The Real Manchurian Candidate?
from The Screwtape Letters Vol. II

by William C. House

Nephew of Screwtape, Wormwood: Uncle, how can this be, this guy isn't C.S. Lewis and there is no Vol. II?

Screwtape: You're right nephew, nor is he the reincarnation of C.S. Lewis.

Wormwood: How can he get away with this? We have to stop him! Lewis exposed how you, Serpent and the rest of the fallen angels operate from astral levels in his book The Screwtape Letters.

Screwtape: I think they call it literary artifice, a particularly irksome and antiquated notion. We can't stop him for now. Let them enjoy their freedoms on the internet. It will only last a few more years. Then we'll implement my personal favorite, the Chinese model of internet control, besides, he doesn't have the widespread appeal or audience that Lewis had.

Remember, because we've infiltrated their religions over thousands of years, people no longer truly understand absolute good. As a result they don't recognize absolute evil either. Incredibly, they don't even know we exist.

Wormwood: But don't we need our candidate to insure we reach our goal?

Screwtape: I have been tracking and prodding him for lifetimes. We're almost there. We have other plans and pawns but you're right, he is the best option.

Wormwood: But he says a lot of dumb things.

Screwtape: We have to work with the material available.

Wormwood: I'm worried that people will see right through him.

Screwtape: That's the beauty of the plan, since only 50% vote, all we have to do is get about 25 to30% of the American public to vote for our candidate. We already know from a recent election that character and morals don't matter. We've obliterated and weakened their ties to God, even made it a crime. [ ... long pause ] ... Forgive me, I felt a wave of glee pass through me. They come so infrequently, I had to savor the moment.

We've diverted their attention by bombarding them with all manner of sensory input from TV and movies to syncopated and bone jarring music. In a delicious twist of irony, when the man upstairs tries to send advanced souls to help, they prevent them from embodying and create more karma for themselves. And we got them to welcome more and more taxes which has benefited the master plan in many ways and you now how I so love it when that happens. The people become burdened and overworked, seeking escape. The economy declines, and best of all, both parents have to work preventing the mother from properly overseeing the education of her children, dooming their future. We've worked a long, long time controlling public education. It's finally paying off.

Wormwood: Pardon me, Uncle, but don't people see through these controls?

Screwtape: No, by manipulating both sides we can steer them in the right direction. Even though we were able to get George W. into the 'old boy' network and the Skull and Bones, he isn't entirely controllable because he mentions our arch enemy too much. Even if he doesn't mean it, when you pronounce His name and get other people doing the same, especially with a little feeling, you never know what's going to happen, a dangerous equation. That's why we had to set him up.

Wormwood: I think I must have immersed myself in the L.A. scene around the time of the Iraqi war build up. I was taking in drugs, booze and listening to gangsta rap vicariously through other people, like, you know, I'm drawing a total blank here. Help me out, how did we do it?

Screwtape: [Slowly shakes his head and sighs] By having the liberals strip the CIA's ability to use local on-site intelligence sources years ago, we got them to commit on Iraq without really knowing much about the weapons of mass destruction. That was crucial. Having Clinton deplete the military, thus not delivering a decisive blow in Afghanistan first, and not overwhelming northern Iraq through Turkey played an important part too.

The pressure to invade after 9\11 was too great. Our ability to manage both sides of a conflict since WW II without achieving complete victory served us well. George W. felt he had to go in and complete the job his Dad failed to do. Then, as in all administrations we have some of the power elite in strategic positions. They were drooling over oil and a chance at managing one of the world's major hot spots.

And, you'll like this one, there are a few Christian fundamentalists in the administration who think that they are assisting in defeating the Antichrist in some glorious concept of Armageddon. They are mistaken of course, but it is a self-fulfilling prophecy so we like that.

Here's the kicker, because we got them to invade without clear cut reasons, the United States lost the global P.R. battle. Now the world hates America more than at anytime in history. Not only that, very few realize that thoughts and feelings have a life of their own once they are sent out. This hatred forms an amalgam of energy which heads directly towards America. It's the real reason the country is so emotionally polarized right now. Thanks to us, people hate Bush so much they gladly overlook Kerry's hollow core—his willingness to say or do anything to get elected. You gotta love how things are working out.

Wormwood: But what about the people who are aware of some of our plans.

Screwtape: They will always be there. The trick is to overload them with so many conspiracy facts and theories that they become enamored with the minutiae of detail. The best part is when they think they've found some new facet that nobody else has figured out. And get this, they think the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Order (Skull and Bones) etc. are always talking among themselves plotting the next takeover. Their paranoia grows exponentially with each meeting we publicize. Actually, these power elite types don't all get along that well. Look at Kerry and Bush, they're both Skull and Bones and they don't get along. We are the ones who are the incessant plotters and conspirators behind the scenes and beyond physical sight.

In the final analysis, it doesn't matter anyway. Sometimes it's best to feed them the full scope of our plans and watch what happens.

Wormwood: What? You can't be serious!

Screwtape: First of all, we always have several plans operating at the same time. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, we've been using the issues of health care, the environment, energy and now terrorism to bring about more national and international controls. But always we have had our ace in the hole looming in the background—China.

You see, since they don't know the ultimate solution for stopping us—we've seen to that by diluting and distorting their religion— it scares the hell out of them. Their fear turns to hate. Since like attracts like, they can't help magnetizing a little parcel of the huge hate cloud hanging above America. Then we're off—they'll hate Bush beyond all reason. They'll either vote for Kerry or not vote at all. We win. Oh, I feel another wave of self-satisfaction washing over me.

Wormwood: Uncle, wouldn't it be easier if we just had some of our brethren (the fallen angels in embodiment), brainwash these people like in the two movies, "The Manchurian Candidate"?

Screwtape: No, it's better if they come up with their own plan, with a little guidance from us of course. From early on, J. F. Kerry was enamored with JFK. He orchestrated his life to emulate Kennedy. He requested to be assigned to the Swift boat, the modern day PT 109's. I fondly remember his joy when the transfer was approved. To further build up his resume, Kerry took fake movies of himself walking the beach, armed, and even with bandoliers of ammo strapped about him. A nice touch I thought. Things took a turn for the worst for our hero when the Swift boats were switched from patroling the coasts from a safe distance to river patrols. He wasn't expecting that. Fortunately, he was able to get out after getting three bloodless Purple Hearts in only three months. Nephew, remind me to check our military records, I believe that nobody has ever achieved that feat. As we delve into Kerry's past, I'm getting more and more impressed with him. Although JFK got the Congressional Medal of Honor, J. F. Kerry did almost as well by getting three Purple Hearts and two other medals. He made me proud when he grossly exaggerated two Purple Hearts and wrote the report for his Silver Star. I knew we had him then. Everything he did was for one purpose, the Presidency. There was only one weakness in the plan.

Wormwood: His crew.

Screwtape: Very good, nephew, I taught you well. Continue.

Wormwood: Knowing this, he cultivated friendships then and maintained contact over the years to insure their loyalty. It really is like the movie, isn't it? But in the new movie they infer that the Bush administration is involved then switch gears midway and blame big business.

Screwtape: Ah yes, but the damage was done. The 9/11 movie and this new Manchurian Candidate provided a one-two punch against Bush. Hollywood was not very cooperative in the thirties and forties. They've come a long way.

Wormwood: I kind of liked the older movie better, it was closer to the truth. Just replace Korea with Vietnam and it is very appropriate for today. But in the movie they were brainwashed. How could Kerry be sure that his Vietnam friends wouldn't betray him?

Screwtape: In a war that was as stressful as Vietnam, which was one of our crowning achievements by the way—America was never intended to win, she needed to be humbled and weakened— it is only natural for a small group to bond and form the 'band of brothers.' Set them up in the mire and muck of the Vietnam War in additon to being part of the shams that Kerry played out and, voila, you have 'friends' that will back you to the hilt all the way to the White House. Kerry made them believe that they just did what everyone else was doing in 'Nam. He further solidified their allegiance by blaming the President and the war-mongering U.S. for all sorts of made-up atrocities. He got to be very good at transferring blame. He'll do well with us here, after all is said and done. Wait, maybe not, he changes sides so much I guess we can't trust him either.

Kerry did exhibit courage in war which further endeared him to his men. His Swift boat comrades believe in him, more so than any brainwashing can accomplish. It doesn't matter if over 200 Swift Boat Veterans contradict nearly everything he says. As long as he has his 'band of brothers' parroting what he says, enough of the public will be willing to take this boat ride swiftly down the slippery slope. A divided country cannot stand. It helps to have a willing and complicit media. Fortuately, we've had them in our hip pocket for many years.

Wormwood: Uncle, isn't it true that J. F. Kerry met with North Vietnamese officials shortly after his three month stint on the rivers in Vietnam? I heard he befriended them to such a degree that his picture now hangs in a museum with Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and others, all of whom are lauded as foreigners who helped bring the communist victory. Shouldn't he really be called "The Hanoi Candidate?"

Screwtape: Very good Nephew, but let's keep that between you and I. While the Bush family has strong ties to China, we are not certain if Dubya will put up a fight over Taiwan. However, we know for sure Kerry won't lift a finger to stop the Chinese. He became a friend of all communists after Vietnam. All of hell is waiting for the invasion of Taiwan. The chaos and bloodshed will be unimaginable and cause for much celebration.

But it will pale in comparison to our next orchestration: after Kerry strips America of her defenses it will be time for the coup de grâce—the attack on America by the Chinese. We can probably implement the same goals with Bush but it will not be a fait accompli, as with Kerry, and it will take longer. We are quite confident in Kerry. He has the most liberal record in the Senate and has consistently voted against weapons that will defend America and her interests.

Wormwood: But Uncle aren't people aware of prophecies, like, George Washington's Vision, near death experiences, the pleadings of Mother Mary and other prophets?

Screwtape: Nephew, now I am disappointed in you. Only a tiny minority believes or knows anything about those warnings. Never mention them again. Do not waken a sleeping populace with unguarded thoughts.

Our Hanoi Candidate will literally invite the Chinese to attack by his inaction and sensitive, international laissez-faire policies. Not only that, he'll sell them the weapons and advanced technology to do it, just like other Presidents have done. Nobody did it better than Clinton. We fully expect Kerry to exceed even him. Once capitalism and communism cancel each other out in a devastating war, we will have our comrades, the dark ones in embodiment, move in to fill the vacuum. Ooh, it's giving me shivers.

Wormwood: I'm also feeling a warm glow now too. You haven't lost your touch, Uncle. I think you're even smarter than that smarmy Serpent.

Screwtape: I know.

By William C. House
Editor, Reverse Spins

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"Who among us has never wondered if there might not really be a tempter sitting on our shoulders or dogging our steps? C.S. Lewis dispels all doubts. In The Screwtape Letters, one of his bestselling works, we are made privy to the instructional correspondence between a senior demon, Screwtape, and his wannabe diabolical nephew Wormwood. As mentor, Screwtape coaches Wormwood in the finer points, tempting his "patient" away from God.

Each letter is a masterpiece of reverse theology, giving the reader an inside look at the thinking and means of temptation. Tempters, according to Lewis, have two motives: the first is fear of punishment, the second a hunger to consume or dominate other beings. On the other hand, the goal of the Creator is to woo us unto himself or to transform us through his love from "tools into servants and servants into sons." It is the dichotomy between being consumed and subsumed completely into another's identity or being liberated to be utterly ourselves that Lewis explores with his razor-sharp insight and wit.

The most brilliant feature of The Screwtape Letters may be likening hell to a bureaucracy in which "everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment." We all understand bureaucracies, be it the Department of Motor Vehicles, the IRS, or one of our own making. So we each understand the temptations that slowly lure us into hell. If you've never read Lewis, The Screwtape Letters is a great place to start. And if you know Lewis, but haven't read this, you've missed one of his core writings." --Patricia Klein

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