by William House
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Feb. 2010

A friend of mine told me about these books about two years ago. I didn't pay much attention. However, if she had said: "You have to read these books, it's about a beautiful blond 25 year-old hermit/mystic who runs semi-naked through super-charged, prana-filled ringing cedar forests in Siberia, and by the way, she has the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, including healing, prophecy, teleportation etc.," —hello, I'm dropping everything and reading those books. But alas, I didn't understand who Anastasia was. However, much later, another friend told me he got the whole set for Christmas. I paid attention this time.

I like to inject a little humor in my writings so you'll have to forgive me if the opening seems a little over-the-top. If the life of Anastasia is true, I suspect that you can probably count on one or two hands the number of people in embodiment who have as much mastery as her. Two things have convinced me that she is for real. For one, I have studied the mystical teachings of most of the major religions for many years and have followed the relatively new dispensations of the Great White Brotherhood which were introduced over100 years ago and have continued to evolve to this day. In my mind, nothing Anastasia has done or is capable of doing, violates natural or supernatural laws. It rings true.

Secondly, the author Vladimir Megre is disarmingly honest, coming off as something of a knucklehead. This is understandable because Anastasia' abilities are awe inspiring and can be overwhelming for those not versed in deeper mystical teachings. In Book Two, Anastasia's grandfather explains to the author that she purposely let him appear to be the fool to protect him from "dark forces" and attacks. A clever ploy but by no means was she the first to do it. Mother Mary has always picked the unsophisticated and humble in everyone of her appearances. Their character and the the truth of their witness is unassailable by the naysayers. Another reason I'm convinced of the books authenticity, is because the author is willing to be totally honest and bares his density to all, in other words, there is no way he could make this stuff up. It's beyond him. To be honest, a few of the things she says is beyond me too. I have yet to figure them out, like that blue sphere. What's up with that? It's like one of those small Jedi flying training balls that honed Luke's saber skills. Only this one's bigger and you definately do not want to mess with it.


I wrote the above several months ago. I wanted to wait and read at least four books before I finished this. However, I started having more questions than answers as I delved into Book Four and Five. Happily, the final pages of Five answered some serious doubts I had. Mainly about reincarnation and ascended masters. However new questions have popped out about the spiritual prehistory of earth. From what I know she's way off the beam in several areas. I can understand her wanting to raise up the Russian people with an exalted spiritual past and that's okay, but it doesn't jive with another Russian, Blavatsky and all messeingers from the Great White Brotherhood since then.

I have still have no doubts about her spiritual attainment and I will go into these in more detail when I finish this review. However, her lack of awareness of the past points out the importance of the guru-chela relationship. If she was in direct contact with a representative of the Brotherhood, he could have straightened her out. More on this later.


Dec. 29, 1911. OKAY, it's now later. I never finished this review nor have I ever posted it. However, its come to my attention that Google has accessed this page although I have never created a link, which means people are looking at it. I have not gone back to these books in almost two years. I think I stopped at book 6. As I said, I have a problem with her awareness of the esoteric history of earth. Nevertheless, they are still a fascinating read and offer a great deal of hope and vision for many, many people. Her directions for community and organic gardens is worth investigating because she's like a modern day Luther Burbank but with incredible spiritual powers and insight.

They are ultimately worth reading for the phenomena known as "Anastasia" and the "Ringing Cedars of Siberia."

Possibly more at a later date. Wm

P.S. Anastasia, do you have a sister?


El Morya and Helena Roerich on cedar from Agni Yoga:

      Regarding the application of My medicines, all the powers of the vegetable kingdom must be directed toward the one aim for which they exist—the increase of vitality. It is possible to cure all ailments by the counterpoising of vitality. Certain plants exist as reservoirs of prana. The pine trees collect it as if in electric needles. And as a bond between heaven and the depths of earth, the earth is covered with living antennae which gather and preserve the true renewing element of the spiritual tissue. Ignorance may conceal a malady, but it is better to consume it with the fire of life. Not by an artificial, depleting stimulant, but by using the life force to restore the balance.  One should not search among the minerals, because they have long ago become devoid of the effect of prana. Their destination is different. But the solar manifestation bestows life. Truly, the mineral soil provides a seeming foothold on life; but this is only a pedal, which is useless without strings. And so, My pharmacy will be directed toward the essence which is common to mankind. It will affirm vitality without any slaughter, because the plants pass easily into the next state.
      Inoculations are good if the vitality is equal to them, otherwise they are like a destructive plaster. A being who possesses full vitality is in no need of inoculations; he has the so-called solar immunity. There is little vitality in the villages, because prana helps only when absorbed consciously. Nourishment of the spirit can proceed only consciously. To the indications about medicines one should add that the skins of the musk animals were valued in Lemuria. Also, a chalice of cedar resin figured in the rituals of the consecration of the kings of the ancient Khorassan. Druids also called the chalice of cedar resin the chalice of life. And only later, with the loss of the realization of the spirit, was it replaced by blood. The fire of Zoroaster was the result of burning of the cedar resin in the chalice. Illumination, II:IV:18.

Cedar tar and other tars or resins, such as eucalyptus, are the products of the psychic energy of the trees, and therefore they are extremely beneficial for strengthening, purifying, healing, etc. Knowing these qualities, everyone should try to apply them in the best possible way. The best tar is from Siberian cedars. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 28 August 1931. 4.


You can read parts of the first book right here on Google. Since I haven't really explained Anastasia's abilities yet, I recommend you read some extended excerpts below. "A Forest Bedroom" is very comical. And if you didn't believe me about the semi-nude part, then just go to "Anastasia's Morning." One of my favorite parts in this chapter is the competition the squirrels get into to bring her food. And be sure to check out the next chapter: "Anastasia's Ray." Go to the contents and click on the highlighted chapter headings:


And here is book four, "Co-creation." Lots of pages to look at as well. She continues in elaborate detail from Book One what is needed for a garden (go to p. 189). In chapters 22 and 23 she takes Vladimir to a hostile alien world. At great risk to herself she confounds an invasion council making them think twice about attacking a planet with such advanced beings. (If they only knew there are only a few of her.) It's a fascinating story.


New: The lovely story below is about an eagle taking up Anastasia's (and Vladamir's) baby to lofty heights. Anastasia and the eagle want to show the baby an alternate view of the world and expand his awareness. The bittersweet part of the story is that the eagle eventually dies. Now here is the interesting part of the story and another reason why Anastasia might be for real. She explained to Vladimir that the eagle's love and sacrifice will propel him to loftier heights in his next embodiment. This is a teaching perfectly consistent as taught by Saint Germain on the slopes on Mt. Shasta. The vast majority of New Agers do not understand the true evolution of animals and the question of their souls. Anastasia does and that is rare.

She explains to Vladimir that the eagle is willing to sacrifice himself for someone emitting Light!



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