The Grand Tetons home of the etheric Temple of Light: The Royal Teton Retreat

The Best Account of an NDE

Many accounts of Near Dear Experiences are colored by the consciousness of the visitor. God, Angelic Beings and the Masters in their infinite love and compassion only show the soul that which she can handle. An atheist, if they're lucky, may see friends and relatives. There is a good chance they may go to a dark place where none of us would want to go. Whatever the soul's religion, that is what he will be shown. It's a complete shock to the system to be exposed to truths that are an antithesis to one's world view. The soul has trouble enough dealing with death.

The following excerpt from Messages from Heaven is from someone who recently passed away, so technically it is not an NDE. It's an RDE (real death experience). You've heard the expression 'that's so yesterday', well, hearing from the dead is 'so two centuries ago.' That's when the Masters first tried Spiritualism to raise the consciousness of the planet. They then moved on to Theosophy and then other movements. The Masters do not recommend this form of communication today. For one, it can be fraught with errors. Two, it is extremely detrimental to the deceased. The soul needs to move on to higher octaves. If the living continually pull the soul down to earthly astral levels with seances and the like, then that soul will not evolve upward.

The Masters did make an exception in 1996 when they allowed someone to contact his family in a series of messages that continued for a period of time. They did so because this soul was fairly advanced and had some very valuable instruction on the Path and the conditions of the world today. I suspect they also did this because they were aware that their Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet was soon to succumb to Alzheimers.

Here is what he had to say about his arrival:

On The Transition

Can you tell us more about what happened at the time of your transition?

"I am being permitted to share with you only a portion of my spiritual journey since leaving planet earth. I must tell things as I have seen and understood them, and this may be challenging for some who read this.

"I did not pass through a tunnel as in the near-death experiences. But then mine was not a near-death experience. I was greeted by a magnificent angelic being who welcomed me by my first name and stated that he would be accompanying me on my journey. (There are bands of angels who help specifically with the transition of lightbearers.)

"I did ask him some questions. I asked if this meant that I would not be returning. I expressed concern for my family. I could simultaneously look back at my body and see that it could no longer provide a home for me. Everything was clear to me. I was not confused as people are who die in accidents or totally unexpectedly.

"There is a freedom you experience that makes you realize just how formfitting and restricting the body is. And yet we must be grateful for our bodies and treat them with respect, as we need them to progress.

"I did watch you give your final prayers and calls over my body. And I was permitted to speak with you at that time. I was so pleased that you could hear me, but I did not yet know that this would continue.

"So much flashed before me and I wished so deeply that I had put more things in place for the family before I moved on. The angel assured me that you would be able to manage and that you would be protected and guided. He embodied the comfort flame along with a presence of love and gentle wisdom. I could not doubt anything in his presence."

Meeting with Mother Mary:

"Before being taken to my place in the etheric level, I was greeted by Mother Mary. She said, 'Welcome, my son,' and thanked me for doing her rosary. [My husband was greatly devoted to Mother Mary and had been doing a rosary novena right up to the time that he went into a coma.] I was amazed that she would be thanking me. In her presence one has the feeling of being enveloped by the highest sense of a mother's love that you can imagine. I felt as if her very being had somehow healed my soul for the journey ahead. She is the one who placed the scent of flowers in my intensive care cubicle after I died. [Both my daughter and I had smelled a lovely scent in the intensive care cubicle when we entered it shortly after my husband died.]"

Meeting with friends and family:

"I did not immediately see friends and family who had died, as some people do, but I was reunited with some of them later and told where others were. Many souls have, of course, reembodied.

"It is my understanding that a soul who does not understand reembodiment is initially permitted to be reunited with some of his family or friends. Later he is tutored in the concept of reincarnation. At that point he learns who is truly in the etheric or astral realms and who has reembodied. As you know—and I witness this daily here—all things are possible in God. ...

On the levels of heaven and hell:

"The spiritual realm is much more magnificent but also much more complex than I had ever imagined. Yes, there is heaven, but heaven has many layers, or levels. People do not all go to the same location.

"If you think about Divine Justice, how could there be only one heaven and one hell when there are so many different types of souls who walk this earth? Do we not all know at least one person who radiates a spiritual sense that is stronger than most others whom we have met?

"What you find within the category of heaven are different etheric levels with etheric retreats. These retreats are run by angels or ascended hosts.

"Within what we have called 'hell' there are multiple levels of the astral plane, including hell. Each level going down in vibration intensifies in its severity and in the recalcitrance of the souls sent there. In the etheric plane, each level going up in vibration intensifies in its light and in the spiritual purity of the souls there."

Entering the retreat for souls new to heaven:

"I was first taken to a retreat on the etheric level I had reached which was also an orientation center for newly arrived souls. The absolute love and care given to me was in every way astounding. Think of the highest, most profound spiritual experience that you have ever had, and what I have experienced here will most likely be beyond that in every way.

"I was given certain baths of light with the violet flame. These were given to raise my vibration and draw my full being into wholeness. [We questioned my husband about these baths. He said that they are prepared by Master Alchemists to provide the exact amount of blue or pink color in the violet that each soul needs.] Everyone appeared at his best, with more height and with a more youthful look than those of us who had just left earth at an advanced age."

The life review:

"Very early on I was allowed to review my entire life. Everything was so vivid. Every moment spent in anger or impatience or fear or self-pity seemed so wasted. I was instantly made aware of the patterns or momentums, both positive and negative, that had been part of my life. I was so grateful for any time that I had served with an unselfish heart and for the times that I had loved and honored life or made the honest or just choice. I was painfully aware of the ways in which I had wasted energy or blocked my own progress through often foolish but embedded habit patterns.

"The basic questions are: How did you use the hours of your life? Essentially, how much of your life have you served God in your fellowman and in your day-to-day actions? How developed is your heart chakra?

"You are allowed to give your own comments on the assessment of your life. This is followed by a meeting with a board of heavenly beings who give their analysis of your life. You are shown past lives where you can see most clearly the origin of many of your habit patterns and the reasons for many of the events that took place in your life. The biblical saying 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth' becomes more real.

"There is a recording angel for each of us. Nothing is missed. God is not mocked or fooled in any way. We only fool our human self by our actions. And in reality, deep inside the soul always knows what is right or wrong, but many try to deaden themselves to its voice.

"During this review of lifetimes I was allowed to know what I had needed to balance and what I did balance. The whole tone of the review was loving and positive, not judgmental. It was a time of great learning for my soul.

"In many ways you are your own judge, for you can see so clearly where you have erred. I myself felt highly motivated to get on with what I still needed to transmute. I wished that I had realized many things while I was in embodiment. And that is why I feel so privileged to share this, so that many others may take the opportunity to face themselves while they are still in embodiment.

"A helpful exercise for each of you would be to run the film clips of your life, so to speak, and begin to look at how you have been utilizing the hours of your life. Notice the progress you have made. Perhaps you are a totally different person than you were ten years ago. That counts for much in heaven.

"Do not get stuck in self-reproach. Make each day count toward the new directions that you want to take. Extra points are given for lessons you have genuinely learned and tests you have passed, even if not on the first try.

"I struggle to think of ways to help people keep that daily co-measurement with God. One thing that might help is to remember that everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. Therefore, if a difficult person enters your life, do not spend your time condemning him, but rather ask yourself, 'What can I learn from this person? What would it take for me not to lose my harmony over this person?' This does not mean that you condone the person's actions, but it does mean that you are alert to the possible test.

"I did not always see the test when I was in embodiment, and I would get annoyed with various individuals. But my salvation was that I never held a grudge or spent hours of my life focusing on one person's treatment of me. It is possible to let one person keep you from your ascension. Ask yourself, 'Is there anyone that I'm allowing to keep me from my spiritual progress because I cannot forgive him?'

"Know that I have only shared a small glimpse of the intricate but magnificent journey that God has prepared for us." pp. 25-32.

He goes on to describe how a soul retrieval helped him, the importance of doing the violet flame and a wonderful account of Saint Germain's retreat which he says "is like a city of light. It is beyond our earthly imagination in splendor and beauty. ..." The book is filled with gems for the advanced student on the spiritual path.

The Royal Teton Retreat

The attainment of a soul dictates where she will end up in the afterlife. The Royal Teton Retreat found inside the Grand Tetons is one of the most important retreats on the planet. One would be fortunate to be transported there, for you just might be interacting with Ascended Masters and Cosmic beings, i.e. The Lords of Karma, Saint Germain, Confucius and Gautama Buddha . Here is the first paragraph from The Masters and their Retreats describing this retreat:

"The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the principal retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. Confucius is the hierarch of this physical/eheric retreat in the Grand Teton mountain. This retreat is an ancient focus of great light where the seven rays of the Elohim and archangels are enshrined."

Here is Godfre Ray King from Unveiled Mysteries describing his first visit to the Royal Teton Retreat with Saint Germain back in the early 1900's:

"We soon reached the top of a majestic mountain that stands sentinel over one of the most beautiful scenic belts in the United States. Vast forests lay beneath us, and great ranges of mountains, with their treasures of mineral wealth still untouched, stretched as far as the eye could see.

"Going to a point where huge masses of stone lay in confusion, as if giants had hurled them in a war upon each other, Saint Germain touched a great boulder. Instantly, the enormous mass tipped out perhaps four feet away from its original position. He motioned me to follow. We entered and, to my astonishment, stood before a large bronze door.

" 'This has been here since before the sinking of Atlantis, more than twelve thousand years ago,' he explained.

"He stepped forward and pressed certain points on the door. The great mass of bronze weighing many tons swung slowly open, and admitted us into a spacious chamber from which a stairway, cut in the solid rock, led downward. ..." p.75.

The Masters and their Retreats is unique in the annals of esoteric works. It is the most complete listing of Ascended Masters, Angels and Advanced Spiritual Beings you will ever find. It lists all of the etheric retreats through out the planet as well. Together these three books are a tremendous aid in familiarizing the soul with higher realms. Why is this important? Having the belief, awareness and the ability to visualize these retreats helps the soul reach them at night during sleep and most importantly at the time of death.

William House

Editor, Reverse Spins

All excerpts are copyrighted by Summit University Press and are used by permission.

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