by Jeanne M. House

Jack London once said, “ I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark burn out in a brilliant blaze than that it be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

As we flow with the universe, we tap into the ever-present moment from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch. The question is, “ Are we restricted or are we flowing?” “Are we ascending or descending?”

If we look back on how it all began, we are inclined to ponder the meaning of it all. How did life begin and why? Where are we now and where are we going?

At the root of all major religions are different paths that lead us from chaos into order. However, most of these religions have not sustained their reason for being and our souls have not fulfilled her longing to discover divine purpose. What we need is a cosmic “soul”-ution to apply to the equation of soul-loss. Our souls need to be re-taught to scale the stars and make a cosmic leap from this earthly existence into holy patterns that underlie both the cosmos and our own identities. Since the soul is a derivative of the word solar, let us first look to the solar system.

According to the earliest Cosmologist, Pythagoras, the single underlying purpose of the kosmos, (he coined this term), is to bring the lives of men and women into harmony with the divine. The ancients had an understanding of their place in the universe. They described the planets and the stars as gods in many forms. They also believed that one God was the origin of principle and the cause of all things. And that each planet had a unique guiding intelligence, ray or quality that led mankind on an upward arc in that God quality. Maybe this can be equated with astrology and how it shows our personal initiations during different phases of the planets.

Pythagoras; detail of Raphael painting

By looking to the heavens, Pythagoras was able to decipher eternal and unchanging principles. He discovered a sort of 'cosmic trigonometry.' Through this science of life, he ascertained that the farthest, outer- most spheres had an eternal, flawless order and that they are the fixed stars. This is where the gods live. Plato, also referred to these outer-most spheres, as 'the realm of ideas'.

According to Pythagoras, underneath the cloak of the visible world, 'All things are full of gods.' He taught that the visible world evolves out of the 'limitless', a single divine and immortal essence that steers and surrounds all things. However, the cosmic juggernaut was that he also taught that the earth itself was still in chaos and very changeable.

For him, heavenly bodies traveled along concentric and spherical spheres. The heavens were encoded with pure numbers, perfect figures and motions and true relationships that exist among the essence of things. He posited that a counter-earth revolved around a central fire, which was the creative life force that warmed and animated the earth. Could this be what some legends call 'the sun behind the sun?' It was known as Alpha and Omega. And the sun that supports our planet with warmth and fire was known as Helios and Vesta.

This central fire has come up again and again in many creation myths. Could it be that this spiritual fire has intelligence? Is this known as the energy of God? Is this energy in us? If so, how do we access it?

Keeping these questions in mind, let's begin at the beginning. The bible claims that Alpha and Omega is the Beginning and the Ending. Alpha is a masculine principle and Omega is a feminine principle. According to the ancients, life began with an outbreath where spirit was fused with matter. God himself had to desire to be physical and consequently we have god the One and god the Many. God gave man his life-giving essence of the sacred fire and man was to walk the earth as gods. We now may be experiencing the inbreath of God or the Omega curve back to God.

Will the universe continue to expand forever? What about the inbreath? Man got pretty good at becoming the earth, but how does he become God again? And, better yet, how do we become God on earth?

Maitreya from Bangdu Images

From ancient epochs of India, history has preserved writings called the Puranas. These are teachings from great masters originally recorded in an extremely remote period in earth's history. Purana means 'the records of ancient events.' In one Purana, called the Bhagavata Purana, the revered teacher, Maitreya sets forth the revelation of cosmic creation. He teaches us about the infinite cycles of beginnings and endings. Maitreya continues to explain that half of life (of God Brahma) is called parardha. The first Paradha (of his life) has passed. Now the other half is running. In our great cycle, our Maha Kalpa, we have turned past the axial point of the course of cosmos.

During the outbreath of Brahma, there is a densification of Spirit into Matter. Then, an axial point is reached in a cycle where the outbreath is expended and inbreath begins. It is the point of the lowest descent in the arc between Spirit and Matter. Then there is a period of return to Spirit. All that has been entangled in material form begins its process of etherialization and returns back to the one Source.

God has once again exhaled his breath of Life as fohat and the long inbreath has begun to return all to the spiritual source once again. God has no beginning or ending, but for a brief interim, man identifies with the slice of spiral that starts from spirit, evolves through matter and returns to spirit.

This whole process is called the Grand Cycle. It includes involution, evolution and ascension. There are many smaller cycles within this cycle. Cycles of man and cosmos interact in the most remarkable way. The Hermetic axiom, As Above, So Below, shows how the microcosmic cycles of man reflect the macrocosmic cycles of God. The study of the law of cycles is a meditation on our own inner being. Karma is the one example of the Law of Cycles.

Our relative position in the grand cycle of our personal or planetary cycle can be understood by checking our ratio of Spirit to Matter. This way we are able to know where to direct our striving to return to the state of wholeness.

In the cyclic lifetimes of Brahma, we learn that each new evolution moves like a spiral and begins at a higher point of perfection than the last. Each evolution transcends the last and takes on more of god.

All form is the result of motion. To have motion includes a point towards which the motion occurs and away from which it proceeds. It is the cosmic magnet-the Father/Mother flow. This dual pulsation is the heartbeat of the cosmos. At the heart of the polarity is unity and harmony.

The question is how do we align with this unity and harmony? What is it about these magnets and how does it relate to our own heartbeat? Is there a technology or science that provides a bridge for our understanding of how the outer world mirrors the inner conditions of our consciousness?

The science of cycles tells us that we move through folds of time and space through the seasons and the cycles and our safe passage is guaranteed through harmony and balance. Life's challenging events can be viewed objectively through the balance point in the center of our heart. The trick is to move through the cycles and not be removed from this center point.

Just as the earth moves around a sun center, so to, do we have our own sun centers located in our hearts. The body of man is like a magnet that creates both positive and negative flow of (God's) energy through our own system. Our heart is the point of equilibrium of this flow and acts as our own cyclic center. It is the point of both peace and power.

Gregg Braden, geologist and best-selling author, discusses in his book Beyond Zero Point, that there is an ancient science dating back to the Essenes and Gnostics, that show how our personal challenges become catalysts that carry us into our greatest potential. He goes on to describe that we are leaving the Piscean Age and entering the Aquarian Age. And as a cycle is ending and a new one is beginning, we are currently creating what we will be.

Our hearts provide the power and the compass for our return voyage. The mechanics to steering the universe to the omega point is an internal technology that assists us to gracefully move through cyclic transitions.

He asserts that emotions provide the template for genetic material and switch on and off codes of DNA. Emotion provides power and thought provides direction. Combined they become feelings. Emotion drives us forward and thought guides the forward movement. Emotion has magnetic potential and thought has electrical potential. If we focus our attention on the heavens, we can establish an arc between our hearts and the heart of the universe.

Interestingly enough, he says, that the heart is where thought and emotion come together. We tap into our hearts through the 'science of compassion.' Compassion is a tool that assists us in transcending the negative energy flow by keeping us in that point of equilibrium. He used Jesus as an example of loving without judgment, feeling without being disturbed and showing emotion without a charge.

This ties into the law of transcendence. Man can transcend the veils of matter. Christ revealed infinite possibilities for God in man. He also demonstrated the resurrection, which was a process of creating biological heat. We all have this recorded in our collective memory body. It is just a question of tapping into it.

He goes on to say that we are the bridge to future and that how we address now, is the building blocks of the next great cycle. It reminds me of the saying, 'If it is meant to be, it is up to me.'

As a geologist and world traveler, he explains how the magnetics and frequencies of the earth are changing. The magnetic poles have reversed. He likens it to the phase transitions of water. First it is a solid, than it is a liquid, than it is a gas. The expression is different but the chemistry is the same. He postulates that this is also what is going on in our own bodies. Like the magnetic shift in the earth, we too are shifting from a solid to a gas-like quality. Or we are spiritualizing.

Braden asserts that the vibratory action of the universe is being stepped up and that we must vibrate more rapidly in order to take the step forward. Perhaps we may be experiencing a Cosmic Push.

If we equate our bodies with the earth, we are also made up of the same four elements that the earth is made up of- fire, air, water and earth. These have also been referred to as our four lower bodies. Light rays come from the cosmos into the heart, then flow to the brain and then continue out through the senses. If we live righteously, we co-create with God by the right use of His/Her energy. Wisdom tempered with Love is God in Action!

Dr. Brown lays out four bodies in the form of color. The visionary body is yellow, the rational body is blue, the emotional body is pink and the physical body is green. When all four of the bodies are integrated, we get the color purple. From this purple domain is where we have balance. He used an analogy of a tent, when lifted it provides the center, (which is the purple area) at the top point and the four bodies provide the base.

All substance, all form, all life is the result of force causing Matter to move. Force can be generated consciously by an intelligent being using His/his own free will. Darwin's theory of Evolution excluded free will. So if we, by free will, purify out thoughts, feeling, emotions and memories, we can FREELY forge our God-Identity.

Esoteric cosmogony defines cosmology as the physiology of the universe spiritualized. Most astrologists, cosmologists and physicists have pondered the mysteries of creation and have developed various scenarios of the beginning of the universe. But what about the distant future?

In the 'The Five Ages of the Universe:' Fred Adams and Greg Laughlin try to describe the physics of eternity. Although they think that the universe is likely to expand forever, if there is to be a big crunch, it will be about 50 billion years from now. The big crunch is a contraction process where the universe becomes one giant galaxy and the night sky will appear as bright as the surface of the sun. Currently our sky is mostly darkness punctuated by stars.

In 'The Fabric of Reality,' David Deutsch, calls the end-point of gravitational collapse the Omega point. This concept was coined by a man named Tipler. Tipler suggests that our present physical forms could not survive an Omega point. The mechanics of steering the universe to the Omega point require actions taken throughout space. It follows that intelligence will have to spread all over the universe in time to make the necessary adjustments.

The first deadline is about five billion years from now, when the sun will become a giant red star and wipe us out. We must learn to control or abandon the sun before then. An infinite amount of knowledge will have been created by the time of an omega point. At that time, we have the potential to discover all knowledge that is physically knowable. This makes the Omega point Omniscent.

Tipler asserts that during this time, the whole of space will be filled with an intelligent computer. This makes the Omega point Omnipresent. ( Though, only after a certain point). Since it will be rebuilding itself and steering the gravitational collapse, it can be said to be in control of everything that happens in the material universe. This makes it Omnipotent. (But it is still limited to available energy and matter and subject to the law of physics.)

He states however, that the intelligence of the computer will be people who are creative thinkers. Therefore, at the Omega Point limit, there is an Omniscent, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Society-this Society is GOD.

This theory is not that far off from Pythagoras. He even new then that the farthest stars, (or to us the end of our universe), are the outer-most spheres where the gods lived. He called these “fixed star” because they no longer need to go through acceleration and change. Could it be that we also can become One with these fixed stars?

If our individualities were enmeshed in the fabric of God, than we can proceed to evolve through an inner technology that ties into the heartbeat of the cosmos and to our own sun center. We must reach for the farthest star in our current dark universe and magnetize it to us and us to it, then we will be everywhere in the Consciousness of God.

This present Omega cycle, could be a right of passage to eternity. We alone determine if we will take advantage of the cosmic push and cosmic potential afforded to us during the second half of the Grand cycle. We alone will determine whether we are to be “superb meteors” or “stagnant planets.”

* ... Learn to love, the sages say,
As days go by, naturally,
And let your fires simmer.
Explore the hidden realms within
Where kindling fires of the heart
Can start a flame that won’t go out
Through winter’s cold or raging sea,
Through discontent, a fling,
... Reach, (inside), instead combine and breathe
And let your flames indeed burn bright
With a single glow that lights eternity.

* Murray Steinman

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