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Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on how plants, flowers and scents affect man and his environment.

Plants and Flowers

In hoary antiquity incense was used to determine the aura of objects. It was supposed that objects with good auras became imbued with incense, whereas bad emanations did not absorb the effusions of the plant. Afterwards, incense was used in the temples in order to strengthen the Subtle World and being it nearer. Verily, incense has the property of increasing the vitality of the Subtle World. When used at funerals, its purpose is to safeguard the one who has passed the borderline of consciousness and to liberate him from the state of slumber that is usual for those who are unprepared. Such details of the ancient knowledge are completely forgotten; similarly forgotten is the significance of various fragrances. The manufacturing of perfumes has lost its ancient meaning; not only has it lost this, but through ignorance the most harmful combinations are often used. The affirmed knowledge, based upon wide study, will afford an entire domain useful for application in life. The use of aromas in antiquity was connected with the study of cures. The priests indicated how to utilize aromas and in what cases to apply them. Thus, without witchcraft, one can trace an entire system of cures based on inhalation and the nourishing of the nervous system by rubbing aromatic essences into the skin. Thus, the ancients looked far deeper than the surface of the skin. Heart (1932) - 153

Healing through the fragrance of flowers, resins, and seeds goes back to hoary antiquity. Thus, a rose not only possesses a similarity to musk but also prevents imperil. A garden of roses was considered by the ancients as a place of inspiration. Freesias are beneficial for the sympathetic nervous system, which vibrates so much in a Yogi. The seeds of barley are unsurpassed for the lungs. You know already about mint, about the resin of cedar and other resins. Perfumes are now bereft of meaning like all other desecrated values, yet the origin of fragrance underlies a useful but forgotten knowledge. Certainly the poisons of antiquity were very subtle. The newly invented narcotics are comparatively crude; chiefly, they destroy the intellect - in other words, precisely that which sustains the balance in all psychic experiments. A flaming heart without spiritual balance is an impossibility. Thus one must remember all details that bring one close to Hierarchy. Hierarchy (1931) - 316

You have heard of the fragrance emanating from the saints. We shall point out how the aura of saints, bringing them back to the bloodless kingdom, gives them the fragrance of the flowers through which they passed during their round of early incarnations. Thus, one can also heal by applying corresponding flowers to the body. Hierarchy (1931) - 368

One may influence plants, as has been shown, but one must exercise great patience, because every atmospheric current can affect the transmission of the fiery energy. But who can imagine that the cosmic chemism does not influence the human organism! But it is correctly observed that even the fragrance of flowers can change under the pressure of cosmic currents. Be not astonished that all Nature responds to that which man does not wish to notice. The refinement of consciousness primarily depends on attention to the surroundings. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 27

Nothing gathers the essence of prana as well as do plants. Even pranayama may be replaced by association with plants. And it should be understood how assiduously the eye must fathom the structure of the plants. The pores of the plants are enlarged not only by the advent of new leaves and flowers, but also by the removal of dead parts. The law of Earth's nurture affords, through the antennae of the plants, the possibility of drawing out of this reservoir by means of smell and sight the precious quality of vitality, the so-called Naturovaloris, which is acquired through conscious striving. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.5.11

Valuable as are the living plants which have not lost their vitality, preparations from them dried in the sun may also be useful. But the stages of decomposition should be avoided, because decomposition is the same in everything and always attracts the most imperfect spirits. Therefore, one should watch the condition of cut flowers. The smell of decomposition must be sensed, as it is not the external appearance but the smell which manifests the symptom. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.5.11

One may pass from animals to plants. You already know that it is beneficial to sleep on cedar roots. You know what collectors of electricity pine needles are. Not only do plants serve salutarily by their extracts, but the plant emanation produces a strong effect on the surroundings. One may see how man can be helped by a bed of flowers consciously combined. Absurd are mixed flower beds whose mutual reactions destroy their good effect. Matched or homogeneous ones can answer the needs of our organism. How many useful combinations there are in fields covered by wild plants! Combinations of plants which are natural neighbors must be studied as instruments of an orchestra. Those scientists are right who look upon plants as subtly sensitive organisms. The next steps will be the study of the reaction of groups of plants on each other as well as upon man. The sensitivity and reciprocal action of plants upon surroundings is indeed astonishing. Plants are manifested, as it were, as a binding substance of the planet, acting on a network of imperceptible interactions. True, the value of plants was long ago foreseen, but group reciprocal actions have not been studied. Until recently people have not understood the vital capacity of vegetable organisms and have senselessly cut clusters of heterogeneous plants, not caring about the meaning of what they were doing. A man with a bouquet is like a child with fire. Exterminators of the vegetation of the planet's crust are like state criminals. New Era Community (1926) - 142


In studying the emanations of the rose, you noticed that merely walking past the blossom had an effect upon its emanations. From this observation alone it may be seen how sensitive plants are, and how strong their reactions to man. There is also another experiment which has considerable significance. If man by his energy can project his influence to the next floor through beams and carpets, then what deductions may be made about public communities! New Era Community (1926) - 142

People must not keep anything rotten in their houses. The presence of fermentation, or of stagnant water attracts undesirable entities. When the photographing of entities of the Subtle World becomes more advanced, it will be possible to record on film the difference between the surroundings of a bit of cheese or meat and that of a fresh rose. Obviating logical arguments, one can actually see that the forms attracted by meat are repellent. These lovers of decomposition even accompany to the mouth itself the dish fancied by them. Also, before photographing auras one can gain experience by taking pictures of objects with their surroundings. As always, the experiment requires patience and perseverance. It should begin with indicative objects. Of the pure aromas, one must prefer the rose; it contains a very lasting oil. But it should not be forgotten that flowers should be gathered before decomposition has set in. I point out roses because they contain the greatest quantity of fiery energy. Thus, lovers of roses are near to fiery energy. The entities that feed on decomposition avoid the aromas of fiery energy. One must accept this indication in all simplicity, and just as information from a pharmacy. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 227

Roses are beneficial for Bliss. All helpful means should be assembled. Not without reason was the rose the symbol of mystery in alchemy. But nowadays rose oil is very poorly prepared. Hierarchy (1931) - 424

It is authentically known that some aromas evoke a tension of psychic energy on the surface of the skin at the origins of the nerves. Certain species of roses and the ingredients known to you as the balm of the Mother of the World are useful for this. The benign action of the balm itself is greatly augmented by the invoked psychic energy. Therefore, various forms of skin disease and disintegration of matter are subject to this action. Of course, when clarity of consciousness is added, the result is increased still more. Therefore, proper suggestion is useful even with the best remedies. Let us not forget that these indications are useful for the investigation of psychic energy. Heart (1932) - 137


The yogi must keep his organs of respiration pure. For this, hot milk, valerian, and mint are prescribed. The yogi must keep his stomach and his bowels pure; licorice and senna are prescribed for this. The yogi must keep his lungs pure, and for this he is given aloe, and also resins, prudently used. The yogi must keep pure the all-pervading soma, for which he must make use of musk. But purity also requires vitality of the glands. Agni Yoga (1929) - 172

One must with equal caution guard the purity of the air in one's sleeping room. One should remember that during the departure of the astral body the physical body remains unprotected, and if the air is poisoned, the appearance of undesirable guests is unavoidable. Mint is the best disinfectant. It also aids the astral body, which leaves the physical body more often than we think. It may at times wander aimlessly, staying close to the physical body, or it may enter upon a new course of action and gain much knowledge. The imperative duty of each one is to create the best conditions for one's astral body. Agni Yoga (1929) - 196

Who said that musk is merely a stimulant? It can have an equilibrating importance, bringing into motion basic energies. It is regrettable when such multiform, powerful reactions are reduced to a single manifestation. The poorer the idea of it, the cruder the hypothesis. This refers also to many indicated remedies. No one thinks about the significance in synthesis of valerian. No one is willing to understand mint as a friend of life, ready to exercise a calming effect upon rebellious centers. No one wishes to observe the action of milk combined with soda. Thus broad is the field of observation for eyes which have been opened. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 197

Mint can be useful even as an outdoor plant, for the emanations of its fiery leaves are most subtle and natural as are those of roses. Where one can have flowers, oils are not needed. Thus, the most alive and the most natural are the best of all. Let us not forget that mint and roses are excellent disinfectants. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 197


To the indications about medicines one should add that the skins of the musk animals were valued in Lemuria. Also, a chalice of cedar resin figured in the rituals of the consecration of the kings of the ancient Khorassan. Druids also called the chalice of cedar resin the chalice of life. And only later, with the loss of the realization of the spirit, was it replaced by blood. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.4.18

Can a yogi feel fatigue? Of course he can; he can even become ill. But he will know that a new store of energy must then be gathered. He will know where energy was overspent and will, without losing equanimity, make use of valerian and musk. Agni Yoga (1929) - 241

How can cancer be cured? Of course, with psychic energy, whose crystal achieves the best healing. It is possible to utilize the accumulations of psychic energy, a true panacea for all illnesses, even for leprosy. The crystal of psychic energy can be obtained from musk, but this is a crystal of unconscious energy. Of course, there is the crystal of universal power, the Philosopher's Stone. Here, once again, the alchemists are close to the truth. The Philosopher's Stone, as a physical accumulation of psychic energy, is at the foundation of all life. Agni Yoga (1929) - 495

This emulsion when rubbed into the body, provides the energy needed to sustain nourishment for a long time. This is similar to the taking of musk, which, as you already know, reduces one's need for food. Give the formula for this emulsion only to those who have proved their devotion to the Teaching. There is little reason to feed the body of one who tries to deny psychic energy. Agni Yoga (1929) - 582

Thus, We advise giving musk for strengthening activity, but We are definitely against narcotics which calm and deaden the intellect. How, then, will the quality of thoughts, so needed for the future life be developed if we dull it with poison? But medical science is lavish in producing living corpses. Hierarchy (1931) - 186

Besides psychic energy, musk is useful, because it strengthens the nervous system and kindles the protective net. Thus the strengthening of the centers of the heart and Chalice gives a necessary strength to the protective net. Heart, fiery Chalice, illumine ye the path of the ascending ones! Hierarchy (1931) - 458

For photographing the aura other, mechanical methods are also useful. Before taking the photograph it is useful to take musk, which stimulates the currents of energy. It is useful to have a black velvet screen and to manifest solemnity if it is feasible. It would naturally be absurd to crowd the room with casual, curious visitors. It is necessary to cleanse the very atmosphere of the room with eucalyptus oil. Thus, not only the occult conditions but the purely hygienic ones should be foreseen. Heart (1932) - 465

Hygiene of thought must be applied on both the spiritual and earthly planes. One must carry out experiments, strengthened by fiery medicines, upon the processes of thinking. One should pay attention to the action of phosphorus or the evaporation of eucalyptus upon thinking. One should verify the extent to which thinking is improved by musk. One should gather all data in regard to various resinous oils. Finally, one must remember all the combinations that are closest to the activity of Fire. These experiments should be carried out with persons of strong fiery thinking. Such experiments will remind one not only about vitamins but also about Agni. The efforts of physicians to concentrate not only upon internal remedies but also on the reactions of the sense of smell will produce the needed results. People are gravely sick. The dark forces endeavor to seduce with all kinds of narcotics, but the narrow boundaries of life are not broadened by stupefying the intellect. Just now spiritual vigilance is needed. One must grow to love this vigilance as a state fitting to man. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 350

Do not confuse fatigue with intensity. These two states, notwithstanding their complete difference, can produce similar symptoms. But fatigue must be overcome by a change of work, whereas tension must be actually increased. It would be a mistake to allow oneself to dissipate tension. One must nourish this manifest fiery power as a precious gift. Each tension is a sharpening of consciousness. Each weariness is a dulling, but in either case let us not forget to take musk. Ur. has wisely established the combination of musk with soda and valerian. Certainly the very speedy accumulation of musk by means of soda is useful, as it is also the continuation of the reaction to valerian. All three ingredients are of a fiery nature. Not without reason was soda called, in antiquity, ashes of divine Fire, and fields of soda deposits were called sites of Devas' encampments. Likewise valerian is especially effective in combination with musk. While musk kindles Fire, valerian sustains it as a static condition. In fatigue this fiery remedy is absorbed in order to renew the nerve centers; but in the striving of intensity there is need of prolonged combustion, in order to avoid explosions and shocks. But above all other life-giving agents is the communion with Hierarchy. Musk may dry up, but in communion with Hierarchy its strength will be promptly renewed and an inexhaustible supply of energy extended. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 180

Likewise, it is inadvisable to trust in all the kinds of musk from various animals. Only the musk deer has the proper diet. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 536

It has been rightly observed that certain plants have the aroma of musk. It is useful to gather information about such plants. They will not possess all the valuable qualities of the life-giver, musk; nevertheless the useful quality of preserving vigor is inherent in them. One may sometimes observe that neighboring plants begin to take on the same scent; the roots and soil may serve as conductors. AUM (1936) - 237

An outflow of psychic energy is not at all susceptible to treatment by blood transfusion, but by valerian, musk, and milk with bicarbonate of soda. These basic remedies are supplemented by the psychic energy of the physician - the latter is quite essential. Our young friend possesses an excellent quality - he can give away a large quantity of energy without injuring himself, for there is none of that malice in him which usually has an enfeebling effect. Malice can produce a strong convulsion, therefore the basis of malice is not suitable. Brotherhood (1937) - 472

Deodar and Musk

Deodar oil has been called the balsam of the heart. Truly, some substances belong to Nature's heart, and their noble quality is conducive to the purification of the heart - so also in a rose, in musk, in amber. I cite the essences of various properties in order to define the scope of Nature's heart. Heart (1932) - 387

Not only is the odor of the deodar pleasant, but it helps to invigorate breathing and expel dark entities. Many oils have a purifying property, but not all have an influence on the Subtle World. The deodar has a significance in the Subtle World, and it is usually connected with places of sojourn of the Rishi. They know that the deodar possesses the quality of driving away evil entities. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 244


Certain plants exist as reservoirs of prana. The pine trees collect it as if in electric needles. And as a bond between heaven and the depths of earth, the earth is covered with living antennae which gather and preserve the true renewing element of the spiritual tissue. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.4.18

When it is not the season for flowers, it is useful to have small pine trees. Like a dynamo they accumulate vitality, and they are more effectual than right breathing. Instead of by ritual breathings one can thus receive a most condensed supply of prana. Of course, a state of rest also increases the action. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.5.11

Certain metals may correspond to the constitutional make-up of the local inhabitants; there may be magnetic currents connected with underground waters. Likewise, certain species of trees may increase or retard the action of psychic energy. Oak and pine are good, but aspen, alder, and dwarf elm are rarely of help to the energy. However, such circumstances are of secondary importance. AUM (1936) - 393

True, true, true - people must settle themselves in tested localities. Even a bear shows greater care in selecting his den. Plants will indicate the better possibilities. Look for cedars and pines, heather and oak, grass and flowers of vivid color. Natural electrification in a locality is necessary. Large, long needles of evergreen are the best condensers of electricity. Heights above eleven thousand feet, devoid of vegetation, provide useful prana. New Era Community (1926) - 182


The fire of Zoroaster was the result of burning of the cedar resin in the chalice. Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.4.18

Long ago the significance of Manas was pointed out; it is impossible that such a treasury as the Chalice should have no importance for all that surrounds it. There can be palliative measures, such as ammonia, menthol, eucalyptus, and cedar resin. But these will only ease the symptoms whereas the real panacea will be the cultivation of psychic energy. Agni Yoga (1929) - 573

Odors and Aromas

Besides investigating psychic energy by the use of color, make tests of it with sound and aroma. It is possible to obtain indicative reactions to music; furthermore, observe both the effect of distance and of the most consonant harmonies. Much is said about the influence of music upon people, but almost no illustrative experiments are carried out. One may observe the influence of music upon people's moods, but that will be commonplace. Indeed, it is assumed that gay music communicates joy, and sorrowful - sadness, but such deductions are insufficient. It may be ascertained what harmony most closely adjoins the psychic energy of man, what symphony can have the strongest quieting or inspiring influence upon people. Different musical compositions need to be used in tests. The very quality of harmonization will give the best indications about the paths of sound and the life of man. AUM (1936) - 384

Likewise, it is indispensable to investigate the influence of aromas. It is necessary to approach both fragrant flowers and different compounds, which must stimulate or diminish psychic energy. Finally, one can combine color, sound, and aroma, and observe the cooperation of all three motive forces. AUM (1936) - 384

Beginning with such observations, one can arrive at valuable conclusions which, when accumulated, will bring great benefits to humanity. Because the time has now arrived for especially keen application of the psychic laws. It is time to gather into the chalice of patience all the designs and to remember that each fluctuation of climate and atmospheric pressures also exerts its deep influence upon the psychic laws. Let us apply the most precise scale for weighing our thoughts, and let us remember that each oxidization of metals exerts influence upon the character and quality of thoughts. Smoke, and also the odor of burning refuse or meat, is always harmful. Let us not forget that dust, like particles of decay, penetrates the pores of the body. Let us calmly discriminate in all the details of life, not for self-vindication, but for the investigation of our nature and acceptance of the measures of perfection. Hierarchy (1931) - 67

It is instructive to observe from the scientific point of view the nature of the atmosphere surrounding the substance of the Subtle or Fiery World, when this atmosphere is condensed for a manifestation in the physical world. One may recall the draughts which precede manifestation; in one case one can sense a coolness as of mountains, even accompanied by fragrances, whereas in another case one can sense piercing cold and an unpleasant odor. In this way the strata of the worlds can be distinguished. But one might also discern various chemical compounds in the condensed atmosphere. Is this not a manifestation of the higher realities? Thus, spiritually and physically, it is possible to apprehend the magnitude of the Invisible Worlds. One must not only become accustomed to this beautiful reality, but must also adjust one's actions commensurately with the grandeur of Cosmos. Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 610

Vibrations can evoke in the heart a great many subtle sensations. If man would understand how to make use of affirmed vibrations in order to draw forth subtle feelings from the depths of his heart, it would be possible to avert many evil actions. Science certainly must occupy itself with the investigation of a means of evoking these vibrations. Indeed, sound, color and odor can provide an entire synthesis for the higher sensations. When gross methods are replaced by subtle ones, the spirit will possess sensitiveness of perception. Contact with more subtle energies will result in a refinement of the entire way of life. When space begins to resound with subtle energies, one will have to know how to apply them vitally. Therefore it is possible to resort to contact with hardened criminals in the search for new ways for regeneration of the spirit. It is necessary to find new means for vibrations. On the path to the Fiery World let us ponder on how to purify the spirit of humanity. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 265

If clairaudience and clairvoyance exist there must also be clair-scent. Of course, in the manifestation of psychic energy it has a special significance; not only is the energy condensed in the aroma but it calls forth that spasmodic inhaling about which I have already spoken. It is instructive to recollect how strangely the ancient wisdom was transmuted in degenerating into absurd rituals. When you read about the customs of Egypt, China, and other ancient peoples, about greetings through smell and inhalation, it is difficult to discern therein the memory of psychic energy preserved from the vanished races. But even new open straight-knowledge discloses the essence of the surrounding atmosphere. It is not a question of smell but precisely of essence. Heart (1932) - 136

Exercising attention is a condition of observation of the signs of the Subtle World. Attention can be developed by various means. In a symphony one can choose and follow one voice, or one can identify several melodies simultaneously. It is also useful to establish the sonance of silence. Silence has many delicate voices, and to observe their rhythm means to come closer to the Subtle World. But, in studying silence it is instructive to recognize the dissonance of each physical intrusion. One cannot find a better example than the comparison of a physical sound with the Subtle World. And such an antithesis is also observed in the sphere of the sense of smell. Yet this quality is developed much more rarely! If smell appears as a form of nourishment in the Subtle World, it is understood that in the physical world it is not so highly developed. Of course, as you have noticed, the Subtle World is full of odors. The higher, the more perfect they are. But the lower strata are full of decomposition. If disincarnated beings are delayed in the lower strata, they carry around themselves the shell of decomposition; therefore, during life it is very useful to get accustomed to the flight into the higher strata. Heart (1932) - 327

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