law called into action by humanity. It would seem impossible not to perceive the occurrences of recent years! Yet people nevertheless lull themselves with the consolations of yesterday, but should they perceive menacing signs anywhere, they fall under the spell of animal fear. Still no one harkens to the word about the heart. The great salutary substance remains unapplied. You desire to gather Our talks for the General Good; let it be so, but the readers may be counted on your fingers. Many will turn over the leaves of the book and smile at the childish reasoning about the heart, about Armageddon, about the depletion of generative forces. It has already happened thus more than once. The very same must be repeated, and one can only wish that the end of Kali Yuga may not become The End! Heart, 474.

“Are there not traits of egoism in the state of ecstasy, the state of Samadhi?” The ignoramus will ask this question. How could he know that this supreme state is not only unrelated to selfhood but antithetical to it! How could one who has never experienced the highest tension apprehend that that, precisely, carries the highest Bliss for the General Welfare! Nothing gives birth to such pure abnegation of self as that induced by the exultation of the brimming heart. Which of the human energies can compare with the energy of the heart, and which of the energies can act at long distances? The worlds have no boundaries for it and consciousness knows no limitations. Thus, a window can be cut through into the Invisible. But, as was said, the Invisible will become visible and we shall be ready to apply the Fiery Baptism in life. Therefore, let us give due regard to the significance of the experiment performed by the Mother of Agni Yoga here, without abandoning life. From the first spatial sparks, through all fires up to Samadhi, she will leave writings which will become the threshold of the New World. Therefore, I speak not only of tension but also of great caution. Armageddon does not lighten the conditions of ascent; what was achieved is therefore the more valuable. Thus, I say, learn to harken to the fiery heart. Do not doubt that which is purified by Fire. Wise is the revelation of the foundations of the heart in life; and how greatly one ought to rejoice at this rock of Good. Cling more firmly to Me. Cling to Me at each moment, on all steps. The daggers of Satan are aimed at one's back, but if there is a firm unity, the blade will break against the rock of Good. Firm striving, useful on all worlds, is needed. Heart, 210.

Is it not a wondrous experience to apply the heart's energy at great distances and to help the great cause? One can verify the dates and witness absolute precision. Therefore it is so imperative to write down the most important manifestations and sensations. Thus one can counteract absurdities which assert that there are only accidents and coincidences everywhere. For those who do not consciously apply the most important energies the outcome is harmful, not only for themselves but also for others. There is nothing worse than chaotic thinking and the rending of the currents of energy. Everyone is annoyed when his torch is extinguished beneath his nose; but precisely the interception of the heart energy can be termed the extinction of the torch. Do not tire of repeating this. During strong outflows of energy it is very dangerous to intercept the rhythm by very earthly irritations. You never know for what your energy was required, therefore solemnity will be the safest guard against breaks and jagged edges. During Armageddon the usual methods must be especially eschewed. I affirm the great time to which only solemnity can correspond. Heart, 493.

After the pulsations of the world the tremors of human hearts are not frightening. Hence, a great touchstone must be applied everywhere, or else it will be impossible to exist, sinking into the slough of meanness. The scale of the entire Universe is needed where Armageddon thunders. Consolation lies in co-measurement. One's entire observation must be applied in order to evaluate the essence of the battle. And yet, people often understand the battle as something not beyond a street brawl, forgetting that the battle is in the mailbox, in the smile of cunning deceit, and in the restraint of Light. The battle is far more dramatic than earthly people understand. When I speak about caution, also understand it in seven ways. Heart, 520.

The waves of anguish do not issue from the apparent causes, but from the battle itself. You must aspire toward Us like warriors who keep their eyes fixed on the Banner. Some will ask why Our letters of fifty years ago do not resemble Our writings of today. But, even the book Call does not resemble the book Heart —for at that time there was no Armageddon. Let them understand that Armageddon changes many circumstances of life. It is impossible to apply peaceful measures in time of war; hence a garment of armor is needed, and chiefly, to strive to the Lords. Heart, 531.

You act correctly in observing the peculiarities of Armageddon. One can easily form an idea about the tactics of the dark ones. In this way, one can also find weapons for defense. All weak-willed ones, who toss in the wind must be especially pitied. Heart, 544.

When agitated it is best to eat little. Valerian and milk with soda are also good. The heart should be eased. It is a great error to take narcotics and alcohol. Naturally, through the study of Yoga, agitation should be transmuted into exaltation. When We see the causes, the effects, and possibilities, is the great possibility of healing by heart energy not great? However, like a precious drop, let this energy not be wasted through an unnecessary action. Hence, I repeat how greatly mutual understanding is needed during healing. It is difficult to realize to what an extent the spark of consciousness brings closer the salutary decision. The heart should be educated to acquire consciousness during all actions. Regard this as a law. It is intolerable that a man should bow like a blade of grass under the turbid waves of Tamas. That which could not have outlived yesterday must be consciously removed today. One must watch oneself and welcome the most difficult tasks as a purifying covering. One must always act thus, especially in the days of Armageddon. Heart, 548.

Christ himself transmitted the healing power by his touch. He gave help in life through the heart. Thus, it must be remembered that all forced conjurations are unfit, in accordance with the law of the Lords. The heart's prayer issues directly, even without need of the conventional canon. In conjurations we see that the identical words were addressed to God as to Satan. Not with the words, but the feeling of the heart creates the miracle. Thus, even in the days of Armageddon one can be successful. Therefore one must eject all that impedes. Everyone who reads the Teaching can understand through the heart where the path lies. Heart, 550.

It is sad that even many of those who have heard of Armageddon nevertheless continue to live according to the measure of yesterday. Warn the friends again about the need to master the strategy of Armageddon. The blind ones desire all things to be as before, but this can be likened to flowers upon ice. Heart, 555.

The great law is to transfer the heart from the category of ethical abstraction to a scientific motive force. The evolutionary step of understanding the heart has to begin in the days of Armageddon, as the sole salvation of humanity. Why are people unwilling to sense their own hearts? They are willing to seek within all vagaries, but reject the closest. Even though they call the heart a machine, let them observe all characteristics of this apparatus. We are not insisting on the moral significance of the heart—this is indisputable. But now the heart is needed as the bridge of salvation to the Subtle World. It should be affirmed that a realization of the qualities of the heart represents the most vital step for the world. Never as yet has it been regarded as salvation. Let him who remains deaf accept all consequences! It should be understood that now the human heart lends itself to unusual possibilities of observation. The catastrophic condition of the lowest spheres of the planet reflects its effects upon the activity of the heart. One should not fear the previous epidemics, but should be aware of the entire sequence of sufferings caused by faulty prophylactic of the heart. To comprehend this as vague prophecies is the worst thing. On the contrary, these conclusions should be accepted as emanating from the most precise laboratory. All circuitous ways should be rejected. One must accept the foundation of the heart and understand the significance of the focus. Digressions are unfit, and doubts admissible only where man has not attained an understanding of the heart's beat. Let every significant day be accompanied by a reminder of the heart as something most undeferrable. Heart, 561.

Astrologically, both worlds are in approximately the same positions. Thus Armageddon is of course foreseen along the principal paths. One should not focus one's attention on isolated actions. The earthly Armageddon is in closest link with the Subtle World. In separate instances this may be less favorable, but the general tendency of it was foreseen long ago. The chief significance is determined in the Subtle World, earthly events being only the echo of the invisible battles. Hence I call your attention to the Subtle World. One should not only think of it but be imbued with the significance of it for coming events. If merciless enemies are revealed, they should be sought for there; when we search for true friends, we will find them there. That world should stand before us as a reality! Heart, 564.

Dreams and visions of former lives always have significance. A page of the astral archive seemingly flares up, recalling the identical mood of the current time. I take as an example the last vision. During an hour of fatigue because of people the first need that was observed was to give help at once. Such is the path of the Bodhisattva, when we forget fatigue and ourselves in order to help. Verily, great is the energy thus created; everywhere it is mentioned as love for one's neighbor. Such love does not calculate, but acts without delay; thus, out of the depths of the Subtle World come the pictures of the past. The detail of this vision is significant—when the servant of pleasure set obstacles on the path of achievement, but nothing stopped the striving. Likewise, again was revealed the need of tolerance toward many persons whom one has encountered more than once. Tolerance and patience are also the path of the Bodhisattva. This path is not in the clouds but on Earth. The effluvium of life is great; hence the path of the Bodhisattva is also needed. Precisely, though these fumes are humanly insignificant, they smart the heart like salt water. Utilize the mountain air; do not tire yourselves, even a diver must not dive if fatigued. One can compare the descent into human refuse precisely with a diver's work. He is ready to help the drowning person, but he himself is in need of air. I do not exaggerate, you are in need of air during Armageddon. Prana is like nourishment for the heart. One cannot help you through ignoble ways; the remedies must be in accordance with the task. But often people do not accept the language of the heart; then the tension of the heart energy is needed—in other words, the expenditure of spiritual treasures. Already, not a few are projected into the world. In accordance with the law of Existence they increase, but this does not ease the burden of the heart. Hence, let us be cautious and remember about the diver. Heart, 568.

Those who do not know will ask, “In what then, is Armageddon expressed if all the dens of evil exist as before?” One ought then to say that all people have felt the battle, but each in his own way. The very tension in the dens indicates each increase in the essence of striving. Therefore, human qualities must be regarded very sensitively. The deaf and dumb sometimes affect strange gestures, for they cannot find any other forms of expression because of their limitations. But, are not people who do not know the heart similarly limited? One should not laugh at such poverty, but unnoticeably and patiently impel it forward toward an image worthy of expression. The same tolerance must be manifested for all ugliness. The present time demands different conditions in all of life. In the letters of the Mahatmas, which are being translated, one can see how Our Guidance, which took place in accordance with the highest plan, was farthest away from earthly actions. The law of free will does not permit approach to the immediate actions. But now the conditions of the planet have changed, the norms of the law are strained. We must look for measures of close guidance, cautiously straining the essence of free will. Thus, the task becomes very complicated. Even the slightest infringement of the free will leads to the most ramified consequences. Correlating karmic conditions with the entrusting of missions can be compared to walking a tightrope, but this rope has to be woven out of the most diverse material. How much attention is needed in order to combine the threads according to color and rhythm! For, with one unrestrained exclamation one can arrest an extended work, hence I advise special caution. There exists a saying about collecting all ropes for the journey. In an hour of tension you do not know which thread will be of use. Therefore, keep every possibility ready without judging whether it is small or great. For the Teacher it is always of value to have the definite assurance that each brief Command of his will be understood and fulfilled. Thus we advance toward the language of the heart, which is not in need of a profusion of words. Heart, 578.

During intense fiery manifestations, one can observe one characteristic of the basic property of Fire. The surrounding objects appear to be translucent. You can bear witness to this. Fire seemingly transforms all fiery substances and reveals the luminous matter lying in the foundation of everything that exists. The same can be said about the magnet of a fiery heart; in its own way it discloses the fiery nature of everything that draws near it. Thus, through the fiery heart one can observe fiery qualities. It is only necessary to discover such a heart and with great caution utilize it in this experiment. In such experiments one must remember that the uncovering of luminous matter can be extremely dangerous under crude surrounding conditions. The danger of complete Samadhi is also dependent upon the same quality of Fire. Nevertheless, do not resist the fiery manifestations if they do not overburden the heart. In the years of Armageddon the manifestations are, of course, highly involved, because the rhythms of the Fire of Space and of the subterranean fire are intercepted. Usually, such violations of rhythm are not taken into consideration, and hence they increase the cosmic agitation still further. Fiery World I, 11. 1933

True, Armageddon is not wanting, yet even the dark force itself at some time yields a store of new cunning devices. Let us not complain because of the many, many attacks. It cannot be otherwise. The ability to become accustomed to danger is a powerful weapon against enemies. Verily, people are in danger every moment. It is a great delusion to think that everything rests in safety. Maya appears to men under the guise of tranquility, but precisely the Yogi senses that the cross of existence stands immutable. Only the acceptance of the cross and the ascent of the Mountain where there are even five-legged calves, only such valor will carry one over the abyss. Let us not forget that I ordained caution, because it is a quality of valor. Fiery World I, 287.

There is no salvation surer than that through devotion. One can forgive much where there is unswerving devotion. The man who is devoted in heart can be relied upon. It is cause for rejoicing when Hierarchy is upheld by devotion. At present it is especially needed. If yesterday's confusion seemed enormous, what can one say of tomorrow's? I have already prepared you for the growth of Armageddon, and you know that the black wings of darkness will not withstand the Fiery Sword. Be not astonished—the Battle increases! Fiery World I, 605.

When slavery, the shame of the World, is manifested, then one must expect a change of epoch. Can one expect the advent of Maitreya to be possible only in four hundred thousand years? Many times has confusion been caused by mere words. It is impossible to imagine the Earth submerged in darkness for another thousand of years. Just picture the progression of evil! Therefore the most fierce Armageddon can be regarded as salvation. The wise cannot but feel an anguish of the spirit. Fiery World II, 120.

New planetary chemisms have an enormous significance. One may picture that the chemism of Saturn is attracting a certain type of being. Who knows what penalty is being prepared for those who serve Satan? You have long known the old legend about Satan. One must note that the fury of those who serve him already reaches the point of madness. Thus, for some the spot on Saturn is just a spot, but for others it is a confirmation of the old legend. Many manifestations are related to Armageddon. Fiery World II, 124.

In the days of Armageddon all energies are extraordinarily tense. The attraction of all possibilities for the actions of Good requires great intensification. Verily, all Cosmic forces are in action, creating all necessary conditions. How can the consciousness become awakened without an impetus, without striving for a change from the present mode of life? Of course the builders are carrying the entire burden of what takes place, and it is essential to realize that the battle of Armageddon is great and that all constructive manifestations for the great Plan are likewise great. Therefore let us bless all those who create obstacles, because Our energies are thereby developed and joined to the constructiveness of Light. It may be asked, “Is it impossible to do without cataclysms? Is it impossible to be without terrors and calamities? Is it impossible to be without miseries?” We must then remind about the spatial accumulations, and human engenderings which must be expiated. Thus, the Forces of Light are solicitous about the great fiery transmutation. Thus, on the way to the Fiery World one should bear in mind that in the time of Armageddon a purification of space takes place. Fiery World III, 16. 1935

Spatial Fire shivers during earthly shocks. The subtle bond which exists between spheres and between Worlds is so strong that there is no manifestation the further effect of which is not recorded. The subtle bond is unmistakably expressed in the conformity of Macrocosm with microcosm. The condition of the spirit so often reflects manifestations on different spheres. The appearance of Spatial Fire often serves as a discharging agent for the purification of the atmosphere. Indeed, it would be possible to make use of these energies consciously, but for this the organism must be refined. It can be observed that the fiery spirit must bridle its subtle energies because the lack of correlation between the fire of the centers and the planetary conditions is so great that it is impossible to manifest full labor without injury. The ecstasy of Saint Catherine could be made manifest because the Saints lived in a world apart. The pattern of life when such forms were being manifested is so unlike Armageddon! Never before have such spatial battles raged. The tension of all spheres is fiery. On the path to the Fiery World one must be especially conscious of the bond between spheres. Fiery World III, 170.

The World is atremble from the tension. Events are being compressed. On all planes the energies of Light consist of all strivings to create a better future and to preserve the World from destruction. The forces of darkness creep in under many masks of Light, trying to destroy that created by the Light, and, where possible, to destroy the foundation of constructiveness. In this grave epoch of Armageddon, it is especially necessary to be conscious of the forces which set in motion the actions of each day, of each event, of each manifestation; for the time of choosing has come and there is no middle course on the path to the Fiery World. Fiery World III, 327.

Measurement of the degrees of consciousness over the extent of the last centuries places man now near the zero point. And so many gates have been opened before the horizon of humanity! So many beacons have been placed everywhere, so many summations shown to be possible! But uplifting of the veil must impel the spirit to true fiery attainment. To what, then, are we to be held as witnesses, during this saturated giving, when the World is atremble at the Battle of Armageddon? The ponderous power of creation can be turned into a festival of the spirit, which will reveal to the World a resplendent future. But the extended Hand must not remain rejected by human lack of understanding of the path of Light. On the path to the Fiery World, one must understand the urgency of striving toward the Light Origin. Fiery World III, 371.

Karma is creating its effects throughout the World. A conscious attitude toward world reconstruction can establish a basis for the New World. The present trend has so widely deviated from the manifest Cosmic Magnet, that, truly, all the Forces of Light are assembling to assist humanity. Constructiveness is being intensified on all planes. Amid Armageddon can one possibly imagine any sort of security in those regions of the World which are subjected to reconstruction? The array of Spiritual Forces will lead humanity out of its blind alley. The period of transmutation will bring higher energies to the World. On the path to the Fiery World let us apply all our forces for the new construction. Fiery World III, 373.

It is especially revolting to see on the one side the utmost devotion to the Higher World, but on the other—dark Satanism in full measure. Thus in examples from life it is possible to find the likeness of Armageddon. It must be remembered that the Forces of Light unceasingly smite the darkness. Prayer will be also a battle cry when falsehood is vanquished in the name of the Highest. By dispelling falsehood we serve the Light. Aum, 65.1936

People are unwilling to see the essential nature of what is taking place. But the essence is not changed by personal willingness or denial. No one can say that Armageddon does not lead to a predestined victory. It is amazing to see how long people have failed to understand what has been ordained. It is thus during a fire in a house, when the inhabitants do not wish to believe that such a thing has already happened. The evidence itself is of no help when a man has blindfolded himself. Aum, 359.

People will say that rest is impossible in days of great confusion. Reply, “Let us not quibble about words.” Rest, like Nirvana, is an effervescence which does not boil away. But if someone's strength is not adequate for such a concept let him be concerned with clarity of thought. Let him acknowledge that even in the hour of Armageddon it is needful to have a clear consciousness. If we lose clarity of thought in earthly battles, how can we maintain it during transition into the Subtle World? Each earthly impact is only a touchstone for our consciousness. Even during indignation one should not admit obscuration of thinking. Experienced people know that spatial currents are stronger than those of any human combat, yet during such powerful attacks one should clearly preserve the goal of existence. Let those of little faith not bewail the fact that their rest is being disturbed. They change the significance of the best words and fall into vacuity. What could be worse! Brotherhood, 217.

Urusvati is grateful to India and Tibet for their protection of the Brotherhood. One can be truly grateful that the concept of the Brotherhood is so carefully guarded. Usually, even talk about the Brotherhood is discouraged and names are not mentioned, for it is better even to deny the existence of the Brotherhood than to betray it. The legends about the Brotherhood are safeguarded, together with the sacred books. The curiosity of the Western world is not understood in the East. Let us examine why the West wants to know about the Brotherhood. Does the West wish to emulate the Brotherhood in daily life? Does the West wish to preserve the Ordainments of the Brotherhood? Does the West wish to deepen its knowledge? So far they show only idle curiosity and looks for reason to criticize and blame. We shall not help them on this path. Let us imagine a military expedition that discovers the Brotherhood. One can easily imagine the outcome of such a discovery, and the curses and anathemas that would follow! Crucifixions take place even today. Thus the West has never understood the essence of Our Hierarchy. The concept of dictatorship does not fit Our Hierarchy. We have established as law the idea that power lies in sacrifice. Who among today's leaders will accept this Ordainment? We well understand the nature of the East, and because of its nature one should all the more note its reverence for Our Abode. Many Ashrams were transferred to the Himalayas because the atmosphere of other locations had become intolerable. The last Egyptian Ashram was transferred to the Himalayas because of the well-known events in Egypt and the adjoining regions. At the beginning of Armageddon all the Ashrams had to be gathered together in the Abode in the Himalayas. It should be known that at present We do not leave Our Abode, and We go to distant places only in Our subtle bodies. Thus the records about the inner life of Our Abode are being revealed. Supermundane I, 19. 1938

... The Word was to be proclaimed in the days of Armageddon. Not an easy time! Not an easy Word, not an easy affirmation of the existence of the Brotherhood when all the powers of darkness are against it. But We welcome and rejoice when achievement is ascendant. Do not think that Our Inner Life is dominant. On the contrary, the image of man is forged by man himself. Each silver cord resounds as a string in Infinity. Supermundane I, 21.

Urusvati has recognized the existence of a certain substance that preserves equilibrium and provides longevity to the organism. I shall not reveal the complete composition of this substance, for it can be destructive to the physical state. Strong radioactivity is allowable in the subtle state, but can destroy the physical body. In earthly conditions even valerian can be too strong; therefore one must know how to discern the relationships between different substances. For example, during a certain experiment carried out by My Brother the strongest poison was taken, which would have been deadly for an ordinary man. But since My Brother's body was already close to the subtle state, the action of the poison was beneficial. Many instances can be cited when a lethal poison did not cause death. The reason for this can be found in the special condition of the organism. A particular physical condition can be observed in people when they unknowingly contact the Subtle World. Indeed, it is remarkable that such people often know nothing about the different worlds; however, somewhere in the depths of their consciousness lies an idea that cannot be formulated. In such cases, We often use Tactica Adversa to arouse the consciousness. It becomes necessary to undertake actions to the point of absurdity, otherwise the slumberers will not be awakened. The same tactic is necessary in dealing with world events. You yourself deplore the loss of the strength of character that existed in past eras. This is true, and We can see to what extent psychic energy is degenerating. It is not brought into action, and therefore slumbers, and since there is no friction to call forth the fire it loses its fieriness. Therefore, Our Abode remains remote and all mention of it sounds abstract. Do not regret this. I affirm that the Battle itself is evidence of the strength of the Brotherhood. Great is the Battle in these days of Armageddon. Let us listen, and put our ears to the ground, where a great tension is growing. Supermundane I, 32.

Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich. 1924.

Urusvati treasures thought about the Mother of the World. Women's movements have a special significance for the immediate future. These movements should be understood not as an assertion of supremacy, but as the establishment of justice. Much has been said about co-measurement and equilibrium; precisely for the realization of this principle must the full rights of women be strengthened. One should not think that this will benefit only women; it will promote world equilibrium, and thus is necessary for harmonious evolution. We labor to introduce measures for the achievement of equilibrium, but much opposition is encountered. Atavistic traits are manifested in all nations. However, one should not judge by nationality, but must immediately delve into the web of intricate personal relationships. It is unfortunate that woman herself does not always help in this situation. Therefore We value the labor of Our Sisters all the more. They give up the distant flights so dear to their hearts, perseveringly visit families, and speak untiringly to people, conducting conversations that are often burdensome and even boring. Let Our Sister recall how often she has spoken in the subtle body with women completely unknown to her, and how often she has witnessed quarrels and misunderstandings. But the work of enlightenment does not tarry. Entire nations strive for knowledge, and with knowledge full rights will come. We can show Our records of the women's movements, and the results are encouraging. One should not think in a routine way. At present, the world has exceeded its bounds, the ship has lost its course, and the cosmic whirl speeds its movement. We are at the helm, but other sailors should also help. The terror of Armageddon can be transformed into a manifestation of success, but first Armageddon must be discerned and the meaning of Hierarchy understood. The role of woman in the world's economy has been strengthened. Never before have so many women been called to high positions. Our Counsels penetrate into far-off places. Supermundane I, 38.

Urusvati knows how to withstand hostile currents. This ability does not come without cause or without former accumulations. One must first know the Supermundane World, but without shunning earthly life. The hostile currents can be manifested in various ways, such as psychic disturbances or unusual sicknesses, and worldly complications may occur that require a wise solution. One thus learns discrimination in all domains. It should be understood that spatial currents influence the psychology of entire nations and generate new kinds of sicknesses. Unfavorable currents can also cause unfortunate events in daily life. When dealing with the currents one must avoid hypocrisy, superstition, or cowardice. Each hesitation makes one subject to the power of the whirlwind of chaos. We especially welcome the equilibrium that is earned in earthly life by extensive and broad experience. In such a progressive motion even karma will not overtake one. Thought that has known the correlations between the worlds obtains its power from them. Every co-worker of the Brotherhood comes into close contact with the Subtle World. We have entire Strongholds in that world. You already know their names, you have heard about the wondrous tree, Elgatir, and about the structures created by thought. One must clearly realize these conditions in order to direct oneself to Dokyood. Thought not obscured by doubt will lead to Our supermundane Abodes. The Abode of the Hierarchy in the Himalayas is in constant communication with the Abodes in the Subtle World, and the earthly battle resounds and thunders there. People do not want to understand this correlation, therefore even Armageddon is to them only an earthly conflict between peoples, and the most important aspect of Armageddon remains misunderstood. How can one participate in something when only the smallest part of what is happening is known? We affirm that the battle raging in the Subtle World is far more violent than that which is fought on Earth. Truly, much of the spatial battle resounds on Earth. Often Our World tries to warn people of this terrible danger, but in vain. One of Our Brothers used to say, “Let us tell people once again, but how difficult it is to speak to deaf ears.” Their warnings will be words of justice and compassion. You have frequently noticed an incomprehensible sleepiness, which may mean that you are cooperating with distant worlds, or else is evidence of your cooperation with the powers of the Subtle World. You should vigilantly observe the requirements of the organism. You cannot think about incidental happenings when something of importance is taking place. Only through ignorance can Our Ordainments be ignored. But great is the joy when not only the Brotherhood is realized, but also the link with the Subtle World. Supermundane I, 41.

Urusvati has observed correctly that most of those who strive toward Us lose interest when they hear about Our labors. But We do not force Our call on anyone. Only one who is led by karma to the Great Service can become a trustworthy co-worker. One cannot impose a love for labor. Any coercion in this domain will only provoke aversion. He who knocks should be welcomed, but to gather idlers from the bazaar is not wise. Everyone can observe that friends approach by special paths, and neither ancestral nor racial considerations have any meaning. It is especially important to understand that We do not expect large numbers of co-workers, and We ourselves are not many. But even a small community is valuable, for in addition to earthly assistance, the cooperation of the Subtle World can be summoned. For certain purposes these co-workers from the Subtle World are very useful. They have nothing in common with the husks that parade at spiritualistic seances and suck out the strength of those who are present. Nothing useful can be made from such husks. Of course, sometimes the harmony of those present can provide the possibility for developed spirits to manifest, but such harmony is very rare and requires lengthy association. Our cooperation with the higher spheres of the Subtle World has a different aim. Flammarion has been very useful to Us, and Marconi will also be useful, because such men can use wisely the powers of the Subtle World and understand how to labor for the Great Service on Earth. The inhabitants of the higher spheres can materialize easily, just as the inhabitants of Earth—the best ones—can easily visit the Subtle World. Urusvati has again heard the expressions of sorrow of Sister Oriole. Of course, it is difficult not to be horrified when earthly decay has spread to such an unprecedented extent. These processes at the end of Kali Yuga cannot be stopped on command. They must be outlived, and the dust raised by their whirlwinds must be re-worked. It is difficult indeed for so much litter to be made harmless, but the seeds must be separated from the chaff! We affirm that the care for every grain is great. The manifestation of unfit elements is great at the end of Kali Yuga. The fiercer Armageddon is, the better it serves as purifier of the dross. But the Host of Earth thinks otherwise. He values this dross and hopes to increase it. There are those who do not like to clean their own homes, and the resulting accumulations often end in conflagration. Therefore, he who fears labor should forget about Our existence. Supermundane I, 66.

Urusvati knows that clairaudience is the most difficult of the subtle senses, because so many intrusions obscure subtle hearing. It is interesting that even strong voices or thoughts can be distorted by a single sound. Thought resounds, but people do not understand this, and do not perceive that a word that is emphasized mentally will resound more clearly. During unfavorable currents mental messages can be colored by unexpected influences. We are sending Our Discourse at this time under such burdensome conditions. In ancient times it was well known that difficult cosmic periods could be long-lasting, but today, despite the phenomenal progress of science, such cosmic conditions are not taken into consideration. There are still arguments about the effect of sunspots and embarrassed hints about the possible influence of the moon, which is thought to be associated with sorcery. Few scientists have the courage to speak about the moon as it relates to earthly conditions, and they allude timidly to the forgotten Teachings of the East, where the significance of the moon was well-known. The Puranas contain much scientific data. Several years ago, Urusvati heard from Us about the significance of the year 1942. And now this information is broadly disseminated and is common knowledge. The end of Kali Yuga is significant, for many cosmic events are connected with this period. For certain reasons the true dates were concealed, and only few could perceive that the enormous numbers that were cited were mere symbols. Likewise, certain references to Krishna, Avatar of Vishnu, are also symbolic. You know very well what particular event was meant by these indications. Now everyone can notice the unusual accumulation of events. Armageddon was predicted ages ago, and the abnormalities at the end of Kali Yuga were described in the Puranas, but even keen thinkers underestimated those clear indications. However, the unusualness of the events does not impress humanity, whose mental confusion was also predicted ages ago. The onset of this important period intensifies the general rhythm of Our Abode. People may feel that for some reason they cannot start doing anything. Such a mood is caused by a change of rhythm. One's inner consciousness may have already assimilated the future, but the mechanical routine is the result of the hypnotic effect of Kali Yuga. This is a state of divided consciousness, which also affects the general rhythm of Our Work. Various calamities threaten Earth. Karma works intensely. It must be realized that the karma of the Devas is also accelerated. Thus the forces are intensified during the change of Yugas. Let us be aware of this and let us fill our hearts with courage. Supermundane I, 106.

Urusvati knows the significance of the moment that separates sleep from the waking state. This moment is called “the diamond of consciousness.” During this transitory condition of consciousness man belongs simultaneously to both worlds—the physical and the subtle. If people perceived such conditions consciously, they would grasp more easily the idea of psychic energy. No mysterious initiations are needed for the realization of the sacred moment. Everyone is given the opportunity to perceive both worlds, but their free will must not interfere and prompt deadly denial. We do not like the word “death” and all that it implies, yet all ignorant deniers may be called dead. It is correctly observed that a special vibration is needed for the realization of the diamond of consciousness. This vibration originates in pure aspiration, for which conscious knowledge is required. There is neither magic nor sorcery in the ability to perceive this beautiful moment. When man brings impressions from the Subtle World into his physical life he may also perceive the Fiery Gates. We intensify and deepen these diamond moments through a clear understanding of their significance. Indeed, they are so brief that no effort is required. Prolonged communication with the Subtle World can be achieved, but simultaneous awareness of the two worlds is momentary. We are not referring to Our guiding powers and Our messages to the world. Our discourses, and My words, are not coming to you now from the Subtle World, but are the result of the transmission of thought from a distance. When Urusvati sees the events taking place in Our Tower it is a special function of telepathic vision, whereas discourse with Us corresponds to direct radio messages. That channel cannot be revealed to everybody, nor can everybody have access to Us. What We are speaking of here is something else, the diamond moment between sleep and the waking state, at the moment of the return of the subtle body into the physical one. Each human being has the power to experience this moment that connects the two worlds, but for this one must develop a subtle awareness. All recollections of the Subtle World are extremely useful for human evolution, and even reminders about the lower strata of the Subtle World serve as a useful warning. Human thought moves in the direction of cognition of the various realms, and even the fiercest Armageddon is helpless to prevent the predestined knowledge. There are those who define all the worlds as material, but in the final analysis one comes to understand that all is spirit-matter. Hence, the worlds are material, after all. Indeed, the Tower of Chun is built of matter. But let us not complicate our thinking with nomenclature; the signs of all the three worlds are being manifested, and earthly man can even see the sparks of the Fiery World. Supermundane I, 120.

Urusvati remembers how steadfastly We care about protecting the Beautiful. Foreseeing the events of Armageddon, We work to spread abroad Our suggestions about the best methods for preserving the world's treasures. We know that the forces of darkness will use all their efforts to prevent the fulfillment of Our urgent precautions. They understand very well that a work of art emits the most powerful emanations, and can serve as the best weapon against their attacks. The forces of darkness attempt to destroy art, or at least divert the attention of people from it. It must be remembered that a work of art deprived of attention loses its power of transmission, and its benevolent energy is arrested. There is no living contact between a cold spectator or listener and art that is beyond his understanding. The concept of creative thought is profound and such thought permeates a work of art, which then becomes a strong magnet and a collector of energy. Thus, each artistic creation lives and assists in the exchange and accumulation of energy. Even in the midst of Armageddon one can experience the influence of works of art. Concern about precious art can preserve a whole era. Our repositories are filled with objects that people considered lost. Perhaps some of them will eventually be returned to the nations that failed to protect them. We have saved many works of art. We can foresee how the dark ones will apply all their skill to minimize favorable conditions, and from the highest spheres of existence We know at which time We must help humanity. These preliminary plans are in the Subtle World well in advance. We do not conceal the need for urgent measures, because, in the ongoing Armageddon, the dark ones hope to corrupt all human energies. But We know how to oppose them. Thus, observe where We direct Our care. Supermundane I, 122.

Urusvati remembers how, when she met Us for the first time, passers-by seemed to disappear as if they had been dispersed. It would be correct to assume that this was the result of Our mental command, but these are times of such unprecedented tension that no such message can be given. In comparing these times we can see the influence of Armageddon. Some may ask if it is possible that within only two decades such a powerful cosmic tension can develop. Such a question proves that the significance of Armageddon is little understood. Anyone who knows about the approaching end of Kali Yuga recognizes that it cannot occur without world upheavals. The forces that were particularly powerful during the Black Age must now struggle for survival, and they prefer a general catastrophe to defeat. We must co-measure Our forces according to the planetary situation, for during such tension the least exaggeration of effort can destroy the equilibrium. Most people are unable to understand the importance of co-measurement and goalfitness. They think that Our Power can overcome any resistance, regardless of the cosmic imbalance. It is a simple concept yet it must be repeated constantly, otherwise even the most learned people fall into despair and wonder why something that was possible ten years ago is not possible today. Such a question is evidence that they do not understand cosmic motion. Not without reason do We call for courage and patience. We send forth information about the dates pertaining to the end of Kali Yuga, and multitudes pay attention to it. The Puranas provide many obvious indications regarding these events, but the most important conditions could not be indicated in the old manuscripts. The tension of spatial currents and the discovery of Primal Energy could not be mentioned in the Puranas even though they were intended for the seeking, advanced thinkers. But both of these conditions have now been manifested in a pronounced form, making the significance of the approaching end of Kali Yuga the more obvious. Supermundane I, 127.

Urusvati knows how important is the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm. Science traces fluctuations in the motion of the Earth, but no one considers their cause. And when We say, as We have already said, that their cause lies in the accumulation of gas spread by humanity itself, no one will believe it or admit that there are also such abnormalities in the functioning of other planets. But if one planet is sick, other parts of the Universe will respond. People are familiar only with epidemics on Earth, but similar manifestations also occur on a macrocosmic scale. The dangers that We repeatedly point out, caused by unbalanced, purposeless ways of living, are part of the supermundane existence—hence, the title of these particular notes of the Brotherhood. But instead of being actively concerned about their negative effect on the macrocosm, people ask how beings of other planets clothe themselves! If a house is on fire, however, and someone were to ask the owner about his clothes, the question would be considered inappropriate, or insane. How then can We impress upon the human mind that right now we are experiencing a fiery Armageddon in which much can be destroyed? We want to draw special attention to this so that people will understand how much depends upon them. Let us not be afraid to repeat “how much.” Let these words make it clear that each microcosm is responsible for the macrocosm. Do not assume that such a comparison is out of order. The bond between the microcosm and the macrocosm is the foundation of the world. Pointing to an ant, the Thinker said, “He has come from afar; do not disturb his labor.” ["The Thinker" is Plato.] Supermundane II, 253.1938

Urusvati has heard it said that the forces of darkness are more powerful than the Forces of Light. This is a harmful delusion. One should acknowledge that the forces of darkness are united and fierce in their attacks. But there is nothing surprising about this, for they know their finite nature and must defend their very existence. Even the methods of fighting are different, for while We are ready to receive many blows to Our shield, We can end the combat by a single arrow. Remember that although the jinn often participated in building the temples, there never was a case when a Brother of Ours was of service to the dark forces. In all nations and all ages, there exist legends about the servants of darkness who were compelled to serve the Forces of Light. There is great significance in such legends. You can observe the rapid advance of evolution. Not only by generations, but even by decades, one can measure the considerable progress of life. Experienced observers should carefully and objectively collect facts about the progress of evolution through the decades. Truly, one can declare that the New Era is approaching! Even if many things are misunderstood and distorted, new possibilities are entering life, and will in time influence humanity's level of consciousness. Indeed, the jinn also labor in the hope that new discoveries will enable them to fulfill their dark endeavors, but their hopes are in vain. With each new generation, there are more conscious aspirants, who are born to do good. Let us not be shortsighted when speaking about the destruction of the world. It is true that Armageddon is raging and incredible crimes have been committed, but it is also true that against the background of these terrors a speedy evolution rushes onward. Is it possible that people do not see how much of the new is entering life? We should not permit the doubting worldlings to proclaim that the dark forces are victorious. That which belongs to Infinity cannot be conquered. The Thinker wisely encouraged His disciples, and prophesied the victory of the Forces of Light. Supermundane II, 259.

Urusvati knows the unique characteristics of this Armageddon. Similar battles have taken place in the past, but what is unique about the present? As always the Greatest Forces are involved, but humanity is also involved as never before! The entire planet is participating in this battle, each one in his own way, and everywhere the tension is unprecedented. Now let us try to imagine how all who are involved in this battle are connected with the Subtle World. The invisible hordes of that world are far more numerous than the earthly ones, and they are connected to even higher spheres. Therefore Armageddon must be thought of as a supermundane manifestation. One must have a clear idea of the character and size of the present battle to appreciate its full significance. Only then can one begin to comprehend the battles here on Earth. Even without experiencing the grandeur of the Great Battle, one can clearly see that the world has gone quite mad. Even logic cannot explain the conflicts of nations, which can bring no good. For the average person the reasons are entirely obscure. The truth is that nations are subject to invisible promptings to ruin the planet. As above, so below. At Our Abode, it is terrible to see how all the spheres of the Subtle World are involved in this battle, and that, like great dark clouds, they press upon the earthly planes. Let us not assume that when the supermundane battle expands it does not affect us here on Earth. On the contrary, it is reflected upon the entire earthly space, and involves not only the warriors, but also all ordinarily neutral beings. It not only brings illness, but also poisons the mind, and this, of course, is the most perilous. It is no wonder that sensitive organisms prefer to leave! But it is better to be in the thick of battle than to receive passively a rain of splinters and poisoned arrows. I strongly affirm that the events are approaching a climax. Long ago the Thinker indicated that the time will come when all living things will find themselves in great confusion. Supermundane II, 271.

Urusvati knows how harmful it is to pollute space. We have already offered many indications about how to avoid causing harm, but now We advise you not to dwell on mistakes or remain in places where there is blasphemy or irritation. Gossiping about mistakes pollutes the atmosphere around you, and attracts the fluids that will intensify the original errors. In the same way, it is harmful to stay in a place that is polluted by blasphemy or irritability. I speak as a physician. Both blasphemy and irritability are especially harmful when the cosmic currents are tensed. They cause an inflammation of the mucous membranes that cannot be attributed to a sickness of the stomach, intestines, nose, or throat. There may be pain in one specific area, yet all the mucous membranes are inflamed, and diagnoses fail because they do not deal with all the symptoms. This illness may be considered Armageddonal. Eyes and intestines, stomach and teeth, throat and heart all collectively produce an unexpected combination of symptoms. This condition requires serious attention since it destroys the mucous membrane, and can be transferred to the nervous system. Understand that this is a general inflammation and should be treated accordingly. Very light food should be eaten, nothing raw or irritating. Avoid catching cold, tiring the eyes, and succumbing to irritation. Medicines will be of little help, and alcohol should not be taken. Nothing should be taken too hot or too cold, and laxatives should be used only in small doses and preferably not every day. I warned long ago about fiery illnesses to which refined organisms are most sensitive. But people ignore these new aggregate diseases. They can be quite exhausting; frequently inadequate treatments are prescribed and the harm is increased. It is true that every illness is based on inflammation, and inflammations are related to fiery disease, but some diseases are caused by an external fiery tension. Many people perish from these unknown ailments, and even the highest organisms will suffer if they are overworked or exposed to irritation. The illness of My Friend is an example. He went out with a great store of psychic energy, but the ignorance of the people around him, and their irritability and stubbornness, created a poisonous atmosphere. When in Our Tower We can use a special ozone, but I cannot deny that even there We suffer from the poisoned atmosphere. The Thinker warned that one should fear the poison in a cup less than the poison in space, for poisoned space has even more deadly currents. Supermundane II, 282.

Urusvati knows that the danger of psychic epidemics is increasing. In the Puranas it was predicted that toward the end of Kali Yuga humanity would be driven to acts of madness. It is very dangerous that people do not recognize this state, for while it is possible to cure a patient who does not resist treatment, if he struggles against it the beneficial effects of the medicine will be diminished. But how do you explain to people that their leaders and their teachers are insane? How can you convince a nation that immediate measures must be taken for the restoration of its health? Indeed, Our prescriptions would be quite different from the measures offered by the medical authorities! This will be especially obvious in the psychic sphere. People do not yet acknowledge obsession, and though many books about the subject are available, a cowardly consciousness will deny the facts. Many materializations can be demonstrated, but those who want to deny will somehow justify their disbelief. Indeed, such mental confusion fully corresponds with the end of Kali Yuga, but it was said that if the confusion reaches its climax, the only way to correct the situation will be through fiery purification. The examples from the past are eloquent. People have already begun to speak about Armageddon. A few years ago they would not have thought about the closeness of decisive events, but the Teachings are serving their purpose, and even the skeptics are now aware of the terrors of Armageddon. Thus, the information spreads in its own way. We do not insist upon identifying the source. Let each one understand in his own heart whence the information has come. Most people hate the messenger who brings knowledge. They may not accept that it is We who warn, but let them at least remember the warning that humanity is acting insanely. The Thinker warned, “Do not fall into madness.” Supermundane II, 285.

Urusvati knows that certain conditions can be worse than the state of war. You certainly know that We consider war to be the shame of mankind, but one situation that can be considered as worse is the decay of humanity. Armageddon should not be understood as only a physical battle. It is full of incalculable dangers, among which will be epidemics, but the most ruinous consequence will be psychic perversions. People will lose trust in one another, and will compete in doing evil. They will develop a persistent hatred of all except their own kind, and will sink into irresponsibility and depravity. To all these insanities will be added the most shameful—the intensified competition between male and female. We insist upon equal and full rights for women, but the servants of darkness will expel them from many fields of activity, even where they bring the most benefit. We have spoken about the many maladies in the world, but the renewed struggle between the male and female principles will be the most tragic. It is hard to imagine how disastrous this will be, for it is a struggle against evolution itself! What a high price humanity pays for every such opposition to evolution! In these convulsions the young generations are corrupted. Plato spoke about beautiful thinking, but what kind of beauty is possible when there is hostility between man and woman? Now is the time to think about equal and full rights, but darkness invades the tensed realms. However, all the dark attacks will serve a certain good purpose, for those who have been humiliated in Kali Yuga will be glorified in Satya Yuga. Let us remember that these years of Armageddon are the most intense, and one's health should be especially guarded because the cosmic currents will increase many diseases. You must understand that this time is unique. It is near-sighted to think that if war is prevented all problems will be solved! There are those who think so and imagine that they can cheat evolution, not realizing that the worst war is in their own homes. However, there do exist places on Earth where evolution develops normally, and We are always there. The Thinker warned that the gifts of all the Muses must be treasured. Only such accumulations will help to conquer darkness. Supermundane II, 286.

Urusvati knows that many small stings can be more dangerous than one strong bite. Considering the present state of the world, this truth should be recognized. People expect great events, at the very least a collision with a comet, yet do not notice the many small daily dangers. They must be reminded that they cause these dangers themselves by their constant quarrelling. This warning is not given in the name of a higher philosophy, but simply for the sake of physical safety! There were no periods in antiquity that compare to the present era of total global confusion. While in ancient times perhaps thousands were involved, today there are hundreds of millions! Try to imagine the difference in the power of the emanations, and the myriad invisible participants that everybody is surrounded by. Let us not attempt to calculate the multitudes causing disorder in the earthly sphere, but rather consider the innumerable invisible stings. Especially disgusting are the emotions evoked by small stings. During great calamities feelings of self-sacrifice or heroism may be aroused, but in time of decay there is only wasted energy. I affirm that the worst part of Armageddon is in the decay of organisms. During strong disturbances the Guidance can be increased, but what can be done about gangrenous aggravation? One should realize that the warriors for Good are not always able to defeat the dark legions quickly. Many conditions, both mundane and supermundane, must be observed. Remember that human cooperative action has cosmic significance, and the image of man is created by man himself. But if all of mankind were just to assume the same grimace, what kind of image of man would then be produced? Thus people themselves ruin the planet. They prefer half-measures, even quarter-measures, wishing only to remain undisturbed. But let them be assured that the result is nothing but decomposition. Not everything should be blamed on the dark forces. Why make giants of them? Is it not better to analyze the tastes of humanity? What do people enjoy, and what do they reject? Let us analyze the sciences, philosophy, art, and physical culture along these lines and we shall see precisely where the sickness of humanity lies. If we examine every negation and learn precisely what has caused it, it will become obvious that disgusting causes bring disgusting results. How can one struggle for Light while still surrendering to darkness? The Thinker understood ages ago that Beauty is also Goodness. Supermundane II, 288.

Urusvati knows that people underestimate the influence of cosmic currents, and assume that a more refined organism is less susceptible to them. But the saying, “The Burden of this World,” was known in remote antiquity. Simply, it states that this burden is carried by the most refined and most elevated ones, who resound intensely to the currents of space. They suffer greatly who sense distant earthquakes and the shock of cosmic currents that exceed the speed of light. The study of such currents has not yet been developed, and people stumble upon obscure evidence only by accident. But physicians should remember that cosmic currents influence many diseases. People produce strong poisons within themselves, and exhale them in their fits of hatred. The legend about poisonous breath has a true basis. The roar of crowds does shatter space, and the breath of malice pollutes the atmosphere for a long time. It is particularly timely to remind you about this during the days of Armageddon. People protect themselves from poisonous gases by wearing gas masks. But they should provide themselves with one more mask—the protective mask of pure thought—for only thought can shield one from the poisonous breath. People should admit that there is such poison, and remember that thought has the power to resist the most harmful vibrations. Only thought can produce the antidote. These words should not be taken as symbolic. Thought produces a substance that attracts the helping forces from space. We have spoken about resistance to evil. Precise, clear, and disciplined thought is a powerful aid, and also a powerful antidote. So-called immunity is the result of thought. If you remember Us you will intensify your thoughts and they will acquire a new power. Think about Us. Think about reality and face the terrors of Armageddon. The Thinker consoled His disciples, saying, “An Invisible Messenger is ready to contact you. Allow Him to reach you.” Supermundane II, 291.

Urusvati knows how We grieve at every distortion of truth. We say that false prophets are less dangerous than “unfeeling, living corpses;” however, this comparison is relative, and you can be sure that We do not justify false prophets. Everyone knows that they work only for their own gain, and that their activity has nothing to do with the Teaching about the New Life. If one should ask those trumpeters of falsehood how much silver they have accumulated, they would remain silent, knowing that the Teaching is for each of them as a milk cow. People may accuse Us of lack of logic, since on one day We say that the false prophets are not dangerous, yet We sternly condemn them on another; but relativity and antithesis are little understood. Indeed, worldly relationships are complicated, and an unwashed person will seem clean if compared with a chimney sweep. We shall not tire of reminding you that one of the signs of Armageddon is the enormous increase in the numbers of false preachers. They appear in all countries and offer whatever the crowds desire. We shall not belabor their distortions of life, but We can lament them. The distortion of truth can be conscious or unconscious. Many people will assure you that their distortions are unconscious, but in reality they act consciously. The difference is in the degree of consciousness. One can often observe that the most incredible lies are uttered in the hope of a small personal advantage, or to assert the ego, or to make money. This pitiful gain is entirely out of proportion with the grandeur of the abused truth. How amazingly perverse is the human mentality! People throw unmeasurable concepts upon the scales, and then will excuse themselves by professing that since they do not know the truth, they are not responsible for its distortion! They should be told, “If you do not know what truth is, you can at least strive toward it. In such aspiration you will learn to love its first signs. The necessary thing is to learn how to love; this in itself will keep you from becoming traitors.” Once, when the Thinker saw a cloud of dust on the road, He exclaimed, “Who is approaching, a good messenger or a murderer? But I know, for my heart tells me that it is not a murderer who approaches.” Supermundane II, 336.

Urusvati knows how physical and psychic phenomena are intimately linked. For example, because of extreme physical exertion a person may see sparks of light that are similar to psychic phenomena. Therefore We advise calm and concentration of the mind in order to prevent sudden physical shocks. Thought should be directed to Us, but in a state of mental equilibrium. We even advise a partial realization of the Infinite, for nothing contributes so much to one's balance as the sense of Infinity. There are many different methods of acquiring calm, but awareness of the Infinite is the most effective. Uttering the name of the Guru also creates a strong bond, but this, too, must be done with serenity, for any excessive exertion will invariably produce a disturbed atmosphere. Realize, however, that calmness is not inertia; on the contrary, just as in the state of Nirvana, it is full of inner vibration. Many will not understand this and will see only contradiction. They will argue, “How can calmness be filled with vibrations, and how can a calm invocation of the Guru's name be so effective? How can a calm prayer be more effective than a cry of despair?” It is hard to express certain ideas in words. It is hard to explain the difference between the power of calmness and the oppressive force of aggression. Only those who have trod many earthly paths will understand the value of calmness, particularly during the days of Armageddon. Calm reigns in Our Abode, where even the slightest imbalance can cause a great calamity. Calmness should be cultivated everywhere in the world. Urusvati quite correctly stresses the building of character in the young. Indeed, it is more important than a strictly intellectual education, for only the building of good character can lay the foundations of calmness and productive labor in life. The Thinker warned His disciples, saying, “Preserve calmness, or you will fall into the inferno of hell.” Supermundane II, 367.

Urusvati knows that the Teaching of Life is free of contradiction, yet the superficial reader is always ready to see contradictions in it. For example, although We speak of the battles of Armageddon in the Subtle World, We also speak of the peaceful conditions that exist there. There is no contradiction in this, for even on Earth, at the time of the most frightful wars, there are countries that remain neutral and at peace. So it is in the Subtle World. Remember—as on Earth, so in Heaven. However, the reverse is not true. Earthly events are limited to this small planet, whereas the realms of the Subtle World are incomparably more vast, and all measures are applied in terms of the Infinite. People are not yet able to understand that the Subtle World includes things that are not compatible with earthly concepts. The spheres can be defined schematically as separate, but when studied in detail they are seen to be interconnected. Although on Earth everything appears distinct and classified, in reality all existence is subtly linked in the most diverse ways. This is even more so in the Subtle World. I speak a great deal about this vast Subtle World, not only because one should know as much as possible about it, but also because of its closeness to earthly life. There are many who will say that not enough has been revealed yet about the Subtle World, but the same could be said about earthly life, which is filled with wonders far surpassing anything in the imagination. Why not extend these wonders into Infinity? Then we shall grasp the possibilities of the Subtle World. It is only because of inattentiveness in their earthly life that people fail to imagine Our existence. Even those who affirm that they know Us will have doubts after their first disappointment, and will lose faith in Us and in the Subtle World. What then will happen if We tell you that the Subtle World is also filled with all kinds of difficulties? Those who have been interested will scatter, forgetting that their running away will not free them from having to enter the Subtle World. But is it not far better to provide oneself with the information that is needed for the future journey? The passing into the Subtle World is like the fleeting moment of a dream; the one who has been resting in sleep will, upon awakening, find himself in completely new surroundings, and his thoughts may become so confused that, not yet adapted to the Subtle World, he will not think to call for the Guide's help. Does not the same thing happen in earthly life? No one speaks about Guides while in the earthly state, and in the Subtle World this close bond often goes unused. In the Subtle World even dear ones cannot help if they are rejected, for rejection nullifies any offered help, and forced help can break the hand! But the one who enters the Subtle World already aware of it is greatly blessed. Energy will not have to be spent in adapting, and can express itself in soaring upward. Long ago it was said that the higher spheres should be conquered and that they belong to those whose consciousness can embrace them. The Thinker instructed the departing ones, “Gather all your strength, in order to direct yourself toward the Highest.” Supermundane II, 391.

Battle in the Heavens. 1912
Tempera on cardboard. 66 x 95 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Urusvati knows that, as the increasingly poisonous atmosphere attacks the tissues, inflammation of the mucous membranes has become the scourge of humanity. It is impossible to imagine how multiform are the symptoms of this sickness of our times. People attempt to relate these symptoms to previously-known types of disease; they do not understand the unique characteristics of this epidemic. Often the symptoms seem to be harmless, and physicians cannot determine the cause or the course of the illness. It is therefore important for physicians to study the human organism by all available scientific methods. No one can say when an inflamed tissue will become further damaged, with all the attendant consequences. On the other hand, the inflammation may abate, and this must be watched with equal care. Nourishment is needed for the organism to regain its vitality, and a simple, non-acidic diet should be recommended, The symptoms of such illnesses can be quite varied. Some organs will experience pain directly, but since the inflammation of the membranes affects the entire nervous system, pain can also be experienced in other areas of the body. This is why a thorough examination of the whole organism is necessary. Generally speaking, mucous membranes are involved in the most varied functions of the organism, and they are the first to react to the saturation of the surrounding atmosphere. In this way, even if no harmful process is taking place, it is necessary to be very attentive and careful. Remember that this epidemic was foreseen long ago. When We spoke about Armageddon, We had in mind not only war, but all the devastating consequences of humanity's confusion. But one should not fall into despair, for a depressed state opens the door to all that is poisonous. It is wise to know that Armageddon is accompanied by epidemics. We cannot limit our awareness to known forms of illnesses, but must be ready to face the most complicated and unusual symptoms. Physicians must be able to recognize these new diseases, which are now appearing everywhere. The Thinker said, “Can anyone be so filled with self-importance that he thinks he has studied all the manifestations of Nature?” Supermundane II, 435.

Urusvati knows that each of Our Indications helps to open the gate. However, there is no Indication that does not require labor for its fulfillment. There are many stories about Our unheard-of splendor, but little has been said about Our Labor. When one considers the most intensive human labor and extends it to infinity, the quality of all supermundane labor can then be understood. Humanity should be advised to multiply the intensity of labor. Especially during these days of Armageddon is this advice needed. Everyone can continue his labor, but must intensify it. Only such care about the effort and quality of labor can help to diminish the confusion of humanity. The one who can find within himself the strength to labor, even amidst confusion, creates equilibrium in his environment. This is especially needed when entire nations fall into madness. One must not allow people to mock peaceful labor during times of war. We labor not for today, and not for Earth, but for the most severe Battle. But do not think that these words have been understood by everyone. We can see how perversely the most precise Indications are interpreted. When you are asked what should be done, answer, “Work as never before. Let everyone do his best, even if his work is the most simple, everyday task.” You may be asked if it would not be better to concentrate mentally. But this beautiful state can be destroyed by spatial currents and whirlwinds. Besides, ordinary people do not know how to think, and waver like reeds in the wind. But during such winds one must hold fast to something secure. In labor will people's consciousnesses find this support. The teacher must accustom his pupils to work and must praise the best quality of labor. This perfectment will lead to an expansion of thought. The Thinker liked to point out the women carrying water. He would say, “They do not know whose thirst they will quench.” Supermundane II, 438.

Urusvati knows about the limitlessness of all mental processes, of which the free will is one. By means of the free will people can oppose even cosmic forces. Be not surprised if I tell you that even cosmic laws can be shaken by the efforts of free will, which is why there are so many karmic misfortunes. Instead of following the cosmic way, people provoke great upheavals, and by the insistency of their free will affect the harmony of Cosmos. It not only affects Cosmos, but reverberates increasingly, gaining strength throughout the spheres. The sages of antiquity tried to appeal to the conscience of people by relating tales about epic heroes who could converse with the far-off worlds, but the legends remained mere fairy-tales. Even in this century, the Age of Energy, people pay no attention to the energy of thought. One can rejoice that transference of thought is being studied in some universities, but unfortunately this research has been limited to a few mechanical methods that will never enlighten humanity regarding the importance of thought as the subtlest energy. The realization of the energy of thought must help to discipline the free will. It must be understood that dire planetary events are caused by the impetuosity of unbridled free will. Earth is now experiencing Armageddon, and in this calamity the free will is of great importance. Supermundane forces could not precipitate such a calamity without the long-term participation of humanity. I beg you to pay attention to this epidemic of psychic madness. We cannot attribute what is taking place to any particular group of individuals, and must recognize that the people of all nations contribute to the world's upheavals. One should not think that events are born and die of themselves. Perhaps the seeds that were sown two thousand years ago are now sprouting. So carefully does space guard the phenomenon of thought. The Thinker pointed out that people can recognize their present condition of being when looking back into their ancient repositories. Supermundane II, 445.

Urusvati knows that at times We deplore earthly success, and even sometimes rejoice at so-called earthly misfortune. Earthly successes and misfortunes are seen quite differently when observed from a supermundane level. In the Subtle World earthly adversity is quickly forgotten, but the effects of these forgotten calamities are not lost. The refined spirit, while on Earth, longs for struggle and progress. For such a spirit, any pain or shock is but an impetus for achievement. The refined nature does not seek personal well-being, for it strives toward perfection. Do not think that suffering is ordained for those on Earth. Perfection is ordained. It is disharmony on Earth that causes pain. As if in a narrow cave, one struggles to reach the distant light. How many scars and wounds will be inflicted by the sharp rocks? What slippery ascents await? There is nothing to grasp for safety if the concept of Hierarchy is not alive in the consciousness. We hasten to offer support whenever there is danger, which often appears just at those times of earthly success. The measures of success and failure are quite idiosyncratic. The immediate surroundings of Earth prevent proper examination of what lies ahead, and without a supermundane understanding it is not possible to judge the earthly equilibrium. You know how varied Our help can be. It may be unrecognized, or perceived as misfortune. So many cannot understand what is happening to them, but in order to save the most valuable one must learn to give up the less important. Later on it will not be understood why these words were said, and even the concept of Armageddon will be forgotten once again. But you know We are speaking at a time of great tension. Only supermundane measures can provide inner equilibrium. The Thinker, seeing His fellow citizens preparing for war, said, “Friends, offer your best thoughts to your country.” Supermundane III, 505.1938

Urusvati knows how often, during transmission of thought, only some words reach their destination. There are several reasons for this. First, the words may not have been sent with equal strength. Also, there can be interfering currents that interrupt the transmission, or intrude with irrelevant information. Such currents are often the cause of insomnia. If people could comprehend the storms that rage around them, they would learn to be cautious in all their actions. But they do not even admit that the words they hear can have a spatial origin. These storms are especially strong during earthly battles. This alone should remind one how closely linked are the clashes in the earthly and supermundane spheres. People should pay close attention to what they hear internally. There can be tensions that physicians would attribute to earthly causes, but they do not know that supermundane causes surpass earthly ones a hundredfold. People believe that the blue sky is empty, but science already knows about the filling of space. Is this idea so difficult? You may hear cries of terror, but you also hear exclamations of joy. The wailing of terror reaches you more often, because in such outcries people put their greatest energy. People are weaker in their ability to express joy. At present, when so many horrors darken Earth, one can readily observe the emanations of despair. Scientists could conclude that if a cry of terror penetrates far into space, it must have been sent with a powerful energy, and emanates noticeable rays. It is quite true that each human word has its own aura and pierces space to a great distance. Also, during troublesome times one can see unwise people who continue to live as if nothing is happening. It is amazing to see such foolishness, as if during a conflagration someone were to start dancing! But to fall into despair would be equally unwise. We stress calmness, the special kind of calmness that is based on a full knowledge of all that is happening. A wise person understands what actions are appropriate during world turmoil. You can notice that during these days of aggravated tension We do not pronounce the word Armageddon—the parrots have taken possession of it. They repeat important words in every possible variation, but at the same time they dance upon a volcano. We call out—fire! fire! But few understand what fire it is and what tension permeates the world. The Thinker taught, “Each moment is witness to the destruction of heavenly bodies, and there are tensions so great that only a harmonious choir can prevent catastrophe.” Supermundane III, 526.

Urusvati knows that within man is contained all that exists. He can evoke anything in himself, from the beginnings of all illnesses to the highest transcendental possibilities. He can allow himself to develop any illness, but he can just as easily join the Higher Forces. Man needs only to understand that he is an inseparable part of the Universe. Misfortunes occur when people forget their possibilities, something they do far too often—that is why there are so many calamities. No narrow reasoning can replace a true understanding of man’s role. Man is the uniting bridge between the worlds. He must not forget his mission. His task is great, in all realms of labor. He cannot avoid the gifts reserved for him without becoming a source of calamity. Especially during the days of Armageddon, man must ponder over the meaning of his stay here. He cannot withdraw from preordained possibilities. No religions will save man if he limits himself to their superficial conventionalities. The study of cosmic phenomena must not be overlooked. Scientists must look beyond seeing them as chance occurrences. Someone should trace the correlation between humanity’s moods and nature’s phenomena. Let science learn to judge even the subtlest combinations and correlations. Let us not force, but simply express the wish that science explore the true essence of man more broadly. The Thinker knew that the time will come when science will look beyond the limits of earthly existence. Supermundane III, 554.

Urusvati knows about the magnetic storms that influence the health and feelings of people and animals–indeed, of all that exists. But people are especially subject to the effects of psychic storms. Spatial currents are always present, and can be exceedingly difficult to bear, but their effect can be made even worse by psychic storms. Magnetic storms take place independent of human participation, but psychic storms are actually generated by humanity’s misdeeds. For example, during terrible wars and calamities, it can be seen that not only physical but also psychic illnesses increase. It is strange that physicians do not recognize this. They will say that at such times it is field-surgeons who are needed, but they do not realize that psychiatrists are also needed, and not only on the battlefield. They overlook extraordinary conditions that are now far more prevalent than ever before. Do not take this statement to mean that the situation is hopeless, or Armageddonal, but it is true that at present the clashes are so violent that healing actions are desperately needed, and not only on the battlefield. But we should not fall into pessimism, because even such global storms will inevitably lead to purification. For now, however, remember that man’s inner state is under great stress. The Thinker foresaw that with an ever-increasing population, the world’s dangers, both visible and invisible, will continue to increase. Supermundane III, 567.

Urusvati knows that refinement is a quality that is gained through the experiences of many lives. Its components are a real understanding of cooperation, fieriness of thinking, loftiness of activity, a high degree of sensitivity, love for beauty. Each of these qualities can be developed only by persistent striving. People should not think that instantaneous illumination will at once create a refined nature. Illumination can open the treasure chest, but if the container is empty, nothing will come of it. You know that it is easy for people to be in harmony when there is no task in sight, but when a difficult time approaches, reasons are always found for quarreling. It is amazing that although people read many instructive books, when the first opportunity appears to apply what was read they sink into a deep gloom, and nothing uplifting is of interest to them. People have heard much about Armageddon, but now that it is upon us, they see it as a chance misfortune that could have been avoided. It is understandable when the ignorant ones think this way, but why should sensible people also fall so easily into such confusion? They do not realize how much harm they inflict upon themselves and upon others. Is it possible that people are so afraid that even one sign of approaching difficulty turns them into cowards, and in their flight they discard the best that they have created? Truly, during sweet times of ease, man shows a beautiful face, but in times of danger he reveals a disgusting one. Yet, dear people, you all live in constant danger, from both above and below. At every hour your well-being can be destroyed. The Thinker used to say, “Humanity is divided into two types. In one the Divine Principle is dominant, but the other is immersed in the earthly. We do not know what people will call the Divine Principle in the future, but this division of mankind will be with us forever.” Supermundane III, 590.

Urusvati knows that We approve of everything that awakens a true sense of rhythm in people. The feeling of rhythm is inherent, but the disorder of chaos deadens it. People may act rhythmically, but still be far from an understanding of the great significance of rhythm. If someone wants to take a decisive action, his instinct can correctly prompt him to first establish the necessary rhythm, and in this cadence the required harmony is found. Even a limited effort will provide beneficent results. We demonstrated the simplest rhythms of Mahavan and Chotavan, but one can learn far more complicated rhythms. Let us recall the most ancient meters of the Sanskrit language and of the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome. In them one can find highly-developed, well-considered patterns of rhythmic sound. The ancients knew the necessity for communion with Cosmos. During certain periods of earthly tension, one should think very much about rhythm. The people’s cries of terror plunge them into the abyss of chaos. Do not think that We approve of feasting in a time of plague. But when a Hindu chants verses from the Bhagavad-Gita he acts wisely and the result is a healing harmony. Rhythm is both the cement and the wings of space. People desire communion with Us; the first key for them will be the realization of their own inner rhythm. There can be the finest music and singing, yet nothing will resound in the heart that is deaf. In contrast, a refined heart will tremble in harmonious response to the rhythm. The seeker will then become better, more courageous and strong; he will be a worthy co-worker of the earthly and of the Supermundane, and will find joy. Remember that Earth is suffering from an unusual state of tension. During the time of Armageddon how can one permit oneself to participate in this state of chaos? In all actions, great or small, think about this reminder. It is not well-being, but struggle, that teaches man to think. But what kind of warrior would he be if, in the first difficult hour he loses his guiding star, his thoughtfulness? How different would he then be from the unthinking ones, who cannot recognize a decisive hour, and for whom threatening events are only accidental. But he who thinks sensibly associates himself with cosmic rhythms, and in such an armor boldly accepts the battle. He is then with Us. The Thinker said, “Muses, beautiful Muses! In your harmonious choir you give to humanity the salutary rhythm.” Supermundane III, 605.

Urusvati knows how incorrectly chaos and the battle with it are understood. The very concept of chaos was born in remote antiquity. The classical thinkers defined chaos as primordial, unmastered matter. Later, there came into being a symbolic image of a point manifested in the circle of the Unmanifest. Such an image is correct, and yet it causes misconceptions. One could conclude, by this symbol, that the Unmanifest, or chaos, and the manifest are completely separate. Many think this way, and find comfort in the belief that they exist outside of chaos. In reality, everyone is subject to the action of chaos, which penetrates into each human heart. One cannot say that these influences are known only to the lower organisms. All are under assault by this unseen enemy. The difference is that a low organism attracts such influences, whereas the elevated consciousness resists the uninvited intruder. We have said that cruelty, rudeness, and ignorance are nurseries of chaos. Dangerous epidemics arise around these hearths. You can observe how during times of upheaval human consciousness is changed. The gates to the spiritual stronghold open, and waves of chaos pour in unopposed, and poison the organism. Thinking is changed, logic disappears, and honesty is destroyed. Isolated achievements are engulfed by the waves of chaos. Humanity has summoned to itself a deadly ally. It is regrettable that after millions of years people do not understand what dangers they evoke from space! But even during the days of Armageddon one can begin beneficial self-improvement. If there is not sufficient energy to banish malice, cruelty, and coarseness, one can at least restrain them. Everyone can apply his efforts to this work. Tension is great and it is time to abandon light-mindedness, that most pernicious ignorance. The Thinker instructed, “Everyone can declare war on his own ignorance. Such a war is honorable; it is a guarantee of achievement and a service to his nation.” Supermundane III, 625.

Urusvati knows that in every significant event, there are strong cosmic influences, but four levels of human thinking are involved. The first level is that of those who, with full understanding, participate physically in the resolving of conflicting forces. For them each event can be seen as the result of a battle. On the second level are those who participate in the Subtle World. They also have a clear understanding, and are involved no less than the incarnate ones. The third level consists of those who are involved, but without understanding. The fourth level consists of the leaders, whether visible or invisible. The first two and the fourth levels have been discussed by Us many times, but the third level must be spoken about, for it includes more and more people who, consciously or unconsciously, participate in the most complex events. It can be understood that their thoughts form a powerful force, which can be dangerous because of their chaotic nature. Irresponsible, with a low level of consciousness, subject to any influence, ready for any betrayal, filled with malice, such people fill space with the debris of their disorderly thinking. Their enthusiasms are unpredictable and can change daily; thus, they become sources of psychic epidemics. Moreover, they endanger the mental sending of conscious co-workers of Good. They poison the atmosphere, and much energy is required to neutralize their dark sendings. They do not understand the scope of the harm inflicted by them, and do not wish to know what barriers they set up on the path of evolution. Some may wonder what is new in all this, for malicious ignorance has been recognized as destructive for a long time. But precisely at present, during this time of Armageddon, the legions of destroyers multiply. They render useless the labors of the co-workers of Good, and special warnings should be proclaimed against their madness. Their disruptions of harmony must not be tolerated. The great majority, unknowing, can easily succumb to falsehood. The Thinker constantly pointed out that ignorance is a most powerful force and therefore dangerous. Supermundane III, 673.

Urusvati knows that even small indispositions of a leader can have a decisive influence upon important events. Historians may call this coincidence, but actually, many causes can be perceived; these causes may be human or cosmic, or the inexorable action of the Wheel of Law. It should not be thought that a large event must be caused by large influences. The fate of nations can depend on seemingly small circumstances. It would be instructive to study this, to observe the correlations of things, not according to their physical traits, but according to the correspondences of their most subtle energies. It is especially important to perceive how the great events of Armageddon are connected with imponderable karmic conditions. Karma always overtakes the perpetrators of injustice. The ways of this perfect law are inexorable, but they are circuitous. People generally cannot perceive the subtle correlations, and because the supermundane conditions are so different from the earthly ones, even an act of supreme justice may be seen as unacceptable to them. Yet the earthly and supermundane correlations involved in the most complex occurrences must be studied. This requires the cultivation of an ability to think deeply. And no one can teach what can be perceived only by straight-knowledge. The Thinker taught His disciples to discern the essence of all events. He observed that, usually, the superficial appearance of events does not reflect their inner meaning. Supermundane III, 677.

Urusvati knows that Our judgments are not accepted by many. Even when Our Indications bring predicted results, people pay no attention. Only few will remember how exact Our Indications were. It is not easy to promote the Teaching of Good if it is not applied in life. Who could understand the full meaning of the Supermundane if even the simplest advice is rejected? It would seem easy to apply timely, useful advice, but something prevents people from remembering it. This something may be ill will, but usually the cause is much less significant, and may simply be laxity. But people dislike having such traits attributed to them. They insist that they are on constant watch. Therefore, do not expect of people what they, in their present state of consciousness, cannot even grasp. Especially harmful are those who read much, but assimilate nothing. It is often better to deal with those who lack knowledge, but have a benevolent nature. Students should not be offended if We point out failings caused by their laxity. The Supermundane requires focused striving. Laxity can never lead one to soaring flights. We point out that during these days of Armageddon one must draw from within oneself the highest degree of vigilance. You have read in the earlier books many urgent Indications, but how many of you have given due attention to them? The Thinker used to say, “Do not sweep out the pearls with the dust.” Supermundane III, 693.

Urusvati knows that every appeal for the renewal of life must address the needs of women and the young. Some people think that both of these aspects of life are secure, and are developing successfully, but in reality the position of woman and the education of the young are not at all in a satisfactory condition. Only a small number of women can assume equal rights in the conditions of life, and in most schools the foundations of a sound life are not taught. Evolution cannot proceed successfully when two pillars of support have not yet been made secure. It should not be thought that evolution proceeds under any conditions; it can be obstructed, and much precious energy will be wasted. The world convulses from the horrors of Armageddon, yet life grows ever uglier. People may believe that they work for some higher ideals, though their deeds reveal the opposite. One can find in life the very same agonies that burdened mankind thousands of years ago. These wounds cannot be justified by blaming the intolerable conditions of life, when people make no effort to improve these conditions, even to some small degree. Small groups can point to their useful achievements, but now We are discussing not the exceptions, but the masses of humanity, who are the real movers of evolution. The Thinker said, “O, ye wise men, your efforts will be fruitless if woman does not stretch out her hand to you, and if you do not raise a generation of heroes!” Supermundane IV, 700.

Urusvati knows that man cannot properly measure the value of his actions while in an earthly state. Often, those deeds that seem to be the best are polluted by self-interest, and the truly self-sacrificing ones are forgotten in the dust of everyday life. I affirm that the motivating causes for one’s actions lie in the depths of the consciousness. Even enlightened spirits cannot discern the reasons for their actions. Of course, in the subtle body this discernment is easier, but even that is relative. It must not be thought that an inability to evaluate properly is a calamity. It is unnecessary to involve oneself in all this reasoning when one’s main purpose is to do good. Every act of good brings benefit. The more good we do the more we increase the beneficial accumulations. The reasoning mind must not be allowed into the domain where the heart should reign. The reasoning mind can always validate self-interest, but the heart will recognize untruth. Psychic energy is directed mainly by the heart. The science that does not understand the foundations of psychic energy cannot succeed. The new world, of which the better part of mankind is dreaming, can be formed only upon a correct understanding of psychic energy. Man can live with it in friendship, or in enmity—but this would be a terrible deviation. You may hear cunning suggestions that will say, “Is it not better to leave all these considerations about psychic energy to the scientists? When science will express its opinion about this energy the ordinary citizen will begin to talk about it.” However, the cunning destroyers know well enough that psychic energy is the possession of all. All of humanity must learn to recognize the various manifestations of psychic energy; it would be wrong to restrict these studies to a small group of scientists. Besides, there may be found among scientists self-interested people with preconceived ideas. The development of humanity is now at a level that summons all to cooperation, because the basis of Be-ness is sensible cooperation and cognition of psychic energy, without which mankind will be thrown into chaos. External accomplishments will not save man from self-destruction. It is impossible to imagine how Armageddon can be concluded in the right way without an understanding of the foundations of Be-ness! I speak thus so that people will know to what extent the Supermundane provides the solutions for earthly problems. Do not think that the Supermundane can remain at rest when earthly confusion corrupts everything. Yet, Urusvati knows how greatly proper education can ward off the danger of savagery. After all their discoveries, people still turn to savagery! Do not regard this as an exaggeration. The convulsions of Armageddon threaten incalculable calamities. Thus the Thinker said, “The time is coming when people will have to think about the Infinite in everything.” Supermundane IV, 719.

Urusvati knows how difficult it is for people to accept the possibility of Armageddon in the Supermundane World. Even those who know about the supermundane life cannot reconcile themselves to the thought that there can be wars in the Subtle World. Simple logic should make clear to us that battle in the Supermundane World is inevitable. People taken from Earth before their time, filled with almost identical thoughts, gather in one sphere and are bound to continue their earthly activities. And their cruelty, although becoming more subtle, does not lose its force. This leads to heavenly battles, with great consequences both on Earth and in the Supermundane World. It is not easy to stop these conflicts. Malice drags the combatants down into the lower strata, and you know that while it is not difficult to descend into those strata, to rise up from them is not so easy. Even lofty beings experience painful consequences, when they, out of compassion, descend into the lower strata. Thus, people should remember how easy it is to sink, and how difficult to rise. The lower strata suffocate those who descend from realms of higher vibrations. All those who preserve malice within themselves should remember that it will act as a poison upon their supermundane path, and that the heart filled with malice cannot easily be cleansed. Therefore everyone on Earth should think about the future life. The Thinker said, “Live so as not to burden the Supermundane World.” Supermundane IV, 782.

Urusvati knows that unlimited divisibility does not contradict the power of attraction to fundamental Unity. Science affirms this, and one can observe it most clearly in the realm of psychic energy. People should not fear divisibility in life. Often it is precisely what facilitates the manifestation of Unity. People do not admit that dark forces can unconsciously assist Unity, but the clash of the forces can strike an especially powerful spark. It is of no importance whether the hammer that produces the spark is dark or light, but the stronger the blow, the more powerful and curative is the spark. Divisibility grows particularly during the days of Armageddon. But Unity also grows. The world is striving to the Unity of Cooperation. The world understand how inexorably the new common understanding is approaching. The New World sweeps away the rotten roots. Thus every Teaching must listen for the steps of the New World. Let vigilance manifest itself everywhere, and people will understand what has evolved amidst battles and sufferings. The Thinker said, “Learn to perceive the veil that is the Great Unity.” Supermundane IV, 794.

Many naive people think that the dark ones act only through evil, corruption and crime. How wrong they are! Only the crude and relatively insignificant dark forces act in this way. Much more dangerous are those who masquerade under the guise of Light. And the poor seduced people who do not possess the true discrimination of the fiery heart fly, like butterflies, into the black fire, which devours them. Ignorance and lack of intuition pushes them into the arms of darkness, and deprives them for a long time of the salutary influence and support of the rays of the great Stronghold of Light. Dreadful is Armageddon; the dark forces are struggling for their very existence. Despair unites them and makes them so persistent in trying to achieve their aim. The Prince of the World has very many talented collaborators - some conscious, some unconscious - and it is foolish to think that they do not know the ways of the most cunning subtlety. They are very shrewd and inventive, and they act according to the level of their victims. But all of them lack warmth of heart. Thus intertwined is darkness with Light on our Earth. The snare of darkness is woven by skillful hands. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 23 August 1934.

Not a single Great Teacher of Humanity has left our solar system. Moreover, They have not even left the spheres which surround our planet. On the contrary, They are now nearer to us than ever, as the fury of Armageddon requires the tension of all the Forces of the Hierarchy of Light. But even if there were no Armageddon, all these Highest Spirits would continue their perfecting on other higher spheres and planets still within the boundaries of our solar system. Earth is not the highest planet in our solar system. The High Spirits come to our planet from a higher planet for the acceleration of the evolution of our humanity. But since their planet has not as yet completed the entire cycle of its evolution, They will remain there when the cycle will be in conformity with their spiritual state. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 20 April 1935.

And now regarding other matters. Do not be disappointed that the signs become rarer and not so prominent; rather consider the threatening Armageddon and the consequent poisoning of the entire atmosphere. Indeed, not only the terrestrial layers which directly surround us, but even the distant spheres of the Subtle World (to say nothing of those nearest to Earth) are polluted by decomposition. Precisely, all the subtle manifestations during such a period may very seriously affect the organism. The Forces of Light are acting in complete conformity with existing conditions and with the forces of our own organism. Moreover, after each victory there comes a period of silence, a sort of rest, in order that the organism may the better assimilate all that which has been received and prepare for further perceptions and refinements. All the symptoms described by you are very characteristic of the partial opening of the centers. Therefore, I suggest that you be extremely careful with your health. First of all, do not overwork, and avoid colds. Then I suggest that you take bicarbonate of soda twice daily. Do not forget that there is no better remedy for pains in the lower part of the chest than bicarbonate of soda. And, in general bicarbonate of soda is a most healthful preparation. It is preventative against all sorts of diseases, including cancer. But you must make it a rule to take it daily and regularly. Especially does it help to relieve the pains and the movements in the solar plexus. Likewise, for sore and burning throats hot milk (but not boiled) with soda is most helpful. The usual dose is one coffeespoonful to a glass. You should recommend soda to everyone. Also, take care that the stomach is not overloaded and that the bowels are kept free. Twice daily take valerian tea or valerian tincture thirty to forty drops of the latter). Bicarbonate of soda is absolutely necessary during a conflagration of the centers. It discharges the fiery energies and prevents consuming fire. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 18 June 1935.

At the head of the Sons of Light stands the Archangel Michael. His adversary in the camp of darkness is Satan (who still bears the name, Lucifer, although he lost the right to this name long ago); at one time he was amongst the great Kumaras, who bestowed the light of Mind upon the poor Earth-dwellers, who lacked it. In connection with this, read the legend about Lucifer in On Eastern Crossroads. This legend is based on a great Truth. Thus, the Prince of the World is now fighting for his very existence. The predicted great Armageddon of our race is in full swing. And again the Archangel Michael, with his resplendent host, is fighting against Lucifer. Of course, victory is always with the forces of Light, but dreadful cataclysms are unavoidable. That is why the strongholds of Light are so essential-during the approaching threatening time they can give shelter to all the Forces of Light. Although the decisive moment is behind you there is still time for many children to grow old. Thus the destiny of the world is in the hands of humanity. The planet can be saved only if there is a resurrection of the spirit, only if the consciousness is liberated from the phantoms of the past and directed toward the construction of the New World on the basis of a new understanding of cooperation and knowledge. As I have already written on these themes, I will quote from one of my letters, it might be helpful to you: Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 16 July 1935.

Of course, the Planetary Spirits of our solar system act in complete concordance, for together they all create the will of the cosmic Magnet and are in contact with each other. However, each possibility requires the existence of certain cosmic conditions. There is no doubt that, owing to special planetary combinations of cosmic dates, certain conditions for communications are facilitated. Thus, with the approach of the fiery energies to Earth, it is also possible to attract Lofty Visitors from the higher spheres of our planetary chain to the spheres close to Earth. In the battle of Armageddon the participation of all the forces of the invisible worlds is required, The greatest Spirits communicate between themselves and act in complete cooperation, without needing to be in any particular place for this purpose. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 17 March 1936.

The word Armageddon is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew har megiddon (the mountain district of Megiddo). In the Hebrew writings, the final great battle between the Forces of Light and darkness was indicated by this name, and was foretold by all the ancient prophecies in the scriptures of all peoples as the "Great Day of God's Judgment." Much is said about it in the Apocalypse, and in the same book (chap. 16, vs. 16), this name is mentioned. Moreover, the dates of this battle and of the beginning of the New Epoch, or Cycle, can also be found in the most precise calculations of both the Egyptians and the Hindus. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 30 March 1936.

The dark forces certainly attack, first of all, pure undertakings and those who are under the direct ray of the Forces of Light. The traitors are admitted, for according to the law the force of a return blow is proportionate to the force of resistance. Armageddon is necessary; the collision of the opposing Forces is necessary. Conflagrations are necessary in order that the human spirit shall cry out and realize at last that it has to struggle, not with its neighbors, but with its own self and with the forces of chaos and the elements, which offer a vast field for creative testing. I wanted to conclude this letter, but one more sheet is left so I will write some more, about the redemption of sins. In the esoteric Teaching it is declared that the redemption of personal sins can only be performed through Christ - Christ crucified, suffering during the entire Maha-Yuga (the great cosmic Cycle) upon the cross inscribed in space by the intersection of the line of matter by that of spirit. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 8 June 1936.

I also advise you to put less trust in all sorts of rumors. During the days of Armageddon the entire Hierarchy of Light is gathered in the One Stronghold. For thousands of years the Great Spirits have been preparing for this time. Awesome is the battle, only madmen do not see the terrors of destruction. How can one, after all the sayings and affirmations of which you write, believe in some sort of esoteric knowledge possessed by a few impostors? As for the denial of the existence of the black lodge, one could answer them with the words of a European philosopher, "The victory of the Devil is that he has succeeded in convincing people that he does not exist." The black Lodge does exist and is very powerful, because it acts through the masses, and its best servants are recruited from the feeble-minded, the lukewarm, and the wavering. The dark ones try to imitate the White Lodge in everything, and under the disguise of Light they try with all their might to penetrate to the spiritual hearths, so that they can disturb and corrupt them. That is why it is so important to acquire the qualities of discrimination and self-restraint. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 1937.

Yes, it is most difficult for people to comprehend the law of Hierarchy. Yet, at the same time, precisely those who vociferate most of all against this cosmic law, are nevertheless blindly submissive to any hierarchy, beginning with standardized conditions, customs, and style, and ending with even accepting the hierarchy of evil in its hidden multiformity. After all, the hierarchy of evil is much closer to the earthly spheres, and its numerous followers, the inhabitants of the lower spheres of the Subtle World take delight in instilling in people the most abominable thoughts and in pushing them to the most fratricidal disunity and actions. During the days of Armageddon the forces of evil have become stronger, therefore it is so essential to cognize the Hierarchy of Light, and to strive upon this Path with one's whole heart. Of course, as it always was and will be, darkness itself will devour darkness. But how many "lukewarm" ones will perish, who could have been saved if they had realized the danger in time and had taken strong hold of the Hand of Help stretched out to them. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 12 July 1938.

I shall quote here a timely and useful Discourse: "You know that there may be times worse than war. You well know that We regard as an infamy of humanity. How, then, shall We name the time that would be worse than war? Perhaps one could call it the putrefaction of humanity. Armageddon should not be understood as only a physical war. Armageddon is full of incalculable dangers. Epidemics will be the least of the calamities. The main destructive results will come from psychic perversion. People will lose confidence, they will sharpen their minds in mutual injury, they will learn to hate all that exists beyond the boundaries of their own dwellings, falling into a state of irresponsibility and sinking into depravity. To these madnesses will be added one more, the most shameful one, the revival of the battle between the Masculine and Feminine Principles. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 10 September 1938.

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