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Napoleon's army expedition to Egypt explores the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza. (Engraving from Description de l'Egypt, 1825; Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto)

Nicholas Roerich

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on Egypt.


Why was the fire of lightning considered by the priests of Egypt to possess special magnetism? Was it superstition or knowledge? Why is the knowledge of the priests regarded as so very well-founded? Yet the facts, proved by research, confirm the fieriness of these teachers of Egypt. Was it not by experimental methods that the Egyptian priests arrived at the magnetism of the fire of lightning? One can imagine a specially condensed state of fiery energy during such powerful discharges. Of course, such tension may be perilous, but, properly directed, it can produce a purification of energy. Fiery World I, 528.

Certainly, the Initiates of ancient Egypt knew the great law which rules the whole Universe. The Pyramid itself presents a symbol of the mountain with a broad foundation and narrow summit. Indeed, the significance of the Chamber of the manifested King and Queen is that a crowning perfection is to be expected at the approach of all Cosmic Fiery dates. It is well to remember these manifested dates. It is well to remember these ancient indications and calculations. Thus is it possible to trace how from the most ancient times cosmic dates have been affirmed. One must also pay attention to the fact that those calculations lead up to our date and time. Thus immutable is Fiery Right, which has been inscribed on all the tablets, and which has been written by the great life of the eternal Magnet. Fiery World III, 198.

Among the interpretations of the pyramids pay attention to that one which delineates the three Worlds. The top represents the Fiery World, where all is one; the middle part represents the Subtle World, where the essences are already separated; and the base is the dense World. This division is the most profound, and the gradations between the Worlds are symbolically portrayed by the pyramid. Such a symbol is truly significative. The dense World so widely separates the natures that it is even difficult to perceive how they can be fused into one on the Fiery summit. Yet the pyramid was built for the summit. Its foundation was laid only to bring all sides harmoniously together and to completion. Let each one ponder on how many times the point of the summit will be contained in the foundation. The fiery point must rule the unbridled, rudimentary stones upon the earth's surface. A great deal of just care must be applied in order to safeguard the Fiery completion. One must think about the summit. One should not be concerned that already in the Subtle World the essences are clearly separated. The edge of the pyramid may be divided into four parts, also into five, seven, eight, or any other number, but the three Worlds will remain the foundation of the basic division. One may imagine over the visible pyramid the identical invisible one, in an infinitely expanded concept. But this is beyond earthly language. Fiery World III, 519.

It also happens that before departure all voices become silent, and, even being aware of this law, one becomes awed. In the Egyptian Mysteries there was a fixed moment when the neophyte, having been placed before a threshold in absolute darkness, had to enter into the Unknown without slackening his steps. Especially nowadays, since Christ has renounced the miracles, this moment into the Unknown must be passed by special means. Because the future epoch must erase the boundaries between the worlds. And the Egyptian Mysteries have been transformed into the formula, “by human feet.” Illumination, II:V:19.

It may be asked how the final Gates may be reached. We know the laws and signs; we waste no time; we remember to guard the Teaching; what shall we do if we find the Gates closed? For reply let us turn again to the Mysteries of ancient Egypt, as of course these Mysteries were scientific paths of life. Without slackening the rhythm of his pace, the accepted candidate had to proceed to the Teacher. Before him stretched a luminous line and he had to follow it, not deviating nor brushing against it. The chambers through which he had to pass were lit by different colored fires. At times the line almost disappeared. But at last the line began to shine, and it was asif a dazzling ray passed on under a massive closed door. The door seemed to be impassable; it was without lock or handle. Bars and plates of various metals adorned and reinforced it. The timid in spirit became disconcerted and upset the rhythm of the pace; but he who knew the significance of immutability went on resolutely. And when his body encountered the stronghold it fell to pieces, and he entered into the last chamber. This irresistible impact of our earthly body is indispensable for the creation of the rhythm of ascent. Spirit-knowledge indicates to us how the dimension of the goal governs the dimension of possibilities. The symbol of the heavy door falling to pieces exemplifies best of all how one should act. Contemporary wiseacres ridicule breaking the wall with one's forehead, but the ancient Egyptians made a beautiful symbol of the power of our essential nature. Hence, proceed along the line of the ray. Therefore, learn how to begin the new by assimilating the antecedent. Be able to ignore derision directed at your courage, because you know whither you are going. Illumination, III:VI:11.

The material teraph was usually made as a sculpted image, by using any object to which was added something belonging to a person referred to in the ritual. Often, after the death of the owner of the teraph, it was put into the tomb, as in ancient Egypt and in the burial monuments of the Mayans and Etruscans. When the funeral rites required cremation, the teraph followed into the fire. In the Temple of Israel there was a general teraph for all uses, but for each ritual something belonging to the subject was placed under the teraph. Eventually, in the various countries there were scattered a multitude of teraphs, each one filled with the accumulations of many psychic transmissions. It is curious to observe the continued vitality of these accumulations of psychic energy. One can truly see that teraphs retain their power over thousands of years, like a seed that lives, manifesting undying power. Of the experiments with psychic energy, the test demonstrating that it cannot be dispersed or destroyed is very important. The teraph is the best proof of this, especially if the aid of clairvoyance is available to the experimenter. It is possible to make a teraph that carries an instruction whose effects will be known only in the future. The teraph can carry the message either to a particular person, or to someone else who will later own the teraph. Two things should be known—that the preparation of the teraph requires much time, and that much time is also needed for its effects to be revealed. The teaching about teraphs comes from great antiquity, when the Atlanteans knew about psychic energy. How to make a teraph? A place must be used where the maker’s psychic energy has saturated the space and has accumulated upon the objects in it. In this place a chosen image is molded out of wax, clay, or plaster. When the image has been created, it is then covered with a silver, crystal, or glass dome, or a leather cover. Agni Yoga, 420.

Bodily pain is a natural fact, and cannot as such be banished. Of course, pain can be lessened by narcotics or by power of the will, but it also can be assumed by another conscious being. From ancient times there has existed the practice of groups of people assuming another’s pain; for instance, in Egypt during the sickness of a Pharaoh. But the full effect was not often obtained. For this, outward agreement was insufficient—a spontaneous upsurge of inner unanimity was needed. Agni Yoga, 456.

In the Mysteries of ancient Egypt there was a ritual called "The Sharpening of the Sword." The one to be tested was placed in deep darkness. He was approached by the Great Hierophant, who disclosed to him some of the Mysteries. Light illumined the Hierophant, then again everything sank into darkness. Afterward the priest designated as Tempter approached. Out of the darkness, the voice of the Tempter asked, "Brother, what hast thou seen and heard?" The tested one answered, "I was honored by the presence of the Great Hierophant."
"Brother, art thou convinced that this was the Great One Himself?"
"My eyes have seen and my ears have heard."
"But the image could be deceptive and the voice could be false."
Then the tested one either became confused and was rejected, or he was filled with firmness and spoke, "The eyes and ears can be deceived, but nothing can delude the heart. I see with the heart, I hear with the heart, and nothing impure will touch the heart. For the sword entrusted to me is kept sharp." Once again the Great Hierophant approached and, pointing out a chalice filled with a red liquid, said, "Receive and drink of thy chalice; empty it to see the mystery at the bottom." On the bottom was an image of a supine man enclosed by a serpent coiled in a circle, with the inscription: "Thou art the one who hast given all and accepted all." Thus reads the same Teaching at all times, but the darkness of ignorance causes one to forget its meaning. Agni Yoga, 520.

The Atlanteans and also the Egyptians remembered the energy in the seed. For the sake of this energy they placed seeds in the tombs. But wiser applications were forgotten. The force of this energy could have powered great ships and other machinery. Just as a touch of the hand can move a large object, so can the condensed energy of the seed produce prolonged power. Even people near the seed can receive healthful revitalization. Agni Yoga, 558.

Certain peoples have a custom of invoking their distant, absent ones by calling up a chimney flue that was purified by fire. Let us remember too the long trumpet of the ancient Egyptians, which also acted through fire. Consider that the sending of thought was combined everywhere with an understanding of fire. Truly, for the sending of thought to a great distance, one has to evoke the flame of the centers. Not a forced strain of the will, but a combination with fire gives power to the sending of thought. Agni Yoga, 597.

The ancients knew of the one infinite element. The teachings of Greece and Egypt maintained this truth as the cornerstone of the foundation. The assimilation of this realization issues from an understanding of the principle of an affirmed fire. While the elements of nature do not pass from one state into another, it may be affirmed that the source of life lies in the higher spheres. The disconnected energies are attracted to other combinations. If one would observe the different combinations in Cosmos, one would become convinced of the law of goal-fitness according to which they are combined. Since all planetary combinations of all surrounding energies are gathered under the law of goal-fitness, one may approach an expanded conception of Infinity through the understanding of this great law of reciprocal action. Infinity I, 399.

If clairaudience and clairvoyance exist there must also be clair-scent. Of course, in the manifestation of psychic energy it has a special significance; not only is the energy condensed in the aroma but it calls forth that spasmodic inhaling about which I have already spoken. It is instructive to recollect how strangely the ancient wisdom was transmuted in degenerating into absurd rituals. When you read about the customs of Egypt, China, and other ancient peoples, about greetings through smell and inhalation, it is difficult to discern therein the memory of psychic energy preserved from the vanished races. But even new open straight-knowledge discloses the essence of the surrounding atmosphere. It is not a question of smell but precisely of essence. Heart, 136.

You already know why the magnet was placed above the crown of the head. But one should not forget the ancient treatment of the heart by a magnet, also the strengthening of the nerves and the knowledge of magnetizing them according to the flow of nerve substance. These old remedies should be closely examined; above all, they correspond to the gradual realization of rays and currents. Of course, not only do the magnetic properties of metals effect powerful reactions but many other properties as well respond to the mineral basis of our organism. The laying of metals themselves upon the body produces a strong reaction. Naturally, the special properties of different skins should be taken into consideration. Fatty skin precipitations can greatly prevent subtle reactions; therefore, in antiquity efforts were made to destroy the fatty precipitations. Actually, the vegetable oils for massaging have nothing in common with the fatty precipitations of the body. On the contrary, the vegetable oil dissolves the fat together with its poisons. Thus it can be observed that in antiquity the hygiene of the body at times was at a higher level than in contemporary days. The ancients distinguished the mineral properties of water for their ablutions, but at present one scarcely pays attention to them. One would probably laugh now if it were recalled that entirely different fragrances were applied to the crown of the head, the region of the heart, and even to the extremities. A refined understanding of the needs of the body safeguarded many generations. For instance, it can be recalled how solicitously the Egyptians treated the condition of pregnancy. Now people rarely study the tastes or the strange demands of pregnant women. But formerly, at the inception of pregnancy the temple physicians defined the necessary mineral and vegetable reactions according to astrological data. Thus the labor itself was eased considerably. But now, instead of wise preliminary measures people apply coarse narcotics, not desiring to understand that the bond has not yet been severed with the child. The heart of the mother is at times very strained, and each narcotic reacts upon the milk—thus, nature is in need of corresponding reactions. Heart, 539.

By means of his fiery nature man can discover subterranean ores and waters. This occult attribute has already become an accepted factor. Since such an application of fiery energy is possible, it means that there can also be many other manifestations of Agni. Combinations of fiery energy with sound, color, or with other fiery branches of the one great Fohat vouch for the regeneration of the entire world outlook. Let people simply draw near to the streams of fiery Uruvela. Everyone possesses the fiery energy to some degree. The applications of Fohat are numerous; not only people of the fiery element but even those belonging to the other elements can draw from the chalice of Fohat. If the experiments of thought upon plants have shown remarkable results, then there can also be observations upon the effects of thought on a flame. Under a current of fiery thought, a flame can begin to approach or recede. The Egyptian Mysteries pointed out the special power of thought that has been sent through flame. In this advice was contained the recognition of the fieriness of thought. Thus, one can turn the attention of people to the Fohatic spheres. Fiery World I, 239.

The Chinese method of healing by means of a puncture of the corresponding centers, of which you recently read, is not curing but only a temporary relief. The ancient Egyptians produced the same reaction by pressing upon the corresponding centers. And even nowadays cupping glasses and hot poultices are in the same category. Thus, throughout life one should eliminate irritation by means of corresponding complements. The Teaching of Old China also contained the process of healing by means of heightening the vitality. Precisely China has valued ginseng and a prolonged use of musk. Therefore, it is not to be wondered at if the latest medical research discovers aspects of the higher vitality. Likewise, one can notice the fieriness of the manifestations of vitality. May the best of physicians learn how to discern the fiery origin of the vegetable and animal lifegivers. Such experiments should not be deferred; when fiery epidemics threaten, let us not forget that like cures like. Fiery World I, 315.

Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich


I have already told you that the Mother of the World conceals Her Name. I have already shown you how the Mother of the World veils Her Face. I have already made mention about the Mother of Buddha and Christ. Indeed it is time to point out that the one Mother of both Lords is not a symbol but a Great Manifestation of the Feminine Origin, in which is revealed the spiritual Mother of Christ and Buddha. She it was Who taught and ordained Them for achievement. From times immemorial the Mother of the World has sent forth to achievement. In the history of humanity, Her Hand traces an unbreakable thread. On Sinai Her Voice rang out. She assumed the image of Kali. She was at the basis of the cult of Isis and Ishtar. After Atlantis, when a blow was inflicted upon the cult of the spirit, the Mother of the World began to weave a new thread, which will now begin to radiate. After Atlantis the Mother of the World veiled Her Face and forbade the pronouncement of Her Name until the hour of the constellations should strike. She has manifested Herself only partly; never has She manifested Herself on a planetary scale. One may cite many examples when even high Magi left behind them unexpected consequences and a desire to find support in the lower strata of matter. Such perversion could be termed the channel of the intellect, and can arrest for a long time the communion with other worlds. Now people mechanically search for the already spiritually predestined. The Teaching of the Future Epoch will be re-union of the spirit and intellect. The course of the planets permits the hastening of the communion between the worlds, and the development of the human spirit will proceed along new ways. The luminaries permit the acceleration of the course of humanity. Illumination, II:VIII:11.

People often lack discipline of spirit and a sense of co-measurement. The key to the next attainment is the most difficult step on the path. Therefore, many beginners consider the path of an Adept like galley slavery. Not a flattering opinion, but I prefer the austerity of the spirit's drive. The despair of spiritual emptiness before the anointing was well known to the initiates into the mysteries of Isis. On the night of the anointment the neophyte was locked in a special chamber where he emptied the full chalice of despair and rent his garments, enduring a mortal anguish in spirit. Before dawn he sank into a stupor, and at daybreak, when the sun illumined the pylons of the temple and the priests intoned the morning prayer, the High Priest unlocked the door, awakened the neophyte, and led him into a dazzling hall, where he received his new name and was reborn in exaltation of the spirit. Illumination, II:IX:13.

Buddha held woman in the greatest esteem, and stated that she could achieve, as well as man, the highest degrees of Arhatship. Verily, the same fire of spirit, the same monad is aflame in woman as in man; the psychic apparatus of woman is more subtle than that of man. That is why in ancient Egypt the high priestesses of Isis transmitted the orders of the Goddess to the Hierophants, but never vice versa. If our Christian Church has humiliated woman to the extent that during the marriage service the minister proclaims "the wife shall obey her husband," in ancient Egypt it was entirely different because there the wife was the head of the household. Many curious things are still to be revealed. Truly, we dwell in the Maya of our ignorance. This is due not only to a meagerness of tangible proofs and facts, but to the inherited ailments of prejudice and negation. From very early childhood this malady eats into our thinking like a cancer. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 31 May 1935.

Your statement is correct: precisely, the Fire of Space, when realized is transmuted into psychic energy. The so-called principles in us (excluding the physical body and the etheric double, which dissipate after death) are only aspects, or conditions, of our consciousness. Indeed all sub-divisions (spirit, soul, higher or lower Manas) are in reality only various qualities of the same fundamental energy of fire, life or consciousness - the highest aspect of which is psychic energy. Therefore, in order to attain the Fiery World - the world of the higher spirituality - we have to transmute or sublimate the fires of our nerve centers up to their seventh state. Thus, the Fiery World is the world of sublimated feelings or consciousness. Verily not one human feeling disappears; it exists in its subtle condition in the Fiery World and responds to higher attractions and vibrations. The whole of cosmos is built upon the septenary principle, therefore, each energy, each manifestation includes in itself its septenary scale of tension and refinement. And now, concerning the Mother of the World, each concept should be considered in its various aspects. Each cosmic principle or manifestation has its reflections or embodiments on Earth. Thus, the Mother of the World, when considered in her cosmic aspect, is Mulaprakriti, the One, all-containing, all-conceiving. In the earthly reflection, however, She is the Great Spirit of the Feminine Principle. Behind each manifestation, each aspect, and each symbol stands the great Individuality. Thus, each high Individuality has its own substitutes or personifiers, the nearest to it by ray, and sometimes it appears personally in such incarnations. Hence the concept of Avatara. Thus, the high Spirit that was incarnated, let us say, as Isis, Ishtar, etc., did not necessarily have to be the spirit of the Mother of the World, but was impregnated by her Ray; and, indeed, because of this, in the later legends the image of Isis became fused with the Image of the Great Mother of the World. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 3 September 1935.


Let them acknowledge the substance of the heart as an inextinguishable substratum. The term is not important, but the substance of the heart is evident. Thus, one must become accustomed to the immutable concepts close to all humanity. The affected ones will realize why since time immemorial Osiris was slain and his parts scattered throughout the world. Without this slaying the messengers would not have been dispatched throughout the world. Hence, suffering from one point of view means expansion from another. Thus, also, the very reading of works, which are contained in many books is highly significant. He who studies these does not try to absorb the Teaching in the same moods, and thus numerous points of view result. Therefore, in each book it is wise even briefly to touch upon that which was previously covered, in order to allow assimilation in similar states of mind. Moods are the birth of points of view. Heart, 470.

The individual expressions of psychic energy are innumerable. The energy itself is identical, its basic law is immutable, but at the same time there are no two living beings with an identical expression of it. From such diversity are born many errors. Pedants cannot tolerate multiformity, and therefore in place of a basic unity they substitute conventional divisions, giving them invented names. Through ages there have evolved the most harmful confusions, and few dare to turn again to the fundamentals. Amidst a mass of accumulations picayune thought feels itself even more secure, yet such scraps form nothing but piles of rubbish, and sometime they will have to be cleared away. Sometime the scattered members of Osiris will have to be gathered. Will not Isis collect them? Humanity already recognizes the subtle energy. People do not know how to study it and apply it to life, yet the concept itself is unquestionably manifested in different fields of science. A multitude of proofs are coming in from all sides. Already quite a few skeptics do not dare to object and ridicule. Not far distant is the time when the unity of the fundamental energy will be acknowledged. The individuality of the energy will be no obstacle to its study but will delight searching minds. Epidemics of obsession will be arrested by physicians. From fragmentary observations deductions will be drawn and life will receive many conscious ameliorations. Open to those who knock; give help to the sick; set aright the one in error; but be careful with the scratching ones. Especially when you are striving for unity, leave behind every trouble-making thing, for it is not suitable to higher communions. Protect the co-workers sailing in the same boat, some of them are unaccustomed to distant sailing. Of course, all have not passed the same dates. Whoever has succeeded better also knows magnanimity. He is already experienced in patience, without which no quest is successful. One who realizes the significance of psychic energy will forever be an investigator. He will always be perfecting himself, that is, he will be freeing himself from old age. I affirm that psychic energy will not only allow one to investigate it, but its current is strengthened whenever thought strives toward it. Thought is sometimes represented as an arrow. The impetuousness of the energy is the wings of humanity. Aum, 598.

Amidst millennia how can one discover the Founder of the Brotherhood? Nations call him Rama, Osiris, Orpheus, and many better names whose memory has been preserved by peoples. Let us not vie with them as to whom to give primacy. All these were tormented and torn to pieces. Contemporaries do not forgive concern over the Common Good. In the course of the ages let the Teaching be transmuted, and thus the scattered parts of the one body will be collected. But who will gather them? The memory of the people has affirmed Her who will apply her forces for the joining of the living parts. Remember the many who have toiled for the Brotherhood. Brotherhood, 575.

Almost all of the sciences originated in India. Egypt, Greece, and ancient Chaldea borrowed their knowledge from India. Similarly, Osiris, Hermes, and Orpheus came from the East; also, Pythagoras received his initiation in India. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 8 October 1935. 4.

Moses the Leader by Nicholas Roerich


The heart was always regarded as the focal point of life. Then people, in their hearts, become cognizant of the Yoga of Hierarchy, in other words, the link with the Supreme. Now there has been set down the Yoga of the Subtle and Fiery Worlds; such cooperation of the heart appears as a new condition in people's consciousness. Precisely, we must not remain within the boundaries of abstract ethics. The events and indisputable conditions lead mankind toward new paths; therefore We so greatly advise discarding the yoke of habit, and an understanding of our unique times. Moses delved into the science of Egypt, but he outdistanced it through the Ten Commandments. Thus acts the Yoga of Hierarchy. Now We advise the scientists It is necessary that you observe the heart with all your processes, and you will encounter manifestations that are not clear to you. Heart, 500.

Majestic is the time! Remember that while Moses on the mountain was preparing the Tablets, the people below were steeped in madness; yet the calf of iniquity was destroyed when faced with the Highest Covenant. Hierarchy, 301.

The Fiery Serpent rising above the Chalice in the form of the serpent of Moses, like the Arabic figure eight, indicates the tension of the Chalice, because the Chalice is filled with Fire. The accumulations and precipitations in the Chalice constitute the fiery substance. Thus, primarily we are fiery beings. Only with such conviction do we begin to grow the so-called fiery wings. Are these tappings not fiery drops seeking admission? Are these not fiery waves, which intensify the rhythm? Let each reminder about Fire serve as a saturation with solemnity. Fiery World I, 26.

It may be asked in what relation Our Teaching stands to the one already given by Us through Blavatsky. Answer that each century, after the manifestation of a detailed exposition, a conclusive culmination is given, which actually moves the world, along the line of humaneness. Thus, Our Teaching includes the “Secret Doctrine” of Blavatsky. Similarly, Christianity was the culmination of the world wisdom of the classic epoch, and the Commandments of Moses were the culmination of that of ancient Egypt and Babylon. However, the significance of the ramiform Teachings must be understood. It is hoped that people not only read Our books but accept them without delay, for I speak briefly of that which must be remembered. When I speak of the need of fulfilling My Indications, I ask you to fulfill them with complete precision. I can see more clearly, and you must learn to follow the Indication, which has in view your own good. A man fell under a train merely because he stepped upon the rails, but he had been forewarned and should not have done so. Fiery World I, 79.

Moses truly was a great leader, and you say correctly that he was the creator of Israel. However, Moses was not responsible for the idea of monotheism; this idea had existed from the most ancient times. Therefore, the belief that the Jewish people brought this idea into the world is not exactly correct. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 26 May 1934. 4.

Moses, being a disciple of the Egyptian priests, was initiated into their secret knowledge: Unity of Cosmos, unity in all its multiformity. And this idea of unity he affirmed as monotheism - precisely to the masses, giving them Jehovah as one aspect of the Divinity. There were also other reasons why the image of Jehovah was chosen as the Ruling Element or God for the Jewish people. Let us remember how highly advanced was the science of astrology in ancient Egypt. Jehovah was connected with Saturn, and Israel, as an individual nation, was born under this planet. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 26 May 1934.

Moses was a Jew, and all the stories about his Egyptian origin are most erroneous. Even from a purely psychological point of view, such an opinion is beneath criticism; the whole movement, the whole development of the epic of Moses, strongly contradicts it. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 26 May 1934. 5.

Moses was a leader and ruler in the fullest sense of these words, and he had to undertake the hard task of creating a nation out of a nomadic tribe, which for a very long period had been enslaved and therefore had developed many negative qualities. From such a tribe he had to build a nation and give it the foundations of constructiveness and the concepts of organized government. All hints about the cruelty and revengefulness of his laws are not quite sound; when one studies his laws objectively one is amazed how wise and merciful they are. In may ways they are more generous than our present laws. And if we speak as realists we should not even attempt to criticize the cruelty of Moses when we consider our own times, full of the most cruel crimes and terror. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 26 May 1934. 6.

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