The Torah: the first five books of the Bible

The following is a synopsis of predictions that Sean David Morton has outlined in his July 15th, 2003 newsletter. Mr. Morton is one of the better psychics or remote reviewers out there because he utilizes other disciplines to corroborate what he sees, e.g. astrology, the Great Pyramid and the Bible Code. He also emphasizes that the things he sees in the future do not necessarily have to happen. They are a warning for mankind to come up higher spiritually. If we do, then many calamitous prophecies can be averted. The karma can be transmuted ahead of time by fiery hearts.

The Bible Code searches the first five books of the Bible known as the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). Supposedly they are the only books that have not been changed and the only ones given directly by God with the probable exception of Revelations. They were given to Moses.

The Bible Code has a catch-22 built in however. You have to know certain events and key words that may happen in the future and then enter those in the Code. Ah, but the Bible Code is supposed to clue you into the future. It may be that there is a built in fail safe system that only allows true seers to utilize its full capacity.

There are only selected predictions here. I've included pertinent ones and left out others. Without a certain degree of spiritual attainment it is not wise to dwell on these things. For one it can generate fear but more importantly, if too many people put their attention on these things then they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I debated whether to put these things up at all. In the final analysis, I will trust your attunement and hope that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

"... if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." Nietzsche

These predictions are not for the faint of heart. If you do look into the abyss, then one needs to take spiritual responsibility for one's actions or else your subconscious fears will bring that abyss far closer than you would want. If some of these things are true then the best thing we can do is increase the fire and love in our hearts, know that God will find a solution and do our part in this great drama by works and by praying for intercession.

If you're a Catholic, the Rosary and prayers to Archangel Michael will do wonders. If you're one of the many garden variety Christians, then Jesus is your man. While you're at it, quit condemning others for their religion. Buddhists, wake up, come down from your meditations and notions of false peace and crank up those mantras to a new level. Buddha, Maitreya, Kuan Yin and Padma Sambhava are waiting to help. Hindus get out of your spiritual pride and reliance on outer manifestations and realize the great yogis have shown you the inner path. The planet needs your light and Krishna's help, not to mention Shiva, Vishnu, Kali, Durga, Sarasvati, etc. Moslems shake off that self pity mode and 'you did this to me attitude' and go to the heart of your esoteric teaching. And let's not forget the Jews, whoa! Talk about your spiritual pride. You're lagging behind due to your inability to realize progressive revelation. If you're a feel good, peace-at-all costs New Ager, get with it man, things are coming down the pike and they aren't all God's Will. It's time to get engaged and proactive and I'm not talking about superfluous causes. And finally, if you are aware of progressive revelation I do not need to remind you that that knowledge is the greatest threat to the sinister force. They will pull out all the stops to prevent you from realizing the Path as laid out by Saint Germain (I AM, Bridge & Summit) and El Morya. (Theosophy, Agni, Bridge,& Summit)

It's time to come together or else dire predictions will come to pass. The enemy is not found across territorial boundaries, racial lines and religious differences. Fallen angels have been reincarnating among us for thousands of years creating division as their main weapon preventing us from realizing our God. Having said that, they have no power unless we give it to them. The greatest enemy of religion and communion with God is dogmatism and fanaticism. And I'm not talking about just this life, maybe fanaticism in a previous life has turned you off to religion. It's time to get over it. Fanaticism is nearly always accompanied by possession. Demons and entities are a self made plague upon mankind and must be dealt with spiritually. If we replace our 'isms' with pure Love and striving, then the fallen angels and the demons of the night will find nothing in us to yank our chain.

Proceed then, centered in your heart.

The first predictions come from one of Sean David Morton's descendants from the future. They were received on August 17, 1994 in a Post Life Progression session he did before 700 people which was later called THE VAJRA CHRONICLES. At that time, he made predictions for the attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. in 2001. He did so again in 1995 on TV's Hard Copy, describing the exact nature of the attacks. Other predictions for the years leading up to 2003 were quite accurate.

[My comments are italicized and in brackets. Editor, Reverse Spins]

Sean David Morton

The Vajra Chronicles

1. After the attacks on New York and Wash. D.C., the U.S. will go it alone in the Middle East. That war will bankrupt America.

2. An Islamic leader named "Jamal" will rise and lead a jihad against America and Israel. [Maybe he'll be wearing Nostradamus' prophesized blue turban. Editor]

3. Global Plague for late 2004...On track with SARS as PHASE ONE. A global deadly flu breaks out in late 2004 to 2006 killing millions, mostly men. Women and children flock to America.

4. The power elite find ways to create their long desired totalitarian government using the threat of terrorism, plague and natural catastrophes as their excuse. With the addition of economic collapse, civil wars break out along racial lines in 2005. These events plus foreign dangers cause the government to move to Denver. New Omaha becomes a spiritual and economic (food) center for the world. [I wonder if Kobe Bryant's trial will exacerbate racial tensions. Editor]

5. Flooding as well as a near miss low yield atomic bomb causes havoc in New York. EMP disrupts the power grid and Wall Street data bases.

6. Cloning would be used to create Super Soldiers by the military in 2005. [Look at the headlines, it is possibly being done now. Editor]

7. The jihad sets off a red mercury dirty bomb around Wash. D.C. in 2006, causing radioactivity and disease over a period of time. [On a Coast to Coast radio show recently he said it would be a small suitcase bomb, a couple of which are already within our borders. Back in 1994 no one knew what a red mercury bomb was. Now they do. Editor]

8. WWIII will begin when Pakistan attacks India with Nukes. The situation continues to worsen today. [Maoists in Nepal are also contributing to the destabilization of the area. It is not generally known even today but the world came very close to nuclear war back in 1989. Pakistan and India nearly attacked each other with warheads. The Soviet Union was India's close ally. The war could have escalated. The same tensions remain today. On the day this article was posted on Reverse Spins, this story was in the news: "Pakistan successfully tested a nuclear- capable medium-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile, the country's third such test this month, the Pakistan Army said in a statement." Bloomberg 10\14\03 A coincidence? Editor]

9.. An earthquake opens up an inland waterway between 2005 and 2008. The mouth of the Gulf becomes 100 miles wide and the Great Lakes become an inland sea. An earthquake destroys LA in 2010. The LA earthquake was confirmed by the Bible Code. [The I Am America maps, Cayce and others have predicted this inland sea. Editor]

10.. There is a reorganization of North American governments. China starts its expansion. Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia and Japan go down. [You don't need prophecy to see the writing on the wall for this one. Pray that these countries wake up and prepare to defend themselves. Editor]

11. Between 2015 and 2017, a 200 million man Chinese army invades America via the Bering Strait and Alaska. U.S. advanced weapons kill two thirds of the invaders before they reach American soil. The remaining forces are defeated around Denver. Central China remains uninhabitable for over 100 years. [Ned Dougherty was shown by Mother Mary in his NDE that the Chinese intended to build a 200 million man army and ultimately attack the US. Logistically how do you transport 200 million soldiers? It makes sense to launch them through Japan or Siberia across the Straits to our closest land mass. (Russia may allow this, feigning innocence) Editor]

12. The Earth is knocked off its axis for 7 years when a meteor strikes Greenland in 2027 or2028. NASA acknowledges this possibility.


The Bible Code I and II by Michael Drosnin (Bible Code words are in caps)

1. An obelisk will be found in Jordan that further unlocks the Bible Code, the secrets of DNA and the very language of God.

2. Jerusalem will be destroyed by a nuclear bomb in a sneak attack. First date was 1997 and the next is 2006. Here are the words that popped up in the Code: "END OF DAYS / IN THE END OF DAYS / HE GAVE HIM MY TREATY OF PEACE/PRIME MINISTER SHARON / ARAFAT/BUSH/PEACE or ATOMIC HOLOCAUST." Israel retaliates on all Arab nations. The oil fields will be radioactive.

3. New York will be attacked again in 2004 FROM THE FIRE OF A MISSILE. New York, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are all encoded with "War, Terror and Smallpox." Smallpox has devastated populations in the past. It is highly contagious and can be airborne.

4. 2006 figures prominently: "WORLD WAR / ATOMIC HOLOCAUST / END OF DAYS."

5. "PRESIDENT BUSH / PRESIDENT / BY MISTAKE, IN ...... ERROR / G. W. BUSH / PRESIDENT IN THE END OF DAYS." Bin Laden carries out operations from Libya. Atomic weapons are linked there as well as "Chemical Attack" and "Libyan Weapon." Bin Laden dies in moving from base to base. Colin Powell will be Chief of the peace summit in the End of Days. Escalating attacks happen over the next three years involving terrorists.


Future Prospects of the World According to the Bible Code by Joseph Noah

Joseph Noah is a former engineer and a Code skeptic who changed his mind once he delved into it. The designation "Slide" refers to the words that are put into the Code (in bold) and the resulting words that appear then rearranged to form sentences. One of Mr. Morton's Newsletter readers, Edward Rice, compiled a list of major predictions. Here is a partial listing:

Chapter Ten. The Revelation: God's Warning

Slide 26. Seal/Revealed: The seals revealed to John are prospects of resolving world karma from 2005 till 2012. [The seals are the opening and returning on mankind's karma. Editor]

Slide 27. Prostitute/Religion: The prostitute on the beast is New York City, New Babylon; Tribulation age's false religion is that of power & wealth.

Slide 28 Horn/Beast: The horns of the beast of New Babylon are ten men of power that manage the world in secret. [These ten men will probably be members of the Illuminati, the Order, CFR and\or Bilderbergers. Editor]

Slide 33. Tribulation/Time: Prospect for the first phase of the Tribulation Time according to the prophet John in Revelation is 2005 till 2012.

Slide 37. Third/War: World War Three to start in 2010. Prospect of great weapons of death employed with the inclusion of hydrogen bombs. [SDM said it will start with Pakistan and India. Editor]

Slide 38. Asteroid/Cause: Prospect that asteroid strikes cause three world axis shifts beginning in 2010.

Slide 39. Pole/Shift: Third and final world pole shift expected in 2012. [Many have predicted this and there is ample evidence that it has happened in the distant past. Editor]

Slide 42. Race/War: Prospects for a race war. A Race War will take place in the United States of America in the years 1861 and 2005.

Slide 43. Surviving/Holocaust: Prospect that half of U.S. population will choose righteousness and God, surviving the holocaust between 2010 and 2012. [Being a 'good' person may not be enough. A quantum leap in spirituality may be the need of the hour. Editor]

Chapter Twelve: The Final Exam

Slide 44. Faith/Deed: Faith, without good works or deeds is futile. [The fallen angels and others who have changed the Bible provided a major stumbling block for Christians by convincing them that just by saying a name you are saved. I hope they don't turn into atheists when they reincarnate. Editor]

Slide 45. Rapture/Church: Prospect of a "Faithful" Church Rapture during the 2005 to 2012 Tribulation is a myth.

Slide 46. Golden Ascension: Ascension prospect of the "Faithful" at the end of the 1,000-year Golden Age is factual and absolute. [There are three requirements to make your Ascension: 1. Balance 51 % of your karma. 2. Fulfill your Divine plan and 3. Balance the Threefold Flame of Pink (Love), Blue (Power) and Yellow (Wisdom) in one's heart. There is a fourth that needs attention as well, aligning the four lower bodies which includes one's psychology. Editor]

Slide 47. World/Web: World Wide Web, 6-6-6, computer-connected network, mark of the beast, a depiction to John.

Slide 48. Baby/Abortion: For every abortion, the guilty receive identical punishment as murder, under karmic justice. [Unless the guilty repent, ask forgiveness and work to balance the karma. Editor]

Chapter Fourteen: The Golden Age

Slide 56. World/Peace: There will be World peace for 1,000 years after the Tribulation. [This peace or the descent of the Golden Age will either be real—in the physical or if we are not ready, it will remain in the etheric plane as it settles over the planet. Editor]

Chapter Fifteen: An Overview

Slide 61 Death/Nevermore; Death nevermore for the faithful souls of the Golden Age. [The victory over death is through the Ascension (see David Lloyd's story)].

A Couple Upates from Sean David Morton's Appearance on Art Bell 10\19\03

1. SDM asked the Bilble Code experts to enter Mt. Rainier. They came up with dates of 1811 and 2005 for major activity. The weak side of Rainier faces Seattle. [Doing a search on the internet I came up with a date around 1820 for an eruption. Editor]

2. Problems were seen for NYC and Wash. D.C. involving terrorists starting on July 4th, 2004.

3. Weapons of Mass Destruction were moved from Iraq to Syria. I didn't catch the name of the valley but I've read elsewhere that the Bekka Valley comes up a lot. He also said we would be using Israel to try and solve this problem.

4. SDM classified the populace into three groups. Their consciouness and level of spirituality will affect their response to potential coming changes 1. Those following the ways of death. 2. Those trapped by materialism. 3. Those who are moving toward their Ascension. [The first two will obviously not be prepared. Their lamps will not be lit (their chakras). They will not be ready for the bridegroom (The coming of the Christic Light in a non-physcial body). Part of the last group may not be ready either if they do not catch on that the Path takes ardent striving. Editor]

To reiterate, these things do not have to happen. SDM may have some predictions wrong but his track record is good. The Bible Code may have inaccuracies. Just in case, why not simply give a prayer to God that the karma of these situations be adjusted and that God's Will be implemented. The more specific you can be the better. People would send their guardian angels to Padre Pio and then he would do the spiritual work. God needs people in embodiment to ask for help. If one approaches the quantity of love, devotion and spiritual power of a Padre Pio then the prayer is far more effective. A prayer at night before bed, in the right vibration would be a great boon for the planet.

In any event, it is expedient to get right with God—to do those things that will see you safely through the passage into a new era or new embodiment. The balancing of karma, purifying the desires, working out of psychology, expanding the heart chakra and being prepared spiritually are the personal needs of the hour.

I leave you with a quote by Elizabeth Clare Prophet given almost twenty years ago on 01/15/84. Long after this warning, the Clinton Presidency saw an alarming increase in the transfer of technology to China that went on unabated for 8 years.

"Now you understand that Nostradamus prophecies can be interpreted to see that it is the Red Chinese who join with the Arabs in the Middle East to destroy Europe. People have interpreted them that way, as the wave of the final world war coming out of China. Are we going to have on our breast and our souls the karma for not rising up and attempting to prevent this?

"This judgement will be upon this entire nation, on every individual who did not raise his voice in objection to it. And believe me, in the judgement day those who were silent on the issue of creating a world power out of Red China are going to be called on the carpet.

"This act of arming of Red China could be the beginning of the end, in terms of world war on the planet. It is far more serious a threat to me, than the Soviet Union."

May God Bless you and keep you till the end of your days.

William House

Editor, Reverse Spins

Sean David Morton's Web site: Delphi Associates

Information from the July 15th, 2003 newsletter is used by permission from Sean David Morton.

You can subscribe to the newsletter at his site.


cover The BIBLE CODE by Michael Drosnin

cover Bible Code II: The Countdown by Michael Drosnin

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