Sex, Sex, and more Sex

I am always fascinated by so-called scientists who somehow manage to affect the social mores of a culture. Take Margaret Mead [Please!], sorry, couldn't resist. America's most famous anthropologist goes to Polynesia in the 30's and interviews the natives. Like all good anthropologists, she focuses on sex among other things . Well, ladies and gentlemen, surprise, surprise, she found out that the natives were very promiscuous, having unabashed sex all the time. Anyway, they were certainly more active than the restrictive climate of Philadelphia where she grew up in a Quaker household.

Why is this important? It's like this, I myself was searching in college and thought I could find answers by studying primitive cultures whose laws and behavior could then help to understand human nature and larger, more complex civilizations. So I got a degree in anthropology. Years later I found out that much of what she wrote was not true. Another anthropologist went down there and interviewed the same young girls who had now grown up. Turns out they were putting her on and thought that Mead knew it. She didn't. Some say she wanted to please her professor which might be partially true, I tend to think that many people engage in junk science to perpetrate their agendas. The problem is, these fallacious foundations build one upon the other by the pseudo-scientists who follow.

So now move on to the innocent fifties and beyond. Now we find reports by people like Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, building upon the rotten foundation of an anthropologist. Junk science continues unabated. They use a higher proportion of molesters, homosexuals, people generally involved in aberrant behavior to stack their research. I believe, if memory serves, that Kinsey even used a child molester and murderer who later fled to England. The criminal left but his data stayed.

So now we move on to the social scientists in charge of our schools. I guess that makes them scientists too; right..... yeah, right in the mold of the scientists above. They take all this research and decide children are going to be learning it here and there and doing it everywhere. We've got to tell them first. Let's grab them when they are young. It becomes a self fulfilling doctrine. Children, young souls, are very malleable. All sorts of behavior is taught to them way too early so of course they are going to start before other generations. Normal maturation and behavior is blurred by junk science and the Masters of spin.


William House

--the Editor, Reverse Spins

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