Edgar Cayce Defines Israel And The Jews

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It took me 25 years to find this quote, from Edgar Cayce's reading #5377-1. Cayce makes it very clear Israel does NOT refer to the Jews, but to Truth Seekers. No wonder this never sees the light of day. The numbers following these quotes refer to specific readings given by Cayce, and can be confirmed by the A.R.E., his organization.

CAYCE QUOTE: Let there be the study, the closer study of the promises which are made in the book [BIBLE], yes, the history of the Jew; yet these HAVING FAILED, who is Isreal? Not the Jew, but Israel is THE SEEKER AFTER TRUTH. 5377-1

Other related Cayce quotes:

For those WHO SEEK are indeed Israel, and Israel indeed is ALL who seek; meaning not those as of the children of Abraham, but of every nation, every tribe, every tongue -- Israel of the Lord! This is the full meaning of Israel. 2772-1

Q: What should be understood be the statement (Genesis 49:10) "The scepter has not departed from Israel"?

CAYCE's ANSWER: Israel is the chosen of the Lord and that His promise, His care, His love has not departed from those THAT SEEK TO KNOW HIS WAY, THAT SEEK TO SEE HIS FACE, THAT WOULD DRAW NIGH UNTO HIM. THIS is the meaning, this should be the understanding to all. Those that seek are Israel. So Abraham means call; so Israel means those who seek. How obtained the supplanter the name Israel? For he wrestled with the angel, and he was face to face with the seeking to know His way. 262-28

Citations from the book: The Edgar Cayce Companion, A.R.E. Press, compiled and published by B. Ernest Frejer, 5th Printing June 1999. copyright 1995.

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Edgar Cayce's Story of the Old Testament by Robert W. Krajenke (first published 1973, fifth printing 1997, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA)

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