This Indian Shri Yantra depicting the Aum mantra is from a design that comes from very ancient times.

Aum Mantra Symbol

Aum mantra spoken into an electronic transmitter (from Ajit Mookerjee collection)

The quality of music and rhythm should be developed from infancy. El Morya

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on music, sound and prayers. Note: If rock and roll was thrust on the world scene 30 years earlier, El Morya would have had some strong comments on the subject. For more on today's music: Why 'Good Vibrations' May Be Bad.


Music is needed for all fiery sowings. One should choose good music; it unifies our emotions. But one should not absent-mindedly let the music just pass by one's ears. People often have before them a great phenomenon, and yet they fail to hear the loudest and fail to perceive the brightest. People often isolate themselves completely from their surroundings, but fail to realize that precisely this state is very valuable if wisely induced. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 330

Urusvati has developed her musical talent beautifully. This proficiency is achieved as the result of much labor in other lives. According to the Teachings of Plato, music should not be understood in the narrow sense of music alone, but as participation in all the harmonious arts. In singing, in poetry, in painting, in sculpture, in architecture, in speech, and, finally, in all manifestations of sound, musicality is expressed. In Hellas a ceremony to all the Muses was performed. Tragedy, dance, and all rhythmic movement served the harmony of Cosmos. Much is spoken about beauty, but the importance of harmony is little understood. Beauty is an uplifting concept, and each offering to beauty is an offering to the equilibrium of Cosmos. Everyone who expresses music in himself sacrifices, not for himself, but for others, for humanity, for Cosmos. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 42

His [Jesus] words about Beauty also do not appear often in the Apocrypha. The Teacher drew people's attention to beautiful flowers and to the radiance of the sun. He also encouraged group singing, for it is the most powerful method of achieving harmonious vibrations. The Teacher did not emphasize this specific aspect of music and singing, but simply advocated joy and inspiration. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 151

Pure music helps the transmission of the current. We pray by sounds and by symbols of Beauty. The heart and mind do not conflict when they sail the Ocean of Creative Labor. And the wings of the bird of the spirit, atremble, will soar upon the breeze of harmony. And the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 1 - The Call (1924) - 181

I point out also the significance of the music of the Pythagoreans at sunrise. Light is the best purifying filter for sound. Only the savagery of humanity could lock up sound in the dust of darkness. New Era Community (1926) - 26

Shield children from everything false; guard them against worthless music; protect them from obscenity; protect them from false competitions; protect them from affirmation of selfhood. The more so, since it is necessary to inculcate a love for incessant learning. The muscles must not gain the upper hand over mind and Heart (1932) - 66: New Era Community (1926) - 116

Rhythm is the progenitor of cooperation. From hoary antiquity people have understood the significance of rhythmic choirs, of musical movements; thus has the consciousness accumulated knowledge about the impelling force of collective labor. People knew long ago that rhythm kindled collective fires and helped in avoiding irritation and disunity. It affirmed identical aspirations, therefore music is the sign of unity before collective work. It is a pity that modern music is so often lacking in rhythm. Perhaps it serves as the beginning of many spiritual ulcers, but the question of harmony is unusually complicated. Lack of rhythm is disunity, but crude rhythm is stupor. Thus only a fiery consciousness will prompt the refinement of rhythm. One may ponder over many things, but we shall always return to the fiery understanding. The abode of Agni is opened not by reasoning but by the harmony of rhythm. Precisely as a vessel sometimes is opened not by force but by rhythm. Only the true rhythm carries us forward and preserves us from delay. Yet we know all the detrimental result of delay, as in movement, so also in spirit. It is inadmissible to have a broken rhythm, at times retarded and at other times accelerated. Thus an enormous and useless expenditure of energy takes place. He will not retreat who has begun to advance in fiery rhythm. Precisely this rhythm saves one from sorrowful ponderings and leads one forward in spirit; therefore let us not limit the effectiveness of the rhythm by external motion only, let us introduce it into spiritual life. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 17

Is it not indicative that music over the radio does not charm snakes? There is a great number of such proofs in small examples. At the root of it all is the very same psychic energy. Everywhere these manifestations can be observed. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 544

Experienced telegraphers can, without employing the voice, talk to each other by scarcely noticeable touches. So too in the Subtle World, the voice is not needed and is replaced by swift thought, but sound does not leave the World. What could be more beautiful than the music of the spheres? And people forbid conversation during music. They are right - the sound is so subtle that the noises of speech can produce the most irritating dissonances. The Subtle World in its higher spheres sounds indeed beautifully. When it is so burdensome on the Earth, thought can lift itself up to the Supermundane Spheres. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 549

One should also pay attention to infantile eclampsia. It indicates development of the nerve centers. During such a state it is necessary to maintain special quietude. By nature such children are highly gifted, but the shield of the body must be strong. It is necessary to regard such manifestations as a seeming overfilling of the Chalice. Not without reason was this called in antiquity a "divine visitation." During such attacks, complete quiet of all surroundings, as well as warmth, the odor of rose oil, and a uniform temperature are essential. Certain peoples have made use of soothing music, and such an expedient was helpful; for the assistance given must be a psychic one. AUM (1936) - 220

The thought that psychic treatment has already been satisfactorily established is futile. Attempts to cure by means of light and sound have been weak and not synchronized. No one is occupied with the study of the correspondence of aroma to color and sound. But the principal error lies in the fact that there are almost no physicians who would understand the correspondence of the worlds. Without realization of these fundamentals it is possible to sink into the narrowly material plane, yet the sphere of psychic energy embraces all planes. It can be recognized only in all subtlety. Thus, the physician cannot speak about obsession if he himself has no conception of the Subtle World! Thus, the physician cannot understand treatment with light if he cannot distinguish the scale of colors. He who likes the crudest music cannot discriminate a refined tonality. He cannot prescribe treatment through aromas if he himself cannot distinguish them. My purpose is not to belittle physicians, on the contrary, I would wish to equip them for the saving of humanity. Poisons have increased too greatly. Many resources have been directed only to the destruction of psychic energy, so that not only in cities but also in the midst of nature prana is already being violated by the intrusion of extraneous currents. Meanwhile it is necessary for humanity to understand that it has no right to poison Earth's atmosphere; mankind is responsible for the hygiene of the planet. AUM (1936) - 224

Besides investigating psychic energy by the use of color, make tests of it with sound and aroma. It is possible to obtain indicative reactions to music; furthermore, observe both the effect of distance and of the most consonant harmonies. Much is said about the influence of music upon people, but almost no illustrative experiments are carried out. One may observe the influence of music upon people's moods, but that will be commonplace. Indeed, it is assumed that gay music communicates joy, and sorrowful - sadness, but such deductions are insufficient. It may be ascertained what harmony most closely adjoins the psychic energy of man, what symphony can have the strongest quieting or inspiring influence upon people. Different musical compositions need to be used in tests. The very quality of harmonization will give the best indications about the paths of sound and the life of man. AUM (1936) - 384

Treatment by means of music is already being applied, but the effects are not always perceptible. The reason is that it is not customary to develop perception of music. From childhood one should be accustomed to assimilating the beauty of sound. Musical faculties are in need of education. It is true that in each man has been implanted an inclination for sound but without cultivation it remains asleep. Man ought to hear beautiful music and song. Sometimes a single harmony will awaken forever a sense of the beautiful. Yet great is ignorance when the best panaceas are forgotten in the family. Especially , when the world is quaking from hatred, it is indispensable to make haste in opening the ears of the young generation. Without realization of the significance of music it is also impossible to understand the sounding of nature; and, of course, it is impossible to think about the music of the spheres - only noise will be accessible to the spirit of the ignorant. The song of waterfall or river or ocean will be only a roar; the wind will not bring melody and will not resound in the trees as a solemn hymn. The best harmonies vanish for the unopened ear. Can people accomplish their ascent without song? Can Brotherhood stand without song? Brotherhood (1937) - 292

Under the influence of thought it is possible not to hear even nearby music - thus is demonstrated the power of thought over the physical organism. Likewise, amid the waves of life it is possible not to notice the touch of a Brother's hand, but it can still bring equilibrium. And similarly, music, though not heard, contributes to the exaltation of thought. With Us the unfelt touch of a Brother is called by a secret word. It is not to be expressed by verbal signs, but is reflected upon the heart; therefore the heart is called the reflector of Brotherhood. Brotherhood (1937) - 309

We arrange for thought transference in an almost empty room whose walls are painted blue or green. Green can be very harmonious for many individuals. We also prefer a comfortable armchair, so that the spinal column is aligned. The chair should in no way discomfort the body. The light should not irritate the eyes, and it is better if it comes from behind. No forced tension is needed, only complete concentration. Sometimes one may place before oneself the image of the person to whom the thoughts are being sent, but it is even better to hold this image in one's mind. Calmness is necessary, and harmonious music may accompany the sending of thoughts. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 10

Urusvati knows how much the concept of rhythm is misunderstood by humanity. The ancient teachings about the significance of rhythm have been lost, and today's idea of rhythm is limited to music and crude dancing. Scientists speak about vibratory rhythm, but their conclusions do not go beyond their laboratories. Rhythm should be expressed in all work, in all creativeness, in all of life. Only experienced workers are aware that rhythmic labor is the most productive. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 214

The Thinker instructed his disciples to strictly control their thoughts and to harmonize them. He called such harmony of thought music. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 303

Is not the serenity that is derived from harmonious sounds within the grasp of all? But someone first had to discover ways of attaining peace through music. While many songs were sung in ancient times, it was considered necessary to point out their ability to evoke peace of mind. In this way a new harmony was introduced into the world. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 320

Merging into the summits of Cosmos, one must find coordination with Earth. Each moment We are ready to forsake everything of Earth and at the same time We love every blossom on it. Therein lies the wisdom as to what remembrance to cherish: whether about the crown or the fragrance of freezias, the shouts of victory or the songs of shepherds. That which is the most dear but least of all belonging to us is the best load to carry on the way. Song brings us health, and blossoms will heal wounds. Therefore, I say, happy are those who understand sound and color. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.3.1

Rhythm or melody? Correctly speaking, it is rhythm which creates vibrations. As you know, the music of the spheres consists primarily of rhythm. The Fire is in the rhythm, but not in the context of the melody. Of course there may be happy coincidences when melody becomes rhythm. One should thoroughly understand the connection between rhythm and Fire. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 355

Music of the Spheres

The refraction of rays yields sounds that enter into the symphony of the music of the spheres. One may picture their crystalline quality of subtleness together with the power of the whirlwind. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.4.7

If we begin to decompose matter, we see that the liberated atoms begin to arrange themselves according to the basic tone, and, escaping into the ether, they form a rainbow that resounds with the music of the spheres. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 3.4.2

Today Urusvati heard the music of the spheres, the rhythm that strengthens the realization of evolution. It is not the theme precisely, but the rhythm that is the essence of the music of the spheres. And it is the degree of purity of the sounds that determines the quality of the interplanetary conduit. These sounds are heard on many far-off worlds, but on Earth they can be heard only at high altitudes, and only by those who have a musical ear. However, the ear that listens for the music of the spheres must be protected from the wind. Agni Yoga (1929) - 149

The language of the subtle body is expressed through the saturation of the Brahmarandhra center; other than this, there is no need to strain oneself in pronouncing all letters. The sound of the first letter is sufficient, because the rest is understood by the heart. Likewise, the music of the spheres does not require melody, but is based upon rhythm, for the rest resounds in the heart. Precisely the heart is the link between the worlds, and only the heart can respond to the heart of the Lord and to the entire Hierarchy. One may be bereft of sight and hearing, but the heart will be the best substitute, and even a more subtle expresser of the essence. Hierarchy (1931) - 219

During the rituals of saturating the teraph, as you know, chants were intoned, combinations of strange words often devoid of meaning. However, it is not the spoken form, but the rhythm that is important. The music of the spheres consists not of melodies but of rhythms. When the developed spirit knows the sounds of the spheres, it will understand the power of rhythm. So, while saturating the teraph the will and rhythm are the most important. It matters not with what words the mission is entrusted to the teraph. Important are the succession of the layers of meaning, the sincerity of the direct transmission, and the rhythm, which corresponds to Mahavan. Only the lesser consciousness needs ready-made commands. The developed consciousness can improvise words in accordance with the flow of psychic energy. Agni Yoga (1929) - 421

You are familiar with the music of the spheres, the spatial bells, and the reverberating strings. It will be asked why, then, do not a multitude of people know these manifestations. But, then, why is a multitude of people satisfied with false intonation, absolutely refusing to realize the nuances of sound? Whereas even the rustle of tearing paper rends space, but the majority of persons do not even notice it. So it is with odor. The aromas of the Subtle World often penetrate to the physical world, but people primarily do not wish to notice them. Even the smoke of a conflagration is noticed by people only when it already chokes their throats. Not only insensibility but immobility as well makes the people blind and deaf. They do not possess even basic imagination; hence they distort the entire meaning of existence. Thus, for these shallow-minded ones the magnet of the heart is pure nonsense. Heart (1932) - 267

Sound and color are among the principal fiery manifestations. Thus the music of the spheres and the radiance of the fires of space are the highest manifestations of Fire. Hence, it is impossible constantly to hear the sounds of the spheres or to see the scintillating fires. Such frequency of emotions would separate the earthly body from the fiery one to too great an extent. Thus the equilibrium so needed for Eternity would not be created. It is true that in consciousness we should separate our four bodies in order that their functions may be divided. The disturbance of equilibrium leads to premature destruction of the lower body. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 73

One must not think that the sounds of the far-off worlds will be something hard to imagine. First of all they will resound, because the current creates vibration. One should accustom oneself to such sounds. One may understand that the so-called music of the spheres rather often comparatively borders on the sounding of the far-off worlds. In any case, every music of the spheres is already a bond between the worlds, because this vibration reaches unaltered the most distant planets. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 66

Dissonance is more audible than consonance. When one listens to the lower superearthly sphere, one may be staggered by the tortured groans, wails, and cries of terror. After these moans the succeeding spheres seem silent, but this impression is a relative one. The music of the spheres is sublime, but it does not harrow the nerve centers. So, too, in all that exists people are attracted by dissonance, but only a few know how to recognize concordance. On the paths to Brotherhood one must cognize the power of concordance. Brotherhood (1937) - 480

Thus many who consider themselves to be occultists shut themselves off from their natural feelings. Too many books confuse them by prescribing practices that were once intended for other purposes. We prefer to meet new people, who are unencumbered by useless formulas. The music of the spheres and the hymns of nature are more easily heard by those whose hearts are full of love. Those who insist upon formulas for the heart, for love, for compassion, will not open their ears to higher harmonies. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 80

Urusvati knows the ways of striving. Such techniques should be transmuted in the consciousness, for one cannot command them intellectually. Only with the eyes of the heart can one see whether there are still more ways to increase striving. One should rejoice at each act of full striving. Such fullness gives birth to the music of the spheres. An intensified harmony arises when all the strings of the heart resound. Do not take such comparisons as mere symbols; long ago We spoke about the eyes of the heart. Indeed, man sees through them, and hears with the ears of the heart. How could we exist without such senses? Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 91

Urusvati knows that most people cannot perceive the beauty of the Subtle World. Even in the earthly world people have difficulty grasping the manifestation of beauty, and then only sense it in a crude way. Amidst the subtler harmonies they will feel themselves to be as if in a fog. How many are able to rejoice at the wondrous beauties of light, and will not the music of the spheres seem monotonous to the ear torn by earthly cacophonies? People will better appreciate the harmony of the higher spheres if, to a certain degree at least, they can accept the best earthly harmonies. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 426


You know about the effect of human emanations upon plants. You also know about the effect of color. Now it is necessary to recall the influence of sound The similarity of these effects is significant. If, for the expansion of the potencies of a plant, an open, bright-sounding heart is necessary, then, in the effects of sound, consonance and all the dominant combinations are necessary. A dissonance cannot strengthen the current of energy. Dissonances, as an antithesis, may be useful in their effect upon people for strengthening the rhythm of consciousness; but with plants, where consciousness is at its minimum, dissonance seems to be only a retarding condition. With minerals, dissonance may even be a cause of disintegration. Verily, a rose is a symbol of consonance, and the dominant of the radiation of the rose is linked with the glow of the heart. Not a few experiments have been made with sound on plants, but the ancients believed that the finest flowers grew by the temples where there were numerous harmonies of voice and music.heart. What sort of heart takes a liking to blows of the fist? Heart (1932) - 66

Not only by song and the rhythm of music but by every machine a vibration is created which contacts fiery energies. So, also, each tension, or rather, shock, is a conductor of the very same manifestations of Agni. Hence, one must become accustomed to distinguish and recognize the spark in each tension. One need not emulate the morbid people who avoid tension. One should welcome each fiery vibration as a purifying principle. What ordinary people regard as a calm life is nothing but extinction of fire. They have even invented entire systems of extinguishing fire from early childhood. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 201

From the very beginning the prophets have noted sound and color. The ancient instruction about the ringing of bells is full of meaning. Wreaths and garlands recall the understanding of healing power. According to the color of his radiation, each one is attracted by flowers. White and lilac have affinity with the purple, blue with the blue; therefore, I advise to keep more of these colors in the room. One can follow this in living flowers. Plants wisely selected according to color are more healing. I advise to have more freesias. Our Ray, with its silveriness, is more reminiscent of white flowers. Color and sound are Our best repast. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.3.1

Sound and flowers become a necessity for further flights. The sounds of life of the spheres and the vital emanations of flowers truly enter into the recipe of Amrita. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.4.1

The ancients knew that the "treasures" are unrepeatable, and took measures against accidents. During the opening of the treasures the Elder of the Temple observed which of a gamut of sounds had the greatest effect. Each sound was accompanied by a definite color - thus were the conditions for each case determined. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.7.15

Even in the most primitive form of shamanism, during prayers, conjurations and ceremonials, the closed hands at the mouth, trumpets and various tubes were used to strengthen and condense sound. Such symbols of tension and concentration may be observedin all ages, in both little things and great, even to the very loftiest prayers. A trumpet sound, in a way, intensifies space, and percussion rhythms facilitate concentration. Indeed, such primitive efforts are not needed where a higher communion is established. AUM (1936) - 588

We have been in your theaters and We see little need for them. Song, color and sound must not be shut up in artificial hot-houses. These values must accompany life, anonymously surrounding people with the caress of beauty. New Era Community (1926) - 180

Vibrations can evoke in the heart a great many subtle sensations. If man would understand how to make use of affirmed vibrations in order to draw forth subtle feelings from the depths of his heart, it would be possible to avert many evil actions. Science certainly must occupy itself with the investigation of a means of evoking these vibrations. Indeed, sound, color and odor can provide an entire synthesis for the higher sensations. When gross methods are replaced by subtle ones, the spirit will possess sensitiveness of perception. Contact with more subtle energies will result in a refinement of the entire way of life. When space begins to resound with subtle energies, one will have to know how to apply them vitally. Therefore it is possible to resort to contact with hardened criminals in the search for new ways for regeneration of the spirit. It is necessary to find new means for vibrations. On the path to the Fiery World let us ponder on how to purify the spirit of humanity. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 265

It is possible to cure many cases of paralysis by means of intensified suggestion. The inception of many diseases, for example, cancer, tuberculosis, and stomach ulcers, can be arrested by suggestion strengthened by psychic reactions. It can be observed that suffering caused by cancer is augmented by scarlet light, whereas violet has a soothing effect. Similarly with sounds, consonance in a major key will aid the action of the violet ray, but dissonance will increase the pain. AUM (1936) - 222

A sound may be rightly understood and still produce no results. Therefore, let us not forget the heart's energy, which must accompany the sound. It would be unfit if sound alone held the decisive significance; then many singers could attain results. An empty sound is like the clash of brass. You have heard how glass vessels have been shattered by vibration; yet even such vibration must be accompanied by thought. Even a wave of extraneous thought can increase the effect. Therefore, thought as the impelling force is so valued. AUM (1936) - 50

Invocations and the Aum

The sound of words should be beautiful, such harmony also produces exalted thinking. It is inadmissible to disregard any means of uplifting the consciousness. Foul language, as an infection of space, brings debasement of the whole intellect. Ugliness in all its aspects is a dangerous malady. For humanity's sake one must understand where is cure and where dissolution. It is time to cognize the purification of earthly existence. It is inadmissible to disturb space with curses that unexpectedly smite innocent beings. An arrow loosed in a moving crowd can strike a blameless one. Likewise, during thinking one can strike where karma has prepared a weak spot. Perhaps, without such a blow, karma could have somehow been altered, yet the misfortune of the blow can smite undeservedly. Therefore, people must understand their responsibility for each word let loose. Brotherhood (1937) - 394

You do well to discern the variations of expressions. Precisely in these is contained the music of the spirit. All the shades of speech are not incidental! How much psychic flame is coursing through the nerves, giving color to speech! Heart (1932) - 126

Urusvati knows the magnetic power of names. Every sound corresponds to a specific cosmic ray, and also is linked to powerful signs of astrological significance. You know that sometimes We do not forbid the utterance of Our Names, while at other times We have advised you not to utter them, even in thought. This is because while sometimes the combinations of sounds do not generate powerful magnetic currents, at other times a Name sounds in space like the blow of a hammer. At such times, for the safeguarding of equilibrium, Our names should not be uttered. But this is also true about personal names, and even the names of places. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 218

If earthly substances act so diversely on different people, then how much more varied is the reaction on them of the highest energies! Long ago people understood that for the proper reception of these rays it is needful to bring the organism into a harmonious condition. For this purpose the Wise Ones have indicated the power of sacred invocations. Aum, or phonetically Om, was such a synthesis of sonant strivings. Prayer and inward concentration are excellent attainments which render healthful the state of the spirit. Each one in his own way has contributed a manifestation useful to spiritual concentration, whether he sought the solution in music, in song, or in the dance; there have even been crude methods leading to intoxication and frenzy. There were many deviations and errors, but fundamentally man was striving to create a particularly exalted state of mind, promoting the reception of the higher energies. AUM (1936) - 4

Aum resounds not as a name but as a concept. The cognizing one will realize the sounding which is consonant with the music of the spheres. Rarely is it possible to hear this resonance of the spheres with the earthly ear, but the ignoramus takes it only for a noise in the ear. Thus let us walk there where sounds Infinity itself. AUM (1936) - 79

The great "Aum"" is psychic energy fed with prana. It may be regarded as a physical organ, for it is subject to changes. Perception of this all-connecting organ must fill each community member with joy. Such cooperation permits thinking in universal dimensions. With this realization there begins a perception of the possibility to master psychic energy. New Era Community (1926) - 221

Aum and Jehovah are two Pillars of the same Portal. All are symbols of the one corridor of life. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 1 - The Call (1924) - 246

On the one hand, when they are recognized, the sparks of Fohat and the streams of Materia Lucida have a benevolent effect, for they imbue the spirit with an understanding of the necessity of evolution. On the other hand, being parts of the fiery element, they burn and can cause inflammation of the centers. The manifestations of the fiery element can be compared to the most intense colors of electrical discharges; but the electrical light-scale is limited, whereas the variegations of the light-sparks of Fohat are beyond imagination. The light of Fohat is comparable to that emanating from precious crystals. Nurturing the psychic energy, Fohat paves the way to the far-off worlds, whereas Materia Lucida weaves the strengthening of the consciousness. One strengthens, the other leads into the limitless ocean of perfectment. These are the wonderful gifts of Great Aum! Agni Yoga (1929) - 144

Why say Aum , when it is possible to say prayer ? In substance they are the same, but because of its antiquity and refinement the sound Aum will be the stronger in its vibration. Let the resonance of the highest concept be pondered deeply. The word itself is vibration; such resonances are needed for the harmony of space. AUM (1936) - 25

No one should scoff at prayer. Even though it be primitive, nevertheless it is an indication of spirituality. It does not become man to revile the worthiest strivings of a brother. Man has no right to sneer at an offering to the Highest. Usually, base people particularly attack the prayers of others. For them, Aum and other prayers are only a source of inadmissible jests. Very often such base consciousness is encountered as the product of uncouth ignorance. AUM (1936) - 29

Often you find a misunderstanding as to what consonance means. Some imagine it as a loud sound, whereas the sound may be inaudible like the heart's tension. For it is the heart that sings; it resounds and fills the entire organism with a special energy. The prayer itself, Aum, may also be in the heart, but it engenders the same radiations as an unuttered sound. One should become accustomed to the heart's expression. AUM (1936) - 32

Besides many definitions of the word Aum let us recollect that: A is Thought - the Basis; U is Light - the Primary Cause; M is Mystery - the Sacred. AUM (1936) - 132 [I have also heard it described as: A is Alpha or Father; U is you in the middle and M is Mother. Editor]

Since ancient times, people have been advised at the hour of turmoil to repeat a short invocation and by rhythmic repetitions to repulse the wave of influence. Later, these measures deteriorated into the senseless repetition of religious words; nevertheless the principle remains sound. Sometimes our spirit demands certain reiterations or enumerations. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.9.5

When I repeat one word many times, this signifies a filling of space. With loss of rhythm there has been a degenerating into mumbling. The wash of waves breaks down rocky cliffs. Likewise, in a procession there must be the rhythm of sound. Rhythm of sound keeps a crowd from empty prattle. New Era Community (1926) - 51

Correctly has it been observed that certain mantrams have lost their meaning and retain only their sound. Thus, we see how important is vibration. For this reason much was not written down, but was transmitted orally. Mere letters without sound produce no results. Moreover, the very quality of the voice has a special significance. A deep chest tone can give greater resonance than a high, flat, or nasal one. Thus, not only melody itself but quality of voice is important. I consider that at present the quality of voice is too little valued. Not volume, nor eloquence, but inner magnetism is important - the same is a fundamental requisite in singing. Many voices have been deprived of their natural qualities by methods of vocal training. AUM (1936) - 33

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