El Morya

And We Labor by Nicholas Roerich 1922. Bolling Collection, USA

Nicholas Roerich

"The first battle is between the free will and karma. Nothing can excuse man from taking part in the struggle between these two principles."
Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 161.

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on striving, work, karma and reincarnation.


I say, "Strive into the future." I say "Direct yourself to Me." I say, "Gather everything that will propel you above the crossing of the currents." The poison of the past, so We call merging into the past, which can evoke slumbering karmic affirmations. The past can temporarily deprive one of the accumulations of the present. Thus, our power multiplies when we transport our consciousness into the future. Every past symbol brings us back and creates the power of the crossing of currents. One must especially remember this law in the days of atmospheric tension. Therefore, reincarnations are mentioned very little in some teachings, in order to impel the directions still more into the future. It is good that you do not pronounce, and even try to forget, some names. One should not renew outlived vibrations. Heart (1932) - 151.

Not only is it difficult to assimilate the law of karma, it is still more difficult to perceive the elementary law of incarnation. Yet the scriptures of the most ancient times often spoke of such a change of life. Often have the dwellers of the Subtle World communicated to earthly people their tidings. Frequently people remember about their former lives. For whole ages reincarnations have been acknowledged, but later they were again forgotten and it was even forbidden to think about them. It is difficult to comprehend the reason for such a struggle against the evidence. Sometimes it would have seemed that the wise ones wished to turn their attention only to the future, but such wisdom would be one-sided. One should not deny the statements of children about their past lives. Essentially they know what has taken place around them. Especially nowadays there often will be rapid reincarnations. Many dwellers of the Subtle World are hastening to return, and herein is expressed the growth and acceleration of evolution. And in such quickening may be seen a rapprochement between the worlds. AUM (1936) - 97.

It may be understood why comparatively little was said about reincarnations in the ancient Teachings. On the one hand, enough was known about them; on the other, it would not have been useful to direct attention to the past. Only people with especially broadened consciousnesses can delve into the past without harm to their advancement. For a small consciousness, a glance backwards may be ruinous. People must be in a state of continual preparation for the future. Only in such a state of consciousness can they harmonize earthly life. Even in moving into a better apartment people select their best possessions, and no one takes his dirty rags with him. Just as carefully and worthily must man prepare for his dwelling in the Subtle World. AUM (1936) - 535.

The attitude toward death is a very important indicator of the character of the Teaching, for in it is contained the understanding of reincarnation. I urge you to consider reincarnation strictly scientifically. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 3.5.13.

Explain always that rapid reincarnation can be impossible to endure. Only the indefatigable travelers dare frequent sea voyages. For this, I teach you how to endure in spirit, without need of a permanent home. Agni Yoga (1929) - 312.

Indeed, not long ago the potato was regarded as the devil's apple. Let us not become proud, for these examples of ignorance are innumerable. One may even prefer the ignorance of savages, because they can be enlightened more easily on the possibilities of the distant worlds. Reincarnation itself remains a curiosity or superstition. All the indications regarding nature's laws do not as yet lead to significant conclusions. I do not repeat this for you but for the cowardly ignoramuses who seek to cloak crime with irresponsibility. How afraid they are of death! But at the same time, they fear also to cross to the other shore of the river. Sometimes it is necessary to disturb their ignorance. Those who slumber are often in need of a blow. Heart (1932) - 458.

Even among contemporary forms numerous animal-like men can be found. Such monstrosities are usually ascribed to a fright or shock experienced by the mother. But, notwithstanding many explanations, the principal cause is usually lost sight of. It may be understood that in the Subtle World certain entities are subject to fits of carnal desire. During these obscurations they sink to the level of the animal kingdom. Moreover, Agni declines to such an extent that the animal principles take possession of the fallen ones. Of course, with time, they can again ascend, but the animal contact is so powerful that it may be transformed at reincarnation into animal form. Sometimes heredity contributes to such animal-like rebirths, for base spirits prefer corresponding forms for themselves. And sometimes it is neither atavism nor heredity, but a deplorable lunge into the animal world, which imprints the seal of madness. Again it is instructive to note how the decrease of Agni permits the manifestation of animal propensities. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 624.

In the study of the history of faiths it is possible to observe how humanity has repeatedly grasped subtle conceptions only to forget and later cast aside that which had been cognized. One may see how in ancient times people grasped the law of reincarnation only to reject it again in a spasm of rage. The reason for this ecclesiastic denial is understandable - a caste was protecting its prerogatives, for the law of Existence threatened to equalize the rights of people. AUM (1936) - 264:

Frequently you hear absurd tales of how there occur simultaneous incarnations of one and the same person - a conclusion both ignorant and harmful. Deniers of incarnation make use of such fictions to dispute the possibility of reincarnation. Besides, they forget the reason - which somewhat lessens the guilt - namely imaginative invention. Certain people remember the details of a definite epoch; when they dream of being a well-known person, their remembrance of the dream molds the imagining of an incarnation. The resulting error is in the person, but not in the epoch. A child imagines himself a field marshal, and such a representation already sinks into his Chalice. AUM (1936) - 491.

When someone weeps at a funeral, there may be found one who deplores such ignorance. Likewise, if someone rejoices at such an occasion, people are indignant at a seeming madman. Thus, people cannot assimilate the relationship of earthly existence to the superearthly state of being. Many cases can be cited when people have seen their near ones of the Subtle World, but even such evidences merely remain listed as phenomena. It is impossible to convince people of the naturalness of the change of existence. They are forbidden to think about reincarnation, and they are agreed that they dwell on the edge of an unknown abyss. Yet each year brings the worlds closer together, and it is possible to increase the number of cases of evidence of memory of former lives. Already each one can cite many examples; all that is needed is an attitude of good will. AUM (1936) - 573.

Idiosyncrasies are inexplicable attractions or repulsions, and they appear as trustworthy evidences of reincarnation. No one can explain otherwise these irresistible feelings. It is vain to try to show them to be the effects of atavism, because it is possible to trace their independence of ancestral habits. The special force of such attraction shows that they are deeply implanted in a given individual. They are so firmly fixed in the consciousness that even hypnosis cannot overcome them. But if in individual cases the changes of lives were to be examined, then the attraction or repulsion would be found to be a natural effect of what has gone before. Thus, it is especially instructive to observe such inborn symptoms. They reveal both the capacities of the man and the kind of surroundings that are most favorable for him. Let us not forget that each plant needs its own soil; so, too, in the life of man, indispensable are the circumstances which are natural and peculiar to him. Brotherhood (1937) - 163

Urusvati understands the uniformity of law in all worlds. People usually think that the laws of the physical world do not apply to the spiritual world, but every event in life reminds one that the essence of a law is immutable. For instance, when climbing a mountain one leaves all unnecessary loads behind. Is it not the same in the spiritual world? A man falling from a height increases speed as he falls and not even the softest mattress will save the falling one. Is it not the same in the spiritual world? One can compare the foundations of all worlds and come to see the uniformity of laws. One should approach the Subtle World with this measuring rod. Some qualities may be less perceptible than in the physical world, whereas others will be exaggerated. In the lower strata lust is increased, and in the higher spheres the best qualities are enhanced. There, one's sense of duty grows, and is especially evident at the time of reincarnation. A high spirit does not resist moving naturally into a new life. It rejoices at the possibility of self-improvement, and actively seeks more difficult tasks in order to test its renewed consciousness. The high spirit strives to a difficult path, while the weak one clings to laziness and cowardice. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 83.

The Teacher [Jesus] did not speak about reincarnation to the people because in His country this truth would not have been understood. Even among the disciples very few could fully comprehend the Law of Reincarnation. Some sects knew about reincarnation, but the idea provoked strong arguments and the majority doubted, just as it doubts today. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 163.

Mark well the way in which people differ according to their attitude toward the doctrine of reincarnation. Some are able to accept the full justice of this Law, but to others it seems monstrous. Perhaps those who are fearful have vague memories of their previous deeds, and have good reason for their present fears. Thus one can note the division of humanity. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 378.

One may rightly ask why certain cogent ideas are so slowly assimilated by the human consciousness. For instance, it is astonishing that, despite much proof, the concept of reincarnation is such a difficult doctrine for most people. After all, one should understand that the realization and acceptance of this law by all people would signal an end to chaos, and transform the entire earthly life. Compare those who have accepted this doctrine with those who oppose it, and you will understand who is of Light and who is of Darkness! Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 388.

The linking of the consciousnesses of the Subtle World to the consciousnesses of those who reincarnate will be the next conquest; for Be-ness is in spirit, in space, between worlds, and on Earth there are only messengers of the transmutation of energies and of the transformation of matter. Thus, the duration of the lives of those who reincarnate is nothing compared to the existences in all other conditions. Heart (1932) - 80.

There are many combinations of personal, family, and national karma. One may ask if it is possible that an injustice committed against one person could affect a whole country. Indeed, it can, especially since many who are involved with one another reincarnate in the same country. Such conditions increase the responsibility of mankind. People acknowledge that physical characteristics are transmitted through the generations; it is regrettable that they are not aware that karmic traits can also be transmitted. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 304.

Urusvati is right in thinking that it is desirable to be reincarnated into different ethnic groups. This idea must be assimilated so that people will not attempt to cling to their own kind while in the Subtle World and deprive themselves of new tests and experiences. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 304.


Friends, Our answers are ready; but let the stream of Karma flow. Answers given too soon will, like a dam released, cause floods. Strive for unity of spirit. By pure thoughts strengthen the harmony of your spirit, that the Blessed Ones may reach you. The Light will fill your aura - guard it. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 1 - The Call (1924) - 58.

The path of virtue is not a singing of psalms, but labor and service. If Karma is violated, it will react against you. The travail of the spirit is the one ladder on the shortest path. The suffering of a decade is crowded into one day in the lives of the chosen ones. Better a full cup of misery than a life of mild sadness. Pay your accounts in the hostelries on the way, and with a bow they will carry your trunks onto the ships. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 1 - The Call (1924) - 232.

One's karma is of great importance, but of greater importance is it to be chosen. Karma is but the circumstance of the choice. Only the chosen ones are entrusted with a mission. The Smile of the Creator is the crown; not because of gratitude, but due to rejoicing in the fire of the heart. And above the heads of the chosen ones glows the sign of fire. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 1 - The Call (1924) - 266.

There cannot be mercy when the law of Karma must be fulfilled up to the sign. Karma will overtake one, but its quality may be altered by a voluntary sacrifice to unknown people. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 1.6.12.

Now, about karma. If to the realized burden be added the bonds of karma, then how hard it becomes to carry the whole unorganized thinking. One can alleviate this by cautiously avoiding contact with the nerve perceptions. But human thinking so easily unbalances the scales, only to throw off its weight, which drags one earthward. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 1.8.7.

Karma cannot complicate a harmonious body. Therefore, the path of ascent is of practical benefit. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.2.9.

Can the roar of a tiger possibly be worse than treacherous thinking? Not only for its actions but also for its thinking does humanity accumulate a grave karma. Thought inflicts tortures on the spirit, for there is no difference between word and thought. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.7.1.

Dreams and visions also are not miracles but a thread of life; that is, a knowledge of what is impending, revealed to such an extent as not to infringe upon karma. If people could without prejudice accept dreams and consciousness, the path could be improved. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.8.1.

The law of dates is as important as the law of karma. The law of dates controls the combination of skandhas. The spirit can correct the deficiencies of the physical body. The controlling factor is spirit. In so speaking, I have in mind spirits subject to karma and to the law of dates. The evolution of free spirits is a different one. We sill now approach closer to the question of the influence of karma upon the substance of the spirit in other spheres. This is important to know, as one should comprehend the distinction between consciousness and spirit-knowledge. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.12.3.

The law of karma and the law of dates are like the double-faced Janus - one gives birth to the other. Karma bears the fruit of actions and calls forth the date of manifestation. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.12.5.

Take note that personal karma, group karma, and cosmic karma must be combined - then will the date be correct. Often the development of a personal karma draws after it the group karma. Some spirits are ruled entirely by karma, which means that the knowledge of the spirit is at a minimum and karma is the sole possibility of evolution. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.12.5.

Have you noticed what a difference there is between action in compliance with an external order and that under the realization of an impulse? If I order water to be brought, the water may be obtained. But if he who draws the water is imbued with a realization of the necessity for doing so, then more than half the obstacles in the way will be removed. Therefore, We avoid external commands, preferring to guide the will in order that the consciousness should realize the need of action. Apart from obvious consequences, the karma created by this external command is important. New Era Community (1926) - 136.

The karma of one's actions cannot be compensated for by inaction. He who built a pyre to incinerate Truth will have to bend and remove each cinder. The command of justice neither burns nor smolders. It flares up, unexpected, and consumes the strongholds of obstruction. Agni Yoga (1929) - 114.

Often We are asked why We do not hasten to destroy a harmful entity. This must be explained clearly, especially since you yourself have a weapon for such destruction. I shall take the example of a physician. Often the physician is ready to cut away a knot of diseased nerves, but possible damage to a sympathetic center stays his scalpel. No being is isolated. Numberless are the layers of the karmic web that binds even the most disparate beings. In the flow of the karmic stream one can trace currents linking the most unworthy to the most worthy. Therefore the one who cuts must first anesthetize the channels that unite the streams of karma. Otherwise the individual destruction, even if justified, can cause harm to the whole. Thus the means for destruction must be resorted to with the utmost caution. Agni Yoga (1929) - 115.

When the Teacher severs His ties with a disciple, the ring received from the Teacher must be returned by the disciple. This should not be seen as a rare occurrence. The karma of obsession or weakness of spirit can easily set a barrier between the disciple and his Teacher. Self-correction by the one expelled can bring him back to the point at which the path was interrupted. The disciple must understand the need for haste and apply himself to this task. Agni Yoga (1929) - 124.

Energy and will are the true rulers of karma. He who renounces self, who strives for the Common Good, who is devoted in battle and joyous in labor, acquires, at least for a moment, an Arhat's enlightenment, which makes him lord of his own karma. The realization of enlightenment may be defined as straight-knowledge. True, this straight-knowledge may be lost, or may never be realized. These meteors of spirit race by in space, bearing away the happy opportunities of unconscious humanity. For the ignorant, an encounter with the elements is a fantasy. But you already know how often the elements are involved in the actual life of people. The Teaching has often pointed out the effect of physical manifestations upon the human organism. Energy creates a correlation between the elements and the tension of the human organism. Will is born from experience and an attention to the phenomena of existence. Thus, "insurmountable" karma can be subject to human influence. Agni Yoga (1929) - 127.

Let us see wherein lie the similarities and differences between Agni Yoga and the preceding Yogas. Karma Yoga has many similarities with it as far as earthly realities are concerned. But when Agni Yoga provides ways to the realization of the far-off worlds, the difference becomes apparent. Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga are all separate from the realities of routine life, and because of this they cannot enter into the evolution of the future. Of course, an Agni Yogi should also be a Jnani and a Bhakti, and the development of the forces of his spirit makes him a Raja Yogi. How beautiful is the possibility of being fit for performing the tasks of the future evolution without rejecting the past conquests of spirit! One should not boast of bringing innovation, because only by a synthesis of the old and the new is a renewal of possibilities attainable. Agni Yoga (1929) - 161.

Can one ascend and descend in isolation? Truly, no being can act without affecting his surroundings. Not only does he stir up the various layers of the atmosphere with each action but he literally drags his near ones with him. Man must realize his responsibility toward the universe. A person, with each elevation of the spirit, is of substantial aid to others. But a person falling in spirit may thereby even kill someone. Beyond the range of one's conscious thought flows a constant unconscious interaction, embracing wide circles, limited by the law of karma and the affinity of auras. Agni Yoga (1929) - 168.

It is karma, the fatiguing aftereffect of previous incarnations, that can bring not very savory fellow-travelers to us. But when each encounter is over, there comes relief, as when property belonging to others has been returned. No less than half of all earthly encounters take place because of past incarnations, in the way that cork figures are drawn together by application of electrical energy. The broad influence of karma brings about many complicated levels and degrees of relationship. To resolve them, it is better to pay than to receive; for each payment terminates a debt from the past, whereas receiving binds one again. Agni Yoga (1929) - 238.

Let us examine and apply ourselves fully to resolving the most important problems in life, and leave details to the flow of karma. One can often affect the direction of the main stream, but the details always carry the marks of predetermined karma. Though these details may have no great significance, they are what people usually remember and use as a basis for judgment. Also in the performance of one's tasks and experiments, one should not expect the details of their application and flow to be identical. What is evident means little. Agni Yoga (1929) - 304.

The results of karma are of two kinds - they may be connected with a particular time or they may be linked to a personality. Sometimes the karma connected with a particular time can also be linked to the personal karma. In no case, however, should one ever blame the Teacher for the karma. How can anyone have complete knowledge of all surrounding circumstances? For example, the Teacher may foresee the future of both types of karma, but if external circumstances have determined the form in which the karma will act, He cannot dissolve what has already been born in space. Its forms can be altered, but it cannot be destroyed. Here, also, a disciplined use of psychic energy can be of help, reinforcing the link between the time-related karma and the personal one. Agni Yoga (1929) - 391.

The Teaching about the Redeemers is relevant to everything that exists. For example, it is possible to influence and approach others by use of teraphs, and in a similar way, but by use of the consciousness, to take upon oneself the karma of others. During simple experiments in this, you observed that you were able to take over the pain of others when their nerves were afflicted. Similarly, it is possible to take on oneself someone else's karma, and ultimately, one could take upon oneself the collective karma of a people. Thus would the concept of a Redeemer become a reality. It would of course be necessary to determine the goal-fitness of such a responsible task. Agni Yoga (1929) - 417.

Karma is a most complex process. From the most casual, superficial action to the deepest level of motives, everything is varied in form and color. One should firmly ponder when it is possible and deserving to interfere in the karma of others. One can imagine cases of self-sacrificing and beneficial interference in the destiny of others. By the fires can the goal-fitness of interference be determined. The fires are the best indicators for this decision, since in them the inner consciousness is combined with the spatial consciousness. And nothing is equal to them in vitality; they are many-colored milestones, the product of a full understanding of surrounding conditions. You see how two abstract concepts, the Redeemers and the Fire of Space, become real for you! Agni Yoga (1929) - 417.

The teachings of the religions have always pointed to life in the hereafter, but those testimonies have lost their relevance. Formerly, miracles had importance, but now the consciousness is attracted to reality. The chain of incarnations is attested to by the ancient as well as by the latest teachings. In modern literature mention of the words incarnation and karma has become common. However, these truths have entered but little into human consciousness; otherwise it would have transformed the whole of life. The human mind prefers to burden itself with strange concerns, happily occupying itself with superfluous things. The human imagination has not been trained for fundamental ideas. However, just one hour of thoughtful talk can change the life of a child forever. Agni Yoga (1929) - 553.

It is customary to consider karma as the will and recompense determining the course of one's life. It is also customary to consider karma as retribution. But in its true significance, karma means labor. Do not limit the work of the laboratory of the spirit and you will see the results. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 20.

When a man rounds out his life path with realization that the goal of existence is preordained, it means that Cosmic Reason has transmitted to him its Ray. Realizing the many lives passed upon Earth, and safeguarding in the spirit that which is entrusted, brings one nearer by millennia. The flow of karma is cosmically beautiful. Cosmic essence affirms joy in the human heart, and in the heart of Cosmos, and in the heart of an Arhat. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 85.

The ignorance of humanity attracts a like formation of the cosmic manifestations which respond to the keynote of ignorance. Ignorance prompts humanity to the belief that the cosmic horizon is affirmed on a limited planet. Ignorance, preceptor of humanity, sees the planet as beginning and end; but reason indicates that such accepted formulae, confining Cosmos within narrow boundaries, will bring on catastrophe. Expecting an end, the human consciousness receives endless evidences of its karma and is perplexed over these calamities. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 88.

Great has been the discussion among scholars as to whether in Cosmos a return to the lowest state follows the attainment of the highest grade of development. It is wise to apply the understanding of karma to everything that evolves in Cosmos; not in the conception of karma customarily applied by humanity, that of a reward or settling of accounts, but of karma as the highest action which furthers evolution. All creative inceptions are predetermined by the law of this karma. Many inceptions do not apply to these laws, but the inception which takes place in realization of the karma of evolution lives in space and is carried forward by the currents of the Cosmic Magnet. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 310.

Karma, which is preordained by the currents of the Cosmic Magnet, also ordains the fiery inundation of Earth. When the centers of a flaming Agni Yogi are ablaze, it can always be ascertained that the subterranean and superterranean fires are strained toward manifestation. The process of the flame of the centers can so intensify various manifestations. When the Cosmic Magnet affirms a striving toward a definite point, it may be asserted that streams of karma are converging in that direction. When there is affirmed a merging of the Magnet with manifestations of the Fire of Space, the highest manifestation of Be-ness is made evident! Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 313.

Humanity should ponder over how it is clothing its monad. With what is this eternal seed being wrapped? People dwell too little upon this problem. Along the stretch of each round, one should trace the current of karma and its reaction. The predestined follows as a result of the accumulations gathered by the past deeds. These wrappings can stifle the voice of the seed, and the path of life can alter the preordained manifestation. The cosmic seed inherent in each being should be clothed with great care by humanity. Upon the aspiring seed is evolution built. And unlimited is the path of the power of the seed! Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 353.

When in antiquity purgatory and fiery hell were spoken of, certainly transmutation and karma were meant. When the laws were established, their meaning was known. Exactitude of knowledge was expressed in manifestation by the Cosmic Magnet. The knowledge of karma was asserted by the luminaries. Purgatory was put in the place of karmic striving. Purgatory in its present understanding was inherited from the law of transmutation. The fiery hell followed as the law manifested by karma. Karma and transmutation are inseparable! One principle predetermines the other, and the tension of the one evokes the striving of the other. Creativeness of great attraction constructs all cosmic principles. Only striving directed to the manifestation of Fire can yield the formula of reality. Humanity in its heedlessness denies this reciprocal law. Verily, karma and transmutation outline the evolution of the spirit. Space resounds with these laws, and only the law of the Cosmic Magnet directs the striving toward evolution. A sensitive ear will catch these harmonies. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 62.

Karma gathers the currents which are adapted to the affirmed improvement. When the spirit strains all efforts, the manifestation of the transmutation can develop the best possibilities. Only the adaptability to the karmic current provides the affirmed cosmic foundation. Thus, karma and striving give to humanity the essential impulses. Only the guidance of karma carries one to the step of Be-ness. Therefore, when man realizes the power of karma and strives to express the best aspirations, his path is parallel with the universal energy. The universal energy attracts the creative strivings. The future and the Infinite are thus being built. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 159.

The karma of misunderstood missions burdens one heavily. When the mission is affirmed as a striving toward Light, then the manifestation of striving is marked as under the law of the Magnet. Therefore, those who have understood the significance of karma can be affirmed by Our Pledge. All who have accepted the foundations of karma can act in conformity. Only the Pledge which has been cognized can cover all strivings. Thus, the karma which leads to the highest worlds is the highest step. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 160.

Each cosmic form is determined by its karmic tension. When the element of fire destroys a manifestation on the planet, it means that this place must be regenerated by fire. When the element of water submerges some land, it means that this place had to be purified. Thus, a cosmic shifting must strain into action new spheres. Of course, the human records should be carefully verified, because human deeds bring man to his fate. The planetary karma is impelled by the element of fire, the element of thought, and human deeds. Thus, We are propelling humanity to a better step. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 180.

The images of the spheres surrounding the nations represent the qualities of the stratifications. The spirit of a nation always preordains the substance of the future. The karma of effects vibrates around each nation; therefore, while the people strive so much after the foundations of Truth, only the elect advance by its channel. The conception of Truth is distorted above everything. Hence, when We say Truth, We call to the mastery of subtle energies and to the Cosmic Magnet. One can determine each national vibration. The truest indicator is the thought of a nation. The evidenced striving gives the key to cognizance of it. Thus, the national spirit builds the steps. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 327.

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! If people would ponder upon the fact that knowledge is the only salvation, there would not be a particle of the present suffering. All human sorrow is the result of ignorance. Therefore, every expansion of consciousness is cooperation with evolution. Every manifestation that obstructs the expansion of consciousness is antagonistic to evolution. Hence, the actions of the enemies are criminal and their karma is dreadful. Knowledge, let us reiterate, will put an end to the suffering of mankind. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 428.

What monstrous thoughts are speeding through space! What engenderments are obscuring the Voice of Light! Humanity does not ponder upon the thought forms which man himself has to redeem. Space is impregnated by men's thoughts, and everything is being correspondingly attracted. Consequently, the engenderments of thought spin the Karma of humanity, and the quality of action is in conformity with the striving. Thus, humanity must strive limitlessly to redeem itself. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 497.

Mean thoughts have been compared to crawling reptiles. Nothing is more analogous to this scum of the consciousness. Can one sit calmly in an armchair, knowing that beneath him crawl poisonous snakes and scorpions? One must free oneself from reptiles, and primarily on the path to Hierarchy. Condemnation of and blasphemy against the Lord are irreparable. Thus, each one who condemns the Hierarch must remember that his levity and crime will infect his karma for many ages. Verily, if there is only one way - through the Lord - to the one Light, then only extreme ignorance will allow destruction of this single path. One must assert striving to the Highest as the essence of life and assume a reverent attitude toward this salutary striving. By belittling the Hierarch one may condemn oneself and inflict perilous harm on many near ones. It is time to remember this! Hierarchy (1931) - 57.

Motion into the future is similar to the movement of a flame. It is amazing how the fire, at times visibly and at times invisibly, lives, while vibrating and preserving the balance of the world. Thus let us strive into the future, because sustained by the fiery element we shall not fail. But the fire can be invoked only by an action of the spirit. Thus, let us apply the higher laws to the earthly plan. One may even change karma, which means that one can change all earthly conditions by striving into the future. Apply My Command to life. The particles of precious energies adhere only to him who strives. Hierarchy (1931) - 291.

Sometimes one can demonstrate the most complex laws by means of the simplest apparatus. The law of karma is complex, but take the Ruhmkorff coil or any other electric coil and you will get a graphic image of karma. The current runs along the spiral uninterruptedly, but the protective winding is subject to all external reactions; moreover each thread contacts the thread of the preceding round, carrying upon it the consequences of the past. Thus, each hour changes karma, for each hour evokes the corresponding past. Thus, one can contact the entire line of past experiences. Hierarchy (1931) - 294.

The same graphic example shows how the seed of the spirit is unharmed; and striving to the heights it sustains its shell without fearing the past. Verily, karma is frightening only to those who are plunged into inaction. But a striving thought is liberated from the burden of the past, and like a heavenly body is impelled forward without retracing its path. Thus, even with a difficult karma, one can achieve a useful liberation. Hierarchy (1931) - 294.

It is asked why We so often delay in destroying the enemies. There are many reasons. Let us name two the first - karmic conditions. It is easy to harm the near ones by touching an enemy bound to them by karma. This may be likened to most delicate surgery when a surgeon does not amputate a sick limb because of the danger attendant upon severing an artery. With the karmic bonds the interacting relationship is unusually complex. We consider it more useful to insulate the dangerous fellow traveler than to obstruct the entire caravan. The second reason is that enemies are the source of tension of energy. Nothing can so greatly increase the energy as counterattack. Therefore, why invent artificial obstacles when the dark ones attempt with all their strength to increase our energy. Hierarchy (1931) - 319.

It is generally known that before the beginning of Satya Yuga the scroll of karma rolls up with especial rapidity. It may be asked why, then, many crimes and blasphemies remain seemingly unpunished? There are many reasons. The first, people prefer to judge by thunder rather than by lightning. The second, one may not notice how gradually the circle of events revolves. The third reason lies in the motive and in old karmic bonds. Thus, only a subtle consciousness can feel how, behind some undesirable action, there is concealed not a bad motive. But the reverse also happens when an action which is not apparently bad is the result of an inadmissible thought. When I speak of spatial justice, I have in mind the law of equilibrium. The Chalice will reflect each wavering of the spirit. Hierarchy (1931) - 364.

Each spirit creates its own karma. Each nation builds its own Karma. Certainly nations are looking for a leader, because even an established prestige cannot sustain those people who think erroneously. Neither gold nor vulgar, glamorous names, nor piles of inapplicable counsels will save a nation. Verily, the fiery thought, the fiery spirit of the leader will provide new ways. Therefore, let the star of the Spiritual Leader shine brightly at the time of cosmic perturbations. Thus, let the great Realm of Light rise upon the ruins of the old world. Hierarchy (1931) - 417.

Kanchenjunga. by Nichoas Roerich 1944.

El Morya's Etheric Retreat "The Temple of God's Will," is in the vicinity of Kanchenjunga

Three circumstances can burden karma especially. The first - the denial of the Teacher; the second - the suspicion that the contact with Hierarchy can bring harm; the third - shrinking from a mission of responsibility. Only the heart can whisper the beginning of denial, of suspicion, of retreat. He who has many times betrayed the Teacher begins in madness to assert that he never even thought of treason and did not think of retreat; an obscured mind may invent a thousand justifications to conceal that which has long since been inscribed in the scroll of karma. It is better not to approach than to manifest apostasy! The night is not dispelled for the apostate! Yet this is not a punishment, it is but the consequence of the sowing! The heart knows how to discern the seed of treason. Heart (1932) - 59.

The accumulation of experience, which is of such great importance, always reminds one of an example from early childhood. A child does not realize the properties of fire until it has burned itself. Of course adults smile superciliously at this example, but they carry on their own experiences by the same methods. Nothing will induce humanity to apply more sensitive methods. Of course, they will be astonished as to why the consequences of many of their misfortunes are so lengthy and poignant. One may be certain that each action is considered necessary for redemption. This again is not a punishment but the acquisition of experience, and one can marvel at the precision of the scale of karma. There is nothing that can reproach this great balance. The corroboration of the tension of the cups of the scale depends upon the heart; it can overflow, uplift, and it can evaluate the worth of accumulations. Thus, let people vigilantly watch their own vindication, which lies in the heart. It is not without cause that among the definitions of the heart there is also that of the vindicator. Heart (1932) - 202.

The case with X. is unusual. Of course the karma is paid; but there remains the so-called husk of karma, and such a circumstance is greatly valued by the demons. Nothing so greatly multiplies wrath as the mirage of karma. It always seems that the one who has paid karma still has a debt and this ignites wrath. We have many differentiations in karmic ties. It can be observed how, with the ages, one personality rises and another descends; what, then, can occur with the linking thread during such a separation? But the demons utilize the karmic husk in order to attack more strongly. Heart (1932) - 272.

You will be confronted with the question - Why does the manifested help appear precisely upon the brink of the abyss? There are many causes for this, among them karma and the desire for self-perfectment, yet from another angle, the cause lies in the tensity of heart energy. For cooperation with the Highest Forces tensity of the heart is needed, but it usually begins only when the tension reaches its extreme limit. This means that if the heart energy were manifested as it should be, cooperation would be achieved earlier. Thus we arrive again at the education of the heart energy. Let us remember that this education should begin with the minutest sensations and the most usual actions. This circumstance complicates the situation, because people usually like to say, "Let me fight a giant, but spare me from catching fleas." Yet giants are rare, whereas fleas are innumerable. One must pass through these dark swarms. The house has to be protected from them. The venom carried by the giant is less than that of the flea. Furthermore, the appearance of the giant evokes unusual courage; yet courage is also necessary against flies and fleas, and usually people suffer from flies rather than from giants. Heart (1932) - 497.

The family is indicated in all Teachings as the pillar of the entire future. Verily, in addition to all other meanings the family is the nursery of karmic ties. Thus, the Teaching would not be complete without affirming the significance of the family. The family should be regarded as the hearth of conscious understanding and cooperation. Humanity can meet upon cooperation, and this quality will bring one to the realization of Hierarchy. One should not ignore karmic laws. Though to the cross-eyed these often may not be apparent, yet to the honest observer it is proved daily how the bonds of karma act. But in reality these bonds should be wings. The law has forevisioned joy and progress, but not chains. Thus must one understand the law of life's foundation. But what, if not the heart, will remind us of the dates of karma? It is precisely the heart which will contract and quiver and open when it senses the wing of the law. Therefore, once again let us revere the heart. Heart (1932) - 549.

Soulless beings are known to all. This is not a figure of speech but a chemical reality. It may be asked, Do these people incarnate in this deplorable state? The question indicates ignorance of the fundamentals. No one can be incarnated without a store of fiery energy. Without the torch of Agni, no one enters the physical world. The squandering of Agni takes place here, amidst all the wonders of nature. To dissipate Agni it is not at all necessary to commit any violent crimes. From various Teachings we know enough about even the reformation of robbers. Ordinarily the dissipation of Agni occurs in everyday life when the spirit slumbers. The accumulation of Agni is arrested by trivial actions. It must be understood that the benefaction of Agni grows naturally, but when darkness blankets the process of perfectment, then the Fire imperceptibly - though it can be chemically proven - departs from the worthless receptacle. Beautiful is the law of eternal motion, either evolution or involution. Beautiful is the law that permits each incarnate being to have within him eternal Agni, as a Light in the darkness. Beautiful is the law that, even in spite of karma, issues Light to each wayfarer. Beautiful is the law that does not prevent the growth of the fiery garden within one, even from the age of seven. Though these first blossoms be small, though they bloom in very small thoughts, they will be a true inception of the future trend of thought. What a multitude of beautiful thoughts are born in the heart of a seven-year-old when the dim images of the Subtle World have not as yet disappeared from the brain and the heart! Dissipation may also begin then if the soil of the plant proves to be rotten. In case of such depletion it is possible to help much, or, as it was said long ago, to "lend Fire." This lending takes place also in the very smallest actions. Thus, already thrice have I reminded about crumbs. From these sparks grow huge fires. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 183.

One may wonder at times why and how people can meet again after many incarnations. There are many reasons for this, but the principal one is the Cosmic Magnet. One may notice that people are attracted precisely through a sense of karma; nothing can hold back the debtor. But earthly concepts make it difficult to coordinate Infinity with the manifestation of karma. How great must be the attraction in order to hold such divergent energies in conformity! Moreover, one side will always try to escape, but the law will lead it to the immutable realization of inevitability. In this one can observe a psychic attraction that only proves the oneness of the basic law. People also find it difficult to accept the fact that incarnations vary according to psychic principles and not according to earthly distinctions. Not many will understand that a king may find himself a laborer, and a shoemaker may become a senator. But the concept of Agni solves the riddle of change. The change of existence is assigned according to Agni. The fiery energy conveys to us the superterrestrial actions. We do not value earthly revolts in the form of murders - enlightenment alone is the real victory of Agni. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 640.

Actually it is inadmissible to try to alter Karma willfully or forcibly. The Lords of Karma add each violence to the chalice of condemnation, but They can lighten Karma where perfectionment and offerings are without end. Thus do we lighten the paths to the Fiery World, when we are willing to do the best possible. It is not for us to measure what is best, but the heart's desire leads to the radiance of the gates. Restrain each thought about self, but permit the heart to lead along the shortest path. The heart has been given as the focal magnet to the Fiery World. Not without reason do many hearts grieve, both on the Earth and in the Subtle World. Of course the nature of the heart is fiery, and it sorrows at all obstacles which prevent its return to its native land. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 137.

Some may wonder why the signs from the Subtle World are so strange and why they require pondering and interpretation. The reason for this is the law of Karma. Precisely reflection and explication stimulate self-activity, and, thus, they lighten and even do not produce Karma. Consequently, the stronger the attentiveness and resourcefulness, the more easily interpreted are the given signs. The Lofty Beings do wish to give hints toward a great many things, but the mental distraction of people prevents these precious Counsels from reaching them. Not only in sendings from the Subtle World but also in earthly existence, parables have been adopted, as a means of indirect indication. But history sets forth many instances of non-acceptance of the most urgent counsels. Not without reason was attentiveness so developed in antiquity; it even constituted a study in itself. But nowadays not many understand the significance of vigilance; for others guidance is required in the sharpest, and repeated, instructions, which cannot but have an effect on Karma. But only the fiery heart will comprehend the hidden meaning of subtle signs. Let the co-workers grasp the fact that each sign has its destination. So many Lofty Beings send supplications and hope that they will be understood. There have been whole epochs when the subtle understanding was strengthened and sharpened, but later a bloody mist condensed anew, and the refined perceptions became coarse. Just now many attempts from the best Strata of the Subtle World are being rendered futile by the dark forces. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 178.

Often people inquire how to deal with the wills of departed ones. Often such commissions do not coincide with the convictions of the executors. Excepting fratricidal commissions, it may be proposed to carry out everything else. One should not take on another's Karma, the more so since the departed ones continue to develop energy in the direction taken by them. It is truly very difficult to alter a conviction that continues over into the Subtle World. Therefore the fulfillment of testaments is very useful for the harmony of currents. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 297

When I Say - Beware! - it means you must intensify all vigilance of the spirit. It is unwise to strive in only one direction; by this one only limits oneself. The battle requires vigilance in everything. Ancient warriors used to say to the enemy - "If you kill me, so much the worse for you. In Heaven the battleground is more favorable for me and there I shall retaliate." Thus, in their own way did the ancients express the eternity of life and of Karma. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 368.

Karma is action - it cannot be defined otherwise. Some think is possible to define Karma as effect, but this would make it like a retaliation, and this would belittle the law. He who walks by the right path will arrive at his goal. Each deviation will lead away from the direct path, and people will begin to talk about a heavy Karma. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 395.

How sublime is the law of Causality! In it is contained the answer to every question. The human mind is confused by the problem of misfortunes, but the law of Causality brings one to the law of Karma. Man is exasperated at calamities, but the law of Causality points out to him the sources of same. Man is bewildered by strange disturbances of equilibrium, but the Cosmic law invokes Higher Justice. He who is aligned with the law of Causality in his spirit, is already allied with Truth. If schools and churches would proclaim the law of Causality, the consciousness would be then on a higher level, as that which is separated from the foundations of Existence, cannot advance. It is right to affirm that a primary cause cannot exist without the one Fire of Being; and Cosmic Construction proceeds in like manner, uniting those things which by right belong together. Thus, everything is unified in the Cosmos. The law of Causality must be accepted in all its might. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 47.

The destruction of many countries is strongly intensified; the entire earthly battle is accompanied by mighty conflicts in the Higher Worlds. All who know the significance of a nation's Karma can realize what is taking place. It is necessary to reflect over those events which are shaking the World. It is easy to see that the dark clouds blanket many horizons. Events in each departing order point to that future which will replace the present. Cosmic magnetism is purifying and assembling new forces. Shadows of darkness hover over the displaced countries. Where the equilibrium is not established within a short space of time, there clouds gather which will decide the fate of the dark countries and their leaders. National Karma is intensified in the West and in the East. From the North comes a New Light. The South is atremble from subterranean fire. Thus is solved the Karma of the nations. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember that national Karma is being solved by powerful events. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 76.

Karma is diffused in all actions, in all Worlds. In the same way as Karma can be hastened, it can be as well prolonged. A deepening of Karma is reflected not only upon the succeeding life. All intermediate states are also affected in an aggravation of Karma. The Subtle World is closely held in bond with the earthly, and it is necessary to intensify thinking in this direction. He who understands the meaning of the connection of the two Worlds, will be careful of his earthly actions. Care toward all energies is of assistance to the striving spirit. A chief impediment is non-understanding of the truth of spatial life; that all is transmuted, all is atoned for. Correctly has it been pointed out about the law of Karma; indeed, about the law of Karma unto infinity. Precisely, aspiration reaches into infinity; and so also do possibilities. On the path to the Fiery World let us affirm a conscious relationship to the law of Karma. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 99.

The distribution of people according to auras and to mutual attraction is a scientific truth, but for scientific investigations it is necessary to apply subtle discrimination. Where the cognition of the heart is aglow, there will be discrimination. Where the cognition of the heart is inactive, so also inactive will be the fiery energy. It is necessary to feel how there are gathered around the fiery heart those who have been drawn to it by the striving toward Fiery Service. The attraction of the magnet of the heart acts as a law; it must also be remembered that each life of the heart attracts those who reveal kinship of spirit. Life which is thus begun is extended in the supermundane spheres. Thus can be easily explained each Karmic manifestation. People do not reflect much on this law; and the World does not so much suffer from various calamities as it does from the breaking of this great law by the intrusion of human errors. Intrusion on the harmonious arrangement is always manifested in a derangement of Karmic effects. Many inexplicable misfortunes have been evoked by Karmic violations. In history one can trace how kings have been deprived of their most faithful servants, how generals have lost their troops, and spiritual guides their disciples, through some fearful intrusion into the connecting Karma. Let us deliberate, on the fiery path, about the invulnerability of Karma for the sake of advancement. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 102.

Forces manifested for the Service of Light do not invade Karma, as some who are not initiated into the power of Karma think. The Forces of Light observe human actions, giving the direction but not invading life. Many are the examples of this. Messengers appear, warnings are sent, the direction is given and the paths pointed out; but the choice of designated affirmation is determined by the human will. In this way appears the manifestation of cooperation between the two Worlds. Precisely, self-activity of the spirit can bring near a better Karma. Thus it can be explained why the Forces of Light do not stop the spirit from certain actions which violate often that which has been ordained. Often people are perplexed as to why the other paths are not indicated. Likewise they wonder why the Sendings are affirmed through various channels? They wonder why the Forces of Light do not ward off different currents. Let us reply. "The Forces of Light never invade human Karma." This law must be remembered on the path to the Fiery World. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 104.

The condition of the spirit during the crossing into the Subtle World is subject to the state of the consciousness. Withdrawing from life with the most subtle striving, the spirit is unable to harmonize its vibrations, and thus for a time remains within earthly limits. Yet not only does the sojourn in the earthly state place a burden on the spirit, but, indeed, the conflict between physical emanations and flashes of the higher magnet makes the dwelling of the spirit in the lower strata very burdensome. The feeling of hopelessness which man so sharply senses gives rise to many torturing experiences. Indeed, hopelessness becomes the lot of him who lacks refined aspirations. While on the earthly plane man can atone for his Karma, but in the Subtle World man is dependent upon his aspiration. Space is filled with ones who have not expiated their Karma on the earthly plane. Thus, the exalted spirit knows not these fiery torments. Refinement of the spirit is the key to the Gates of the Fiery World. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 307.

Least of all does humanity understand the indissolubility of Karma, whereas this cosmic law is applicable to every manifestation. Actually, man is not only a monad concluding its evolutionary path; he is a part of the Monad of the Cosmos. All the monads which are conceived in the one Monad of the Cosmos carry responsibility for the existence of the entire Universe. The bond between man and the manifestations of the Universe is mutually nurtured, and thus it is important to recognize how one generator of evil retards all advancement. The course of events indicates to what an extent history repeats itself. At the root of this lies the manifestation of the same monads. Indeed, the Karma of great construction points out the indissolubility of the bond between the prince of darkness and humanity. The fall of powerful foundations is inevitably reflected on mankind. But the resurrection of the spirit can mean resurrection of every manifestation of life, including even the fallen Angel. On the path to the Fiery World one must reflect upon the indissolubility of the paths of the monads with that of the Cosmos. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 312.

The condition of the planet is so catastrophic that only the most intensive action will hold people back from savagery. Those who assume the Fiery Vigil of cosmic events can only keep guard over this saturation in unparalleled tension. In the defense of humanity it is necessary to contend with manifestations of imperfection, faint-heartedness and fear. The Karma of humanity consists of a mosaic of the most terrible atonements. Only the fiery guard of Hierarchy will save humanity. On the path to the Fiery World let us assemble all the best swords of the spirit. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 314.

The order of life has become so disconnected from the Cosmic Magnet that all human products tend toward monstrous forms. The development of forces has proceeded by a channel directed to destruction. Thus millions of dark souls are being incarnated; souls which have lost the bond with the spirit. For many centuries multitudes of souls have striven toward a way of life rather than being; and life has been directed by these desires. Each action is reflected in the Karma of the World, and the salvation of humanity can come only from inner realization. For this alone it is necessary to awaken the best energies, for Cosmic Justice is manifested there where there is attraction. There is no escaping Karma; there is no transmutation of energies without tension of the will. On the path to the Fiery World let us strive for realization of the immutability of the law of Karma. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 323.

Fanaticism pertains to the most violent manifestations of cruelty. Other manifestations in the Cosmos which appear so destructive cannot be compared to fanaticism, for this feeling destroys the heart, it destroys all exalted feelings. Verily, Satan himself saturates the world with fanaticism. Truly, the crimes of destroyers do not compare with the frightful blasphemies of fanatics. The actions of fanatics contribute to the dissolution of each higher Teaching; for the Karma of these godless ones, under the mask of faith, affirms the most horrible destruction. The conditions of life reveal the process through which such Karma creates. Truly, these fanaticisms cause streams of blood to flow. The construction of the New World requires regeneration of the consciousness. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 330.

Waves which engulf nations arise out of the national Karma. In Cosmic Construction each epoch leaves its waves in space. When the date draws near for magnetic attraction, all waves begin to act - thus Karma is unavoidable. When in ancient Scriptures it was said - "All is from the Heavenly Father," by that precisely the law of Karma was voiced. All is created according to these waves, which depart into space and preserve an everlasting bond with the planet. The bond between Worlds, supermundane and earthly, is conditioned by these waves. The records of space consist of these waves, and nations create their own historical redemptions. The realization that everything passes into the waves of space can awaken best aspirations. On the path to the Fiery World let us manifest a striving for the betterment of the national Karma. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 353.

Astrology is a great science, but it can be ruled by the forces of thought. Thought can indeed have a significance in astrology. Thought creates; thought is a chemist; thought even has an influence on Karma. With such powerful laws does thought contend. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 609.

Not only is it difficult to assimilate the law of karma, it is still more difficult to perceive the elementary law of incarnation. Yet the scriptures of the most ancient times often spoke of such a change of life. Often have the dwellers of the Subtle World communicated to earthly people their tidings. Frequently people remember about their former lives. For whole ages reincarnations have been acknowledged, but later they were again forgotten and it was even forbidden to think about them. It is difficult to comprehend the reason for such a struggle against the evidence. Sometimes it would have seemed that the wise ones wished to turn their attention only to the future, but such wisdom would be one-sided. AUM (1936) - 97.

The sound of words should be beautiful, such harmony also produces exalted thinking. It is inadmissible to disregard any means of uplifting the consciousness. Foul language, as an infection of space, brings debasement of the whole intellect. Ugliness in all its aspects is a dangerous malady. For humanity's sake one must understand where is cure and where dissolution. It is time to cognize the purification of earthly existence. It is inadmissible to disturb space with curses that unexpectedly smite innocent beings. An arrow loosed in a moving crowd can strike a blameless one. Likewise, during thinking one can strike where karma has prepared a weak spot. Perhaps, without such a blow, karma could have somehow been altered, yet the misfortune of the blow can smite undeservedly. Therefore, people must understand their responsibility for each word let loose. Brotherhood (1937) - 394.

Around the concept of forgiveness there is a great lack of understanding. One who has forgiven someone assumes that he has accomplished something out of the ordinary, whereas he has merely preserved his own karma from complications. The forgiven one thinks that all has been ended, but, of course, karma remains ahead of him. True, the forgiving one did not intervene in the karma of the forgiven one and thus has not made it more burdensome, but the very law of karma remains with both participants. The Lords of Karma can alter this to a certain extent if the fire of purification flashes out brightly, but such a flame cannot easily be set alight. Brotherhood (1937) - 445.

Many learn about one of their distinguished incarnations and fall into pride. It is even worse when people glean from false accounts certain fantastic traits of character, and begin to emulate them, thus obscuring their path. Every old spirit has had some distinguished incarnations, and gained knowledge of leadership. However, of the many needed qualities this ability is not of primary importance. The persecuted learn more than the persecutors, and all domains of hard labor are rife with discoveries. Tests are strewn at every crossroad. I speak of this because We, too, have encountered all tests. We have forgotten the pain, and the suffering has turned into joy. Our tormentors are themselves struggling somewhere and ascending through labor. Our Abode could not exist if We thought of threatening Our tormentors. The Law of Karma flows immutably. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 35.

There are many kinds of cruelty inflicted upon people and animals. It should be remembered that the karma of torturers is very heavy. The barbaric consciousness should be made to understand what is permissible and what is not. Few torments can be excused by claims of legality. One may feel the power of the sunrise and store up the solar prana, but immeasurable patience is also required to fight cruelty. We have continually before us examples of the most refined cruelty, as if people had agreed to burden the karma of the planet. Thus, not only war and revolution, but school and family life are filled with mean cruelty. One must realize how much torment and pitiable cries reach Our Abode. Everyone must be helped. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 58.

Urusvati, through her straight-knowledge, discerns superhuman action. Let us examine the different kinds of human action. There are actions of free will, karmic actions, and actions performed under the influence of obsession. But there can be special kinds of action that do not fit into these categories. We call them superhuman actions. Chosen people fulfill Our missions, consciously applying their best will and abilities, yet their actions do not originate from free will or from obsession. Nor can they be called karmic actions, for in them karma may have been exhausted, or new karma started. Comparing all these, one may come to the conclusion that such action is a special expression sent by Higher Forces. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 59.

Urusvati has observed correctly that most of those who strive toward Us lose interest when they hear about Our labors. But We do not force Our call on anyone. Only one who is led by karma to the Great Service can become a trustworthy co-worker. One cannot impose a love for labor. Any coercion in this domain will only provoke aversion. He who knocks should be welcomed, but to gather idlers from the bazaar is not wise. Everyone can observe that friends approach by special paths, and neither ancestral nor racial considerations have any meaning. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 66.

There is a difference between the karma of aggression and that of defense. It can be shown how aggressors suffer the most grievous consequences and how terrible their condition is in the Subtle World. People delude themselves by thinking that great conquerors do not reap bad karma during their earthly lives. But karma has its own timely approach, and does not show itself immediately. Life is continuous, and the wise ones understand their lives as a single necklace. Aggressors burden their karma not only by killing but also by polluting the atmosphere, which occurs during war. The poisoning of Earth and of the other spheres is long-lasting.You who intrude into the lands of your neighbors, has no one told you the consequences of your fratricide? Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 88.

We have often been accused of being interested in insignificant events while being deliberately indifferent to important ones. To this We say, "You of little faith, where are the scales on which you can weigh with such precision the events of the world? Can you assume the right to judge nations and the actions that fulfil their karma?" Even individuals must be judged sparingly. Karma is made amidst storms and tribulations, and the inevitable takes its course. The country that yesterday was a giant may be a dwarf by tomorrow. Such destiny may amaze people, but We can see the chain of causes. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 100.

People may feel that for some reason they cannot start doing anything. Such a mood is caused by a change of rhythm. One's inner consciousness may have already assimilated the future, but the mechanical routine is the result of the hypnotic effect of Kali Yuga. This is a state of divided consciousness, which also affects the general rhythm of Our Work. Various calamities threaten Earth. Karma works intensely. It must be realized that the karma of the Devas is also accelerated. Thus the forces are intensified during the change of Yugas. Let us be aware of this and let us fill our hearts with courage. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 106.

What merit is there for the student who repeats Our words without applying his own effort? Consciousness is enriched only in the process of right thinking, and mechanical repetitions cannot lead to the new synthesis. One should observe how We lead thought without interfering with independent activity. We show the way, and point out the possibilities without violating karma, but each turn of the path must be recognized by the person himself. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 126.

Our Brother V. remembers that He once foresaw an explosion that was about to take place in the heart of a city. We are responsible for all karma that comes Our way, and such misfortunes should not be allowed. Also in flights goal-fitness should be applied. There is no benefit in being burned before the Fiery Gates have opened. We are responsible for all karma that comes Our way. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 129.

Urusvati heard the voice of the Great Pilgrim [Jesus]; how could such a voice belong to a mere leader of crowds? It was precisely the crowds that were the cause of His particular sufferings, shouting in praise of His Kingdom, and then hurrying to His crucifixion. Thus, in their way, they helped to fulfill the prophecies. It is impossible to imagine what karma awaited those crowds of madmen! People are now witnessing events that have burdened the lives of many generations. This is not a punishment, but the consequence of the madness of free will. When I advise restraint from unwise words and thoughts, by this very request I make you think about the future. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 153.

The Great Teacher had the wisdom of Pericles, and certainly knew that He should not expect justice from the mobs. He who gave so much knew that the law of proportion had been violated, and simply warned the people not to overload their karma. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 164.

The Teacher pointed out many times that the conversion of adversaries can be beneficial. However, His attitude toward betrayers was different. He said, "If a man has been entrusted with guarding a treasure, and instead of guarding, steals it, he certainly cannot be trusted, and has prepared a hard destiny for himself. Sometimes it overtakes him quickly, but at other times the predestined is delayed, causing an especially difficult karma." Ferocity cannot be arrested, and the current must take its course. But hard, indeed, is the karma of the betrayer, for betrayal is the most terrible of all earthly crimes. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 178.

Urusvati knows about the action of the Law of Karma. One can observe that karma overtakes not only the one who commits a crime, but also those who participate in it indirectly. There is truth in the saying that for one person's crime a whole nation suffers. It is not only the motive that unites participants in crime, but aspects of their nature also bring them together. Who can tell the degree of affinity of blood relationships, or judge the degree of participation? Some may have encouraged the criminal verbally, others mentally. Who can define this, or determine the main cause? Few care to think about how broadly karma moves, or to search within their own Chalice of Accumulations to discover how and when they have participated in crime. We can only remind you about the law, but free will must choose its way. Urusvati often hears about the fears of Sister O., who grieves when she sees the cruel karma being created by those who do not think about the essence of their deeds. People have become very fond of the word "karma." It is now repeated in various parts of the world, but few have learned its meaning. They speak casually about the Law of Karma, but, alas, do nothing to liberate themselves. They firmly believe that somewhere there exist the Lords of Karma, who will be kind enough to free them from even the most grievous fate! Few understand that the effect of the Law cannot be changed without mutual effort. Man is ever ready to create a painful karma by thought and deed, yet he hopes that by some miracle from beyond the mountains he will be liberated from its grievous consequences. People sound like children when discussing karma, and expect someone else to take responsibility for their behavior. They blindly accumulate karma, then later are full of complaints and indignation, and only intensify the current of effects. Among Our labors an important place is given to the observation of people's karma while accompanying them on their path. We cannot change the Law, but within the limits of possibility We are ready to hint at a better path. During His many lives the Thinker never tired of warning people. Many listened to His careful warnings, but few understood His advice. The Thinker smiled sadly when He listened to people discussing karma. Sometimes He would say, "It would be better for you to mention this Law less and live more purely." Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 229.

Urusvati knows that he who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind. But no one cares when this storm will take place and whom it will destroy. People speak about karma and limit it by their own criteria, but karma acts progressively. This storm will, indeed, affect many, and the punishment will fall upon the sower of the wind. The progress of karma can be observed in historic events. We advise the study of biographies and histories, wherein one can observe how karma develops and falls upon people in order to restore balance. People generally regard karma as punishment, but the great law should not be limited in that way. The law acts in the name of equilibrium, and the damage done by the violation of balance cannot be judged by earthly measures. Only from higher planes can it be seen how a crime expands in its effect, once committed. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 242.

Urusvati knows that free will can overcome even karma, and cases can be cited in which the will was able to alter karma. It is commonly believed that repentance has great power, but it would be more correct to call this state of consciousness complete realization. First of all man must know why he should seek new achievements. One should strive for full realization because only a one-pointed will can indicate the right path. There are many wavering and weak attempts of the mind, but these will not turn the key of fate. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 260.

Urusvati knows how karma affects each nation. Some countries appear to be under a kind of curse. The history of these countries can offer a partial explanation, but there may be other causes that were not recorded on the pages of history. There are many combinations of personal, family, and national karma. One may ask if it is possible that an injustice committed against one person could affect a whole country. Indeed, it can, especially since many who are involved with one another reincarnate in the same country. Such conditions increase the responsibility of mankind. People acknowledge that physical characteristics are transmitted through the generations; it is regrettable that they are not aware that karmic traits can also be transmitted. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 304.

Urusvati knows how some people try to cheat the Law of Karma. There are people who do this in ignorance of the law, but I am now talking about those who know about it and defy it. Imagine a criminal who, having committed a crime, trembles in fear of punishment. But when the days pass and nothing happens he becomes bolder and decides that his crime was not so bad after all, and that perhaps it was justified by some higher law. Eventually the criminal grows impudent and scoffs at karma, calling it an invention of fools. At last, at a most unexpected moment the rebounding blow falls, and he blames karma for punishing him so unexpectedly at the prime of his life, when the punishment is particularly painful, forgetting that there are many factors involved in the timing of the karmic reaction. Egotistically, man often believes that he himself can decide the moment at which karmic law should act. One asks why karma is so delayed, another complains that it is too hasty, but no one considers the complexity of the circumstances of each event. Some see the cosmic laws as simplistic to the point of absurdity, while others think of them as so complex and ponderous that no action is possible. How can one collaborate in such extremes? Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 316.

Those of great experience accept the need to adhere to the laws of nature. Only the ignorant think that We need not submit to cosmic laws. It would be sad indeed if We were to unnecessarily intrude upon the karma of countries, peoples, or individuals. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 351.

Among the inhabitants of these spheres may be found many political leaders who while on Earth believed power to be the crown of earthly achievement, and are still unaware that their unrestrained desires are a burden to the earthly atmosphere. In fact, these souls without harmony are ever ready to storm not only Earth, but Heaven also. They know no peace and derive their destructive power from their fury. There is nothing puzzling in the resultant battles, and many of these madmen perish while others continue to survive. Even the most difficult karma requires existence, if the Law of Karma is to be fulfilled. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 377.

Urusvati knows that the Law of Karma postulates the continuity of existence, or rebirth. Many would prefer the idea of complete annihilation to that of the spiral of karmic reactions. There is an ancient proverb, "Karma is an executioner who guards his victim." In other words, karma will not allow criminals to be destroyed and thus escape their punishment. One should not think that crime may be excused because of mental imbalance. We should search more deeply and look for causes rooted in the past. Such a study will clarify the concept of karma. The wise do not fear this law. Generally, humanity can be divided into two groups, those who fear the consequences of karma and those who accept them calmly. Avoid those who fear, for they almost certainly sense the approach of karmic retribution. They may not yet know anything about its effects, but in the depths of the Chalice the long-forgotten viper is rising to the surface. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 378.

Certain dates are given to humanity as a reminder of those betrayals that affected the karma of entire nations, but even such striking examples hardly touch man's consciousness. Just as a small stone produces a small splash, an unfeeling heart cannot be effective against darkness. But occasionally, on a Day of Remembrance, even such a heart will know how dark is the traitor. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 403.

Only in extraordinary cases are We permitted to intrude upon karma and act by earthly means. Let friends remember that even in the higher spheres there exist limitations governed by the Law of Karma. The inhabitants of Earth cannot imagine how difficult it is to approach them with material help. Usually spiritual help precedes, but it is thought to be a mere coincidence and is rarely accepted. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 432.

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