El Morya

Descent into Hell. 1933, by Nicholas Roerich; State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow

Nicholas Roerich

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on ghosts, demons and entities. Sometimes his quotes come from great teachers from past mystery schools (e.g. "The Thinker" is probably Plato) drawn directly from the akashic record, his own personal remembrances or ancient texts not available to the public. These quotes were given seventy years ago. I think most of us are aware that the polarity of Light and dark has increased. While conscious awareness of Spirit has grown so has the corresponding influences of lower strata that Morya talks about. Many on the spiritual path today are unaware that they are feeding entities on a daily basis. El Morya gives solutions for protection from these forces in a most practical way, such as the use of deodar or eucalyptus; but the most often mentioned prescription is ardent striving on the Path.


The fear of astral manifestations is based upon other things than ghosts. It is necessary to understand that the cold of the astral world provokes a chemical reaction in people. Agni Yoga, 1929; 352.

Inability to free oneself from intrusive thoughts can produce no small difficulties in relationship to the Subtle World. Let us imagine that certain hazy, perhaps even unpleasant, condensations from the Subtle World have been manifested; their forms have struck the imagination and produced thought about them. Precisely the substance of such thought will attract still more strongly these entities and assist their condensation. Naturally, thought is nutritive. Precisely in this manner are formed the so-called ghosts. Intrusive thoughts give them density, and people cannot free themselves from them, because primarily they do not know how to free themselves from their own thoughts. Fiery World II, 381.

Not by accident has it been spoken about strange cases of the influence of vital emanations of all objects surrounding man. The ancient custom, of India, to construct for each heir a new palace is not without a profound basis. If it were possible to show how many bloody shadows there are around many thrones, how many terrors around ancestral portraits, how many tears upon necklaces, how many ghosts on the wall, humanity would be filled with respect for emanations. For, besides the physical effects of emanations, their psychic energy may be either constructive or destructive. How can a newly chosen ruler proceed by a new path amidst the dark oppression of past emanations! Many misfortunes are caused by these heritages of the past. Not only life beyond the grave was foreseen when in ancient times the personal belongings of the deceased were buried with him. Ancient wisdom was taking measures for the purification of space. Egypt knew the force of the law of emanations. Analyzing events and a succession of historic facts, one may easily become convinced as to how under the influence of emanations destructions have taken place. On the path to the Fiery World one should manifest caution and a profound discernment of emanations. How important it is to conserve each good accumulation! Fiery World III, 1935; 77.

Urusvati knows how much We are in contact with the Subtle World. For complete knowledge it is necessary to be in touch with the various spheres. Much misunderstanding has grown around the concept of the Subtle World, and in particular the concept of uniqueness, which is the same in the Subtle World as on Earth. There are many descriptions of the Subtle World, but all of them are limited by the individual experience of the observer. Thus one person speaks about the lowest level, of almost monstrous ghosts; another describes sleeping shadows; a third finds an absolute similarity to the physical world; and a fourth talks about luminous bodies. They all describe what they have seen, but their perceptions were limited, causing them to think that one stratum is the entire Subtle World. Because of this error people quarrel and accuse one another of falsehood. If they could understand the manifoldness of the Subtle World, they would realize how beneficial it would be for them to strive to the higher spheres. According to a certain kind of person, nothing worthwhile exists for him here on Earth and therefore he has no reason to live. However, if he carries such thoughts with him into the Subtle World, he will continue the same idle existence there. If people limit their idea of the Subtle World by their earthly experience, they will prevent themselves from acquiring new experiences. Few think about the higher worlds, and most would be afraid of the radiance of Materia Lucida. The possibility that thinking will become keener frightens the limited mind. While still on Earth, people should suggest to themselves where precisely they would like to continue their progress. They must concentrate their free will and direct their minds toward consciously chosen subtle experiences. The Thinker used to say, “Let your thoughts fly ahead of you and prepare new, beautiful dwellings.” Supermundane I, 220.

Urusvati knows that on Earth people are constantly surrounded by subtle entities. Usually, they do not notice them, yet at times they feel breaths of air and light touches, and on rare occasions will see so-called ghosts. But We must point out that apart from such external perceptions, every refined person senses inner tremors, and is subject to nervous stimulation or depression caused by the approach of subtle entities. Animals, and especially dogs, sense the presence of strong subtle manifestations. One may ask whether they recognize subtle entities mainly by sight or by scent. Their sight is not as acute as their scent, which is very precise. One may also ask what type of dog has a stronger sense of the Subtle World—of course, the long-haired ones, because they can accumulate more electricity. Similarly, people who collect more electricity can sense more strongly the presence of subtle entities, either at night or by day. One should not consider the manifestations of the Subtle World to be extraordinary. Everyone possessing a refined receptivity can under proper conditions sense the presence of the dwellers of the Subtle World. Some of these appearances may be distressing, and although the sendings of the will help to repulse them, it must be tensed without delay, for if momentary fear is allowed, the will cannot be mustered later. The Thinker knew that the will must be in full readiness. He used to say, “The sword of defense is given to everyone, but know how to use it without delay.” Supermundane I, 221.

Urusvati knows how diverse are Our messages, which sometimes come as short commands, and at others times as faint reminders. Sometimes they are stored in the Chalice, to be applied at the appointed hour. In such cases, people begin to recall something heard somewhere, and the recollection becomes more and more persistent as the indicated date approaches. These recollections from the very bottom of the Chalice must be treated with great care. In them are many events which by karmic law can only be revealed through the consciousness. It is of paramount importance to observe children when they receive such guidance. They often declare that other children visit and play with them, and that during their games they have conversations on interesting topics. They sometimes invite adults to join them in the games, but the grown-ups do not see their little friends and regard their statements as fabrications. Such accounts originate in all nations, however, and should not be treated as childish inventions. One should pay great attention to the statements of children. One should also heed the visions experienced by seriously ill people, who often see images of individuals, unknown to them, who try to ease their sufferings. Sometimes these images remind them of dear ones who have passed away. Such approaches from the higher spheres are varied, and we should appreciate the care and concern that is so exquisitely revealed. Unfortunately, people prefer to attribute everything to frightful ghosts, forgetting that there are also higher manifestations. The Thinker, having heard about a vision of relatives, remarked, “Perhaps High Spirits materialized through those forms.” Supermundane I, 248.

Courage and fearlessness can truly protect one from all evil attacks, but the courage must be real and true. The borderline between the real and the false is subtle, and only from a distance is it possible to evaluate precisely where the corrupting process starts. It must be understood that only the real will bring lofty results. The Thinker pointed out that the disciples must test their fearlessness. When the Teacher observed that a disciple was afraid of something, He placed him at once face to face with what had frightened him. The same trial was also used in the schools of Sparta. There, the expression of the eyes was watched in order to confirm the disciple's courage. Thus We also watch the motion of the spirit, and rejoice when We perceive true courage. Fear of scarecrows in this earthly life only shows an unpreparedness for life in the Subtle World, where one is also confronted with frightening images. But the courageous do not even notice them! Only fear breeds ghosts. Such was the teaching of Pythagoras. Supermundane II, 1938; 295.

Urusvati knows the different ways in which people react to manifestations of the Subtle World. These manifestations often evoke shock and even terror. If people are constantly surrounded by inhabitants of the Subtle World, why is it that seeing them produces such extreme reactions? One should remember that although such subtle manifestations sometimes cause shocks, people can only react to what they actually see, and unaware that they are surrounded by inhabitants of the Subtle World, they show a pronounced fear of contact with these so-called ghosts. But such contacts are unavoidable, and We have ways of protecting people from truly unbearable experiences. People fear the dead because they do not believe in eternal life. When this truth is broadly accepted, the world will be transformed. It is useless to speak of purification or sublimation before the continuity of life is understood. I affirm that at present people are far from an understanding of the structure of the three worlds. Nor will it help to simplify the scheme by division into two worlds; people will only become confused. Remember that in ancient times, too, very few accepted calmly the existence of invisible worlds. The majority feared these realms just as they do today. The Thinker attempted to open this natural way of communication to His disciples, but only a few dared to face the truth. Supermundane II, 348.

Urusvati knows that many people pass on into the Subtle World in a wrong state of mind. Some cross over in fear and terror, others in hatred and resentment. Some cling to their earthly attachments, and others believe that when the bodily sheath dies, there is nothing else. Many erroneous thoughts cause harm to the subtle existence. Some ideas, though useless, carry good intent. For example, some people promise to appear in the subtle body to their dear ones, and, with such an impossible promise they restrict themselves and disappoint those who wait for them. Everyone must cross the threshold free, aspiring to perfectment. It is possible that one will be required to appear in the subtle body in order to fulfill a supermundane task, but this must happen naturally, as a part of other experiences and learning. Besides, man cannot decide to whom and when he can appear. The vibrations of the person to whom such a promise was made may remain unchanged, but they may have become more refined in another person, to whom he should appear. Such changes can be judged only from the Subtle World. It is therefore unwise to anticipate such things while in the earthly state. Everything should proceed naturally, without preconceptions. To be in full readiness requires that one not be bound by predetermined decisions. It is quite possible that someone will appear in a subtle body and thus bring benefit to people; however, it will not be a frightening ghost, but a Messenger of Light. To experience this, one must prepare oneself, and be ready to accept the Guide. The Thinker said, “We are not in need of frightful ghosts, but may the Messenger of Light knock at our door!” Supermundane III, 1938; 636.

Teach children to understand the significance of each thought and each action, as well as of each manifestation of nature, which has its unfailing laws. Tell them that the violation of these laws is strictly punished. Point out that the vitality and creativeness of people, as well as of other creatures of the kingdom of nature, depend on the invisible world and the invisible vibrations of the great spiritual Sages of the past and present. Children are ready to accept the invisible as reality because their minds are not yet demoralized by destructive doubt. Moreover, today there are so many experiments with rays which prove the subtle influence of the invisible. Even such an example as photographic negatives will be most convincing to the child's mind. The most complicated scenes may be on a negative, but unless it is chemically developed, they will not be visible! Likewise, a sensitive film records the most distant stars which cannot be perceived through the strongest telescope. The same is true about scientific records of other manifestations invisible to the physical eye. It is necessary to impress upon the child's mind most emphatically the existence of the subtle spheres that surround us; and to eradicate the terror of death and of contact with the Subtle World. The Subtle World is as unavoidable as our earthly life, and when realized, being the sublimation of the earthly world, it will open to us unutterable beauty. Therefore, you must teach children not to be frightened by death, which is an illusion, and not to be afraid of so-called "ghosts." Usually children who have an open psychic sight are not afraid of what they see until the grown-ups influence them either by their mocking attitude or by their stories about ghosts and "that deadly cold of the grave." This "deadly cold" is nothing but a simple chemical reaction of the contact of the subtle with the gross. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 15 January 1932.

M. has left many magnets on Earth. Therefore, I say, My path is easy to walk, The work toward cooperation with highest planets demands that on these planets abide harmonized spirits in conscious work. Usually the quest is from below and the answer from above. The higher, the more unity. The created state of Earth's isolation must end, and it must be finally brought into the predestined circle. Otherwise, not only the Earth but also Mars and Saturn will fall behind in development. Why do only a few go to Jupiter, when the atmosphere of the Earth is so encumbered? One wishes to say: “Dear travelers, look upward. And if instead of clinging to the illusions of Earth you wish to fly farther, then your wings will grow. Instead, you have encumbered by the same miserable hovels the whole astral plane. The same slander, the same illusory smoke, but you forget that your phantoms fume malodorously. The rays of the sun are dimmed by your feasts of dullness. Empty shells create empty shells.” But imagine if the ghosts were to strive toward the creation of a beautiful movement. Then the rays, instead of only being disinfectant, could be transformed into rays of enlightenment. Actually, thought creates beyond the earthly limits. Therefore, learn to govern the thoughts. Illumination, II:VIII:14.


The heart that has consecrated itself to righteousness radiates benevolence continuously, independently of the volitional sendings. Similarly, the sun's rays are not sent with premeditation. The heart that has pledged itself to evil will thrust out arrows consciously, unconsciously, and continuously. The heart of goodness sows about itself health, smiles, and spiritual bliss. The heart of evil destroys warmth and, like a vampire, sucks out the vital strength. Thus, the activity of hearts, good and evil, is unceasing. Upon the lower plane of Being the conditions of good and evil differ from their significance in the Highest World. One can visualize a glowing furnace of Light and a yawning gorge of darkness. Thus awesomely the swords of the demons and the Archangels are crossed! Amidst the flashes of battle, how many hearts are drawn toward Light and darkness! Heart, 1932; 63.

In all scriptures are presented symbolic narratives of how hermits and saints compelled demons to serve and labor for something useful. Truly, this is quite possible in case of a disinterested impulse. I attest to what an extent all the dark ones serve the structure when the power of self-sacrificing demand protects the commanding heart. But one circumstance can be dangerous and harmful—irritation full of imperil opens the entrance for the dark ones. Where there is irritation various newcomers set themselves to profit by it and increase the action of the poison. How much of the texture is torn, how many tests and experiments are impeded, to the joy of the malevolent ones! Advise to accept this not as a fairy tale but as a dangerous reality. The source of good and evil does not disappear. Heart, 93.

The case with X. is unusual. Of course the karma is paid; but there remains the so-called husk of karma, and such a circumstance is greatly valued by the demons. Nothing so greatly multiplies wrath as the mirage of karma. It always seems that the one who has paid karma still has a debt and this ignites wrath. We have many differentiations in karmic ties. It can be observed how, with the ages, one personality rises and another descends; what, then, can occur with the linking thread during such a separation? But the demons utilize the karmic husk in order to attack more strongly. Heart, 272.

A demon decided to place a holy hermit in a helpless position. For this the demon stole some of the most sacred objects and offered them to the anchorite with the words, “Wilt thou accept these from me?” The demon hoped that the hermit would not accept the gifts, and thus would betray the holy objects; if, however, he did accept them, he would be entering into cooperation with the demon. When this horrible visitor had voiced his proposal, the hermit did neither one nor the other. He rose up in indignation and with all the force of his spirit commanded the demon to leave the objects on the ground, saying, “Dark spirit, thou wilt not retain these objects, thou wilt vanish, annihilated, for my command has been manifested from Above!” Thus must one rout the dark ones, and when one's confidence is fortified by Hierarchy, no dark force is able to keep back the flame of the spirit. Let us not consider these legends unnecessary. The demons are of many forms and each toiler of Light undergoes attacks. Fiery World I, 142.

Do not falter at the sight of demons. Pity for them is sharper than a fiery sword. Through pity one can repel the most daring attack. A beast cannot withstand the look of compassion, whereas it attacks when it senses the trembling of fear. True, fear is evil, but an evil which intrinsically is insignificant because it is ignorance. You have had many occasions to convince yourself that the inventions of evil are begotten of ignorance. Thus, supply yourself with a coffer of compassion. Fiery World I, 608.

Urusvati knows that persecution pursues a Great Teacher like dust after a horseman. One should observe not only the followers of the Teacher, but also the persecutors, among whom can be discerned certain individuals who, in the course of many lives, tried persistently to undermine the Goodness that was brought by His Teachings. One might ask why these evil beings, while in the Subtle World, do not learn that their dark attempts are fruitless. The fact is that their protectors are vigilant! Remember the ancient legend about the demons who concealed the Light from the sight of the disciples with their wings, and know that in the lowest strata of the astral spheres such obscuring of Light is indeed possible. This happens on Earth as well. The persecutors of the Teachings of Light inflict harm consciously as well as unconsciously, and grow increasingly furious as, against their will, they are magnetically drawn to the Teaching. Examples of this madness can be observed in various eras, and when these persecutors are asked what causes their fury and makes them attack the Teaching that they hate so persistently, the answer is almost always the same—they are unable to stop their attacks. Such lack of self-control indicates obsession. It is customary to apply the name Judas to betrayers as a symbol of the grossest unfaithfulness. Let us ponder upon this. Was not Judas in his previous lives also connected with crimes? Remember that in the greatest periods of Greek history there were cases of venomous betrayal. We could mention names, but it is not wise to pronounce names that indicate only evil. It is enough simply to remember that every great Teaching has had its betrayers, with demonic wings on their backs. Urusvati recently glimpsed a dark hierophant who attempted to approach her, but Our fiery arrows threw him off, and his hand was stayed by lightning. Supermundane I, 167.

Urusvati knows how much more oppressive the lower astral strata are than even the basest earthly state. The lower layers of the Subtle World influence all of Earth, and its inhabitants should learn to protect themselves against these poisonous influences. What should people do to protect themselves from such invisible corrupters? First of all, they should accept the constant proximity of these malicious neighbors. Do not think that this suggestion is unimportant. On the lower astral strata good feelings are rare, there is a prevailing envy toward everything that lives on Earth, and every breath of earthly life is pleasing and attractive to these dark, dissatisfied spirits. It is almost impossible to convince them that they should focus their attention not on Earth, but on how to free themselves from their prison. People can struggle with base astral entities only when they are firm in their understanding of their own future path. Their passing into the higher spheres will then be easier, and they will not feel the arrows of the dwellers of the lower astral plane. Unfortunately, most people do not choose the higher path and therefore remain unprotected. Those few who do understand this bear a heavy burden. The Brotherhood itself suffers greatly from the light-mindedness of the inhabitants of Earth, who, instead of defending themselves against these harmful entities, attract them. The Thinker taught, “Do not allow demons to approach you.” Supermundane II, 1938; 261.

Urusvati knows that those who attempt possession cannot tolerate large stores of psychic energy in others. They are repelled, just as arrows are deflected by a sturdy shield. Their malice is then intensified, and their hatred increased, even to their own detriment. One can often observe that the obsessed act irrationally, driven only by the urge to commit evil. It should be understood that many villainies are committed in order to placate some invisible evildoers. People usually call them demons, but it is simpler to call them dregs. However, a powerful demon is not needed for the development of obsession. Everyone on Earth with a criminal nature is driven to become an obsessor and thus feed his unsatisfied hatred. It should be acknowledged that not only the fainthearted, but also those who give in to doubt become easy prey to possessors. When this illness occurs, the possessed one loses awareness of what he does, and those around him are astonished by the sudden change in his personality. But the time will come when scientific apparatuses will exist that will be able to reveal the dual personality of these dangerously ill people. Many terrible events in history happened because of possessed people. Let us not forget this. The Thinker said, “At times it happens that when we think we hear the voice of an Arhat, it is instead some kind of ghost speaking, who is fond of blood-drenched food.” Supermundane III, 550.

The departing race harms the selected successors not only by hindering their birth but also by the action of the dark forces, who fight against the Forces of Light and all their undertakings in everyday life. Indeed, only an uncultured mind thinks that the Great Spirits have an easy existence; a refined consciousness knows that the opposite is true. Verily, the greater the spirit, the more difficult is his path. It is said, "A saint is threatened by demons, but the Archangel contends with Satan himself!" Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 22 March 1935.


Often We are asked why We do not hasten to destroy a harmful entity. This must be explained clearly, especially since you yourself have a weapon for such destruction. I shall take the example of a physician. Often the physician is ready to cut away a knot of diseased nerves, but possible damage to a sympathetic center stays his scalpel. No being is isolated. Numberless are the layers of the karmic web that binds even the most disparate beings. In the flow of the karmic stream one can trace currents linking the most unworthy to the most worthy. Therefore the one who cuts must first anesthetize the channels that unite the streams of karma. Otherwise the individual destruction, even if justified, can cause harm to the whole. Thus the means for destruction must be resorted to with the utmost caution. Agni Yoga,1929;115.

The ancient prophecies say “When all becomes darkened, then people fancy that everything is permitted them.” Actually darkness makes people insane. Daring is not madness. Everyone who dares is conscious of ordained possibilities, but the madman manifests opposition to the law of Existence. There is a fine boundary line between madness and daring. The torch of the heart is needed in order to find this boundary. Having once entered the domain of madness, one can hardly turn back again to a wise daring. Rishi were daring; saints were daring; but they did not admit madness, for it is first of all hideous. It leads to obsession, with all its dark consequences. How ugly is the picture of the obsessing entity trying to expel from the body the subtle vehicle! There can be nothing more hideous than the spectacle of two subtle bodies disputing about one earthly envelope. Fiery World II, 417.

I affirm, and you should understand, that what seems impossible today may be feasible tomorrow. The Teacher uses His power to safeguard your achievements in all their beauty. The misfortune of people lies in their lack of understanding of the process of incarnation and the complexity of the circumstances surrounding achievement. For example, solitude is the best friend of achievement, but sometimes witnesses are needed, and the karmic conditions then become more complex. The Teacher can point out the most necessary channel of action. The Teacher can protect to a certain degree, but the shadow-dance of the past will continue its round. One should concentrate one's thought on finding the right attitude toward these demons. When you see a doorkeeper you do not concern yourself greatly about his mentality. Also, when you meet a condemned criminal you do not discuss cosmogony with him. While on Earth, one must often polish one's treasures, and on this path many demons are encountered. We can recall many encounters with frightful entities during Our past lives. The elements are closely involved in one's earthly attainment. The elements stand guard on both sides. The battle of fire with earth will have its resultant phenomena, and untimely manifestations should be expected. Earth is the guardian of old ways of thinking, but fire is the rebellious outburst of evolution. What an unprecedented battle We are conducting in the lightning bolts of the elements! The indestructibility of the primary substance provides firmness in the battle, and the knowledge of the continuity of existence provides wings of attainment. Say, "Sisters and brothers, labor unceasingly, and your wings will grow in the rapid flow of day and night." And to the incredulous say, "You will feel warmth, and your life will be sweet—you can find these by turning to the Teacher. But do not cast stones of disbelief on the path." In the battle of the elements each worn-out consciousness is as a wall against light. Say, "Do not entangle the web of life." Each thunderclap releases many discharges of positive and negative energies. Consider the battle for the fulfillment of Our Plan as unprecedented. Consider all the mirror-images as true. But do not confuse their dates. Each given year has its own significance. Agni Yoga, 1929; 121.

The foundation of creative life can be affirmed only by psycho-dynamics. Psycho-dynamics can be affirmed upon the principles of the spatial energies. Whether the spirit manifests a cosmic and conscious aspect or affirms the consciousness by its attunement with the spatial cliche, the principle of inducing the manifestations of cosmic forces by way of fusion is one. Only by this unification are the forms of space created. Diffusion cannot produce entities which are not subject to the same law. The cause of human ills is in its inconsistency of strivings. Cosmos, in creating, requires stratifications which can grow step by step. When humanity will understand that striving leads to the cognition of these steps, then one can vouch for the path leading to Infinity. Centuries have been required for the filling of the clefts which have rent the Earth; instead of new stratifications, it has been necessary to fill in the earthly stronghold. Much did the Lords refill and much did the people destroy. By this principle of alternating construction and destruction, humanity advances in evolution. Realization of Infinity will lend progress to the consciousness, and humanity will advance! Infinity I, 1930; 118.

It is pointed out that spilled blood especially attracts spatial entities. This is truly so. Still we must not forget that all secretions possess the same properties. In like manner each spatial entity of equal degree is attracted to blood and saliva. Thus even an irritated skin is accessible to these entities. The lymphatism of mediums has the same property. Thus in ancient times, the priests greatly avoided lymphatic servants and disciples. For the insulation of secretions, films out of A. have been used. The given emulsion has the same insulative quality, and it not only protects, but increases the circulation of the psychic energy. One may observe how harmlessly the emulsion alkalizes the skin, protecting it from accumulations. Thus, the emulsion externally and a powder internally will be the best armor. The lymph acquires a form of covering and even becomes beneficial. Thus, by simple means one can considerably protect oneself from undesirable surroundings. Hierarchy, 1931; 264.

Distinguish between tension and fatigue. There is great similarity between these two differing conditions. One must sense when it is useful to arrest them by transferring one's attention to another center. The golden balance is especially applicable here. During fatigue how many of those in the Subtle World await this condition! Not only those who are evil and who are straining the will to their own means but a multitude of unpersonified disincarnate entities attempt to cling to the magnet of a heart. People complain of confusion of thought during fatigue. Why should this not exist when the confused thoughts of the lower strata of the Subtle World penetrate into the consciousness! The lower strata do not think firmly, and these flocks of thought-fragments obstruct space. A precise thought, even of hatred is more valuable in relation to the tension of energy than the confusion of uncrystallized thinking. For an Agni Yogi, contact with a swarm of grey thought-specters is most distressing. The Teacher is primarily solicitous about the tendency of thought. The greatest speed and striving are developed over great distances. Heart, 1932; 83.

We constantly insist upon the conquest of every aspect of fear. This demand is not an abstract one, but is connected with one's immediate ascent. Fear, like many negative qualities, creates a negative magnet as soon as it increases. This magnet during successive existences will impel the personality along the implanted object of its fear. If a man fears anything he will inevitably be compelled to cross precisely the path of this horror, until he exhausts his fear. Therefore it is useful that a man, having realized the invulnerability of his spiritual essence, should liberate himself from all fears, for all threats are insignificant. Even the encounter with powerful dark entities is not dangerous if the firm link with the Hierarchy is safeguarded. Other negative qualities can also be neutralized by being conscious that it is unworthy to recur to them, since one must experience their rebounding blow. Heart, 222.

One Chinese philosopher, knowing the frightful aspects of the lower strata of the Subtle World, determined to deaden their impression. For this purpose he filled this sleeping chamber with the most frightful images. In the presence of these revolting masks, he hoped that nothing worse could be expected. Such methods are abominable, although people love them whether in this or in another form. On the contrary, We teach the eye to become nonreceptive to the repugnant. Besides, it is impossible to imagine the complete gamut of horrors created by people's vices. Even here in the earthly world we often are horrified by inhuman visages, but imagine the aspects into which these are transformed when their essential nature is unmasked! And here also We often experience the attacks of these dark entities. They attempt to annihilate everything dangerous to them. During sleep they try to weaken one, in order to inflict injury more readily during the disturbance of the balance. One should not consider these dark engenderings as superstitious fancy. Every scientist must realize the depth of the perspective of Existence. The scientist has grasped the incalculability of infinitesimal organisms; he has seen the bones of giant animals, and he can see still more if he peers into the vastness of the Himalayan caves. Thus the scientist measures into infinity and calculates infinite magnitudes by simple mathematical solutions. This means that precisely the scientist must admit the infinitude of fiery formation. Thus, from the merest arithmetical zero one must send one's imagination into the Infinite, remembering that a vacuum does not exist. Fiery World I, 1933; 107.

One need not be surprised at the dark entities swarming about. If you should find a lion in your flower garden, no doubt there would be an uproar in the house. To the dark ones you are that very lion in their backyard. Not a few efforts did they expend in cultivating their thistles, and then, suddenly, an uninvited lion made his appearance! Truly, sometimes one must pity all these labors of human hatred. But, for all that, the absence of doubt is stronger than all the dark snares. Fiery World I, 114.

People must not keep anything rotten in their houses. The presence of fermentation, or of stagnant water attracts undesirable entities. When the photographing of entities of the Subtle World becomes more advanced, it will be possible to record on film the difference between the surroundings of a bit of cheese or meat and that of a fresh rose. Obviating logical arguments, one can actually see that the forms attracted by meat are repellent. These lovers of decomposition even accompany to the mouth itself the dish fancied by them. Also, before photographing auras one can gain experience by taking pictures of objects with their surroundings. As always, the experiment requires patience and perseverance. It should begin with indicative objects. Of the pure aromas, one must prefer the rose; it contains a very lasting oil. But it should not be forgotten that flowers should be gathered before decomposition has set in. I point out roses because they contain the greatest quantity of fiery energy. Thus, lovers of roses are near to fiery energy. The entities that feed on decomposition avoid the aromas of fiery energy. One must accept this indication in all simplicity, and just as information from a pharmacy. Fiery World I, 227.

Listen Up! I'm talking to you! No, not your entities, YOU!

People often experience an unexplainable state of exultation or depression. They attribute this to their stomachs rather than to the approach of good or dark forces. Yet these manifestations occur frequently and can be intense. People often experience a touch or pricks. They ascribe such manifestations to cobwebs or dust, but it never occurs to them that the entities of the Subtle World may thus contact them. Similarly, people often hear movements and rustling, but they think of mice or centipedes in order to drive away all thought about manifestations of a distant world. The same people will complain that the Subtle World does not manifest itself. But subtle movements are not like blows of a hammer! As with everything else, the approach of the Subtle World should be acknowledged and fearlessly studied. We must not condemn that to which we did not even give attention. Yet if some people are so fortunate as to behold a Fiery Being, they will think first of all about a demon. Such is the corruption of the contemporary consciousness! Such crass ignorance is called skepticism, critical judgment, or erudition, when it would be far more accurate to call it plain stupidity. Fiery World I, 418.

The inhalation of fire is practiced by certain yogis and is a purifying action. One should not understand this literally. One cannot inhale flames, but fiery emanations are useful. For such inhalation, the yogi chooses a quiet place, keeping his spine erect. Before him the yogi makes a fire of deodar wood, or, if deodar is unavailable, twigs of balu, so arranged that the smoke does not reach him. Then the yogi performs the usual pranayama, but in such a way that the emanations of the resin reach his breathing. There are two results—first, a purification of the body; second, the strengthening of the Agni energy. Nothing so helps the kindling of Agni as the properties of deodar. As you know insects cannot endure the strength of deodar resin. You also know that imperfect entities cannot approach the fire of this wood. Usually, the deodars prefer a volcanic soil to grow in; in this way a significant kinship is manifested. Volcanic soil in general merits study, along with its vegetation. Not only has the inhalation of fire been practiced by the yogis but also lying on deodar planks so that the spine comes in contact with the heart of the wood. Various records of antiquity indicate how ardently people have sought the fiery element. Experiments are necessary in order to understand the value of deodar. The significance of fire should be remembered in order to understand volcanic soil. In the south of India sandalwood has also been used for fiery inhalation. Fiery World I, 430.

I affirm the futility of communications with the middle spheres of the Subtle World. They only irritate the entities there by various reminiscences, and the earthly fluids disturb them. Moreover, people learn nothing from them. The rhythm of space is expressed in the higher spheres. Fiery World I, 449.

Even among contemporary forms numerous animal-like men can be found. Such monstrosities are usually ascribed to a fright or shock experienced by the mother. But, notwithstanding many explanations, the principal cause is usually lost sight of. It may be understood that in the Subtle World certain entities are subject to fits of carnal desire. During these obscurations they sink to the level of the animal kingdom. Moreover, Agni declines to such an extent that the animal principles take possession of the fallen ones. Of course, with time, they can again ascend, but the animal contact is so powerful that it may be transformed at reincarnation into animal form. Sometimes heredity contributes to such animal-like rebirths, for base spirits prefer corresponding forms for themselves. And sometimes it is neither atavism nor heredity, but a deplorable lunge into the animal world, which imprints the seal of madness. Again it is instructive to note how the decrease of Agni permits the manifestation of animal propensities. Agni, the savior, leads to beautiful worlds, but one must cherish it and not forget its existence. Many spirits, while not lowering themselves to an animal state, disgracefully stamp about on one spot and even fear Agni. During their earthly journeyings these timid ones feared everything existing, and Fire was to them the most terrifying concept. They forgot the Light, which could draw them to the World of Beauty, and fear is a poor counselor. Fiery World I, 624.

Verily, one must have discrimination to ascertain true significances. Many are the illusions and phantoms that obscure an evaluation of the real advance of the spirit. Many appearances of the dark forces attempt to seduce or terrorize one. Such attacks are especially preponderant in the vicinity of obsessed or mentally diseased persons, who are like open gates, not only attracting entities to themselves but creating a kind of channel for all surrounding people. The border lines of psychic illnesses are quite imperceptible, therefore I advise great caution. I consider it useless to expend one's strength in all experiments with obsession when one's own ill health disturbs the equilibrium. Whisperers can attach themselves to the ear that is ailing. and only a firm consciousness can shake off these asps without delay. You already know that no sickness should be neglected. One must immediately inoculate oneself with vigor and not forget about Agni. Fiery World I, 643.

The growth of consciousness is usually considered a slow process. Yet it can be perceived how, even in the midst of earthly conditions, consciousness grows before one's very eyes. Certainly, for such growth there is needed, on the one side, tension and, on the other, rapport with the magnet of an already fiery consciousness. One may rejoice when at each progress of consciousness the ancient acquisitions of the spirit come to life. One may rejoice when the essence of life is regenerated through the proximity of a kindled heart; however, one must discern the difference between broadening and illumining consciousness and a low psychism. We are not at all pleased to see that intercourse with the lower spheres of the Subtle World is increasing. One must not forget that the lower entities, even aside from permanent obsession, can benumb, as it were, the consciousness. From the lowest comes only the lowest. Fiery World I, 662.

Salamanders, as entities of the lower fire, cannot be very luminous. When I showed you a salamander I wished to give you a conception of the creatures of the fiery depths. I have already shown you the subterranean and submarine entities, but one must also know the amplitude of Fire. One can understand better the entire diversity of the fiery entities when not only the Highest but also the lowest is perceived. Fiery World II, 1934; 28.

Many criminals will turn to labor under suggestion. Just as drunkenness and other vices, ailments of crime may be cured by the command of the will. It must not be forgotten also that many crimes are committed under the influence of obsession. Consequently such people need to be cured, and not punished. Definitely, during such treatments, increased, systematic labor has a decisive significance; for the obsessing entities every labor is hateful. They try to cast one into chaos, but the essence of labor is already a counter-manifestation. One ought not be distressed by the thought as to whence will come the strong suggestions. They are many, but they are dissociated. When the Institute of Psychic Energy will be established, it will bring together many useful co-workers. It should not be forgotten that an Institute of Astrology would be very helpful toward the verification of data. Not long ago governments were ashamed to pay attention to heavenly luminaries, as well as to human powers, but psychic energy must occupy the attention of enlightened people. Fiery World II, 86.

It is correct to remove from one's home all rotting substances. But besides decomposition of meat and water, equally harmful are decaying fruit and wilting flowers. When someone takes measures for the removal of dead flowers, one may observe that straight-knowledge removes lifeless plants not only in the name of beauty, but through knowledge of the law of the Subtle World. Since lower entities feed upon decomposition, then for lack of putrid products they are satisfied with plants. He can be commended whose spirit whispers the correct attitude toward all surroundings. Fiery World II, 101.

It was affirmed many times by the philosophers that a gathering of people is permissible only when it has a high moral consequence. Obviously this saying is a strange one for our time. A gathering of people now usually ends in distortion of the simplest precepts. Let us look upon the subtle and fiery surroundings of such populous assemblies. Let us look and be horrified discordant rhythms admit only the lower entities, and transform the fiery sendings into searing fire. If it is difficult for an earthly benevolent visitor to make his way through a beastly crowd, then subtle beings will be flung away like dry leaves in a whirlwind. One must await the time when during lessons in psychology counsels about mass reactions will be given. People are willing to join an organization, but they are averse to cultivation of their own will. Fiery World II, 216.

Not only is the odor of the deodar pleasant, but it helps to invigorate breathing and expel dark entities. Many oils have a purifying property, but not all have an influence on the Subtle World. The deodar has a significance in the Subtle World, and it is usually connected with places of sojourn of the Rishi. They know that the deodar possesses the quality of driving away evil entities. Fiery World II, 244.

Not magic but God-inspiredness was ordained in the ancient Covenants. When Higher Communion began to be interrupted, people themselves compiled magic from the earthly world, as a means of forced communion. But, as everything which is forced, magic ends up in the darkest manifestations. The very boundary line between black and white magic becomes elusive in its intricacy. Therefore, on the path to the future one should eschew all magic. It must not be forgotten that the old methods of magic were connected with other forms of life. Of course, magic is based on precise fulfillment of technical conditions, but if all the formulas of life have been altered, then too all magical effects must be correspondingly changed. This is why contemporary magic has sunk into necromancy and the other low manifestations. All those who study the mechanics of formulas fail to take into account the fact that they were written down for a completely different application. In addition, they completely forget that the higher formulas, and all the conditions, have not been written down altogether; and if they have been noted at all it is in such symbols that now their meaning is quite obscured. Thus, contemporary studies of magic either amount to senseless scholastics, or else, flowing down, they lapse into the black mass. Therefore We speak much-needed words, in advising the abolition of magic. Let it be left to the dark necromancers. There is too much obsession on Earth. The sole path to the Higher Communion is through the heart. Violence must not stain this fiery path. Can people possibly think that the invocation of lower entities can go unpunished! And what sort of improvement of life could result from such evocation? No one can point to a benefit resulting from necromancy, nor to a heart which has been uplifted through necromancy. One must turn to the short and higher Path, which will bestow health of spirit; and thence comes the bodily health. The abolition of magic will be a white stone on the path of the World. Fiery World II, 249.

It may be asked-wherein lies the chief harm of black magic? Over and above personal injury must there also be cosmic damage? Precisely so. The lower conjurations create the utmost harm through the mixture of the elements and the invocation of portions of chaos. One must picture to oneself how in this manner entities of the lower strata obtain access into forbidden spheres and continue to work harm on a broad scale. That is why extensive measures are needed in order to safeguard the planet, which is sick enough as it is. Magic in general must be left alone. Fiery World II, 306.

Notwithstanding all the attainments of science, people grasp with special difficulty the fact that space is completely filled. They talk about microbes, about entities which elude detection, but, for all that, it is almost impossible for them to think about a filled space. They regard it as a fairy-tale if they are reminded that so-called air is filled with creatures of different evolutions. Likewise it is difficult for man to conceive that each breath of his, each thought of his, alters his surroundings. Some elements of the latter are strengthened and draw near, others burn out or are carried away by a vortex of currents. Man is unwilling to understand that he has been endowed with powerful energies. He is truly the King of Nature and the Master of immeasurable legions of entities. It is sometimes possible through powerful microscopes to demonstrate to children in schools the fullness of space. They must become accustomed to the influence of psychic energy. The gaze of an intelligent man reacts upon entities; even under the lense of a microscope small creatures begin to feel uneasy and to sense the currents of the eyes. Is this not an indicator of the living eye, as distinguished from a dead one? On the fiery path one needs to understand the filling of space. Fiery World II, 365.

Inability to free oneself from intrusive thoughts can produce no small difficulties in relationship to the Subtle World. Let us imagine that certain hazy, perhaps even unpleasant, condensations from the Subtle World have been manifested; their forms have struck the imagination and produced thought about them. Precisely the substance of such thought will attract still more strongly these entities and assist their condensation. Naturally, thought is nutritive. Precisely in this manner are formed the so-called ghosts. Intrusive thoughts give them density, and people cannot free themselves from them, because primarily they do not know how to free themselves from their own thoughts. Fiery World II, 381.

Striking phenomena can be observed around spilled blood. Animals not only sense the blood but fall into agitation and terror. It can be noticed that even dried blood produces the same symptoms as fresh blood. Precisely the fiery emanations of blood are unusually strong. Not by accident did the most savage sacrifices require blood, as a means of excitement into intoxication. Likewise the black mass needs blood as a strong stimulation. For such purposes animals are used. The resulting sharpening of scent for the invisible is very strong, the more so because blood attracts many lower entities. Fiery World II, 423.

The principles of Good and evil are repeated on all planes with this distinction, that by prolonging the line into the spheres of the Subtle World, all expressions become heightened. Only the principles of constructiveness give to the spirit that resultant force which affirms a conscious striving for good. The servants of darkness will be inevitably attracted to the lower strata. Ancient Covenants speak of those who dwell in the Kingdom of the Spirit and those who live under the earth. One may be surprised as to why the earthly strata and the Earth itself is inhabited by the forces of evil. Actually, a downward attraction explains these hordes. Each aspiration toward the Fiery World tends to hold the spirit in the Subtle World, but the Spirits who are Bearers of Light, filled with self-sacrifice, rush to the Earth for purpose of salvation. There are whole countries on Earth which are saturated with destroyers. The Earth conforms, with its poisoned emanations, to these spawns of darkness. Therefore, be not astonished that portions of the world are peopled with dark entities. Fiery World III, 1935; 92

Much has already been said about psychism, nevertheless this scourge of humanity is insufficiently understood. Psychism blunts each aspiration, and higher attainment remains inaccessible. The sphere of activity of a man engulfed by psychism is limited within a charmed circle in which all the energies which retard growth of the spirit find their fitting place. Psychism embraces the manifestation of the lowest energies, and the fires of the centers are extinguished by these precipitations. With psychism there is inevitably to be found disorder of the nervous system. In addition, the breaking away from vital functions closes the path to self-perfectionment. Creativeness is blunted, and there is established a passive state which makes a man an instrument for the influx of all kinds of forces. By reason of relaxation of the will, control is weakened, and by this the attraction of various lower entities is increased. He who wishes to approach the Fiery World must battle with these forces of evil. Fiery World III, 309.

During cosmic eclipses manifestations of dark forces are made tense for the reinforcement of their actions, because equilibrium is upset and it is precisely in this state of disturbance that the dark entities manifest their force. Cosmic eclipses particularly accentuate events, for they help provocative forces to manifest. The action of the battle is enhanced and the events become accelerated; the darkness thickens, but the Light conquers and the new Star glows more brightly. Fiery World III, 410.

He can have visions who will admit them and whose heart can endure them. Fiery visions can be withstood only very rarely. Even the subtle bodies inspire terror. People should not complain at the absence of subtle visions. Even the beginning of their approach already fills one with terror. But none of the good beings will frighten one. On the contrary, they will guard against evil entities. Thus, the dense world is not accustomed to fiery perception. Fiery World III, 465.

Manifestations can be either subtle or connected with the dense world. Not rarely do dark entities strengthen themselves by the presence of creatures of earth which they attract. Thus, there may appear some stray dogs or cats or mice or annoying insects. Dark entities strengthen their substance from animals. Repeatedly has the Teaching pointed out the participation of the animal world in subtle and low manifestations. Sometimes they cannot manifest without the participation of animals. But for the courageous spirit all such manifestations are as nought. Let the tarantulas crawl, but it is very important for science to know these connections of animals with the Subtle World . I do not advise having animals in bedrooms. Certain people themselves sense the practicality of such vital precautions, but others, on the contrary, aspire, as it were to attract invisible guests. Fiery World III, 473.

Many times have the words been spoken about the necessity for expelling any fear—it is paralyzing. But especially should one free oneself from fear before the Subtle and the Fiery Worlds. For fear before the Supermundane Spheres is the most harmful. One must transform it into joy. Only a few will apprehend this joy. Even though they agree verbally, nevertheless an inner tremor will chill the warmth of rapture. Precisely warmth and light are needed for an easy entrance into the fine garden. Above this fine garden will shine the Fiery Heavens in all their glory. Equally fearlessly should one meet new neighbors. In fact, luminous courage saves one from disagreeable entities. On the earthly plane people try to hide their fear, but out there it cannot be concealed. Fiery World III, 553.

Despair is called darkness. Such a definition is precise; indeed, it extinguishes radiation and the Fire of the heart grows dim. Such a state is not only harmful, it is unworthy of man; he becomes lower than an animal. It is possible to brave the condition of despair. The most frightful entities employ it. Behind it stalks terror itself. Where then will be the garden of beauty? Fiery World III, 554.

In anger and irritation man considers himself strong—this is according to earthly considerations. But regarded from the Subtle World, the irritated man is especially powerless. He attracts to himself a great number of small entities which feed on the emanations of anger. Besides, he lets down his own bars and allows even the lower beings to read his thoughts. Therefore, the state of irritation is inadmissible not only as a producer of imperil but also as a gateway for lower entities. Aum, 1936; 331.

It is known that each evil action has to be lived down, yet you will be asked, “How does justice react upon the obsessed? Who bears the effect—the obsessed or the obsessor?” Who can distinguish were the will of the obsessor is and where the will pertaining to the obsessed himself? Obsession takes place only when an access has been opened. Moreover, before obsession takes place, the evil one whispers and prepares the weak spirit. To those inclined to evil appear the entities attracted by them. The karma of the obsessed is a grievous one! Aum, 368.

Any food containing blood is harmful for the development of subtle energy. If humanity would only refrain from devouring dead bodies, then evolution could be accelerated. Meat lovers have tried to remove the blood, but they have not been able to obtain the desired results. Meat, even with the blood removed, cannot be fully freed from the emanations of this powerful substance. The sun's rays to a certain extent remove these emanations, but their dispersion into space also causes no small harm. Try to carry out a psychic energy experiment near a slaughterhouse and you will receive signs of acute madness, not to mention the entities which attach themselves to the exposed blood. Not without foundation has blood been called sacred. There can thus be observed different kinds of people. It is possible to convince oneself particularly as to how strong atavism is. The desire for food containing blood is augmented by atavism, because the many preceding generations were saturated with blood. Unfortunately, governments pay no attention to improving the health of the population. State medicine and hygiene stand at a low level. Medical supervision is no higher than that of the police. No new thought penetrates into these outworn institutions. They can only prosecute, they cannot help. Hence, on the path to Brotherhood there should be no slaughterhouses. Brotherhood, 1937; 21.

It is a sad situation if one is not subjected to attacks. This means that one's energy is in a very weak state and does not provoke any counteractions. Only the unenlightened consider attacks as misfortune. Obesity swims in the fat of inaction. For what sort of fertilization is such fat of use? The emanations of fat attract undesirable entities. More useful is alert striving; it preserves an adequate covering for the nerves. Likewise, thinness must not exceed the point of equilibrium. Brotherhood, 94.

Urusvati, in her subtle body, continuously participates in Our help to humanity. Through their flights in the subtle body Our co-workers render so much help to people that no records are sufficient to contain it. It should be remembered that We rarely appear at so-called spiritualistic seances, and We consider such gatherings harmful because of the discordant auras of those who attend. Hardly any circle is ever assembled with due consideration of the auras of the participants. One can imagine what kind of entities project and materialize in response to the discordant mental states at these gatherings, and attention has already been directed to the stupidity of answers received in response to questions put by these equally stupid circles! Our manifestations and help are different. We save worthy people at moments of danger. By gentle contact We draw the attention of seekers, whom We forewarn about their harmful decisions. We help to create and assist the Good. Our Work is dedicated to knowledge. We help each useful worker, unhindered by conventional distinctions of race and class. We watch diligently to discover where the ray of self-sacrificing achievement will flash. Our Temple is the Temple of Knowledge. We bring to it all the highest and We guard there all the affirmations of the future. Do not lose direct communion with Us. Let it be the highest expression of your being. Do not permit such communion to become a formal performance of duty. Forced effort will never produce a firm step, for the work in the Subtle World must be a natural expression of free will. Do not try to force anyone to such labor, for desire must first be generated in the consciousness. It is difficult to judge when the desire to work for humanity will be ignited. Each one can find his path, and We will help those on that path. Supermundane I, 1938; 18.

Urusvati remembers the Great Pilgrim [Jesus]. In the Arabian desert He was in solitude, but in a sheik's tent He found friends and helpers. He often remained alone, and one should not think that His journeys were always with wealthy caravans. Remember that everyone, when clad in an earthly sheath, is subject to the conditions of the physical world. It is usually supposed that when Our Brothers go into the world they will be placed in special conditions that are unnatural to them, but nature is a state conditioned by law. Every one of Us knows this and selects His path consciously. It was to be expected that the Pilgrim would meet the dark ones on His path. The story about the meeting of the Great Pilgrim with the Prince of Darkness should not be thought of as imaginary, or symbolic. Urusvati can affirm that she saw various dark entities more than once, including even the Hierophant of Evil himself. One may wonder what difference there is between such attacks and the usual pressure of darkness. The difference is great, but Our Brothers do not fear them and therefore cannot be hurt. The Great Pilgrim often saw such dreadful images, but He was never afraid of them. Some may wonder why such a Great Spirit had to face the imperfections of dark entities. But the power of the Magnet attracts even the dark ones, who long to confuse and injure wherever they can. For example, even the slightest doubt will make it impossible to walk on water or fire, or to levitate. I mention this because the Great Pilgrim could perform these acts easily. His great power was in His absolute fearlessness, and He proceeded unwaveringly, for in His heart He had chosen the life of great deeds. Supermundane I, 149.

Urusvati knows that the Great Pilgrim was frequently attacked by the forces of darkness. These incidents were mentioned in the Scriptures, and one might question how occurrences that no one had witnessed could have been recorded. It was the Teacher Himself who wanted to prepare His disciples for that battle and therefore, rather than conceal the struggle that was taking place, He recounted His own experiences to illustrate it. He said, “Every human being constantly finds himself in three battles. Although he may imagine that he is completely at peace, he actually takes part in three battles simultaneously. &#xThe first battle is between the free will and karma. Nothing can excuse man from taking part in the struggle between these two principles. &#xThe second battle takes place between the disembodied entities of good and evil, which surround man and influence him in one way or another. It is difficult to imagine the fury of the dark forces when they attempt to take possession of man. &#xThe third battle resounds in the Infinite, in space, between the subtle energies and the waves of chaos. The human imagination is too limited to envision these battles in Infinity. Human intellect comprehends earthly collisions, but is incapable of looking into space and imagining the powerful storms and forces working there. Only when human emotions are completely controlled can man start thinking about the invisible worlds. One should develop such thoughts, for they alone will make man a conscious co-worker with the Infinite forces.” Remember that you are always facing the Infinite. Even the loftiest words cannot express the Most Sublime, and only during brief moments can your heart record the exaltation of realization. Learn how to remember these moments, for they are the key to the future. It is impossible to comprehend the fullness of the numberless worlds, but the Teacher leads toward this knowledge. Learn to give Him your trust and reverence, for without this bridge there is no passage. Supermundane I, 161.

Urusvati knows how difficult it is at times to transmit thought to far-off distances. It is especially difficult to penetrate the layers between the spheres, which can prevent even the most clear-cut thought from entering, and cause it to merely glide over the surface. In certain examples one can observe that the thought is unable to penetrate the personal aura of the recipient. This evidence is overlooked by investigators who assume that thought transmission depends upon the power of the sender, ignoring the important factor of the individual quality of emanations of the recipient. One should consider not only the size of the aura, but learn its contents as well. The same thing is true of the pulse. Not only should its rapidity be observed, but also its quality. One can imagine the intensity of the messages of the Thinker. Besides the usual conditions, these messages are endangered by the possibility of theft, and attract numerous entities, who do not understand the meaning of the message, but try to feed upon particles of mental energy. We are greatly concerned that the long distance messages from the Thinker should safely reach their destination. A great sacrifice is required of the Thinker in order that all the spheres may be pierced by His thought. He acts for the benefit of humankind, knowing that, in its ignorance, an ungrateful humanity will meet His solicitude with disdain. Supermundane I, 184.

Urusvati knows about the enemies, visible and invisible. Those who conduct research in thought transmission should take note of the hostile conditions that accompany their experiments. Thoughts can be intercepted by spatial entities, and it is known that during experiments some people can hear thoughts. The investigator should pay attention to the particular nature of an experimenting group, since it has been observed that harmony among those who are present assists the transmittance and prevents interception. Moreover, if nearby friends maintain a mood that is harmonious, they also help to protect the thought transmission. Those who are confused or irritated act unwittingly as collaborators with the spatial thieves. The auras of irritated people act as the strongest destroyers of the currents. They may deny their collaboration with the spatial thieves, but in fact are their accomplices in evil. At some time, when in the Subtle World, they will regret their lack of self-control. People do not understand that each of their light-minded deeds is observed by invisible entities, and that thought should be cultivated under the most favorable mental conditions. Fools assume that thought can be strengthened by the use of narcotics, but the mental spasms that result do not contribute to evolution. Even the emanations of drugs attract dangerous entities, which pick up fragments of thought and weave harmful tissue out of them. Everyone can remember how their useful thoughts were sometimes distorted. Look for the cause in your surroundings, and you will surely find it. The Thinker said, “O, poor thought! You have no protection. No sooner have you taken wing than evil talons are ready to tear you to pieces. Just as a handful of gold disappears when thrown into a crowd, so can a thought in space be easily seized. Thought may be received by a worthy spirit, but there may be thieves among those passing by. We must keep our bodies clean, but we should maintain even more purity around our thoughts.” Supermundane I, 204.

Urusvati knows about the fatigue We have described that was experienced by My Friend. There are three methods of combatting it. One can deliberately increase the tension to such a degree that the original fatigue is lost in the whirl of the new stimulation, or relax completely without thoughts or tensions, or change one's location, so that the spatial and ground currents are completely different. We always warn against such excessive fatigue. But, although many earthly illnesses are the result of such excessive tension of psychic energy, it is impossible to free a thinking being from the tension that accompanies the battle with the dark forces. You may be sure that We are aware of this struggle, because, just as a galloping horse raises a cloud of dust, the magnet of psychic energy stirs up a whirlpool of chaos. Many examples from daily life can be cited that would illustrate the progressive assaults of chaos from century to century. These will continue to increase, and all the power of equilibrium will be needed to withstand them. Now is such a time, and every sensitive person should be prepared to guard himself against chaos. The preservation of psychic energy is necessary for the Great Service. People forget that the Great Service has many characteristics, the first of which is goalfitness. Study the earthly lives of the Great Teachers and note their special kind of goalfitness. I have in mind particularly Their earthly lives, when They were unaware of Their former lives. They fulfilled exceedingly difficult tasks over many centuries. Each had His private life, with the customs of its time and place, and Their inner wisdom often rebelled against various absurdities of the age. But in order to fulfill Their task They had to apply the greatest goalfitness. It was also necessary to oppose blasphemy and obscenity. The Teacher knows that these vices pollute space and cause irreparable harm. People nourish those harmful entities known as devourers of psychic energy. It is almost impossible to convince the ordinary person that by blaspheming he is destroying psychic energy, and that, whether obscenities are uttered through ignorance or during fits of anger and irritability, the resulting harm is the same. Only goalfitness can save man from such self-poisoning. Imagine how the Teacher feels amid such a poisonous atmosphere, not only in the earthly life, but also in the Supermundane. Obscenity goes against the idea of the General Good and should be sternly opposed. One can enumerate the dangers created by man himself, which manifest especially when the cosmic currents are intensified. What We say now should also be applied in the coming years, because the sunspots and storms of space are fierce. The Thinker used to say, “Beauty will save us from obscenity. Supermundane II, 278.

Urusvati knows how the information about the Brotherhood has been distorted. Mediums invent strange fables, and there are even more harmful fabrications. There are certain types who can be called semi-mediums, who obtain only fragmentary impressions of the Subtle World, and then attribute them to the life of the White Brotherhood. You have heard about the false Olympus, which was built by thought-forms in the lower astral spheres. Fragmentary details of this Olympus are perceived by the mediums, but they know little about the thought-forms of the Subtle World and are always ready to attribute these ephemeral temples, solemn processions, and ostentatious garments to Our Towers. Those who have little knowledge of the conditions of the Subtle World can therefore become misled. Ordinarily, earthly people are unable to imagine the subtle strata. They do not realize that multitudes of subtle entities can move among them, penetrate their dense bodies, and can even create their own entire cities. People think that thought-forms are only a fairy-tale, not realizing that their earthly existence leaves its mark in this way on the Cosmic Life. How harmful are extremes! On the one hand, some deny the “hereafter” completely, whereas others put their faith in absurd images, forced upon them by religions in order to frighten them! It is wrong to remain in the grip of these limitations. People forget that only unprejudiced knowledge will help them to approach the Truth. Let us discuss two ideas that are usually misunderstood. First, people assume that if clairaudience can be manifested under ordinary conditions, it will be even stronger when the currents are intensified. However, highly intensified currents can interfere with clairaudience, for when the currents are crossed they form a kind of shell that is impenetrable to thought-transmission. Second, when We recommend vigilance, We mean it to be applied in all aspects of life. People think that vigilance is necessary only at times of great importance, but in fact it is required in even the most insignificant daily actions. It is impossible to separate the outward details from the essential, therefore events should not be evaluated by their appearance. All conditions should be calmly considered and one must learn from their diversity. Try to apply Our Vigilance, the vigilance that prevails in Our Tower. The Thinker never tired of reminding His disciples about the importance of paying attention to every step and to every mental transmission. He said, “It is not for us to judge what is important and what is unimportant. Therefore, let us be vigilant!” Supermundane II, 292.

Urusvati knows that encounters with the servants of darkness are frequent, and that one should be aware of their versatility. There are manifestations that are clearly ugly, but there are others that are luminous, and only an expanded consciousness can determine the true essence of these entities. The question may arise whether We ever encounter these enemies. Certainly, and We must not only constantly battle with them, but sometimes even converse with them. They miss no opportunity to approach Us during Our journeys, and attempt to sap Our energy for their own use. It is fair to say that the dark forces do not spare themselves. They courageously endure the pain caused by contact with Our energy, and are quite prepared to sacrifice themselves. It is lamentable that the so-called servants of Good are not nearly so devoted to their cause. Indeed, it is not those who ferociously reject Truth who are dangerous, nor those who distort it, but the indifferent ones, the living corpses who remain unmoved by the word of Truth. We can only smile at the blasphemers and deniers, who do not suspect that by attracting attention to the truth they deny, they serve a certain purpose. Some force compels them to direct their energy into loudly denying the truth, while so many servants of Good whisper. Judge for yourself who is of more use, the one who whispers the Truth timidly and inaudibly, or the one who boldly and loudly attacks it. Let us look to the past and we shall see that the brightest achievements were the result of ferocious opposition. If truth does not exist, to what purpose does this enemy exhaust itself? But if truth is alive, nothing can hurt it and slander will be its advertisement. We have often told Our adversaries that there is a law that turns their evil efforts into glorifications of truth. In the same way, false prophets serve a purpose in attempting to give the multitudes their message. Therefore, let them continue to proclaim, in ignorance of the result. Let the empty shell of untruth fall away; the water of truth will continue to flow. The Thinker, after meeting with a stranger, said, “He is not a good man, but he spoke much to Me about truth. Blessed be the Truth.” Supermundane II, 335.

Urusvati knows that We carefully observe the life of animals. We keep dogs, goats, bulls, horses, and some smaller species of animals and birds. Our principal studies are of their psychic energy, although We also involve them in medical experiments. It goes without saying that We do not permit vivisection or torture. We do not train them by force, but by penetrating into their world of thinking. Only such an approach can bring trust and a correct response. We must admit that observation of the thought and language of animals produces the most unexpected conclusions. Their language is expressed not so much in sounds as in gestures and glances, and remind us somewhat of language in the Subtle World. People think that one should talk to animals, but such communication does not always lead to the best results. Animals understand thoughts, and do not need words in order to grasp with certainty the mood of their master. The horse and the dog know very well when their owner is cheerful or sad or disturbed. They also reflect the fears and anxieties of their owner and become fearful and anxious themselves. They understand such situations far better than people think they do. The important thing is to obtain their trust, which is not given easily. Psychiatrists could benefit from observing animals; many puzzles would be solved. Since ancient times indications have been given regarding the importance of animals in human life. It was well-known that animals intensify the currents of psychic energy, but it was also known that they attract lower entities from the Subtle World. The psychic energy of animals can be beneficial, but it can also be dangerous, and one should act with caution. Animals should not be allowed too great an intimacy with people. Co-measurement is necessary in everything. The Thinker frequently pointed out interesting facts about animal consciousness. His remarks were ridiculed on the grounds that animals have no intelligence and are therefore inferior beings, but the Thinker meant to show people that psychic energy works through all beings and throughout the universe. Supermundane II, 343.

Urusvati knows that all the advice We give is based on scientific truth. When We stress the benefits of an ethical life, Our chief concern is to preserve the fundamental laws of the Universe. When We say, “Purify your thoughts,” We have harmony in mind. Just imagine the power of a pure thought! You know that such a thought purifies the aura and emanates a radiant light. And what is more, purity of thought is the best defense against the dark entities that cling to every dark thought. I can already foresee the indignation of those pedantic scientists, in whose dictionaries dark entities do not exist! Well, We shall speak according to their consciousness, and tell them that every thought is in a way a magnet that attracts whatever is similar to it. Space is saturated with thoughts, and each of them attracts thoughts of similar quality. Whirlpools of thought exist in space, and grow amid the cosmic rotations. Man has no right to produce chaos and cause harm to the manifested world. You must remember and understand that each good thought begets goodness, and each dark thought is a cradle of evil. It may be asked how man can discriminate between his good and evil thoughts. Words can be deceptive, but at the deepest level of thought people do not deceive themselves. They understand quite well the difference between noble deeds and crime. The outward appearance of a deed is not its essence: this essence is clearly perceived in the heart of the author of the deed. Thus, man should not become a sower of destructive forces. Let everyone think about creating good. When people think scientifically they will understand the laws of ethics. The Thinker warned, “Unless you acquire knowledge, you will remain immoral.” Supermundane II, 350.

Urusvati knows the many reasons for the interruption of thought transmission. The main causes are the extraordinarily intense currents and the unexpected disturbances that must be immediately countered. But also undesirable entities may approach and try to obtain information that would cause harm if acquired prematurely, and that should not be revealed to them. We can provide an example of information that was prematurely interrupted. Once, We sent a mental message about the sad condition of a certain Western country, but as soon as the first word, “space,” was sent, unwanted listeners were discovered and the communication had to be interrupted. In order to fulfill Our intention We used a code word, which was sent at night. We continued with our communication the following night, not naming the country, because Urusvati could then understand the meaning of Our message. I mention this episode to remind you about the caution that must be exercised in dealing with the filling of space. Even in earthly life people seek the opinions of experts in order to learn the meaning of events. It is the same when certain entities try to intercept Our communications in order to use the information for their own purposes. Those of great experience accept the need to adhere to the laws of nature. Only the ignorant think that We need not submit to cosmic laws. It would be sad indeed if We were to unnecessarily intrude upon the karma of countries, peoples, or individuals. What great harm results from a careless attitude to life! You know how unwisely some people extract fragments from Our books. This is very harmful, for one can never know how or by whom such incomplete quotations might be interpreted. We are concerned first of all about the accuracy of what is conveyed. The Thinker was concerned about His disciples, wanting them to be responsible for every word they uttered. Supermundane II, 351.

Urusvati knows how realistically a subtle entity can manifest itself. People think that such phenomena can take place only through the ectoplasm of a medium, but other processes of manifestation must be considered. These entities can also be perceived through the power of clairvoyance, which works not through ectoplasm, but through direct, fourth dimensional vision. It is characteristic for certain entities to be attracted to particular places. In these cases, the energy that evokes the materialization has been accumulated in various locations, most often as precipitations on the walls of old buildings. Subtle entities strengthen their manifestations by use of certain layers of this matter. Such buildings could humorously be compared to old, worn-out garments infested with microorganisms that make them “come to life,” as it were. People frequently complain that they have no visions. These visions do indeed occur, but people do not pay attention to them. For example, the sight, in broad daylight, of human images, which then immediately disappear. Unfortunately, the human mind would rather fabricate all sorts of artificial explanations than find the true cause for such manifestations. The time has come when it is necessary to bring the Subtle World closer to Earth, but it is impossible to do so without the cooperation of humanity. Even those who are ready to accept the existence of the Subtle World expect some tremendous shock that will immediately transform their entire life. Our help is in proportion to human cooperation. People must accept the existence of the Subtle World and free themselves from superstition and bigotry. These two vipers deprive people of the possibility of communing consciously with the Subtle World. Do not think that We exaggerate the dangers of superstition and bigotry. The lives of most people are based upon these prejudices, which deprive them of freedom of thought and so fill them with ignorant convictions that they deliberately close their eyes and ears to the most obvious manifestations. If one wants to see, one must have an open mind. Negation closes the keenest eye. On the other hand, one must beware of false, imagined visions. Thus, there remains only one way—the golden middle way, which We have already stressed. He who follows the middle way knows an all-embracingness that excludes or changes nothing. This is not an easy way, for it requires a refinement of consciousness. The Thinker taught not to fear the middle way. Supermundane II, 357.

Urusvati knows how unwise are those who abuse their dwelling place. It is difficult for people to realize that irritability is especially undesirable during meals and before retiring to bed, and they find it incomprehensible that dark thoughts and curses can cling tenaciously to their dwelling place. The most beautiful dwelling can become a den of dark entities when people refuse to acknowledge the energy of thought. Just as there are objects permeated with the most benevolent vibrations, there are also cursed objects. People forget that their emanations have the ability to attract antithetical entities. People do not know that any place can be changed into a good and beneficial one. And how can one curse a place that has become unpleasant precisely because of human foolishness? People should remember that their irritability and blasphemy will return to them as a burden. It brings to mind a terrible picture of a man who has unwittingly put his head in a noose and only realizes it when his own neck is being broken. Further, people do not think that by their blasphemy they impede Our work. We have to expend much energy purifying those places that they have polluted. How can one permit such lack of discipline? Most obscenity is uttered because of ignorance. And some people might say that they feel imprisoned because of not being allowed to speak freely. But they should understand that many crimes and miseries are caused by casual, thoughtless words. Some places are so permeated with blood and curses that it is better to leave these poisonous locations and start a new life elsewhere. Let time itself clear away the dark emanations. The Thinker warned that thoughts and words should express intentions which later will not have to be denied. Supermundane II, 375.

Urusvati knows how potentially harmful it is to apply earthly measures to supermundane circumstances. I am referring to those people who read about the Foundations of Life, yet approach the Truth in an earthly way. They have a sense of proportion when dealing with minor events, but when confronted by major tests they cannot find a proper approach, and rely on their limited, earthly judgment. However, it is precisely in extraordinary circumstances that one should apply a supermundane level of understanding. People do not know how to invoke the Forces of Light when threatened with danger. On the contrary, they cast their doubts, regrets, and even accusations into space, even though they are fully aware that such faintheartedness does not help them. They know that accusations are not invocations, and that only the latter can increase their strength. The ancient people acted far more sensibly. In times of danger they turned instantly to Heaven, and in silence and without thoughts opened their hearts in receptivity to the Higher Forces. They understood that earthly words are useless in such circumstances and could not express their need, and they allowed the Higher Force to flow unimpeded into their consciousness. They were certain that in time of need benevolent help would come. They knew that space is fully inhabited, and that the Good Ones are always ready to provide help. One can observe how the approach of various subtle entities, even though not altogether negative, can shock the whole organism. If the influence of human beings upon one another is strong, the influence of the invisible worlds is far more intense, especially when the subtle entities direct their attention to a particular individual as a chosen victim. The disharmony caused by invisible entities is not uncommon and can cause physical indisposition. Urusvati knows what We speak about. The Thinker could sense the presence of invisible beings. He addressed these unexpected guests calmly, asking them not to burden Him, but to help according to their abilities. Supermundane II, 384.

Urusvati knows that the decay of consciousness is worse than any war, pestilence, or earthquake. It steals up unnoticed and commits acts that will horrify future historians. It causes people to lose their self-respect, to become malicious, and to ignore their own necessary contribution to future generations. The decay of consciousness causes writers to produce repugnant images, and nonentities to sit in judgment. Remember what is written in the Vishnu Puranas, in whose ancient prophecies one can recognize the present time. It may seem that the monstrous time described is exaggerated, but observe what is now taking place and you will agree that the ancient predictions were even an understatement. Yet people, manifesting real confusion, have no interest in ancient warnings. It is especially horrible that the majority does not want to understand present events. They dance, trade, and think that the present time represents the peak of achievement. Compare what is happening now with the events during other periods of decline, and you will find that they have symptoms in common. People once dreamed of conquest and considered themselves the lawful masters of the world, but how suddenly these Towers of Babel collapsed! Many symbols have been left to humanity, but they have remained decaying relics. The Thinker foresaw these calamities. He said, “Do not count the days until that time when you are asked to account for all your hypocrisies. You had better wash yourself clean today!” Supermundane II, 412.

Urusvati is aware of the common misconception that the forces of evil manifest more powerfully upon the earthly plane than the forces of good, and that evil images appear more clearly than the misty forms of the beings of light. However, this is true only from the earthly point of view, and although earthly observations are not without merit, the strength of subtle entities does not lie in their degree of visibility, but in the power of their energy. It is true that the entities of the lower strata are fed by earthly emanations, and are drawn toward the earthly sphere in an attempt to devour human ectoplasm and continue to commit evil. However, their actions are not in accord with the laws of the Universe. They need not be taught evil, they learned it while in the earthly state and continue to practice it intuitively, because goodness for them is meaningless. There is no need to assume that some special hierophant of evil is necessary for an evil action to occur. On Earth, the most insignificant, gloomy person can commit sufficient evil, and near him are the subtle entities that know all the delights of evil-doing. But let us turn to the Luminous Powers. We have already described how careful They are in the use of Primary Energy, and how They observe the laws of the Universe. They know that a lawless waste of energy affects the entire universe, and They labor to preserve the equilibrium. Can this Great Labor be compared to the petty attacks of evil? Who could say that a planet can exist without Light? Who will dare to compare the dull glow of evil beings to the radiance of the higher spheres? Let us not forget that people need these reminders. The Thinker sometimes exclaimed, “Citizens, you use your eyes and ears strangely. You turn only to see evil deeds, and strain to hear only evil.” Supermundane II, 434.

Urusvati knows that the free will also acts in the Subtle World. In the Higher Spheres it is harmonized with the highest psychic energy, resulting in true collaboration, but in the middle and lower spheres struggle is often sensed. Some entities there do not wish to recognize the goalfitness of the Law of Existence. It is especially deplorable to observe how they attempt to avoid incarnation. These entities know that because of their karmic load they cannot advance any further in the Subtle World, yet prefer even their state of confusion to the necessity of undertaking a new earthly path. We call their condition a state of confusion, but it could also be called a state of torment. No one mistreats them, but they feel the impossibility of further progress in the lower strata. Such resistance by the free will indicates that, because their consciousness did not broaden during their earthly life, there was no inclination toward an understanding of Cosmos, and there certainly was no love for Hierarchy. This condition must be thoroughly understood. Many people talk a great deal about love and devotion, but do not manifest them in life. They often speak about the Teacher, yet make no effort to forge a strong bond. We do not mean that people should depend completely upon the Teacher. On the contrary, We advise independent activity, but within the heart there must gleam the lamp of love. Only then will the responding flame be kindled. Explain it as you will, even as an electric current, but the current of true love is a strong bond, and true confidence grows only from love. The Thinker believed firmly that love is a divine gift. Supermundane II, 446.

Urusvati knows how people misuse and pervert most new inventions. For example, there are new films that can be usefully applied in photographing subtle entities, yet few attempts are made to apply these opportunities. Sometimes old-fashioned snapshots were more successful in achieving results. Undoubtedly, in those times the researchers were using greater care and patience than is used now, and were not so easily discouraged. It is impossible to foresee all the cosmic conditions surrounding subtle experiments. For example, the chemistry of the sun’s direct rays is not favorable for them, and hurricanes or earth tremors are also disruptive. Quiet and soft light are especially helpful, as are the harmonized auras of those present and the sound of music. However, these conditions are simply fundamental necessities for the recording of phenomena; there may be subtle entities present that can be useful or hostile. They may be in disagreement about the usefulness of certain manifestations, and will try to stop them. There may also be hostile attempts to cut off the communication, but patience and striving can overcome all obstacles. In addition, keep in mind that the participation of a woman is particularly helpful in subtle experiments. It has been observed during attempts at photography that when a woman participated, either physically or from the subtle sphere, the results were more successful. We have already spoken about the desirability of participation by women in scientific experiments. Ancient alchemists understood the full value of the feminine contribution, but today many scientists reject it. Because of this, the participation of women is frequently indirect, rather than direct. Nevertheless, the fundamental nature of things will attract women, and they will leave their mark in new discoveries. For this reason it is essential to change the status of women. The subtlety and refinement of women’s nature must be understood, so that they may achieve equal rights and the desired balance. It would be a sad mistake for women to replace soldiers on the battlefield, or perform heavy labor. When we are aware of the presence of valuable subtle energy we ought to be able to apply it accordingly. Thus, we once again come to the notion of true cooperation. We must find the right use for every ability. The era of the Mother of the World is not a return of the age of Amazons. A far greater, loftier, and more refined task is before us. One can observe that machines often function better, and plants can live longer, in the hands of women. Of course, I do not speak of all women, but of those exceptional ones who manifest the subtlest energy. Their abilities glorify the age of the Mother of the World, and relate closely to the realm of healing. And another quality belongs to woman—she manifests the highest degree of devotion. The greatest truths are revealed by her. Reality confirms this. Woman can ensure that new knowledge is properly applied. The Thinker used to address His Muse, thus expressing His reverence for the subtlest force. Supermundane III, 1938; 458.

Urusvati knows how much most people dread loneliness. This is not so much fear as it is a kind of oppressive feeling, which is quite natural for anyone who is unaware of the Subtle World and the continuity of life. But at times the same feeling is experienced by those who are familiar with the foundations of Be-ness. We should explore the causes of such overwhelming feelings. It is quite possible that unpleasant premonitions or negative entities cause these depressed moods, but there can also be cosmic influences. The effect of the heavy currents can envelop one and produce an isolated condition and a sense of great loneliness. However, there is a panacea available to everyone. Such feelings can be dispersed by reaching out in thought to friends. One has friends on Earth, but also has many faithful co-workers in the Subtle World. Therefore, know about Us; appeals directed to Us will not go unanswered. The response may come in an unexpected form, but the oppressive influence will certainly be dispersed. Many scientific discoveries lie ahead, but the awareness of the foundations of Be-ness will always be the keystone. Thus, you observe that the concept of the transmission of thought at a distance is only slowly being accepted among scientists because of their lack of supermundane feelings and their rejection of the fundamentals of Be-ness. The Thinker felt pity for those who limit not only their life, but also their thought. Supermundane III, 493.

Urusvati knows the qualities needed by those who desire to cognize the Supermundane World. They must understand its reality. They know that they must continue forever to learn. They realize that each human action attracts dwellers from the Supermundane World who are consonant with it. Some who think of themselves as seekers do not understand how deeply these qualities must become rooted in their nature. They are ready to chatter about the reality of the invisible worlds, but do not even trouble themselves to think about and imagine the grandeur of the Infinite. They do not desire to constantly learn, and the honor of being a disciple is not recognized by them. They will not accept as true that each of their thoughts evokes a multitude of invisible entities that can be helpful or harmful, depending on their thinking. Such people do not accept scientific analogies. To them the statement that space is full of life means nothing. They deduce nothing from the fact that every day science brings new discoveries. One should not respond to these discoveries with denial, but rather with positive enthusiasm. People who do not accept reality deprive themselves of the most enlightened joy. The Thinker used to say, “Where is the school that can teach people joy?” Supermundane III, 600.

Urusvati knows that rest is achieved by change of labor. Among those labors to which one can turn, let us not forget the mental work that develops the imagination. We continually perform mental exercises. A superficial observer at times may think that We are asleep, when in the midst of Our work We close Our eyes and send out thoughts to wander in the kingdom of imagination. These moments have great significance, for such imagined images become real. We cannot judge when this realization occurs, but it does take place and is of help to mankind. Do not think that such mental work is available only to special beings. Everyone can develop the imagination, but certain conditions must be observed. It is good when one imagines the beautiful, but if ugliness is evoked, incalculable harm will result. Therefore one must think beautifully. For this excellent images are offered by nature, but if someone is incapable of contemplating the beauties of nature, he can immerse himself in beautiful works of art, in which the creators have expressed a synthesis of all their observations of nature. Learn to concentrate on the most beautiful works, otherwise you will be exposed to ugliness. One of Our concerns is to help artists. Frequently they succumb to the influence of invisible entities that scoff at beauty and rejoice at all manifestations of ugliness. Learn about the art of various eras. Learn about the synthesizing nature of art during periods of renewal. The Thinker expressed admiration for the geniuses of sculpture. He said, “In earthly life, one does not encounter such perfection; the sculptor imagined it and embodied it for the future.” Supermundane III, 602.

Urusvati knows that scientific research must soon turn to a study of the activity of the glands. Not enough is yet known about the action of the heart and of the nerve centers, and even less is known about the glands, although such knowledge is of vital importance. Only recently so little attention was given to them that physicians were too willing to simply remove them, without wondering why every organism has a developed glandular system. At present a certain caution has developed about removing glands, but their essential purpose has not yet been sufficiently understood. The secretions of the glandular system are of great importance for communion with the Subtle World. Subtle entities utilize the glandular secretions not only for their materialization, but also for their nourishment. Thus, during their study of the activity of glands, scientists will inevitably stumble upon the discovery that the glands are links with the Subtle World. It is not easy to observe the secretions of the glands, for, being both earthly and subtle, they are not subject to earthly measures alone. Yet, even the hardest problems must be resolved. Not only must the biologists and physiologists be summoned for this, but also the physicians. Such observations must be introduced not only among the sick, but also among those healthy people who possess great sensitivity. Experiments must not be limited to observing only the ill. These processes will be evident in the whole of life, and only the wisest scientist will be able to properly evaluate any unusual glandular symptoms. Therefore, We often direct attention to the study of such symptoms amidst daily life. We ask that you not look for striking revelations, but watch closely all everyday routine, which is so full of miracles. The Thinker insisted that the disciples observe the happenings of daily life. He said, “We are surrounded by the most striking miracles, yet do not wish to notice them.” Supermundane III, 648.

It is always beneficial to have in rooms small pine trees or to spray the pine essences. In this way, the atmosphere is purified, and the undesirable entities, which are so numerous around the human emanations, are driven away. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 28 August 1931.

Quite correctly you call spiritualism and all magical practices "spiritual corruption." Spiritualism is a violation; it opens the doors to the disembodied entities who mostly belong to the lower strata of the Subtle World, and of course spiritualism, like magic, cannot be considered evolutionary. It may be observed that many who read occult literature rush to everything which in one way or another deals with psychism and indicates the possibility of acquiring various psychic powers. But almost nobody thinks, "What is spiritual development? How to awaken in oneself straight-knowledge, which is the only way to acquire true spiritual enlightenment?" Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 11 August 1934.

And now, I would like to warn you against psychism, as this condition is especially dangerous on the first steps of discipleship. Psychics have contact with the lower spheres of the Subtle World, and often they mistake the voices of entities from these spheres for the true Call and the Voice of the Great Teachers whom these entities are trying to impersonate. It is a mistake to think that these voices will always suggest evil acts, depravity, or crime. Only the most primitive and low forces act in this way. Much more dangerous are those who approach under the mask of the Teaching of Light. We know many cases of such "guiding" voices and "luminous" visions. Therefore, the Teachers always warn against psychism, which can be acquired by those who practise pranayama. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 29 August 1934.

Yes, nothing provokes so much indignation in the average intellectual as the concept of Hierarchy. They are all so afraid to accept the Higher authority, and at the same time they are influenced every moment by the judgments and decisions of nonentities. This severance from the Higher and submission to the lower, in other words, equation with the lower, is the menace of our time, and it is leading toward the deterioration of our planet and its possible premature destruction. If all those who feel indignant about the Hierarchic principle could but realize what discipline of obedience reigns among the Hierarchy of Light, and what a schooling in obedience their close disciples have to go through! And this obedience is demanded not in order to control the disciple in the interest of the Teachers. It is only required of the disciples in order to enable them to enter the first steps leading toward the understanding and acceptance of the Cosmic Will. Discipline is the beginning of all knowledge and power. I shall conclude with a few more lines from the Teaching: Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 10 October 1934.

"Much has already been said about psychism; nevertheless this scourge of humanity is insufficiently understood. Psychism blunts each aspiration, and higher attainment remains inaccessible. The sphere of activity of a man engulfed by psychism is limited within a charmed circle in which all the energies which retard growth of the spirit find their fitting place. Psychism embraces the manifestation of the lowest energies, and the fires of the centers are extinguished by these precipitations. With psychism there is inevitably to be found disorder of the nervous system. In addition, the breaking away from vital functions closes the path to self-perfectionment. Creativeness is blunted, and there is established a passive state which makes a man an instrument for the influx of all kinds of forces. By reason of relaxation of the will, control is weakened, and by this the attraction of various lower entities is increased. He who wishes to approach the Fiery World must battle with these forces of evil." * Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 18 October 1934.

Also, it is necessary to understand that the unprepared and spiritually weak people who deal with spiritualism open themselves to all sorts of obsessions, and who can tell when that degree of obsession may be reached when the victim will be unable to rid himself of his obsessor? Exactly, the dark forces are using these obedient tools in order that through them they may gain entry into the spiritually pure groups and treacherously ruin them. Madmen! They do not understand the dreadful danger to which they open themselves by permitting the entities from beyond to enter their auras. The mediums and the weak psychics do not possess spiritual synthesis and often become victims of the dark whisperers. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 12 December 1934.

You would like to know how to liberate a certain girl from mediumship. It is extremely difficult, as mediumship results from a certain structure of the organism that enables the etheric double (the lower astral body) to effuse most easily and without the least control of the will. Most of the phenomena at the spiritualistic seances are performed through this etheric double, which, so to say, forms a means of connection between the soul and the physical body. This can be compared with the ether waves which work between wireless telegraph stations. Of course, in all such mediumistic manifestations, the high psychic energy does not participate. It is quite impossible to change the structure of an organism. One can develop one's spiritual will and thus gradually conquer with it the involuntary projections of one's double. Most undesirable inhabitants of the Subtle World may take advantage of such ethereal emanations and use them for their own purposes. For the control of these involuntary projections, it is necessary primarily to direct the thoughts toward the Highest, trying to surround oneself with an atmosphere of purity in order to preclude any intrusion of dark entities. Thus a medium must develop a strong inner resistance against all dark influences, but precisely this is most difficult for him or her. As it is said in the Teaching, "a medium is but the inn for disembodied liars." Therefore, all you can do is to advise this girl to purify her consciousness and to strive firmly and consciously toward the Highest - there is no other way. However, much depends upon the environment. If the family is sufficiently intelligent, it may be possible to influence them and to make them realize the condition of the girl; this would help a great deal. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 5 March 1935.

I do not know of any better remedy against astral entities than the oil of eucalyptus. Before retiring you can add a few drops to a cup of boiling water. Of course, the oil of deodar is just as good but is not commercially obtainable. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 8 May 1935.

In connection with this, I shall quote a paragraph from Fiery World III: "Manifestations can be either subtle or connected with the dense world. Not rarely do dark entities [from the Subtle World] strengthen themselves by the presence of creatures of Earth which they attract. Thus, there may appear some stray dogs or cats or mice or annoying insects. Dark entities strengthen their substance from animals. Repeatedly has the Teaching pointed out the participation of the animal world in subtle and low manifestations. Sometimes they cannot manifest without the participation of animals. But for the courageous spirit all such manifestations are as nought.... but it is very important for science to know these connections of animals with the Subtle World. I do not advise having animals in bedrooms. Certain people themselves sense the practicality of such vital precautions, but others, on the contrary, aspire, as it were, to attract invisible guests." Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 7 December 1935.

At present, the moon is a corpse, but a living corpse, because decomposition is nothing but lower life. Moreover, you must remember that, after the completion of evolution on one planetary chain and before the beginning of life on a new chain a pralaya or nirvana comes for all its beings and entities. All the principles of the lunar chain are carried over to the earthly one. Also, the lunar chain was lower than our earthly one. I shall quote a few more lines from The Secret Doctrine: "... the [lunar] Monads which enter upon the evolutionary cycle [on the earthly chain] upon Globe A, in the first Round, are in very different stages of development...." Therefore, only, "The most developed Monads...reach the human germ-stage in the First Round; become terrestrial, though very ethereal human beings toward the end of the Third Round, remaining on it (the globe) through the 'obscuration' period as the seed for future mankind in the Fourth Round, and thus become the pioneers of Humanity at the beginning of this, the Fourth Round. Others [less developed] reach the human stage only during later Rounds, i.e., in the Second, Third, or first half of the Fourth Round. And finally the most retarded of all, i.e. - those still occupying animal forms after the middle turning point of the Fourth Round - will not become men at all during this Manvantara. They will reach to the verge of humanity only at the close of the Seventh Round, to be, in their turn, ushered into a new chain, after pralaya - by older pioneers, the progenitors of humanity, or the Seed-Humanity...., viz., the men who will be at the head of all at the end of these Rounds. " Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 19 March 1936.

The real kingdom of evil is our earthly plane. In the supermundane spheres, evil can exist only within its own limits. The light in the supermundane spheres burns the darkness. There the dark entities are destroyed by contact with light. That explains why the dark ones try with all their might to extinguish all the inceptions of Light here on Earth and within the limits accessible to them in the lower strata of the Subtle World. Verily, Earth is the hall of justice and adjustment of the measures of the Cosmic Scales. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 30 March 1936.

And now, with regard to mint. All kinds of mint can be used both externally and internally. In India, where there are so many intestinal diseases, essence of mint is widely used. Combined with magnesia, it is one of the best remedies. It also helps during inflammation of the centers. During the summer months, I am never without menthol and rub it thickly over the whole of my face and the back of the head, since I cannot endure heat, even in the mountains. Mint tea is definitely a good disinfectant, and in certain kinds of asthma it is also very helpful to inhale the steam from mint. The entities of the lower strata of the Subtle World do not like the smell of mint, therefore it is useful to keep it as a plant in the house. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 14 May 1936.

And now, regarding locusts being mentioned in the books of Living Ethics which has so greatly puzzled some people, it refers to the fact that space, polluted by the chaotic vibrations of base energies or thoughts and emotions, actually attracts the most unwelcome guests in the form of all kinds of microbes, which cause various epidemics; and the disharmonious currents call forth various calamities, etc. Therefore, negative manifestations such as clouds of locusts can also be attracted by corresponding vibrations. All low entities cannot endure high vibrations. Thus, in India, people firmly believe that, by his presence, a Sadhu will protect a village near which he settles down from epidemics, earthquakes, floods, and other calamities. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 25 June 1936. 3.

Unquestionably, weakness of character indicates a comparative immaturity of spirit. Old spirits know exactly what they want and are usually very persistent in their decisions and achievements. You should advise that one's thinking should not be based on visions. There is nothing more deceptive than these illusions from the Subtle World, which are perceived through the lower manas. It is essential to have discipline, a firm control of all emotions, and years of the most refined observations before it is possible to correctly discriminate between visions of the Subtle World. One must investigate all such visions most objectively, honestly, and with keen observation, otherwise we will become playthings of the denizens of the lower strata of the Subtle World. That is why disciples are advised to write down their visions, so that eventually they can ascertain their correctness and significance. But there is a great difference between writing down and observing them, and unconditional acceptance of and guidance by them. The visions that are most deceptive are those which concern our personality and our immediate surroundings. In the normal development of spiritual perception, visions embrace seven circles, or planes, as indicated in he second volume of Leaves of Morya's Garden. Visions that concern the personal life become rare. It is true that the lower entities attack poorly protected auras; in addition, the lower manas of those attacked readily prompts the suggested image. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 31 August 1936.

Live flowers, preferably uncut, are always and in all cases useful because of their aroma and beauty. Vitalizing aroma drives away the low entities which seek to fasten themselves to any source of decomposition. Perhaps it is more practical to spend money on charity instead of on a wreath for the grave, but if one were to insist upon it, people, in their human way, might easily renounce the beautiful custom of bringing the best gifts of Earth to the memory of the departed one and would limit themselves to putting a quarter into the charity box. You might be interested to know that precisely in Atlantis there existed the following custom: The deceased was not touched, but was thickly sprinkled with oil of eucalyptus and was immediately covered with the sacred shroud and showered with flowers. For three days and three nights fire was kept burning around the body in a closed circle, and immediately following the departure of the astral body, the physical body was burnt. This is a very wisely conceived ritual. When the will is lazy, the astral body emerges lazily. Some can do everything on time, whereas others are late in everything; yet this is no reason for scorching someone's heels! In India the discarded shell is often burnt too soon, and that may cause considerable injury to the subtle body. This information is taken from my notes about Atlantis. This ritual and the sacred shroud were called "Purificatory of Peace." Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 6 May 1937. 1.

Numerous cosmic energies are evoked from the Subtle World and act invisibly on our physical plane. Not to mention the unprecedented pressure of the electrophorous manifestation, radio waves, and other invisible rays which are not being used by humanity, each earthquake, each commotion, each explosion, and all the horrors of war bring the lowest strata of the Subtle World and the physical plane closer together. Wars and revolutions are the most dreadful, the most powerful evocations of the lower energies from the Subtle World. The lower entities are nourished by the emanations of blood and decomposition. One can well imagine what kind of entities fill the atmosphere around destructive actions. Only strong spirits who are shielded by a firm protective net of psychic energy can resist this infection. Indeed, there are also not a few who practice necromancy in small inadmissible forms. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 23 November 1937. 158.

Indeed, if the author of Cosmosophia narrates with such convincingness and vividness the sojourn of the soul of a sinner in the astral spheres, then he holds all the cards. The astral world is primarily a subjective world, therefore, if the author of this book so vividly describes certain conditions in the astral world, he probably has already experienced them himself or is going to experience them. It is indicated in all teachings that our most clear and considered thought and most keen feeling will give direction to our entire sojourn and state in the spheres of the supermundane world; in the same way, the very last thought has a deciding significance in the power of sending the spirit into the subtle spheres. In The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett there is a place in which Master K. H. points out the significance of the last thought before death. An example of an executed criminal is cited, how this murderer, as in a nightmare, will again and again experience in the Subtle World his crime and the full horror of his execution until the energy become exhausted. Our state in the Subtle World is molded out of our subjective moods, thoughts, and motives, in as much as our feelings become more acute. Somnolent and idle people will drag out there a still more wearisome existence deprived of their accustomed physical, external stimuli. Therefore it is so important to develop in oneself the ability to think and to direct thoughts toward creative labor, because creative thought has unlimited application in the Subtle World. But I would not advise anyone to dwell upon the horrors of the lower astral planes. Verily, human imagination is lacking to describe all the multiformity of existence on either side. There is no doubt that the lower entities of the supermundane world are nourished by the emanations of decomposition, and are especially attracted by the magnetism of decomposed blood. Hence, there are all kinds of larvae near cemeteries, stockyards, on battlefields, in taverns, etc. They actually attach themselves to drunkards, and to gluttons who are eating meat. On the earthly plane many people already bear such vampires upon themselves. If, in the lowest strata of the Subtle World, base human entities suffer from these larvae, they suffer no less when contacting the higher dwellers of the Subtle World. Just the approach to them of a higher spirit causes painful burns, and the astral tissue of their bodies begins to decompose. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 6 August 1938.

There are villages here whose inhabitants at a definite time of the year meet at night in a forest glade, which is strictly guarded. Here the priests, in order to appease the evil spirits, evoke the lower entities. For this they perform a plentiful slaughter of animals, and with a certain rhythm of drums they bring those present into a particular state in which the lower entities, attracted by the emanations of freshly shed blood, obsess some bodies with greater ease. Such obsessed ones become infuriated and attack mostly women and children. Often these obsessing entities chew their victims to death. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 6 August 1938.

Urusvati has been able to preserve a true contact with the Subtle World. Let Us explain why We call this contact a true one. There are some people who deny completely the existence of the Subtle World, and in such negation they blaspheme. Others, although they acknowledge the Subtle World, are prejudiced against it, and their misguided attitude often differs little from blasphemy. One can easily appreciate in a cosmic sense the harm of such attitudes that poison the atmosphere and deny the very existence of that realm which should exist in cooperation with earthly life. One cannot expect the approach of the Subtle World if it is rejected, cursed, and feared on Earth. A correct attitude will accept the Subtle World calmly, honestly, and kindly. The magnet of kindness acts in all worlds. How can one deny that which exists, just as we all exist! One should not just acknowledge the immortality of the spirit but should also learn how to approach all the manifestations of Infinity. The Subtle World can approach us vitally if it is not rejected. There are two kinds of courage. There are those who are most daring from an earthly point of view, yet tremble when they hear about ghosts! But those who are truly courageous do not fear phantoms, which can appear in the most horrible forms. An experienced observer knows that these phantoms cannot exist where there is courage. During many incarnations, a correct attitude toward all astral manifestations is developed. You may wonder if all these various subtle entities are able to approach Our Abode. Of course, they can approach but they have no influence. Every place on Earth is filled with subtle entities, and one must discern the extent to which they infringe upon earthly life. The teacher must, first of all, explain the cooperation between the worlds. Mankind should not be allowed to remain under the illusion that they are isolated from the other worlds. Before it is too late one must provide all that is known about the close cooperation between the worlds. Let us not insist upon the names given to the inhabitants of the Subtle World. In different teachings, different names, some even solemn or threatening, are given to Supermundane Messengers. We do not argue about names, and We do not waste energy discussing the many strata of the Subtle World. Variety seems to be needed for human imagination. If only this would develop humanity! Thus, We welcome a correct attitude toward the Subtle World. Its reflection will then be found all over the world. Our Abode will be nearer for those who are able to find a right attitude toward the manifestations of the Subtle World. Supermundane I, 1938; 52

These books are available as free downloads in three formats at the publisher. They are worth buying in book form however because they are little treasures. They are a perfect bedside book, a page or two just before sleep will do wonders.

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