El Morya

Fujiyama. 1936, by Nicholas Roerich; State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

Nicholas Roerich

By El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on volcanoes, earthquakes, catastophes and cataclysm.


There are many convulsions in the planet. The volcanic belt is shifting considerably. If solar spots influence earthly matters, no less do poisonous gases of an earthly shock have an effect. People do not sufficiently observe the effect of earthquakes upon human consciousness. Not only is the consciousness atremor near the centers of earthquakes, but also in space this effect is irradiated as a strong poisoning. Only the ignorant can say - "what have I to do with the gases in Chile or in Siberia?" Ignoramuses do not wish to think on a world scale, but everyone who already thinks of the Fiery World understands the significance of subterranean gases and of rays from beyond. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 52.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, fogs, shoaling, changes of climate, sicknesses, poverty, wars, revolts, heresy, treason - what other signs does humanity expect of the threatening time? Prophets are not needed, the most insignificant scribe may testify that never as yet have so many dreadful forerunners of Earth's disintegration been gathered. But deaf is the ear and obscured the vision. There has never been such an hour of disintegration as this planetary year! It is as if a path were being laid for the waves of fire, and the obsolete monsters of other days creep away unwillingly to realize the price of that which takes place. Verily, the world is sustained by Magnets as imperceptible as the air and the flame of space, and just as indispensable as light. The Magnets sent by Us for Our manifestation are like the anchors of a ship tossed in the storm. Hierarchy (1931) - 117.

The purifying fires of the Universe penetrate all regions of the planet. The sparks of conflagration spread along all channels of karmic action. As volcanoes, these affirmed fires explode. The force of karma shifts and transfers power from hand to hand. The cosmic course is directed toward those purifying conflagrations; hence the comet, speeding through the Infinite. The tensity of the currents is very great and the effect corresponds to the fires of the planet. The centers of the Agni Yogi record all cosmic currents. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 4.

Each sensing of the cosmic energies gives impetus to the communion with the Fire of Space. When the centers of earthly fires are active, tensions of the spatial fires are inevitable. When the Cosmos is strained, there are no inert energies. The volcanoes are becoming active and they evoke human tensions. Thus, when humanity has been brought into tension by the creative fires of shifting Our soaring flight is intensified by the Cosmic Magnet. Hence, the spirit who knows the dates and the course of the Cosmic Magnet can sense the volcanic actions upon the physical and spiritual planes. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 352:

If we look on our planet from above, we will observe, besides the evident volcanoes, particular vortices of light and darkness. The human spirit can create powerful manifestations of energy. One may state that the vortices of Light are saviors of the equilibrium of the planet. Nor is it far from the truth to state that the vortices of darkness contain a destructive gas, which is not only deadly to the crust of the planet but can alter the climate and even significantly effect a shifting of the poles. Thus powerful is the significance of the human spirit. Hence We treasure the Ashrams where purified Agni is gathered. Many teachings have pointed out the importance of pure places where psychic energy can be affirmed. References to the importance of pure places are found in the Sacred Writings, in the Bible, and in the Rig-Veda; the Tao likewise contains knowledge of these treasure-places of Earth. We rejoice when We notice the rise of new Ashrams, for people so seldom think of the power of their spirits! Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 664.

During great fiery tension lesions of the skin should be avoided. A fiery conjunction of unnatural order causes a particular burning. This phenomenon can be of interest to physicians. And even scratches should be viewed from a spiritual angle. Psychic energy is at work, but one must take into consideration the special fiery tension. Each eruption of a volcano likewise takes place because of particular pressures. The manifestation of fiery tension occurs in many sides of life. Once again in the Pacific Ocean new islands have risen, like fiery abscesses. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 155.

It should not be thought that the calamitous situation of humanity can be improved if people do not keep in mind the threatening volcano and do not resort to psychic energy. The shifting of the Gulf Stream is only one of the many menacing signs, many others can be found nearer at hand. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 253.

A certain settler built his house at the foot of a volcano. When he was asked why he exposed himself to such peril, he replied, "The difference is merely that I know about my danger, but you do not know what surrounds you." Great equilibrium must be found between tranquillity and the realization of danger. It is inadvisable to surround oneself with terrors, but neither is carelessness the solution. Brotherhood (1937) - 432.

The full moon usually is favorable for telepathy. But there are other factors that affect it too. Most important, it is influenced by certain phases of the sunspots. You may yourself have noticed that telepathic manifestations grow stronger with the increased chemical activity of the lunar and planetary rays, but sunspots also affect many other aspects of existence. Cold, which can reach disastrous extremes, the heat of volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes follow changes in the solar aura. One must keep this in mind, because the cold may increase and the earthquakes become more powerful. Thus, a transitory solar manifestation can be terminal on Earth. Agni Yoga (1929) - 504.

A great task lies ahead for scientists - to determine the relationship between a volcanic eruption and the forms of the Subtle World. But this, too, will be understood shortly. Heart (1932) - 347.

The density of matter obstructs each experiment of the spirit. This concerns men as well as the whole of nature. For access to it matter must be melted. In the process of smelting there is produced a specific gas which assimilates with the substance of the spirit. In man, a gas emanates from the nerve centers at each ecstasy of happiness or unhappiness. Thus a laboratory of the spirit is obtained. Therefore, a misfortune is called the visitation of God, but each somnolent existence is death of spirit. In nature, ecstasies manifest as thunderstorms, earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes and floods. A similar laboratory of spirit begins to work. Hence, all sparks of ecstasy are blessed. Molten matter yields to improvement and provides new formulae. Instead of prolonged researches it suffices to reflect the elements in Our mirrors, and then to accumulate new formulae. Then remains the second part of the work: patiently, and in due time, to give them to people. Upon the fires of ecstasy travels Our Ray, seeking admittance into the heart. Where is the happiness or misfortune that has opened the entry? But, contacting molten matter, one senses the pulse of Earth, and the heart must withstand the gravitation. Those who will take part in this work must guard their hearts. Therefore, I say, guard the heart - all else is easy to repair. It represents matter, whereas the nerves are subservient to the spirit. At the knock of the spirit the door of the solar plexus is opened. But each stroke of matter beats upon the heart. Whosoever wishes to come in touch with the formula of matter must guard the heart. Our medicine teaches how to strengthen the heart through breathing; but about this another time. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.1.7.


Mastering one's inner fires is an effort fraught with danger. It is not easy to awaken one's inner fires; but, even after one has accomplished this, it is even more difficult to gain mastery of the multifaceted, all-pervading fiery element. One who has realized the fires becomes responsive, resonating to the call of the flame. The earthquake that occurred yesterday provided an example of this. The heart of Sister Urusvati suffered a dangerous tremor, for earthquakes are a result of Fire. Precisely, the entire being is shaken by its encounter with fires of a quality different from one's own. But so important is the realization of Fire as a step in evolution, that I advise you to be especially careful when striving to master this element. This mastery is necessary, however, for the experience of cosmic communication. Agni Yoga (1929) - 392.

Even the effects of earthquakes and meteors on human behavior are not studied. In addition to an investigation of the physical composition of meteors, is it not important to observe their effects on the psychic energy of masses of people? Agni Yoga (1929) - 398.

The full moon usually is favorable for telepathy. But there are other factors that affect it too. Most important, it is influenced by certain phases of the sunspots. You may yourself have noticed that telepathic manifestations grow stronger with the increased chemical activity of the lunar and planetary rays, but sunspots also affect many other aspects of existence. Cold, which can reach disastrous extremes, the heat of volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes follow changes in the solar aura. One must keep this in mind, because the cold may increase and the earthquakes become more powerful. Thus, a transitory solar manifestation can be terminal on Earth. Agni Yoga (1929) - 504.

The physician who has an opportunity to study the sacred pains and does not do it is guilty. In studying those pains and comparing them with the actions that cause them, he could prepare the steps for the coming evolution. In reality, during the spiritual development of the world, sacred pains should not exist, but the surrounding imperfections create these pains. Thus, in comparing the conditions and causes, one can foresee the direction of evolution. Certainly, much can be improved in the human consciousness if we know that even earthquakes are called forth by the spirit of humanity. One can gradually gather many manifestations of which man is the creator. Thus, the sacred pains are the indicators of the next race in the clutches of the underdeveloped; hence, I say, Guard your health. I say, Do not burden others by unnecessary sallies and irritation. The echo of errors resounds not only around you, but is carried along the entire Chain of Hierarchy. However, each caution is beneficial not only to you but it also strengthens space unto far-off spheres. Hierarchy (1931) - 165.

People hear about the application of the inner fires for future evolution and overlook the significance of the fires for the present time. It will be asked, "What is the most striking significance of the fire concealed in us?" It is difficult to conceive, but it is certain that our fire is the chief regulator of earthquakes. The kindled centers, the conductors of the Fire of Space, quench the subterranean fire. One can trace how the Great Teachers sent their apostles to the places threatened by a disturbance of the fiery balance. In the future, many experiments could be carried out in this direction. Besides, the magnet of fire reacts also upon the human consciousness; in other words, fire has the greatest application. Fire is the most powerful conductor. Certainly the kindling of the fire is not easy, especially when the currents are so tense; but one may be sure that it is just this fire that is the talisman of the alchemists, so carefully concealed by them. Hierarchy (1931) - 268.

Are there not enough earthquakes? Are there not enough wrecks, storms, excesses of cold and heat? Has not the fiery cross risen? Has not a star shone by day? Has not a fiery rainbow flared? Have not the signs sufficiently multiplied? But humanity amidst chaos does not wish to be aware of the apparent signs! And so We shall not insist upon a visible sign when doubt has blinded the people. But amidst these blind and deaf the children of fire are found. To them We send signs, that they shall know of the approach of Light. Hierarchy (1931) - 380.

By a rare experiment, one can see how the heart reflects even far-off earthquakes and other world events. One can notice how not only cosmic perturbations but even reflections of the radiations of the spirit act at remote distances. We pay attention to the transmuter of prana, to the lungs, which transmit the essence to the heart as the affirmation of world balance. Heart (1932) - 10.

It should be remembered how accurate is each of Urusvati's indications, and also that each of her sensations has a basis. Not only fiery eruptions and earthquakes, but even distant hurricanes are registered in the sensations, and these perceptions are infallible, for the fiery consciousness contacts everything sensitively; also, there are no errors in judging people, for each one displays his essential nature to the fiery consciousness. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 166.

One should observe cosmic manifestations in connection with life on Earth. Many analogies will be apparent. I praise those who observe what others overlook. The present time is severe. One can read in various Puranas about dates. If some scientists can calculate eclipses and earthquakes, other scientists can calculate other dates - the transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga has been described with considerable accuracy, and the gravity of the time has been indicated. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 395.

It is quite natural that the fiery perception will precede an earthquake, which is in itself the result of fiery tension and discharge. The hypothesis that meteors cause earthquakes is too narrow, there are may causes which produce destruction in the firmament. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 477.

You have heard of many earthquakes and of innumerable meteorites which fall upon Earth, but earthquakes are recorded rather relatively. In certain zones they are recorded with extreme accuracy, but oceanic tremors remain only approximately recorded, although they may prove to be particularly dangerous. Likewise, there is approximation in connection with the fall of meteorites. It is true that many meteorites fall into water, but the fall is conditioned by magnetism. Thus, iron and other metals attract meteorites, especially when the deposits are in their natural state and are not void of cosmic magnetism. The conditions of cosmic magnetizations are successfully expressed in the so-called metal and water diviners. The existence of such people has been known since ancient times. Fortunately, contemporary science does not deny these facts. Thus, science has already established one of the properties of fiery energy. But it is most remarkable that these people sense precisely the subterranean waters and metals. Such a diviner will not react to a tank of water or a house constructed of steel. This magnetism is directed along the fiery channel and responds primarily to the natural state of a substance. This is also the core of all fiery communions. Naturalness and directness constitute the essence of fiery energy. One may never think of fire, one may never perceive Fire, and thus shut off one's access to the Fiery World. I repeat that in the Subtle World it is difficult and painful to cognize Fire if in the earthly state at least some way of approach has not been found to the Higher World. Wisely it is said, "He who wishes to go to his ancestors will go to them." But by this only the lower state is defined. Why be deprived of the predestined beautiful spheres? Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 493.

The convulsions observed represent a significant manifestation. A refined organism mirrors the Macrocosm, and first of all reacts in striking concordance with the motion of the planet. A convulsion of the planet cannot fail to be reflected upon the fiery body. Not only earthquakes but all of the hidden internal convulsions of the planet will not pass unnoticed by the fiery heart. Furthermore, as a planetary convulsion is accompanied by pressure upon the poles, so the convulsion of the body may be accompanied by pressure on the Kundalini and the third eye. Energy can also stream from the extremities, just as there can be a contraction of the earthly crust during an internal convulsion - truly, man is a microcosm. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 537.

Today, on Our Day, I shall tell how the power of beauty summons into the World of Fiery Completion. Creativeness through the power of Cosmic Love is infinite. The space resounds with the affirmation of the law of Cosmic Love. The rays are intertwined in powerful unity. Only by united Rays was it possible to arrest the many earthquakes which We have stopped. Thus for the World the experiment of Agni Yoga is being affirmed as a fiery transmutation. But for the Higher World there exists the knowledge of the cosmic law which manifests the experiment of Agni Yoga as a preparation for the acceptance of the Ray of the great Cosmic Right. Thus, the Fiery World makes manifest the essential nature of the Cosmic Right. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 29.

In the Cosmic Battle let us defend that which is sacred. In the cosmic Battle let us affirm that basis on which Existence itself is upheld. In the Cosmic Battle let us manifest that by which life of the future is constructed. The World will have in its fiery foundation those great laws which We defend in the Cosmic Battle. Humanity affirms its ordained destination in the Cosmic Battle. Just as earthquakes cast out from the depths of the Earth onto the surface different accumulations, and swallow subtler energies from the supermundane spheres, so, too, does the spiritual reconstruction involve the darkest accumulations. Verily, when the highest and the lowest meet in the Cosmic Battle, one may be impelled to the attainment of the great Fiery Purification. Thus, during the great reconstruction of our planet We saturate the human spirit with the realization of imperfection of engendered forms, and with the ordained beauty of manifested forms of life. In the cosmic Battle is affirmed the principle of the New World. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the Cosmic Battle. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 197.

Hence, each of Ur.'s centers is so sensitive to catastrophes. Hence the heart absorbs all energies as in a spatial funnel, feeling each vibration. Therefore the sunlike heart helps in the purification of space. The impetuous heart goes to meet each fiery energy half-way. Such impetuousness is possible only through fiery self-activity, which is attained on a highest step of fiery transmutation. Therefore each cosmic vibration is felt so sharply. When We indicate earthquakes, one should not always expect external manifestations. One must first of all bear in mind those tremors which take place in the depths. Therefore those pangs which are felt so deeply by the centers, have a relationship to the depths of the Earth. Thus, the sunlike heart senses all fiery manifestations. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 288.

This exchange of energies extends into all the functions of the organism. This regulator saturates the organism and distributes the cosmic energies. Sensations during earthquakes are not merely echoes of Cosmic Fire but are precisely an exchange of energies. The creativeness of the fiery centers affirms a most powerful cooperation. Therefore, tension, anguish, and also absence, indicate an exchange of creative energies. Space is filled just now with various processes of constructiveness. It is difficult even to imagine how the fiery thought of the Agni Yogi penetrates into the spatial strata. Verily, the fiery heart builds by the most fiery means. Thus, the saturated heart gives rise to fiery construction. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 300.

A true mechanic is he who does not turn the wheels of the machine of some one else. Because of his love for the work, a natural mechanic tries to improve each apparatus with which he works. Devotion to the Fiery World must include the refined observation of all its manifestations. But it is possible to pass by the most significant manifestations without paying attention to them. Space is linked with each human organism, but do many pay attention to such reactions? If a sensitive organism re-echoes distant earthquakes and eruptions, and trembles at atmospheric manifestations, the same thing occurs before great events. Already long ago was it said that the better people will become specially sensitive, while the rubbish of Kali Yuga will grow deaf and dumb before the great events. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 541.

Besides earthquakes, there can be atmospheric disturbances. There can be concussions, as it were, during which the earthly sphere is agitated. These are caused not only by the crossing of currents, but also by conditions in the Subtle World. During discoveries, frequently something inexplicable is felt. This may be a reminder of the invisible world, full of energy. I would suggest that writers collect such unknown facts; thus will be accumulated a book of new juxtapositions. AUM (1936) - 155.

The seismograph indicates a continual trembling of the ground, but these earthquakes are by far not all that is noted by sensitive organisms. The reason for this is that Fire manifests in most diversified qualities. Moreover, the organism often registers insignificant signs that are confused with spatial influences. The human organism records a far greater variety of signs than is customarily thought. All that pertains especially to Fire is recorded by man. The explanations of this preeminence are quite scanty. People will talk about fatigue or indisposition, or about a certain frame of mind, but a reaction to the fiery element will not be mentioned. Actually, people do not picture to themselves that they are surrounded by Fire, which acts upon their primary energy. It would seem necessary to esteem everything which can strengthen the primary energy. It was said long ago that selfhood is extinguished by Fire. As long as they are not conscious of fiery baptism, people will think about themselves only; and as long as the most powerful element is not understood, the very concept of Brotherhood will be a barren skeleton. Brotherhood (1937) - 203.

Urusvati senses even remote earthquakes and changes in atmospheric pressure. Ignorant ones will ask why such painful reactions must be endured, since the earthquakes cannot be prevented. Such questions are like those reactionary doubts expressed about new scientific discoveries. How can anyone say that one who can experience the vibrations of the planet is not of use for the gaining of knowledge? Unfortunately, such refined organisms are not studied, and because of this the possibility of their use for scientific observation is lost. A hundred years from now people will express regret about these lost opportunities, but today, even when faced with them directly, they are full of doubt. The subtle sensibility is linked both to the broadening of consciousness and the science of vibrations. Both subjects are deeply significant and are fundamental to the transformation of life. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 68.

When We discuss motion, We have in mind the very same dispersal of darkness. We advocate battle not as fratricidal slaughter, but as a beautiful defense of the whole manifested world. One cannot remain at peace when chaos is raging. It would be appropriate to illustrate this idea by the ancient maxim that to appreciate safety one must experience several earthquakes. Only on life's precipice can one perceive Infinity. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 116.

You know how the free will of humanity is directed. There can be warnings of many kinds, even earthquakes, but free will prefers destruction of its own choosing. People know that explosions cause rain, yet they will continue to disturb the atmosphere even if threatened with the fate of Atlantis. There are some responsible scientists who try to remind humanity that the harmony of physical laws should not be broken. But people are indifferent, and do not realize what harmful forces are evoked from space by disharmony. A great effort should be made to restrain such free will. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 241.

However, Nature's book is full of subtle omens, and people should be able to read them. Only the blind will fail to see the fiery signs, and only imperceptive physicians will not distinguish the fiery diseases. People say, "The sun rises, the moon shines, and everything is in order; yet for some mysterious reason we feel threatened." Those who can see will point out unusual events that are influencing human nature, while other events will pass unnoticed. Many things happen in unpredictable places, and if you were to record the whereabouts of earthquakes, floods, epidemics, unusual atmospheric events, and unexplained tensions, you would have a book about the sickness of the planet. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 251.

Urusvati knows that people underestimate the influence of cosmic currents, and assume that a more refined organism is less susceptible to them. But the saying, "The Burden of this World," was known in remote antiquity. Simply, it states that this burden is carried by the most refined and most elevated ones, who resound intensely to the currents of space. They suffer greatly who sense distant earthquakes and the shock of cosmic currents that exceed the speed of light. The study of such currents has not yet been developed, and people stumble upon obscure evidence only by accident. But physicians should remember that cosmic currents influence many diseases. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 291.

How then does an earthquake reverberate upon all that exists? Also various winds and storms? How are the diverse auras of people reflected upon plants? An entirely new institute for research could be established. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.6.5.

The passing of magnetic currents over the earthly surface draws the lines of atmospheric changes. The passing of magnetic currents beneath the earthly surface brings into manifestation the earthquake belt. Certainly, observation posts should be established in many places, and their work should be most precise and closely coordinated. You spoke correctly in saying that it is unfortunate that there is no synthesis of achievements and thus much energy and many valuable observations are lost. Hence, the organization of real cooperation upon Earth is very essential. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 434.

One may observe that during an earthquake the throat becomes quite parched. In this manifestation is seen the tension of fire. Thus, a great number of concepts are diffused into life, one has but to notice them. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 440.

People may be surprised that a place especially full of danger of earthquake remains without the influence of fire. Let them ponder about this. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 451.

Is a deluge possible which can wash away entire regions? Can there be an earthquake which destroys whole countries? Can there be a whirlwind sweeping away cities? Can there be a fall of enormous meteors? All these are possible, and the swing of the pendulum can be increased. Does the quality of human thought have no significance? Thus let people reflect about the essence of things. It is very near to thought, and many thoughts are directed here from other worlds. Let us not blame sunspots alone. Brotherhood (1937) - 250.

Urusvati has witnessed the healing vibrations sent by Us. Their rhythms are varied and not everyone can recognize them. Some may suppose them to be the effect of an earthquake, others may assume that they are an attack of fever, and still others may attribute them to their own nervousness. But the majority will think them to be merely imagined. However, on all continents Our healing solicitude is often felt. People receive help and sense a sudden recovery but do not understand whence came the help. We are not speaking about gratitude, for We do not need it, but a conscious acceptance of Our help increases the beneficial effect. Each negative reaction or mockery paralyzes even the strongest vibrations. We hasten to help, We hasten to bring good, yet how often are We accepted? Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 6.

One should know how We send the blue rays of help in the hour of danger. For example, at one time seismologists predicted an earthquake, which then was barely strong enought to be recorded. Some thought that the seismologists were mistaken, not realizing that We had prevented the catastrophe. So often people look for events far away when they take place right behind their backs. The White Swan of Solemnity flies by the straight path. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 104.

Urusvati knows that the decay of consciousness is worse than any war, pestilence, or earthquake. It steals up unnoticed and commits acts that will horrify future historians. It causes people to lose their self-respect, to become malicious, and to ignore their own necessary contribution to future generations. The decay of consciousness causes writers to produce repugnant images, and nonentities to sit in judgment. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 412.

Hurricanes, Catastrophes and Cataclysms

Is it possible that people are unaware of the peculiar character of heat, storms, hurricanes? Thus, you rightly grieve for nature, which is sickened by human madness. Heart, 502.

You have already seen that thousands of people may perish in a single hurricane. Is it possible that the manifestation of ominous storms does not impel humanity to reflect as tow hence comes such imbalance that not only hurricanes and earthquakes, but even floods reach the highest dimensions? It is a fact that millions of people have already perished, but the consciousness continues to grow worse. It would be fair to ask humanity how many tens of millions of victims are required before a change of consciousness is recognized. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 211.

Most people see life as being without any sign of new beginnings, and see only the evident decay. Thus, one can be completely immersed in the idea of decomposition and easily overlook the valuable new beginnings. New beginnings are wisely hidden; otherwise natural catastrophes would destroy the seeds of new possibility. Inertia is an essential quality of these elements, and in order to imbue them with evolutionary energy that stroke of spirit is needed which can embrace thought. Thus, thought is the communicating link with the elements. Agni Yoga (1929) - 22.

When We speak of the need for fortifying the apparatus of thought, We are warning against the unbridled assault of the elemental forces. Certain periods of planetary existence are subject to assaults of the elements. The one resistance to them is a consistent striving of people toward a renewal of life. This saturation of thought will permit concentration on the Teaching and, like a smiting sword, will cleave the clouds of unapprehended chaos. Thought can protect against the elemental forces, otherwise the balance would be so greatly disturbed that cosmic catastrophes would ensue. Would a year of famine, of drought, of disease not be the result of mass degeneration of thought? One man's thoughts are not enough to resist the elements. A new trend in consciousness cannot yet give the needed form to conscious thought. Only complete realization and responsibility will make it possible to inject power into thought. Otherwise there will be tension without realization, like sails taut in the fury of the whirlwind. Agni Yoga (1929) - 22.

Striving toward destruction is not the purpose of Cosmos. It is customary to regard man as a victim of the destructions manifested by Cosmos. It is customary to regard the elements and the cataclysms as scourges which cause much misery, but let us discern where the catastrophes are but karmic manifestations and inseparable from Cosmos. If we will cognize that power we shall be affirmed in the realization of the Cosmic Magnet. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 158.

When We said that an Agni Yogi senses all tensions, We thereby alluded to the catastrophes. Each movement of the convulsion reacts against the centers like a wave. Each spatial battle tenses each center. Each arrow which comes from Our Towers alerts the centers. Therefore, the organism of Our Mother of Agni Yoga is under great strain. Great is the spatial battle. Of course, Our nearness has a powerful impact, and the waves attest the fiery tension. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 324.

Battle in the Heavens. By Nicholas Roerich, 1912. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

No sooner is it told about the beginning of the Great Battle when somebody already feels exhausted. What, then, will be said when confronted with innumerable hostile warriors? Every Yuga has its significant time, as a preparatory period, but there can be accelerations which must unusually intensify all forces. The great decisive Battle must not be understood as just a war. The very existence of that Battle is far deeper. It will proceed along the entire Subtle and earthly worlds. It will express itself not only in battles but also in unusual clashes of peoples. The boundaries between the belligerent ones will be as tortuous as those between good and evil. Many decisive battles will be inaccessible to the earthly eye. The threatening clashes of the Subtle World will be manifested as catastrophes on the earthly path. The earthly courage will be reflected likewise upon the Subtle and Fiery Worlds. The Great Battle will be the first link connecting the worlds. Thus, swift actions can be expected along all directions. Cooperation has a tremendous significance in this Battle. The star of the flaming heart even now brings great help. This help may not always be visible, but one can cite the example of a writer who exerts tremendous influence, yet nevertheless does not know his readers. The same is true in the cooperation of the two worlds. One must be highly tensed in the days of the Battle. Of course, this does not exclude all other daily labor, and during each labor one must remember to dispatch it by thought for the benefit of Light. Likewise with each hostile arrow, it must be realized that this blow is accepted in the name of the Great Battle. Heart (1932) - 180.

When the consciousness stands still, its condition can be likened to petrifaction. In such a state people resemble stone idols. These idols of spirit affirm the perdition of the planet. On all paths are encountered these idols of spirit. Judging by what is obvious, one may affirm the manifestation, as it were, of life, but no life surrounds the idols of the spirit - verily, only death and dissolution. Who, then, will assert that such ossification can give the planet its needed equilibrium! Verily, idols of the spirit engender cataclysms and catastrophes. This ossification infects the atmosphere just as does the most frightful epidemic. That is why it is so necessary to purify the space and each affirmation of life. Only purification will help save the planet. Seldom is understood the manifestation of the fiery Bearer of the Sword of the Spirit. But the "Lion of the Desert," the Sun Spirit, travels the way of the great Light, and with him go We. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 256.

Even in ancient times the wise men knew that certain signs of success or failure could signal dreadful consequences. It is hard to imagine the catastrophes taking place in space that reach us centuries later. One cannot prevent what has already taken place, but one can acquire sufficient spiritual forbearance to accept what comes. When We speak about the need for equilibrium, We foresee many changes which people do not even suspect will come to pass. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 212.

The Thinker often warned of the possibility of cosmic catastrophes. People laughed at Him, but how could they be sure that there had not occurred a catastrophe in far-off space which would reach Earth a thousand years later? Yet the harbingers of such an event can reach people and disturb their consciousness. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 212.

People imagine that cataclysms come only in crude and violent forms, but there are other cataclysms, even worse than war. The most painful example is the corruption of a nation. Truly, this sickness is worse than destruction by flood or other catastrophes of nature. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 263.

Urusvati knows that in evoking new energies great caution must be exercised. The summoned energies whirl in space, and one cannot know the extent of their dissemination, or whether there may be an oversaturation of space. A forced evocation of such energies may provoke dangerous cataclysms. There are known examples of catastrophes that have been caused by the unbridled greed of humanity. It is impossible to foretell when the overloading of space may occur, but one can see the increasing dangers. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 405.

It is better to know human weakness than to be nurtured by the images created by weak thoughts. The truth is distressing, but it is time to know that the world is peopled with shadows. Before a catastrophe there always walk shadows. The hammer is raised; and terrible is the dance of shadows who have forgotten the spirit! Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.10.5.

It is fitting to realize the danger of the waves imposed on the lower layers of our atmosphere. A one-sided consciousness can cause an unprecedented catastrophe. The collision of waves of sound and light can set up grave brain disturbances. Agni Yoga (1929) - 56.

Remember the symbolic event shown to you when, before the onset of a catastrophe, attempts were made to lead the people out of their halls of pleasure. Not only did the people refuse to leave, but new crowds tried to enter. Examples of absurd behavior at times of catastrophe have become common, for the trend of thought has turned into the riverbed of unreality. Agni Yoga (1929) - 545.

The ignorance of humanity attracts a like formation of the cosmic manifestations which respond to the keynote of ignorance. Ignorance prompts humanity to the belief that the cosmic horizon is affirmed on a limited planet. Ignorance, preceptor of humanity, sees the planet as beginning and end; but reason indicates that such accepted formulae, confining Cosmos within narrow boundaries, will bring on catastrophe. Expecting an end, the human consciousness receives endless evidences of its karma and is perplexed over these calamities. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 88.

Humanity must develop sensitiveness if it desires to avoid a catastrophe. How is it possible that it does not understand that help can come only if the Guiding Hand is accepted! One must point out that if the Guiding Hand is not accepted catastrophe is inevitable. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 88.

The cosmic construction is under strain; therefore, the tension of the nations is so irrepressible. Each country is like a chord in the cosmic creativity. As the subterranean fire continuously links the centers, so do the events link the countries. Under the pressure of the Cosmic Magnet, all nations now show stress. With the approach of catastrophe people sense the force of the shifting. It is a very serious time; events are being generated. Thus, the tension of the time can create a new step. It is a very difficult time. Darkness always veils the horizon before the dawn. Infinity - Book 2 (1930) - 177.

Observation of the heart must begin from childhood. In this way one can become aware of certain periods when the spirit gradually takes possession of the body. Likewise, through constant observation one can perceive how the proximity of beings from the Subtle World influences the heart. Many unexplainable heartbeats are of course due to the influence of the Subtle World. Many cessations of the pulse can recall the danger of obsession. Many tremors of the pulse are characteristic even from the age of seven, they reveal the completion of the entry of the spirit. Such evidence should have been known to physicians long ago, but instead of observation they begin to apply all sorts of narcotics, laying the foundation for an early destruction of the intellect. Thus, one should not inflict coarse ignorant measures upon the heart. It should be remembered that if the heart is the mediator of the highest worlds, then the methods for sustaining the heart must be refined. It is unwise to pity the coarsening of humanity and neglect the care of its chief organ. The heart of humanity is sick. First of all, one must render healthy the sphere of the heart, certainly, if the people with to avoid a catastrophe. Heart (1932) - 535.

They will ask, "How can we best serve on Earth to effect the utmost benefit at present?" One must restore the health of Earth. By innumerable ways, one must carry out the world task of regeneration. One must bear in mind that people have destroyed the resources of Earth without mercy. They are ready to poison the earth and the air. They have laid waste the forests, these storehouses of prana. They have decimated animal life, forgetting that animal energy nourishes the earth. They believe that untried chemical compounds can take the place of prana and earthly emanations. They plunder the natural resources, unmindful that the balance must be maintained. They do not ponder over the cause of the catastrophe of Atlantis. They do not consider the fact that chemical ingredients must be tested over the course of a century, for a single generation cannot determine the symptoms of evolution or involution. People like to calculate races and sub-races, but the very simple idea of calculating the plundering of the planet never occurs to them. They think that by some act of mercy the weather will clear, and people will become prosperous! But the problem of restoring health does not enter their thoughts. Hence, let us love all creation! Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 630.

One may ask oneself, is not involution taking place? The end of Kali Yuga can also produce such manifestations. Terrible cataclysms have been indicated, but what can be more frightful than a catastrophe of the spirit. No earthquake can be compared with the dissolution of consciousness. All forces need to be intensified in order to hold back humanity from the abyss, therefore meditation about the Higher World is a necessity of the day. AUM (1936) - 236.

One can imagine what violent currents of willful madness inundate every movement for good! Why think about remote hierophants of evil when ordinary people, who seem to be struggling against evil, are actually increasing it to the maximum. Such is the situation on Earth. The ungrateful sons of Earth are hastening to bring catastrophe closer, and each warning is taken as an offense. Thus the world has inscribed the truth about Golgotha. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 94.

Let us not calculate by earthly measures, and let us take the future into consideration. The complexity of relationships is such that neither jinn nor fools should be dismissed immediately, even when they seem insane. We are in the midst of the world's events, and cannot cut karmic knots, for this might cause catastrophe. People often suggest that We put an end to certain circumstances, not realizing that the ends of such threads can turn into snares for them by enmeshing their own karma. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 101.

They will ask you how it is possible to reconcile the threatening signs of the destruction of the planet with the possibility of a harmonious and auspicious future. The fact is that humanity has a free choice, either to enter the new life, the age of great discoveries, the Era of Happiness, or, by the power of free will to choose catastrophe. Thus, people cannot complain that they are deprived of a beautiful destiny, for it is only their evil will that could lead the nations to planetary cataclysms. Free choice is man's birthright. It provides endless possibilities, but people do not care to apply their freedom in the right way. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 111.

Some may ask if it is possible that within only two decades such a powerful cosmic tension can develop. Such a question proves that the significance of Armageddon is little understood. Anyone who knows about the approaching end of Kali Yuga recognizes that it cannot occur without world upheavals. The forces that were particularly powerful during the Black Age must now struggle for survival, and they prefer a general catastrophe to defeat. We must co-measure Our forces according to the planetary situation, for during such tension the least exaggeration of effort can destroy the equilibrium. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 127.

It is correct to say that a community of people represents a crown of achievement, but for a perfect community there must be refinement and unification of consciousness. It is not a small task to unify consciousness in true collaboration. In the higher spheres of the Subtle World the soul begins to understand that collaboration brings power and success, but when people return to Earth, they forget the value of reciprocity. They also forget about Our existence, though they were aware of Us in the Subtle World, met Our Brothers, and understood the significance of Dokyood. Nevertheless, the appointed hour is approaching, and people will either understand what is predestined or choose catastrophe. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 131.

The Thinker often warned of the possibility of cosmic catastrophes. People laughed at Him, but how could they be sure that there had not occurred a catastrophe in far-off space which would reach Earth a thousand years later? Yet the harbingers of such an event can reach people and disturb their consciousness. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 212.

It has been prophesied that if man escapes the catastrophe he will turn toward the refinement of life, and the time will arrive for the coming together of the two worlds. Even now the time has come! For example, the densification of the subtle body is no longer considered as supernatural, and there are those people who, while in the physical body, know how to consciously release their subtle body. From both sides the parts of the bridge are coming together. Lightning can unite these two parts, and We wait with great vigilance for the time when the bridge will be joined. Then Our work will change course, and We shall proceed to the far-off worlds. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 366.

Listen to the truth - your cloudy mood comes from knowing about the unprecedented approaching world cataclysm. The blind rejoice, the deaf make merry. But the awakened spirit is filled with foreboding and sorrow. Weak-spirited are those who in the midst of battle dream of peace. In five years an entire age is outspanned, But mankind regards its ever-swifter course as a disaster. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 1 - The Call (1924) - 177.

On the path do not rest under a rotting tree. In life have no dealings with people with extinguished consciousness. An undeveloped consciousness is not as infectious as an extinguished one. The extinguished consciousness is an actual vampire. It is impossible to fill from without the abyss of the ignorant consciousness. Precisely these people absorb one's energy uselessly. As a result of being with them, enormous fatigue is felt. They must be avoided like a stench in order to bar the way to the fluids of decomposition. It is difficult to distinguish the boundary line between lack of development and extinction. But one quality will be unquestionably indicative Lack of development will or may be accompanied by the palpitation of devotion, but an extinct crater is full of cinders and brimstone. The Teaching does not refuse to expend energy on the undeveloped, but there is a degree of extinction at which the abyss is not to be flooded with a new substance. Only a cataclysm, with its terror of unexpectedness, can melt a congealed lava. New Era Community (1926) - 97.

Cataclysms result from conflict between the spatial fire and the flaming sediments of the planet. The planetary gases that are generated by the poisonous decomposition bring into action unbridled energy, Kamaduro. In other words, the physical nature of the planet is not in harmony with spatial fire. The luminous matter seeks to reconcile these disparate elements, but what we call darkness can paralyze the radiant matter, and then a cataclysm occurs. Agni Yoga (1929) - 307.

He who acquires knowledge only for himself is not Our builder. When the structures are about to collapse, who can sit calmly? When even the most remote cataclysm sets the organism atremble, then all must become masons, laying the new foundations. I say this because the undeferrable work requires all forces. Agni Yoga (1929) - 322.

Unfortunately, the present time fully corresponds to the last period of Atlantis. The very same pseudo-prophets and a pseudo-savior; the same wars, the same treasons and spiritual barbarism. We take pride in the crumbs of civilization; the Atlanteans likewise knew how to fly across the planet in order to speedily cheat each other. The temples likewise became defiled, and science became a subject of speculation and dissension. The same occurred in construction, as if they did not dare to build solidly! Likewise, they rebelled against Hierarchy and were stifled with their own egoism. Likewise, they disturbed the equilibrium of the subterranean forces, and by mutual efforts a cataclysm was created. Hierarchy (1931) - 145.

In the dark the watchful voice of the watcher directs one to the Tower where the Lord holds his vigil. He who watches cannot carry out his service if he does not feel the Lord. And the world cataclysm is only the result of transgression against Hierarchy. Transgression against Hierarchy means the shattering of all causality, all lawful effects. Hierarchy (1931) - 154.

The appearance of sun spots on Saturn only indicates cosmic ruptures, which are sending an unprecedented chemism to the Earth. There are many similar manifestations about which scholars even decide not to speak. The forces of space are restless; one need not think that a cataclysm will be just tomorrow, but one may realize that new chemisms are approaching the sick planet. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 122.

Urusvati is familiar with earthly suffocation. This is what We call the atmospheric condition produced by heavy spatial currents, which, intensified by subterranean fires and by human insanity, cause unbearable depression. We know such times! People may attribute these conditions to sunspots or to the passing of comets, but external events could hardly cause such unbearable tension. Even the subterranean fires themselves are not capable of penetrating the planet so completely without the cooperation of man. People feel this depression. They become possessed by a nervous madness, but cannot distinguish its cause. Many attribute it to epidemics, or to new forms of disease, but they overlook the main cause - their own behavior. Thus the earthly suffocation builds up, and sensitive hearts are deeply affected by it. Even physical suffocation is felt, and the heart is depressed. Extra care should be taken of the heart. There is consolation in the fact that such tension cannot last for long. It must dissolve into the currents of prana, or else it will cause cataclysms. But sometimes even a cataclysm is better than this deadly suffocation! Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 95.

The subtle body of the yogi, when liberated, visits different planes of existence. Flights into space and descents into the depths of the planet are equally possible. A study of planetary cataclysms will provide an understanding of the stratifications of life. It can be observed how animals became fossilized when caught in a mineral flow. When moving through the subterranean channels, the yogi can see to what extent the foundations of our planet have become worn out. Thus the spirit of the yogi becomes familiar with the conditions of ancient formations, and afterward nothing can appear to him as stable or complete. Such a realization is needed for the progress of the spirit. A striving toward perfection will come through an understanding of imperfection. Agni Yoga (1929) - 224.

Cataclysms result from conflict between the spatial fire and the flaming sediments of the planet. The planetary gases that are generated by the poisonous decomposition bring into action unbridled energy, Kamaduro. In other words, the physical nature of the planet is not in harmony with spatial fire. The luminous matter seeks to reconcile these disparate elements, but what we call darkness can paralyze the radiant matter, and then a cataclysm occurs. Agni Yoga (1929) - 307.

Striving toward destruction is not the purpose of Cosmos. It is customary to regard man as a victim of the destructions manifested by Cosmos. It is customary to regard the elements and the cataclysms as scourges which cause much misery, but let us discern where the catastrophes are but karmic manifestations and inseparable from Cosmos. If we will cognize that power we shall be affirmed in the realization of the Cosmic Magnet. Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 158.

The greatest earthly cataclysms have resulted from under-sea ruptures. Let us not forget that while mountain peaks attain the height of 30,000 feet, submarine chasms even surpass this measure. They may be pictured as reaching a depth of 70,000 feet. The disappearances of lakes are not so dangerous, but a rising of the water level should be a matter of concern. Several times the Earth has undergone the same fate, but people do not think on a planetary scale. Just now there may be observed a certain resemblance to past events. The lack of balance of fires and waters constitutes a subject for deep investigation. Some will ponder over it, and many will ridicule. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 207.

In the days of Armageddon all energies are extraordinarily tense. The attraction of all possibilities for the actions of Good requires great intensification. Verily, all Cosmic forces are in action, creating all necessary conditions. How can the consciousness become awakened without an impetus, without striving for a change from the present mode of life? Of course the builders are carrying the entire burden of what takes place, and it is essential to realize that the battle of Armageddon is great and that all constructive manifestations for the great Plan are likewise great. Therefore let us bless all those who create obstacles, because Our energies are thereby developed and joined to the constructiveness of Light. It may be asked, "Is it impossible to do without cataclysms? Is it impossible to be without terrors and calamities? Is it impossible to be without miseries?" We must then remind about the spatial accumulations, and human engenderings which must be expiated. Thus, the Forces of Light are solicitous about the great fiery transmutation. Thus, on the way to the Fiery World one should bear in mind that in the time of Armageddon a purification of space takes place. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 16.

In different epochs there have appeared particular themes and symbols, which could not have been regarded as the work of individual creators. They remained as signs of the entire epoch. At present the subject of Atlantis is being particularly mentioned. Quite independently, in different parts of the world people have recalled forgotten cataclysms. Let us not consider these remembrances as threats. We are far from menaces. We may remind and caution, but not one of Us makes use of the dark force of suggestion through terror. Free will remains the distinctive quality of man. It is to be regretted if this marvelous energy propels madmen into an abyss. One can take warning measures, but it is inadmissible to break the law of free will. In the course of the fate of Atlantis one may see that plentiful forewarnings were issued, but the madmen did not listen. Likewise, in other epochs reminders can be perceived. Brotherhood (1937) - 524.

Urusvati knows well that the most difficult task is to harmonize the currents of human free will. There are no cataclysms destructive enough to turn the attention of humanity to the true nature of its deeds. Let us recall how those who survived the great cataclysms of the past did not care to think about the causes of the disasters, preferring to consider themselves innocent victims of some cruel fate. They did not want to purify their consciousness and instead began once more to indulge their free will gone mad. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 94.

Urusvati knows that in evoking new energies great caution must be exercised. The summoned energies whirl in space, and one cannot know the extent of their dissemination, or whether there may be an oversaturation of space. A forced evocation of such energies may provoke dangerous cataclysms. There are known examples of catastrophes that have been caused by the unbridled greed of humanity. It is impossible to foretell when the overloading of space may occur, but one can see the increasing dangers. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 405.

Actually, the cycle of Aquarius already operates and coexists with the end of Pisces. Usually the beginning and end of a cycle is very gradual, and thus is affirmed the harmony of the actual evolutionary process. If there were sharp boundary lines between such original special factors, destruction and cataclysms would occur. And as it is, Aquarius has brought already a considerable shift of consciousness; but an increase would bring about a destructive revolution there where constructiveness is necessary. Even with such an unprepared eye one may notice the alternate influence of Pisces and Aquarius.. but humanity, which absolutely has not assimilated in its consciousness the understanding of this, must not be permitted to revolt. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 45.

At the approach of great dates unprecedented tensions are unavoidable. The guiding and coordination of events are enormously difficult because of the poisoning of certain strata of the atmosphere. Some events ripen, as fruit under the scorching rays of the sun, but others grow mouldy, as stored things in damp weather. Remember that one cannot defer the dates. Such violation may cause cosmic cataclysms. Everyone must act according to his capacity, keeping in mind the Great Service. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 81.

The Thinker took care that His disciples should speak to people about past cataclysms. Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 2 (1938) - 405.

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