The quantum picture of the atom represents electrons (in fact all particles) as probability waves.
Therefore, an electron is nowhere but everywhere at the same time!!!! Source


This is the second excerpt from Unveiled Mysteries I've posted at this site. The first one was the story of David Lloyd. Both are from the second to the last chapter in the book. The following section is from the middle of the chapter. Preceding this is an interesting story also. Guy Ballard is with a small group of people. He is aware that a man is trying to cheat a woman out of wealth she rightfully deserves from a gold mine. He challenges the man who then rises up in indignation. He gets so angry that he raises his steel cane to strike Mr. Ballard. What this man does not realize is that Guy Ballard is being trained as a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. This chapter demonstrates that he is just about ready. Mr. Ballard raised his hand to catch the cane but because he is so filled with the Presence God, a White Flame shot out of his hand hitting the man in the face as if he were hit by lightning. He fell to the floor unconscious. Now this is why I bring this up. Mr. Ballard then makes a mighty fiat to speak to the real self of this gentleman. It's a call or a variation of the call we all can make, e.g., if we know we are going to be speaking to somebody on the phone who is very disagreeable or constantly out-picturing his not-self, we can make the following fiat out loud. It has to be done in harmony and for the right reasons. And one more tip, Mr. Ballard had been a strong leader of Nations in many embodiments. He had an innate ability to make a commanding powerful prayer that the heavenly hosts and his own God Presence were compelled to answer with alacrity and corresponding Light. Here it is:

Guy Ballard a.k.a. Godfre Ray King

"Great soul in this man, I speak to you! Too long have you been held prisoner by his dominating, personal self! Come forth now! Take command of his mind and body! Right the many deceptions he has practiced in the present life. Within the hour, this strong, outer human creation of discord and injustice which he has built up shall be consumed, and never again shall it deceive or humanly dominate another of God's children. To the outer-self, I say, Awaken! in peace, love, kindliness, generosity and good will to all that lives." p. 221.

 I don't know about you but just reading that aligns my spine. The prostrate man soon woke up—a completely changed person. He was humble, knowing the errors of his ways and wanting to make amends. This is what an adept does. He commands energy. All three episodes in this chapter, the one above, the one below and finally, Godfre's meeting with David Lloyd are demonstrations of his ability to be a vehicle for an extraordinary Light.

Since scientists seem to be coming closer to a metaphysical understanding of energy, I thought it might be useful to show you how a true adept sees energy. The following is an esoteric and deeply mystical understanding of the flow of electrons. Its true understanding can only be known as we progress on the Spiritual Path.

... They asked, how it happened I had come into this kind of knowledge, and I told them of the Master Saint Germain, and the way I had met him. I related some of my experiences on Mount Shasta, and how in the course of our conversation in regard to the great Cosmic Law, he had said:

"My Son, the Great Cosmic Law does not discriminate any more than does the multiplication table, if one makes a mistake in its application, or electricity, when one, who is ignorant of the Law governing its use, tries to direct its force without knowledge of the way to control it.

"The Great Immutable Decrees, which forever keep order in the Infinite Realm of manifested Life, are all based upon the `One Great Principle of Creation--LOVE. That is the Heart—the Source of All, and the very Hub upon which existence in form takes place.

"Love is Harmony and without it in the beginning of a form, that form could not come into existence at all. Love is the cohesive Power of the Universe and without it, a Universe could not be.

"In your scientific world, Love expresses itself, as the attractive force between the electrons. It is the directive Intelligence which Wills them into form, the Power which keeps them whirling around a central core, and the Breath within the core that draws them to it. The same thing is true of each vortex of force everywhere in creation.

"A central core and the electrons whirling around it form an atom. This core of Love is to the atom what the magnetic pole is to the earth and what the spine is to the human body. Without a Heart Center, there is only the unformed, Universal Light—the electrons filling Infinity and whirling around the Great Central Sun.

"The electron is Pure Spirit or 'Light' of God. It remains forever Uncontaminated and Perfect. It is Eternally Self-Sustained, Indestructible, Self-Luminous and Intelligent. If it were not, it could not and would not obey `The Law'—the directing activity of, Love. It is Immortal, Ever-Pure, Intelligent Light Energy, and the only Real, True Substance out of which everything in the Universe is made— The Eternally, Perfect `Life-Essence' of God

"Interstellar space is filled with this pure 'Light Essence.' It is not dark and in chaos, as has been the ignorant, limited concept of puny, human intellects. This Great Sea of Universal Light that exists everywhere throughout Infinity is constantly being drawn into form, and given a quality of one kind or another, according to the way the electrons are held around a central point or core, by Love.

"The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of, and determined, by conscious thought. The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of, and determined by, feeling. The intensity of the drawing and whirling motion within the central core is the 'Breath of God' and therefore, the most concentrated activity of Divine Love. Speaking in scientific terms, it would be called centripetal force. These are the determining factors which make the quality of an atom.

"Thus, you will see the atom is an entity—a living, breathing thing—created or brought into existence by the Breath, the Love of God, through the Will of Self-Conscious Intelligence. In this way, the 'Word is made flesh.' The machinery that Self-Conscious intelligence uses to accomplish this manifestation its Being is thought and feeling.

"Destructive thought and discordant feeling so rearrange the ratio and rate of speed of the electrons within the atom, that the duration of the Breath God within the pole is changed. The duration of the Breath is decreed by the Will of the Consciousness using that particular kind of atom. If that Conscious Directing Will is withdrawn, the electrons lose their polarity and fly apart seeking their way back intelligently mind you to the `Great Central Sun,' re-polarizing themselves. There, they receive Love only, the Breath of God is never-ending, and Order— the First Law, is eternally maintained.

"Some scientists have claimed and taught that planets collide in space. No such thing is possible. To do so would be to throw the entire Plan of Creation into chaos. It really is fortunate indeed that the `Mighty Laws of God' are not limited to the opinions of some of the children of earth. It does not matter what any scientist—mundane or otherwise thinks, God-Creation is ever moving forward and expressing more and more Perfection.

"The constructive thought and harmonious feeling within a human mind and body are the activities of Love and Order. These permit the Perfect Ratio and Speed of the electrons within the atom to remain permanent, and thus, they stay polarized at their particular point in the Universe, as long as the duration of the Breath of God within their core is held steady by the Will of the Directing, Self-Conscious Intelligence using the body in which they exist. In this way, the quality of Perfection and the maintenance of Life in a human body is always under the conscious control of the Will of the individual occupying it. The Will of the individual is supreme over his temple and even in cases of accident, no one leaves his body-temple until he wills to do so. Very often pain in the body, fear, uncertainty, and many other things influence the personality to change its decisions, concerning what it has willed in the past but everything that happens to the body is and will always be under the control of the individual's free will.

"To understand the above explanation concerning the electron and the conscious control the individual has, through his thought and feeling, to govern the atomic structure of his own body, is to understand the One Principle governing form throughout Infinity. When man will make the effort to prove this to himself, or within his own atomic flesh-body, he will then proceed to master himself. When he has done that all else in the Universe is willing co-worker to accomplish whatsoever he wills through Love.

"Whoever makes himself willingly obedient unto the `Law of Love,' has Perfection in his mind and world permanently maintained. Unto him and him alone does All Authority and Mastery belong. He only has the right to rule because he has first learned to obey. When he has obtained obedience from atomic structure within his own mind and body all atomic structure outside of his mind and body will obey him also.

"Thus, mankind through thought and feeling has the power—each individual within himself—to rise to the highest or sink to the lowest. Each one alone determines his own pathway of experience. By conscious control of his attention, as to what he allows his mind to accept, he can walk and talk with God—Face to Face—or looking away from God, become lower than the animals, sinking his human consciousness into oblivion. In the latter case, the God Flame Within him then withdraws from its human habitation. After aeons of time, it tries a human journey once again into the world of physical matter, until final victory is accomplished consciously and of its own Free Will."

I told them of the limitless possibilities which Saint Germain had shown me were before mankind for accomplishment, whenever it is willing to accept the `Great God Presence' within every individual as the directing and accomplishing power. The buyer of the mine asked me why I used the word acceptance —so often, and I recalled the words Saint Germain had used in explaining it to me, for he said:

"Even in the outer activity of your Life, if you purchase a thing or are offered something marvelous and perfect, if you do not accept it, it would be impossible for you to use, or have the benefit from it. So it is with the `Great God Presence' within us. Unless, we accept that our Life is God-Life—and that all power and energy we have with which to do anything is God-Power, and God-Energy—how can we have GOD-Qualities and accomplishment in our world?

"As Sons of God, we are commanded to choose whom we shall serve, the Mighty `Presence' of God Within us—or the outer human self. The gratification of the outer human appetites and sense demands has one and only one result, misery and destruction.

"All Constructive Desire is really the God Self Within pushing Perfection forward into the use and enjoyment of the outer-self. The Great Energy of Life is flowing through us constantly. If we direct It to constructive accomplishment. It brings joy and happiness. If directed to sense gratification, there cannot be anything but misery as a result because it is all the action of Law—an Impersonal Life-Energy.

"Keep before the outer activity of your mind the constant reminder that you are `Life'—'God in Action' in you and your world. The personal self is continually claiming things and power of when the very Energy by which it exists is loaned it by the God Self. The outer personal human activity does not even own its skin. The very atoms of its body are loaned to it by the `Supreme God Presence' from the Great Sea of Universal Substance.

"Train yourself to return all power and authority to the `Great Glorious God Flame' which is your `Real Self' and the `Source' from which you have always received every good thing." We talked until two o'clock in the morning, and then, I had suggest we retire. No one wanted to sleep but I said to them:

"You will sleep in the arms of God," and the next morning, they were surprised to realize how quickly they had dropped off to sleep.We were up at seven, and on our way to Phoenix. The recording was completed, and I explained I must leave as my work with them was finished for the time being. ... Unveiled Mysteries (pp. 222-230)

William C. House

Editor, Reverse Spins

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