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One Solution to the World Crisis
Mother Mary's Rosaries for World Peace

Catholic Action called for one million Rosaries to be given on Saturday 10/13/01, fulfilling Our Lady's request at Fatima for world peace and the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. That is an excellent solution to today's problems. Doing the Rosary is so simple a solution yet it may be beyond the understanding of many.

In one of the best Near Death Experience Books I have ever read, "Fast Lane to Heaven," published in the Spring of 2001, the author Ned Dougherty was visited more than once by the Blessed Virgin. She told him:

"While acts of terrorism and war and political unrest plague the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere will be spared the worst of the terrorism. However, a major attack may befall New York City or Washington, D.C., severely impacting the way we live in the United States." p. 253

She told him of other prophecies which you can read about for yourself (there is a link to the book below). She also said these prophecies can be mitigated with prayer. The 'Lady of Light' told him that terrorism and war were not part of God's plan and,

"The way to understand and work with God's plan is through prayer and meditation, through prayer to call to God, and through meditation to receive His message and His inspiration."

he continues,

"I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind in accordance with God's plan."

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Mr. Dougherty traveled to the Coptic Church in Zeitoun, Egypt at the request of The Blessed Virgin. When he saw this picture inside the Church, he was amazed for that is the way she appeared to him.

The Story of Her Appearence at Zeitoun

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One of the best Rosaries published on tape is produced by The Summit Lighthouse. The Hail Mary portion was changed to reflect the changes in the last 2,000 years and to get us out of "the terrible sinner" mode of thinking. It's time to move on. It goes like this:

Hail, Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God
pray for us, sons and daughters of God,
now and at the hour of our victory
over sin, disease, and death.

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"History knows little about the Mother of the Great Pilgrim, who was as exceptional as Her Son. The Mother came from a great family and was the embodiment of refinement and nobility of spirit. She was the One who laid the foundation for His first high ideals, and sang a lullaby to Him in which She foretold His miraculous future. She took great care to safeguard Her Child, and was a source of strength for His great achievements. She knew several languages, and thus made the path easier for Him. Nor did She object to His long pilgrimages, and gathered all that was necessary to make the travels easier. She rightly valued the common people and knew that they would guard the treasures of His Teaching. She recognized the grandeur of the Culmination and thus could give heart to those of diverse character who were weakened by doubt and rejection. She was prepared to experience the same achievement as Her Son, and He entrusted to Her His decision, which was confirmed by the Teachers. It was the Mother who understood the mystery of His wanderings. For the fundamental truth about the Mother's life to be clear, one must understand the local conditions of those times. However, She was led by Her insight into the future and was able to rise above the customs of Her country." El Morya from Supermundane - The Inner Life - Book 1 (1938) - 147: Agni Yoga Society

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Books on Mother Mary

cover Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God by Scott Hahn; from Amazon: Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God is theologian Scott Hahn's follow-up to his bestselling The Lamb's Supper. Like the previous book, Hail, Holy Queen melds autobiographical reflections, scriptural interpretation, and historical anecdotes in an accessible style to clarify some sophisticated points of Catholic theology.

cover Mary Through the Centuries: Her Place in the History of Culture by Jaroslav Pelikan; Amazon: A sequel to Jesus Through the Centuries, this scholarly study of Christ's mother Mary by Jaroslav Pelikan, a Yale historian of Christian theology, is thoroughly grounded in formal theology yet still explores the many manifestations of Marian devotion that have emerged in the wider culture. These manifestations include images from art, music, and literature, from Mary's Immaculate Conception to her bodily Assumption into Heaven.
Mary: A History of Doctrine and Devotion Mary: A History of Doctrine and Devotion by Hilda Graef; I have had the oportunity to work extensively with this book as a theology student studying the history and development of the doctrine and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am a Catholic priest and I work in Latin America in the Family Rosary Apostolate. I have been taking this past year to study, and as much as I can I have finally been getting to the more in depth study of Marian devotion that I have wanted to do for years. This book, together with Jaroslave Pelikan's "Mary through the Centuries" have been the most valuable resources,

cover Mary, Mother of Jesus by Bruce E. Dana; editor review: This unique book takes the scriptures and words of respected scholars to give readers a glimpse into Mary's everyday life in the Jewish culture. We also learn how she developed her spiritual attributes and her true relationship with our Father in Heaven.
cover God-Sent : A History of the Accredited Apparitions of Mary by Roy Abraham Varghese; From Booklist: Varghese furnishes a comprehensive overview of all the accredited apparitions of the Virgin Mary through the ages. Although there have been more than 20,000 reported Marian sightings throughout history, the author confines himself to analyzing the 67 mystical appearances that have been investigated and validated by contemporary ecclesiastical and, in some cases, civil authorities. cover The Last Secret by Michael H. Brown; Ingram Review: New from the bestselling author of "The Final Hour" comes "The Last Secret", in which Michael Brown takes a look at the apparitions of the Virgin Mary as she has appeared throughout church history. A comprehensive volume that systematically reveals what she has been saying to us, this title shows how those messages apply to life today .
cover Medjugorje: The Message by Wayne Weible, Svetozar Kraljevic; A reviewer at Amazon: Reading Medjugorje:The Message is a truly uplifting experience. Wayne Weible describes the remarkable events of Medjugorje in such a vivid way that the reader clearly hears the message of the Blessed Mother. If you read this book with a mind and heart open to God, it can really change your life.

cover The Essential Mary Handbook: A Summary of Beliefs, Practices, and Prayers (Redemptorist Pastoral Publication) by Judith A. Bauer (Editor)Reviewr at Amazon: If you are looking for a comprehensive book of Marian prayers and devotions this book is for you. A blend of ancient and modern this book is one I keep at my nightstand. If you take Vatican II seriously when it asked for a true renewal of devotion to Mary you will find this book very useful. It also contains some lesser known prayers and devotions that deserve greater circulation.
cover Marian Shrines of the United States: A Pilgrim's Travel Guide by Theresa Santa Czarnopys, Thomas M. Santa; editor review: Marian Shrines of the United States takes you on a pilgrimage to more than 50 of the most celebrated U.S. Marian shrines and sanctuaries. More than just a travel guide, this reference is a must-read for Marian enthusiasts of all kinds, including those who wish to enjoy a special pilgrimage without ever leaving home.

also available

My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord! Mother Mary's New Age Teachings and Rosary; by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. From the publisher: In her many appearances throughout the world, Mother Mary has stressed that prayer and the recitation of the rosary are keys to lasting world peace. This book introduces a nondenominational rosary that can be given by people of all faiths along with messages from Mary. Includes beautiful renderings of the Madonna by Renaissance masters.
cover Miracles of Mary: Apparitions, Legends, and Miraculous Works of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Michael S. Durham; From Booklist: Durham has gathered an impressive variety of images of Mary, together with stories of her appearances from the first century to the present, that will appeal to a broad audience at a time of widespread interest in and practice of Marian devotion. Durham's style is popular, and the book is readily accessible. cover Encountering Mary: Visions of Mary from LA Salette to Medjugorie by Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz; from Ingram: Over the past two centuries, hundreds of apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been reported, drawing crowds to the seers and the sites, and constituting events of great religious significance. Zimdars-Swartz provides an intriguing exploration of the experiences and interpretations of seven apparitions.
The Miracle Detective : An Investigation of Holy Visions by Randall Sullivan; From Publishers Weekly: In what often reads like a spiritual whodunit, author and Rolling Stone contributing editor Sullivan takes readers on a journey into the labyrinthine world of religious apparitions and miracle investigations. Sullivan's fascination with the subject began in 1994 when he learned of a spiritual phenomenon in his own backyard—the reported apparition of the Virgin Mary in a rundown trailer in eastern Oregon. Intrigued, he did some cursory research about such occurrences and proposed to his publisher to do a book on "miracle detectives." He began in Rome, where he met with Catholic Church officials charged with investigating such phenomena, and proceeded to the village of Medjugorje ... cover The Day Will Come; Mystics, Prophecies and Miracles by Michael H. Brown; Amazon Reviewer: This book was an excellent compendium of both multifarious mystical phenomena and the ways in which we can verify their certitude of falsehood. Especially compelling is the evidence listed on Medjugorje and its visionaries; for instance, extensive medical testing of said visionaries have found no duplicity--in fact, there has been no medical, scientific or psychological explanation for why these children, all six of them together, were able to follow apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary with their eyes simultaneously and synchronously as being observed by scientific experts, where to them the kids were merely staring at a blank wall.
Hail Mary and Rhythmic Breathing: A New Way of Praying the Rosary-11/29 BC Books, Reviewed by Staci Schoff-- Incorporating meditative breathing exercises into Catholic prayer is a fascinating concept, but is it useful, licit and the key to world peace? The answer is maybe, not exactly and sort of, but Richard Galentino makes a fairly strong and surprisingly poetic case for “yes.”The book begins with a short history of Yoga and the rosary, as well as information outlining some historical connections between Yoga and Catholicism. The flow of the language and Galentino’s writing style are often both moving and inspiring, such as when he reflects that “every breath is God’s gift of life to us.” While the prose is impeccable, the book is pretty light on information. There are many places that would benefit from being fleshed out, especially for the reader who’s familiar with Catholicism, but not familiar with the practice of Yoga. There’s a good mix of inspirational message and practical how-to information, including both the mysterious origins of the rosary and the benefits of meditation on the heart and respiratory system. But the grandest claims made in this book are that meditation is the key to world peace, and that the Hail Mary prayer is best used as a mantra. ...
New: The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda, 1602-1666; Editor: Apparently, Mary of Agreda received the story of Mother Mary's life twice direct from the source. The first time she destroyed the manuscript being scared by a priest. The Blessed Virgin came back and she rewrote it.

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