El Morya

Glory to the Hero. Diptych. 1933; by Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich

"Whosoever proclaims Beauty shall be saved! ..."

"Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture.
Through Beauty will you approach."

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on Beauty which is more than meets the eye as you will see.

My Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of Humanity.
Put aside all prejudices and, summoning your spiritual forces, aid mankind.
Direct the unsightly towards the path of beauty.
As the tree renews its leaves, so shall humanity flourish on the path of righteousness. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 4. 1924

The miracle of Beauty in the adornment of our daily lives will exalt mankind.
Raise high your light.
Illumine the beauties of My Temple.
Teach the Joy of Beauty.
Teach the Happiness of Wisdom.
Teach the Bliss of Love.
Teach the Glory of Unity with God.
I will grant you the power and fleetness of Mercury.
Go forward without doubt, without fear, without turning back. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 45. 1924

Yesterday we approached the question of the aura.
Each one perceives the astral world through the color of his own aura.
The fuller the harmony of one's aura, the truer the astral image.
He whose sense of duty is acute will see this before aught else.
As those who are attracted by love will be borne to the Realm of Love,
and transported, will comprehend the joy of Beauty.
Only the gem that radiates all hues of Truth
can reflect the full Splendor of the Future.
Yet we must also appreciate the pure stone of one color.
We learn to smile at errors.
Books, like man's passing thoughts, must be chosen with care.
Many easy things are revealed as useless when you gain instruction from Me.
When berries are gathered in the woods, only the best are chosen. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 174. 1924

Pure music helps the transmission of the current.
We pray by sounds and by symbols of Beauty.
The heart and mind do not conflict when they sail the Ocean of Creative Labor.
And the wings of the bird of the spirit, atremble,
will soar upon the breeze of harmony.
And the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 181. 1924

A miracle is wrought—you perform services important for the manifestation of future life.
The difficulties of the task are akin to those of polishing a diamond.
A hostile will must be diverted to the good just as a stream is directed to the mill.
But how many dams must the miller build before he can control the current!
A hand must possess strength, and an eye vision, to perceive new possibilities.
The most worthy labor is that performed with one�s own hands.
By labor do you unlock the Gates to the Land of your striving.
Everything is possible, but remember that what has
been promised will be manifested at the appointed time.
Who aspires will attain.
Learn through the manifestations of life.
We send you images of persons and events;
And both reveal to you the determined plan
of a wondrous evolution of the human race.
I bring a talisman to all: Whosoever proclaims Beauty shall be saved. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 199. 1924

Sacrifices have been made upon M.'s Mountain.
It is difficult to pray when the mind is filled with worldly thoughts.
Your will must guard the place of prayer.
It is better to truly know people than to be charmed by their masks.
If human hearts were filled with beauty, no sacrifices would be needed.
But many are the unillumined ones.
Therefore, it is a thorny way that leads to each truth. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 202. 1924

Even during battle you can appreciate the flowers.
But humanity is far from flowers.
Repeat Beauty again and again, even amidst tears,
until you reach the predestined. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 252. 1924

The earthly emanations are sometimes trying.
People will come to you. Display fire, they need it.
We must not hesitate when we see that we can bring them light.
Close not the path to the new who knock.
The old forms are of no use.
The one who understands Beauty will keep the travelers on their path. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 253. 1924

We manifest revelations unto the sensitive ear.
And your wish may bring to you Our Voice.
Our Ray, as a beacon, is searching the darkness,
And with the aid of its light the ship reaches port.
Twilight must not exist for you.
They will ask wherein is the quest for perfection.
Reply: In Love, in Beauty, in Action.
These three paths suffice.
Even beneath a tree you feel yourselves sheltered.
Even at the foot of a cliff you feel yourselves protected.
But more protected will you feel yourselves beneath My Ray!
In silence and in tumult your voices reach Our Summit.
Through the ocean�s mist the ray of the lighthouse is dimmed,
But Our Ray shines through all.
Our Ray shines bright, and in the silence of the ocean you can find Us. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 318. 1924

Thou with open ear,
Thou with open eye,
Thou who know Me,
Blessings unto you.
Let My Name be a forged talisman to you.
May the depths of Heaven be bountiful to you.
Blessings unto you.
Direct your eye like a falcon into the distance.
This is My counsel.
You, My disciples, behold!
Dream of the future and you will see the regeneration of the world.
Forget not compassion in your striving.
Understand Me.
Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture.
Through Beauty will you approach.
Understand and remember.
I have entrusted you to pronounce Beauty.
I bid you pronounce Beauty.
You, my daughter, said—Love.
And you, my son, said—Action.
And you, both, said—Beauty.
If you desire the gates to be opened to you, use My Sign.
I said Beauty, in combat and victory.
I said Beauty, and failure was covered by Beauty.
Mountains blossomed with Beauty.
And you must give entrance to the flowers of Beauty.
Let the children approach.
Bow before Him Who brought the Beauty of the great Universe.
Understand, there are no possessions—nor decisions,
nor pride, nor repentance.
There is one thing alone—Beauty.
And to you I say:
Guard, expound, and affirm this Beauty.
Therein lies your way.
With Beauty shall I meet those who will come to Me.
And they are already on their way. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 333. 1924

Fulfill successfully the work that is pleasing to Me and advantageous to you, a friendly work which makes My House ready. Gather the images of love. In love you will find the understanding of how better to adorn My House. Question your spirit as to what contents are befitting for My House. Reverence will prompt one how to manifest the beauty of the clean House. The manifestation of your labor is like flowers. I shall take not an obol, but I will requite a hundredfold. Illumination, I:VI:15.

The growth of the works is similar to that of lilies. Near a garden wall one white sister has hidden herself. She has no companions, but the stalks already carry the evidence of new ones. The incarnation as a flower is not often repeated. Some strive to the more massive forms of trees, but the charm of flowers is not always accessible, and one may not easily turn twice to them. There is no forbiddance against circumventing one of the animal incarnations by way of the plants. I would not say that the consciousness of many insects is superior to the consciousness of beautiful flowers. It is wise to outlive certain incarnations by sojourn as a flower. —Hasten, hasten! I will wait under a beautiful dome, and I will still be ahead of you. —Thus, the path of beauty shortens the road. Illumination, II:III:15.

Christ said: "Not in a temple, but in spirit shalt thou pray." Verily, religious prejudice is the worst vulgarity. Often even religious ecstasies result in more harm than good. Out of them the crowd has made a vulgar spectacle. Therefore, it is important to show the vitality of Those Who stand upon all rungs of the Ladder. It is time to cast off the diamonds which desecrate the holy Images. It is time to burn the relics, following the covenant of Christ. It is time to enter into the Temple of Spirit-understanding, consecrating one's forces which perfect the knowledge of the true power of spirit. Not in remote laboratories, not in monastic cells, but in life shall you gather the truthful records. Where Christ, not in the folds of a chiton but in the beauty of toil, gathers the seekers of the freedom of the spirit. Many times have saints returned to Earth because they had conveyed to the crowd too much of their exaltation instead of the structure of life. We are absolutely averse to monasteries, as they are the antithesis of life. Only the seminars of life, communities of the best manifestation of labor, shall find Our assistance. Indeed, through life one must attain. It is precisely the generally-accepted religiousness that is unnecessary. The facts of conscious Communion with the Abode of Light are needed. Let us say we wish to bring help, so we proceed consciously without magic to the practical Source. In this simplicity is contained the entire current secret, as yet so inaccessible to men who walk up to their waists in prejudice. It is difficult for them to understand simplicity, beauty and fearlessness. Illumination, II:IV:3.

Know how to meet the waves of life in beauty. It is not the receiving of sweet pastry but the forging of a sword; not sugared fingers but the strong hand of a warrior of spirit. To encounter the enemy without acknowledging him as such, and to reach the Gates without looking back—is Our way! We know the gait of the destined conquerors. Chiefly, do not jump along the way. The main thing is that We should rejoice at the steadiness of your pace. It is more fitting for the ray to illumine the walking ones than to leap after the jumping ones. People have been able to do much, but seldom did they know how to end in beauty. At dawn, at eventide, in advance and retreat, flying or diving, think about Us, the Watching Ones. The beautiful will also be the worthy. Must one open the pages of history to show giants at a loss how to step over a stream. Easiness was then obscured by unsightliness, and the mind faltered, losing appreciation of beauty. But the manifestation of complicated problems means to the mathematician only joy. And there remains the power of silence, which has already been spoken about. Illumination, II:V:8.

We see the march of predestined events and note the appearance of quiet figures who are seemingly detached from life, although We value them by their achievements. But their lives flow on amidst now a kind of detachment and now an achievement, which appears like a spark in the darkness. The subsequent as well as the early events pass utterly unnoticed. The throne, or the cell of a monastery, or the cobbler's nook have no importance; the previously accumulated aura accompanies this last path. Of course the aura expands, and, as it were, shields an unusual sensitiveness; but its quality no longer changes, and from early age one may distinguish these singular children, who carry their own world of manifestations of the spirit. Very rarely, almost never, do they limit themselves to a single specialty. Actually, the absence of specialty is characteristic; hands seem to be stretched out to the chalice. Looking into past lives, one may see representatives of religion, kingdoms, science, art and mechanics, waiting and prepared for the journey and ready to depart at any hour without regrets. The combination of a correct appreciation of the beauty of matter with a readiness to fathom the attainments of the spirit, brings the achievement to maturity. The turmoil of life no longer attracts, and of course there comes the realization that it can proceed no further in the same way. The achievement may be either comparatively transient or instantaneous. The realization of the necessity to express a definite action is brought from afar, and it is accomplished as simply as any daily deed. And so, the most difficult thing is to encompass both the rapture of matter and the manifestations of spirit. And how many wondrous quests have been delayed by a regret concerning matter, or by spiritual insulation. Sometimes the affinity of the spirit with matter is easily achieved; then one should look for the cause in the past chosen lives. The most extreme ascetic, who curses the beauty of the world, closes the Gates before himself. Likewise, the scientist who forgets about the Source deprives himself of flights into the domain of higher conquests. Children will grasp this simple condition, but many adults reject it as nonsense. Only by special ways of communication can those in the train of achievement move on. And to await the timeliness of that which the spirit considers and knows becomes so painful that it is as if the time had stopped, and some sort of conflagration had destroyed the accumulated wealth. Truly did Christ say: "You know neither the day nor the hour." He also revealed another truth in saying, "Why hast Thou forsaken me, O Lord?" This refers to the knowledge of the spirit. At the last moment, before the consummation of the earthly cycle, we sink into a seeming vacuum, in order that all the accumulated fires may flash out at once. By restraining the consciousness of the past the leap over the abyss is achieved. Illumination, II:V:17.

About the circles of keen sight and hearing. The first circle concerns the near ones and future events. The second is confined to current matters and to the near future. The third embraces the past which concerns the near ones. The fourth encompasses past events. The fifth is within the limits of the contemporary world. The sixth reveals the future of the world currents. The seventh contains all signs. One can be strong in the first circle without being able to grasp the next one. Therefore, it is better to develop the seventh circle, because all manifestations are accessible to it but without personal gravitative influence—without limitation by the personal, narrower, sphere. It is better when, following a personal sign, one can receive signs about coming events of nations, or glimpses of a cosmic order. One must know that amidst spirituality the realization of beauty lives but rarely. A sound understanding of beauty is the rarest quality, and will be valued by the Lords above many things. It is better to approach the great with difficulty than to master the small with ease. By a series of historical examples We will show the path of evolution. Illumination, II:VII:14.

The Mother of the World

Now, more about the Mother of the World. The Mother is Beauty; the world is self-sacrifice. Precisely by these two fundamentals are the Gates opened. The bridge between the planets, and the shortening of race cycles, rests upon these two fundamentals. Why the path of gradual progress, if a single flash of illumination can lift one over the boundaries? The one whose path is to a far-off world usually meets a messenger upon departure from Earth. The liberated one tells this messenger whether he prefers to embrace a new path or would return to help the Earth. Of course many prefer a new path, but there are some who decide to continue the path here. Verily, it is better to wait awhile in the vegetable kingdom and by-pass insects. One can even avoid a whole planet. Illumination, II:VIII:12.

When people leave they feel one of two ways: either that they have lived long in this place, which means that their aura had become attached to objects, or that everything has come to an end around them, which means that their aura is surging in aspiration. It is very important to distinguish these two kinds of people. Often by an external sign one can form an opinion about the fundamental category. Who then are My people? Those who do not feel any place to be their home; those who do not attach any value to objects; who love to ascend mountains; who love the singing of birds; who value the air of the morning hour; who value action more than time; who understand flowers; who display fearlessness without noticing it; who abhor gossip; who esteem the manifestation of the joy of beauty; who understand the life beyond the limits of the visible; who feel when one can partake of Amrita; who hasten to fulfill the prophecy. These, My people, can use My Power. As King in the Land of whirlwinds, I can send them a drop of dew from the tree Elgario, which reveals the life of the future. Illumination, III:II:18.

It will be asked: "How can you refer to a Creator Whom you do not know?"
Reply: "Historically and scientifically we know the Great Teachers who have created the quality of our consciousness."
"In recognizing the influence of the ideology of the Teachers, are you not restricting your freedom?"
Reply: "The quality of freedom is remarkable; if freedom exists at all, nothing can limit it. The body can be shackled, but nothing can diminish consciousness except ugliness. When we touch upon the heights of freedom, we must guard against ugliness. If we wish to exalt matter, we must think wisely about beauty."
In Beauty will Infinity be manifested. In Beauty the teachings of the Seekers of the spirit are illumined. In Beauty we do not fear to manifest the truth of freedom. In Beauty do we kindle radiance in every drop of water. In Beauty do we transform matter into a rainbow. There is no ugliness which will not be engulfed in the rays of the rainbow. There are no fetters which will not disintegrate in the freedom of Beauty. How shall we find the words to approach the concept of the universe? How shall we tell about the evolution of forms? How to uplift the consciousness to the study of fundamentals? How to stimulate humanity to scientific cognition of the worlds? Each realization is born in Beauty. Know how to think radiantly, and nothing terrifying will touch you. Remember, We have no forbiddances. Illumination, III:V:1.

Nirvana is the quality of assimilation of all actions. The saturation of all-inclusiveness brings you true knowledge, flowing from the tremor of illumination. Languages have no more precise definition of this process. Quietude is only an external aspect, and quietude does not express the essential nature of the condition. Buddha mentioned quietude, but only this external aspect was assimilated by his listeners. For to the people who heard him the idea of rest was very attractive. Action as something meritorious is too little understood. You like scientific construction—so do We. If you have heard the theory of vertical rings, the theory of waves, of magnetism, of attraction and repulsion, then you must realize that there exist on the Earth places of very diverse significance. Even dull-witted heads have pondered over the strange fate of many cities. The combination of a physicist, an astrochemist, a biologist, and an astrologer would yield the best answer without any mysticism. The construction of large cities ought to be cautiously planned. Least significant of all is contemporary politics, because this concept lacks scientific basis and beauty. Gauging the requirements of the future city, be not misled by an apparently broad concept; a trifle is often more indicative. Also, in selecting coworkers pay attention to details during small actions. Determining the essential nature of a man through the pupil of his eye, We surround him with habits of small actions. Least of all attach significance to words; they are as flowing waters. Small actions which saturate the whole life best denote the nature of a man—from them grow the large ones. We do not place much trust in chance achievements. From fear one can accomplish a deed of courage. Conscious actions are necessary; they alone lead to Nirvana. Illumination, III:V:7.

Two signs of the authenticity of the Teaching are: first, striving for the Common Weal; second, acceptance of all previous Teachings which are congruous with the first sign. It must be noted that the primary form of a Teaching does not contain negative postulates. But superstitious followers begin to fence in the Covenants with negations, obstructing the good. There results the ruinous formula: "Our creed is the best," or, "We are the true believers; all others are infidels." From this point it is a single step to the Crusades, to the Inquisition, and to seas of blood in the name of Those Who condemned killing. There is no worse occupation than forcible imposition of one's creed. Whoever wishes to follow Us must first of all forget negation and freely bear the renewed life without constraint of others. People are attracted by beauty and by luminous knowledge. Only that Teaching which contains all hope, which makes life beautiful, which manifests action, can promote true evolution. Certainly life is not a market, where one can make a fine bargain for entrance into the Heavenly Kingdom. Certainly life is not a grave, where one trembles before the justice of an Unknown Judge! In keeping with their opinion, scholars have proposed the ingenious consolation: "Man begins to die from the moment of his birth" —a scanty and funereal comfort. But We say that man is eternally being born, and particularly at the moment of so-called death. The servitors of distorted religions encourage their wards in the purchase of places in the cemetery, where through their advance arrangements they will lie more advantageously and honorably than others more indigent and hence undeserving of lengthy prayers. The incense for these poor ones will be adulterated and the prayers abominably sung. Ask people, finally, what authentic Teaching has enjoined this monstrous practice? Verily, we have had enough of graves, cemeteries, and intimidations! One may know how loftily the Teachers have regarded the transition to future manifestations, and least of all have They been concerned about a cemetery site. The attitude toward death is a very important indicator of the character of the Teaching, for in it is contained the understanding of reincarnation. I urge you to consider reincarnation strictly scientifically. If you can propound any other structure of the universe, We shall reserve for you a chair as professor of theology and promise you a first-class funeral; for indeed in the eyes of the enlightened you will have already decided to die. Read attentively the writings of the Teachers published by you, and you will be amazed at how unanimously in all ages They speak about the change of life. The Path of Light will appear when you venture to look scientifically and without prejudices. The daring ones are with Us—joy to the daring ones! Illumination, III:V:13.

Pure thought saturated with beauty points out the path to truth. The interdictions and the prescripts of renunciation in the Teachings were given in condescension toward a limited consciousness. But a broadened consciousness frees man from many fetters and affirms progress. Adorned lives allow departing freely and generously in order to return as victors. He who proceeds with a consciousness of beauty cannot be confused. Only confusion can bar the way. It is not quite correct to say that beauty will save the world. It is more accurate to say that the realization of beauty will save the world. One can walk through obstacles of ugliness toward a beacon of beauty, scattering seeds without number. When one can create a garden of beauty there is nothing to fear. There is no weariness when the garden of the spirit admits the newcomers. Community, 27.

You already know the usefulness of obstacles; you already know the advantage of disappointments. There can even be a usefulness of terrors. Indeed for Us and for you there are no terrors in the usual sense. On the contrary, a terror without fear is transformed into an act of cosmic beauty. Is it possible to think about beauty without a chord of rapture? At present We shout, We send signs of battle, but above all there is rapture in the face of great solutions. Courage opens all doors. "It is impossible," we utter ourselves; whereas, all that exists cries out, "It is possible." Each epoch has its own word. This word is as a key to the lock. Ancient Teachings continually spoke about a potent word which was contained in a precise and brief formula. Immutable, like a crystal of known composition, it is impossible to alter in any way the words of these formulas; impossible either to lengthen or to shorten. The guaranty of Cosmos is in the casting of these words. The absolute darkness itself shudders before the blade of the World Command, and it is easier for rays and gases to smite the darkness there where has struck the Sword of the World. Let us receive the command of the Cosmos not slavishly but tempestuously! Hence, the time comes when the Light-Force burns the darkness. The time is imminent, and the hour cannot be set back. It is possible to investigate the secret words of all epochs and see a spiral of piercing light. A legion of worms cannot alter the tip of the spiral, and obstacles merely intensify the ray of light. The law of reflexion creates new forces. And where the speaking one is silent the mute shall speak. Community, 58.

Each school must be a complete educational unit. In schools there must be a useful museum in which the pupils themselves take part. There must be a cooperative, and the pupils must also be taught such cooperation. All phases of art must be included. Without the paths of beauty there can be no education. Community, 104.

It has been repeated again and again�know how to find joy in eternal labor and in eternal vigilance. You have heard music and singing in Our Community. These must be looked upon as a part of the labor. Usually, under the influence of sounds people fall into psychic inaction and are even incapable of creating forms. This results from the custom of understanding repose as torpor. One can become accustomed to making use of art as a condensation of forces. A work of beauty can produce not only a heightening of activity but also a sharpening of forces. But one should accept this fact consciously and learn to make use of emanations of creativeness. Could a structure of a community be conceived without crystals of sound and color? Verily, this would be a mole's hole! The bearers of sound and color must bring into the community an unspilled vessel. Knowledge and creativeness will be the Amrita of the Community. It is impossible to glut oneself with knowledge; incalculable are the ascents of creativeness. In this infinity lies the stimulus of eternal labor. The worker may be saturated, and the watch is for him just the joy of conscious vigilance. One's being quivers in spirals of light, and light rings out. Indeed, creativeness is diffused throughout all labor, and some sparks of great �Aum" direct the current of life. That manifestation of creative power forms the nodes of evolution, and through it is fastened the thread of the Mother of the World, fastened in a labor of eternal action. One need not smile at Our language of the symbols of the East. The symbols embody a complex description of the properties of matter. We see no need of revoking a brief hieroglyph intelligible to hundreds of millions of people; the more so since these brief signs are beautiful. And you, people of the West, have the right to make from the lengthy also only the beautiful. Color and sound will be the Amrita of the Community. Knowledge will manifest an eternity of labor. Action surrounds great Aum. Community, 224.

How to awaken devotion? By goal-fitness. How to improve quality? By reverence for mastery. How to awaken creativity? By the desire for beauty. Agni Yoga, 67.

Have you finally learned to rejoice at obstacles? Can We be assured that what seems like an obstacle will multiply your resourcefulness tenfold? Can We accept you as conquering warriors? Can We send you the arrow of help, assured that you will catch it in flight? Can We pronounce the word of the New World in unison with you? Can We believe that for the sake of the beauty of creation you have burned your outworn garments? Can the Mother of the World entrust to your vigilance the texture of Light? Can the Lion hasten to your aid? Can the Light illumine your path? And finally, do you understand how to apply to yourself the given Teaching? Can We entrust to you the wearing of the given signs? Can We dispatch the ray of perfectment? Can We vouch for your vigilance? Can We construct a stronghold from your understanding of self? Can We rejoice at the steadfastness of your path? Can the Mother of the World call you just? Can the Lion become the protector of your dwelling? Can the Light bathe the new steps? Unbolt your doors! Victory is at the threshold! Agni Yoga, 72.

Express your prayers by devotional action. Know how to affirm the Teaching each day. Lose not one day, nor one hour. Know how to think of yourself as the creator of a whole world of action. Know how to apply all your forces to every action. Know how to bring the Teaching into every thought. Know how to array your forces as on a battlefield. Know how to feel gratitude as the union of joy and beauty. End with honor, because the end expresses the fire of one's accumulated achievement. It is a most heinous treason to know the Teaching and not apply it. Abuse of the Teaching is worse than death of the spirit, because by this act one exiles himself from cooperation and dooms himself to Saturn. Agni Yoga, 98.

At first you were both shown how the basic laws of matter work. You participated in levitation and in experiments with the materialization and teleportation of objects. These were performed not for amusement, but for the purpose of seeking serious knowledge. After that you were shown the astral world, but not for immersion in it. Expanding the consciousness, you received the ability to see auras and images of earlier incarnations. Having finished with the semi-material world, we then approached cosmic clairvoyance and clairaudience. Using the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, rays of different kinds and the structure of the most subtle substances could be shown. Thus we approached the realization of far-off worlds, which is close to the element of fire and therefore dangerous. That is why a period of treatment with cold was needed. The results were brilliant�because of having achieved the so-called prismatic sight, it became possible to perceive the granulation of Fohat without undue shock to the organism. Why is it important to experience the manifestation of Fohat? The granulation of this finest energy is at the basis of cosmic condensations. This means that it is precisely Fohat that is the father providing the impetus for the formation of new spatial bodies. He who attains knowledge of the far-off worlds will feel the strength and beauty of the crystals of Fohat. This is a difficult experience, and We rejoice for Urusvati, because the physical body is rarely capable of assimilating the finest energies. Agni Yoga, 145.

Phidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends: Pericles, Aspasia, Alcibiades and others.
Alma-Tadema, 1868, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Source
(It's possible the "The Great Pilgrim" is in this painting. Editor)

Urusvati knows the many different qualities that are required for self-perfectment. At times it is difficult to recognize their various combinations through intellectual reasoning alone. Let us take the example of Joshua, who was the leader of an unruly nation. Since his mission involved constant dangers, not only for him but also for the entire nation, he had to concentrate his will upon leadership, and could not allow himself to be distracted by basic theoretical tasks. Imagine a shepherd trying to lead his flock through a thicket�how many branches he must break and rocks he must push aside to clear the way! The shepherd's task is to bring his flock home before dark, and he is well armed for protection against the wild beasts that will threaten him on the way. Such is the role of the leader who must possess courage, decisiveness, aspiration, and self-denial. Now let us examine another path, that of the intellectual leader, the leader in creativeness, after whom a whole century of the highest achievements is named. We refer to the Age of Pericles, an era that is associated with the most refined manifestations. Science and creative power characterize this era. Pericles knew recognition and also the blows of Fate. He was surrounded by the finest intellects of his time, philosophers who left to humanity the legacy of an entire age of thought. The Great Pilgrim (Jesus) was a friend to Pericles, and highly approved of this unforgettable and brilliant era of knowledge and beauty. It is interesting to note how the finest spirits are brought together, so that later they may meet on the field of labor. One should watch attentively the accumulation of diverse qualities that will lead to creative work on a world scale. Supermundane I, 165.

Urusvati has developed her musical talent beautifully. This proficiency is achieved as the result of much labor in other lives. According to the Teachings of Plato, music should not be understood in the narrow sense of music alone, but as participation in all the harmonious arts. In singing, in poetry, in painting, in sculpture, in architecture, in speech, and, finally, in all manifestations of sound, musicality is expressed. In Hellas a ceremony to all the Muses was performed. Tragedy, dance, and all rhythmic movement served the harmony of Cosmos. Much is spoken about beauty, but the importance of harmony is little understood. Beauty is an uplifting concept, and each offering to beauty is an offering to the equilibrium of Cosmos. Everyone who expresses music in himself sacrifices, not for himself, but for others, for humanity, for Cosmos. Perfection of thought is an expression of beautiful musicality. The highest rhythm is the best prophylaxis, a pure bridge to the highest worlds. Thus We affirm Beauty in Our Abode. Urusvati has noted that the music of the spheres is characterized by a harmony of rhythm. It is precisely this quality that brings inspiration to humanity. People usually do not think about the sources of inspiration, but if they did they would help Our work greatly. You know about the special musical instruments that are in Our possession. Urusvati has heard them. The refined scale and rhythm of Sister Oriole should be acknowledged as the highest harmony. Often such singing has served to bring peace to the world, and even the servants of darkness have retreated before its harmonies. One should learn how to develop one's own musicality by all possible means. The heart's feeling is sensed not in the words themselves but in their sound. There can be no irritation in harmony. Malice cannot exist where the spirit ascends. It is not by chance that in antiquity the epic scriptures were sung, not only to facilitate memorizing but also for inspiration. Likewise, it is rhythm and harmony that protect us against fatigue. The quality of music and rhythm should be developed from infancy. Supermundane I, 42.

Urusvati is deeply aware of the significance of the creativity in people. We direct Our thought along the lines of cooperation and nationwide creativeness. It is time to realize that people's creativity is an inspired affirmation of their value. In all Our labor We allow time to inspire multiform creativity. Not only those who have dedicated themselves to art, but the entire nation should direct its thoughts to creativeness. Let daily life be created by the hands of the family. Let leisure time be filled with creativeness and let people sing, for the great power of harmony is contained in choirs. All the arts should be taught in schools. They should not be instilled forcibly, for every beginner can feel beauty in the manifestation of art. In addition, it would be wrong if only a small group of artists were to create and the fruits of their talents be mass-produced. Such mechanization would not help people. Everyone must try to serve creativeness. Let people love the sport of creativeness; a marathon of creativeness is immeasurably more lofty than a marathon of runners! It will be asked how We adorn Our Abode. Indeed, We do adorn it. Each one of Us was at some time an artist. One can draw from one's Chalice of accumulations and attainments many treasures of creativeness and express them in the various realms of art. If people would learn to know and to understand their former lives, they could draw much benefit from past experiences. But people do not know how to use their former achievements wisely. This simple truth requires an excruciating process of assimilation. It is almost impossible to tell people how to create by thought. They do not believe that strings can resound in response to the currents of thought. They do not believe that dry pigment can be gathered into harmonious images under the pressure of thought. And yet, people do know about the designs created in sand by rhythm. They admire the designs made by frost, and are not surprised when strings resound to distant rhythms. But thought produces the most powerful rhythms, and with such vibrations one can create. Do not consider Us to be magi or sorcerers when you hear about Our mirrors. It is concentration of thought that fixes the images. Thus, first of all, one must refine one's thought. Supermundane I, 53.

Urusvati knows that every Great Teacher is associated with healing and the arts. Only a few of the Great Pilgrim's Indications and Advice about healing are recorded in the Apocrypha, but one should not conclude that these few recorded miracles comprise all of His healing activities. There was much healing, mainly of two kinds, when people came to Him, or when He Himself would touch a person because He saw the onset of an illness. Often the ailing one did not understand why the Stranger had touched him. Such an act represented true generosity on the part of the Great Spirit, who, like a tireless gardener, sowed such seeds of goodness. His words about Beauty also do not appear often in the Apocrypha. The Teacher drew people's attention to beautiful flowers and to the radiance of the sun. He also encouraged group singing, for it is the most powerful method of achieving harmonious vibrations. The Teacher did not emphasize this specific aspect of music and singing, but simply advocated joy and inspiration. There were those among the disciples and followers whose lives were filled with misery and daily hardship. The Teacher would first help them by uplifting their spirits, and only when balance was established would He discuss their problems. He never condemned their past, but led them into the future. The Teacher could clearly see the future, but only revealed it according to the consciousness of His disciples. Nor did He hesitate to use severe words to revive the dead consciousness. Thus the Healer and Creator proceeded on His Way. Supermundane I, 151.

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