El Morya

Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich. 1924.

Nicholas Roerich

Opening the Third Eye

by El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on developing and opening the third eye. This always involves spiritual awareness for great power can be released and must be guarded—not misused.

Just as We watch over you, so do We watch the development of children throughout the world from the cradle on, weighing their best thoughts. Of course, spirit does not often reach its best development, and the number of deserting ones is great, but We rejoice at a pure thought as at a beautiful garden. Therefore, do not be astonished that the Great Teacher repeats simple sentences, because by fixing these thoughts We sometimes provide opportunity for an excellent flower of spirit to become stronger. Therefore, along with great cosmic discoveries and world events, We just as carefully cultivate the flowers of the spirit. Thus diversified is the labor of Our Brotherhood.
      There is thought which leads inwardly, leaving the surface of the spirit unruffled, and there is also thought which flies into space as a projectile, carrying an explosive charge. A ray accompanies the flying bullet. Every spirit knows when thought flies like a boomerang. It is especially desirable that the thought be tinted by one's own color. But it is only opened nerve centers that do not give color to the thought, leaving it enwrapped in the color of the person; and then true individuality has begun. Instead of the thought's being colored by its contents, the whole sending is permeated by the color of the individuality. Thus is the ray physically formed.
      The rainbow is the best sign; each allusion to a rainbow indicates the development of the third eye. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination, II:IV:2. 1925

The crystal of Materia Lucida can be seen only rarely in such a size as was made visible to you. For this, there is needed a special converging of magnetic currents. The crystal seems in some way to be attracted by the Stone. It sharpens the center of the third eye, and also serves as the substance for astral construction on the highest plane. The crystal relates to the finest energies and also to the energy promised to humanity—if humanity is willing to accept it. The light of Materia Lucida can be intensified infinitely, and will provide illumination, which, without requiring the consumption of any material, can assume any form. This is a challenge that can be met, but the desire of humanity is first needed. Without it, access to the currents of finest energies cannot be given. The power of these energies is linked with psychic energy; hence each abuse is destructive.
      It should be remembered that not only for illumination but also for healing is Materia Lucida irreplaceable. It will be the best remedy for calming the nerves, for it is a bridge between the psychic energy of humanity and cosmic energy, the reservoir of which is inexhaustible. Agni Yoga, 214. 1929

Agni Yoga is not just the progressive development of human ability; it leads one to a balanced contact with the fiery cosmic energies that reach our planet at the prescribed time. This fact must be clearly understood, otherwise a succession of sicknesses will spread, and their treatment by external measures can only lead to disastrous results.
      How can one be cured of these fiery illnesses? The inner fires must be utilized as a useful, psychically active force. How can one cure the pains in the spine that are caused by the awakening of Kundalini? He who knows will welcome the pains and relieve them by rubbing in mint. How can we stop the burning of the third eye when it begins to function? Is it not wiser to help its development by shielding it from the sun? Long ago people knotted their hair on the crowns of their heads in order to protect this channel. Can one stop the movement of the solar plexus when it begins to rotate? Any forcing of the solar serpent can result in injury to the brain. Equally dangerous is any interruption of the functioning of the center of the Chalice. Of course, any poisoning by narcotics, such as opium, will stop the movement of the centers; but then, decapitation would be even simpler!
      One can imagine what confusion would be caused by these inexplicable movements of the centers if we did not think of them in terms of psychic energy. Strange as it may seem, a study of the physical traces of imperil can lead to an understanding of the accumulations of psychic energy. One can observe the traces of imperil in any nerve channel. But it also can be noticed that, around the granulations of this poisonous viper, is gathered another substance that absorbs it—accumulations of psychic energy are found there too, because each energy has its physical crystal.
      Whoever has seen the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida knows how visible are the crystals of even the most subtle energies. The true direction of research will be towards the study of both the physical plane of energies and the invisible energies saturating space. The way of the metaphysician has not brought meaningful results, and the alchemist is resting in his coffin. But chemistry will uncover tangible reality when it reaches a true understanding of psychic energy and all-binding fire.
      I consider it necessary for Us simply to provide opportunities, for freedom of the will must not be violated. Whoever wishes to will understand! Explicit formulas should never be given. There must be room for free will. Agni Yoga, 220.

Urusvati experienced the opening of the third eye. It is not easy to attain the ability to perceive the radiance of psychic energy. We make use of the tension in the atmosphere to help make manifest the development of the consciousness. That which exists in the depths of the consciousness must be called forth. There is no step of spiritual growth that is easy. One should not force progress in the mastery of psychic energy. The circle of the third eye is difficult. Its union with the Fire of Space takes place near those glands that are filled with the conduits from the centers.
      Three flames, then the Chalice of Attainment, and then the third eye—this is part of Our Mystery. Afterward a rest of at least four days is needed. Agni Yoga, 465.

Striving toward development of consciousness depends upon the impulse of the seed of the spirit. The cumulation of striving intensifies the growth of consciousness. If the energy lacks striving, the manifestation of the intensity of energy is considerably weakened, and the attraction cannot result in fusion. Thus, the seed of the spirit is in need of striving. The best sign of the tension in the seed of the spirit is the intensified fire; hence, the centers of the Mother of Agni Yoga are so aflame and the tensity of fire is so great. Only the influx of fire bears witness to this fire; and creativeness of the centers is very flaming.
      When the flaming rings of the third eye increase in number it is a sign of the power of the spirit. And the Chalice, which comprises the entire synthesis of fires, corresponds with certainty to all receptivities. The increase in the number of the rings is proportionate to the striving of the fire of the spirit. When the tensity of the fire is so great, all interweavings of the luminaries are strongly reflected upon the solar plexus. When the centers are keenly sensitive, all cosmic spatial fires are reflected. A mirror of cosmic fires is contained within an Agni Yogi; therefore, the rays thus create and intensify.
      The Cosmic Magnet shifts many things. The battle between Saturn and Uranus is naturally reflected upon the fires of the Chalice. Therefore, the pull of the centers is active at present. Infinity I, 343. 1930

When your consciousness prompts you to the necessity of possessing the constant Image of the Lord, retire to a quiet place and direct your sight upon the chosen Image. But remember, one must decide irrevocably, because in case of treason the constant Image will be a constant reproach. After gazing intensely upon the Image, close your eyes and transmit it to the third eye. Exercising thus you will attain a vivid Image, and you will feel a special intensified tremor of the heart. Soon the Image of the Lord will remain inseparably with you. You can test yourself before the sun, and you will still see the Lord before you, sometimes without color, but afterward vividly and even in action. Your prayer will lose the need of words and only the tremor of the heart will suffuse your understanding. Thus one may reach in life much that is useful, but the consciousness must be in conformity with it. Hierarchy, 89. 1931


Why the green text? Because it is the color of the third eye. Can you feel shape and color of the emerald in your third eye?

If the clarity of the Image of the Teacher brings us into closest cooperation with him, then each clear and vivid conception of an object in our third eye makes it near and attainable. One of the conditions of ancient magic was to teach the vividness of objects evoked by our inner conception. If the object is called forth with all completeness of line and color, one can apply it for the most immediate reaction; one may, as it were, possess it. Without limitations of space, one can regulate and bring closer its possibilities; from the most customary objects to the far-off planets one can utilize this force. There is nothing of the supernatural in this; but the duplicate becomes seemingly the identical, and a vital unifying thread is drawn to it. One can gradually develop in oneself these abilities, upon habitual objects, noticing thereby that when a clear image is created, a peculiar tremulous vibration occurs, similar to a magnetic reaction. Thus, in studying the Infinite one can approach it by beginning with the most customary objects. Hierarchy, 91.

Likewise you will begin to notice that you see your own image as if in front of you. You must not wonder, because it is the increased development of the divisibility of the spirit. The projection of one's own image, and the sending of parts of one's spirit, impart to the developed third eye the image that is sent. One should know that simultaneously someone sees this image and receives help. Hierarchy, 92.

Verily, the fixing of an impression upon the third eye is the foundation of creativeness. Not only the old Buddhists, but the most ancient scriptures demanded the training of observation. A heart bereft of the treasure of observations dissipates a great deal of energy, where great caution should be manifested. A teacher must develop observation through the most beautiful objects. Especially unpardonable in man is a fleeting glance, which neither notices anything nor bestows anything. Will not the chemism of the glance be a most beneficent problem for a true scientist? Heart, 519. 1932

The Brothers of Mercy could enter into the worst nests of pestilence without being contaminated, because they had committed their consciousness to Christ irrevocably and undividedly. Such communion of consciousness created flashes of fire for unassailable purification. Such a Western example can call to mind numerous similar undivided actions which awaken the fire of tension of the heart. Of course, you know of the ancient custom of beating one's chest in an hour when the straining of the consciousness was demanded. Not without cause, or only for the purpose of inflicting pain, did the hermits strike their Chalice with a stone. Through such a primitive method they kindled the fire of the heart. All methods of flagellation and irritating the skin with hair shirts belong to the same primitive methods of straining the heart, when the entire being, through pain, is strained toward one direction. But surely, we shall not resort to such primitive means when we know that the highest protection and ascent are comprised in the indivisibility of aspiration. Through the heart one can transport one's consciousness along the Chain of Hierarchy, thus multiplying one's strength and becoming invulnerable. This means that for such essential achievements three elements are necessary heart, Hierarchy, and the realization of non-separateness. Let us accustom ourselves to constantly feel the heart. Then let us not forget to retain the Image of the Teacher in the third eye, and let us understand the meaning of indivisibility of aspiration. The last may often be the most difficult. People are unwilling to drive away the bats of abomination from around them, and thus they split even their incipient aspiration. The result is a shaggy ball of such aspiration without progress. One should not repeat dismal roulades which contaminate space and impede the link with Hierarchy.
      A good scientist writes of immunity but he neglects to consider the center of the heart as the focus of finer energies. Invulnerability lies in the heart. One may even strike upon the Chalice if there is a lack of solemn aspiration, but I do not advise recourse to such primitive methods. It is better to remember the three necessary concepts and accept them fully as a vital principle. Heart, 582.

Let us mentally collect all the fiery approaches, let us examine the signs of inspiration or illumination. We will find identical signs indicating the common foundation, which actually lies beyond. And so it must be, the fire of the heart comes into contact with the Fire of Space. Only thus can be effected the conception, or more correctly, the impregnation of thought-creativeness. Moreover, one must manifest the highest respect for the complexity of the apparatus that forms the contact with Fire. The most delicate golden networks of nerves are almost imperceptible to the eye. One must peer into them with the third eye in order to remember them forever and be imbued with respect for them. Fiery World I, 91. 1933

One must not approach Fire with covetous aims. A simple prayer about perfectment opens the best Gates. Likewise, a simple truthful attitude assists in cognizing the actual rhythms of the Cosmos. It is easy to substitute greed for cosmic rhythm, but the bond with Hierarchy leads to realization of Truth. Experience in the beautiful keeps one within the bounds of authenticity. When the earthly world is so rich, when the Subtle World is still richer, when the Fiery World is so majestic, then experience in the beautiful is needed. Only acuteness of observation helps to affirm beauty. It is a mistake to think that transitory methods of art can create a single basis for judgment. Actually, only the power of observation, which nourishes the third eye, provides a firm foundation for creativeness that is suitable also in the Subtle World. Fiery World I, 243.

Prevision of events represents a very important scheme of our fiery perceptions. Sometimes one may foresee proximate and even daily actions; but often, as if over a long distance current, we are able to perceive the most remote events. Many causes condition such irregularities. There is no harm if the fiery prevision warns us about tomorrow; and there will be no gap if the distant future arises before the third eye. The fiery force knows no distance; it is like an observer on a summit who sees where the paths on the earth below meet. Since the Universal Government foresees the distant future, our weak eyes can catch glimpses of these fiery decisions. With what solemnity and thoughtfulness one should receive these illuminations! One should not discuss them immediately and in the earthly fashion; one must cherish them as an entrusted sacred treasure! Fiery World I, 503.

The root of a thought, or its motivating cause, must be made evident to a refined consciousness. It is impossible to know all thoughts, because in the kaleidoscope of human fragmentary thoughts one becomes dizzy, and the mere scraps of unstable thinking are of no use. But it is useful to sense the motivating cause of each expression. Such fiery affirmation comes with the kindling of the centers. Man is beginning to know the purpose of words. The external expression is not important to the sensitive observer. Sometimes the speaker himself finds it difficult to determine the primary reason for his own words. But a fiery heart knows how the spoken formula was born. No grimace or gestures will lead the third eye into error. Such straight-knowledge is not obtained easily. Many generations each add their mite to the consciousness. Understand that the affirmation of fire is achieved by many incarnations. The root of thought will provide the way to the realization of other roots.
Fiery World I, 535.

The convulsions observed represent a significant manifestation. A refined organism mirrors the Macrocosm, and first of all reacts in striking concordance with the motion of the planet. A convulsion of the planet cannot fail to be reflected upon the fiery body. Not only earthquakes but all of the hidden internal convulsions of the planet will not pass unnoticed by the fiery heart. Furthermore, as a planetary convulsion is accompanied by pressure upon the poles, so the convulsion of the body may be accompanied by pressure on the Kundalini and the third eye. Energy can also stream from the extremities, just as there can be a contraction of the earthly crust during an internal convulsion—truly, man is a microcosm. Fiery World I, 537.

The principle of transference of sensitiveness is very clearly indicated in the swelling of the lips. An accumulation of fiery energies in the throat is discharged in another center. Likewise, nasal hemorrhage is a result of a strong transference of fire of a center, outwardly manifested through the third eye. If subtle energies are saturated by Fire, then transmutation of the centers is so strong that a discharge is inevitable. Fires are raging; that is why it is very necessary to guard the health. Tension of the currents of space is strongly reflected on subtle organisms. Spatial currents are very strongly intensified. The vision of the black networks revealed all the blackness of the web which surrounds the planet. A whirlwind is being borne through space. Thus We discharge spatial pressures. Fiery World III, 121. 1935

You know well the lightning speed and the suddenness of thoughts sent from Above. The difficulty in remembering such thoughts indicates to what extent an alien energy is intruding into the usual stream of consciousness. Such forgetfulness depends not upon the quality of consciousness, but upon a completely different condition pertaining to powerful energies. It must be noted how difficult it is to retain such sendings in the memory. Ordinary efforts to remember are of no avail; if sendings are recalled, it is in some unexpected way, that is, through contact with a similar energy.
      The ancient wisdom taught that for recalling such sendings it is necessary to press upon the third eye. This counsel was very wise, for by simply pressing the bridge of the nose with the fingers one can cause the center of the third eye to retain the ray of the thought. Likewise, you well know that the state of highest Samadhi is dangerous for the earthly body. The power of the higher energies may not be transmitted through fragile vehicles, yet by overcoming the usual state of disharmony one may render less dangerous the contacts of the higher wings. Again let us recall the various means for bringing oneself into an exalted state. From antiquity people have attempted by special means to shield themselves from danger in contacting the Higher Forces. But the best expedient will be constant thought about the Higher Forces. By such means psychic energy becomes accustomed to the possibility of reaction to the Higher Forces and, in order that it be not shaken, the nerve substance is reinforced accordingly. Of course even one's best friend can cause a shock if he enters unexpectedly. Aum, 8. 1936

Urusvati knows that those who do not ponder upon the goal of existence during their earthly lives prepare a dark future for themselves after death. Urusvati saw a woman who, though good and kind from an earthly point of view, never thought about the meaning of life. When she crossed into the Subtle World she was utterly helpless, and did not even know how to accept the help of her Guide. Urusvati performed a good deed by visiting this disembodied soul and showing her that help and guidance were very near.
      Most people cannot understand that even having such a fine quality as kindness while in an earthly state is not sufficient, for it is also necessary to think about the future path while still on Earth. Even if such thinking is elementary, it nevertheless will develop the imagination. Without some idea about the next world the disembodied soul is confused by its new and incomprehensible surroundings. If, while still on Earth, man cultivates thoughts about the joyous experiences that await him in the next world, he develops his imagination and prepares himself for entry into the corresponding spheres.
      It is within human capability to greatly facilitate entry into the Subtle World. Indeed, great is the joy when one can enter these new conditions as if into a welcoming home, to find there all those for whom one has yearned, and to sigh with relief that one more earthly journey has been fulfilled. But such a state of mind can only be the result of conscious imagination. Therefore, please understand why We direct you to everything that develops the imagination. We know how gradually this precious quality must be attained. We would not be able to help mankind without making use of imagination, which goes hand in hand with foresight!
      The Thinker [Plato] taught the development of the imagination, without which the third eye could not be opened. Supermundane II, 380. 1938

Urusvati knows the true meaning of self-distrust. If conceit and willfulness are ruinous for a yogi, then self-distrust is also harmful. People do not understand the border between conceit and self-distrust, but not all psychic boundary lines are evident. Only when in a state of harmony can one discern the differences.
      True, cognizing of the Supermundane World also teaches one how to see the harm of one's own self-distrust. Let us picture a person ailing with self-distrust. He will be unhappy in the Subtle World, for he will be unable to sense its reality. He does not trust himself, and will believe the supermundane reality to be a hallucination.
      But how can one learn to recognize absolute reality in the earthly world? People, from early age, learn about the relativity of things, and this prevents their looking beyond the boundaries of the earthly, coarse body. However, a yogi learns to have faith in his �third eye.� It opens up only gradually, through the exercise of the will.
      The yogi should also recognize the Supermundane World, which will be revealed to him as absolute, beyond doubting. A yogi affirms without conceit what he sees, and nothing can shake his conviction. Thus a yogi enters consciously into the Supermundane World, as a welcome and awaited guest.
      The schools should find simple words to describe the Supermundane World, as a place where everyone who desires to advance can find beauty.
      The Thinker [Plato] said, "Learn to live simultaneously in both the earthly and Supermundane Worlds." Supermundane IV, 900. 1038


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