El Morya

She Who Carries the Stone. 1933. Private collection, Moscow

Nicholas Roerich

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Below you will find most of his thoughts on the Philosopher's Stone, Materia Lucida, crystaline structures and prana, drawn directly from the written record, the akashic record, his own personal remembrances or ancient texts not available to the public. Whenever you see "The Thinker," he is referring to Plato.

Philosopher's Stone

The Philosophers' Stone is something real. It must be understood spiritually and physically. The spiritual condition that is called "Stone" corresponds to the consonance of all the precipitates of psychic energy. Physically the preparation is quite close to the preparation of Paracelsus, but he made a basic error in which he insisted in vain. As for the rest, the Arabian sources which sustained Paracelsus were quite correct. Heart, 27. 1932

Cancer is the scourge of humanity and will inevitably spread. The chief measures against cancer will be preventive ones. Those who do not use meat, wine, tobacco, or narcotics; who keep psychic energy pure; who from time to time undergo a milk diet; who cleanse the digestive tract and take the water of L., need not think about cancer. During the early stages of cancer, surgery can be beneficial; it is pointless, however, if the patient after his convalescence returns to his former ways. Of course, ultrasound can break down the tumor, but of what use can it be if the cause of the poisoning has not been eliminated? Life must be made healthier. It is not wise to invent cures for corpses! One has to pay attention to the conditions of life and habits of those who fall sick. How can cancer be cured? Of course, with psychic energy, whose crystal achieves the best healing. It is possible to utilize the accumulations of psychic energy, a true panacea for all illnesses, even for leprosy. The crystal of psychic energy can be obtained from musk, but this is a crystal of unconscious energy. Of course, there is the crystal of universal power, the Philosopher's Stone. Here, once again, the alchemists are close to the truth. The Philosopher's Stone, as a physical accumulation of psychic energy, is at the foundation of all life. It is customary to think that cancer is hereditary. Of course it must be accepted that a poisoned organism gives birth to a similarly poisoned one. One should protect children immediately, for among them there are already many special ones. Agni Yoga, 495.1929

Throughout the history of humanity can be traced a recognition of the Higher Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and a great number of such concepts leading to the Higher World. Such testimony of all ages and peoples must compel even the ignorant to reflect. All mankind cannot be mistaken! Under varying conditions people have sensed the same supreme, ineffable Origin. People have regarded the manifestation of the spirit as the philosophers' stone. One can find the most multiform signs of great Reality preserved by peoples. This is not self-interested suggestion, but a discernment of truth. Let people search in ancient Egypt, in Babylon, amid the undiscovered cultures of the Mayans; and everywhere, beyond the subtle symbols, can be found the same exalted concepts. Thus science may lead to the Higher World. Aum, 86. 1936

Urusvati knows what harm is done by a little knowledge in the wrong hands. Imagine an ignorant person who takes certain statements from the Teaching at random and begins to fill space with words he does not understand, because he never cared to undertake the preliminary purification necessary for the broadening of his consciousness. Unfortunately, even a fool can strike a certain rhythm whose resonance can create disharmony, and destruction may follow. But people usually do not think about the possibility of such consequences, nor do they realize that the first priority of the student should to emphasize the betterment of his consciousness. Only if there is inner striving can one achieve the harmony that enables him to apply many formulas of the Teaching. But some fools demand immediate delivery of the philosopher's stone, and do not even take the trouble to seek out the literature on this subject. They expect the Teacher to send them a talisman with which to find hidden treasures, and assume that, without taking the level of their consciousness into consideration, He should immediately reveal to them the secrets of Nature! You have received numerous letters which confirm My words. Such people are ever ready to threaten and abuse the Teacher for failing to enrich them with gold! As much as I regret it I must mention these ignorant ones, because they fill the ranks of harmful betrayers. Let everyone understand the simple truth that knowledge is fruitful only when it can be accepted. The Thinker compared knowledge to a fruit tree. He used to say, "A dried-up trunk certainly will not feed the pilgrim." Supermundane I, 245.

Nagarjuna Conqueror of the Serpent. Banners of the East Series. 1925.
N. Roerich International Centre-Museum, Moscow, Russia

Materia Lucida

The Cosmos is in process of creation through pulsation, that is, by explosions. The rhythm of the explosions gives harmony to the creation. Indeed knowledge of the spirit carries the thread of the Cosmos into manifested life. With a shining sword the new step should be cut free. It is necessary to recognize when to hold back the flowers of light lest they again be dissolved in the mist of the elements. The gardener knows when it is time to gather the flowers, for he planted the seeds now hidden. Not he who purchased the seeds in the bazaar; not he who in idleness ordered the seeds to be sown, but the gardener of spirit who at the start of bad weather buried the seeds in the spring-time earth. Yes, yes, he, the gardener of the spirit, will know the time of sprouting; he will distinguish the young stalks from the weeds, for he has performed the most hidden labor, and to him belongs the best blossom. Verily, it is a great thing to flash the sword at the right moment, and at the time of explosion to raise the arm. Verily, here again currents of the Cosmos are descending upon the ready Earth; this is why the knowledge of the spirit is precious. This heavenly rainbow is reflected in the drops of earthly dew. Does not knowledge of the spirit discern the light? "Materia Lucida" to the wild spirit is a curling chaos, but for the knowing spirit it is the harp of light. Like chased harp strings rush the waves of luminous matter, and on them the spirit creates mysterious-sounding symphonies. Between the worlds, thread-like, stretches "Materia Lucida." Only enormous distance blends together the waves of threads into the vibration of the heavenly rainbow. One can begin to strive toward the far-off worlds by following a thread of Light realized by the spirit—this is a very scientific experiment. As has been said, small actions require assistance and apparatuses, but nothing external is needed for a great action. New Era Community, 42. 1926.

It is noted that certain people, as it were, carry success with them. Superstition calls them lucky. Science attributes their success to strength of will. We shall add that usually these people have an assimilated consciousness. They become representatives of the collective, consequently drawing in a force intensified by many participants, who at the time do not even suspect the outflow of energy. It is not at all required that the whole collective know each other. Through the nodes of transmission a wave of energy is transmitted instantaneously; therefore the presence of the international collective is much needed for actions. Hence, a wave of internationalism is needed, because the diversity of dynamics will then produce greater tension. In Our Community one finds many nationalities and diverse specialties; this is practical for the condensation of the waves of the will. It is possible to preserve the whole potential of individuality and to attune the consciousness harmoniously. We are opposed to exclusive specialization; in the best construction of a collective this condition finds its place. Not long ago you conversed about the significance of rays in wireless transmission. Rays do contribute to the unifying of the collective over far distances. Indeed, these rays, which until recently were denied, actually are weaving a new cover for the planet. The rays have a preeminence over other waves in that they pass through more readily, without disturbing the gravity and the atmosphere. Sound, indeed, attracted the earlier attention of humanity. Light and color have not attracted as much study, but, as the sound is only are action of light, the enhanced cognition will be directed toward the significance of light and highest energyluminous matter. "Materia Lucida" has attracted all the best minds, and even if they did not find its conscious application, yet they have considered recognition of its significance inevitable in the forthcoming evolution. Rays and light waves carry the solution of the next evolution. Community, 173.

Urusvati knows how much We are in contact with the Subtle World. For complete knowledge it is necessary to be in touch with the various spheres. Much misunderstanding has grown around the concept of the Subtle World, and in particular the concept of uniqueness, which is the same in the Subtle World as on Earth. There are many descriptions of the Subtle World, but all of them are limited by the individual experience of the observer. Thus one person speaks about the lowest level, of almost monstrous ghosts; another describes sleeping shadows; a third finds an absolute similarity to the physical world; and a fourth talks about luminous bodies. They all describe what they have seen, but their perceptions were limited, causing them to think that one stratum is the entire Subtle World. Because of this error people quarrel and accuse one another of falsehood. If they could understand the manifoldness of the Subtle World, they would realize how beneficial it would be for them to strive to the higher spheres. According to a certain kind of person, nothing worthwhile exists for him here on Earth and therefore he has no reason to live. However, if he carries such thoughts with him into the Subtle World, he will continue the same idle existence there. If people limit their idea of the Subtle World by their earthly experience, they will prevent themselves from acquiring new experiences. Few think about the higher worlds, and most would be afraid of the radiance of Materia Lucida. The possibility that thinking will become keener frightens the limited mind. While still on Earth, people should suggest to themselves where precisely they would like to continue their progress. They must concentrate their free will and direct their minds toward consciously chosen subtle experiences. The Thinker used to say, "Let your thoughts fly ahead of you and prepare new, beautiful dwellings." Supermundane I, 220. 1938.

Vessels brimming with spirit! Thus do We call those people who, on the basis of the experience of past lives and their decision to attain, expand their consciousness and thereby enter into an understanding of the foundations of evolution. If this definition seems unscientific to some, say, "Can't one compare a great toiler in the spiritual realm to a Leyden jar?" Of course, for thus is the outer energy accumulated, and in due time a discharge follows. Hard is the strain when the potential is ready but the time has not yet arrived, because the sensitive apparatus has already absorbed especially dangerous particles related to Primary Matter. As is known, Primary Matter itself "Materia Matrix "does not penetrate to the earthly sphere because of the whirling of the infected lower layers. But the so-called Fohat, which is the granulation of Primary Matter, can reach the earthly surface in the form of sparks and can even be discerned by some eyes when a ray of sunlight crosses the planetary ray, coloring the sparks according to the chemical composition of the ray. In addition to Fohat, the earthly surface is reached by the outflow of radiant matter, Materia Lucida. To a certain eyesight it will be perceptible as radiant currents and spots of light in space. These manifestations may be taken for a peculiarity of sight, or even for defective sight. But knowledge will reveal the deep significance they have for the organism. On the one hand, when they are recognized, the sparks of Fohat and the streams of Materia Lucida have a benevolent effect, for they imbue the spirit with an understanding of the necessity of evolution. On the other hand, being parts of the fiery element, they burn and can cause inflammation of the centers. The manifestations of the fiery element can be compared to the most intense colors of electrical discharges; but the electrical light-scale is limited, whereas the variegations of the light-sparks of Fohat are beyond imagination. The light of Fohat is comparable to that emanating from precious crystals. Nurturing the psychic energy, Fohat paves the way to the far-off worlds, whereas Materia Lucida weaves the strengthening of the consciousness. One strengthens, the other leads into the limitless ocean of perfectment. These are the wonderful gifts of Great Aum! Agni Yoga, 144. 1929.

The crystal of Materia Lucida can be seen only rarely in such a size as was made visible to you. For this, there is needed a special converging of magnetic currents. The crystal seems in some way to be attracted by the Stone. It sharpens the center of the third eye, and also serves as the substance for astral construction on the highest plane. The crystal relates to the finest energies and also to the energy promised to humanityif humanity is willing to accept it. The light of Materia Lucida can be intensified infinitely, and will provide illumination, which, without requiring the consumption of any material, can assume any form. This is a challenge that can be met, but the desire of humanity is first needed. Without it, access to the currents of finest energies cannot be given. The power of these energies is linked with psychic energy; hence each abuse is destructive. It should be remembered that not only for illumination but also for healing is Materia Lucida irreplaceable. It will be the best remedy for calming the nerves, for it is a bridge between the psychic energy of humanity and cosmic energy, the reservoir of which is inexhaustible. Agni Yoga, 214.

Agni Yoga is not just the progressive development of human ability; it leads one to a balanced contact with the fiery cosmic energies that reach our planet at the prescribed time. This fact must be clearly understood, otherwise a succession of sicknesses will spread, and their treatment by external measures can only lead to disastrous results. How can one be cured of these fiery illnesses? The inner fires must be utilized as a useful, psychically active force. How can one cure the pains in the spine that are caused by the awakening of Kundalini? He who knows will welcome the pains and relieve them by rubbing in mint. How can we stop the burning of the third eye when it begins to function? Is it not wiser to help its development by shielding it from the sun? Long ago people knotted their hair on the crowns of their heads in order to protect this channel. Can one stop the movement of the solar plexus when it begins to rotate? Any forcing of the solar serpent can result in injury to the brain. Equally dangerous is any interruption of the functioning of the center of the Chalice. Of course, any poisoning by narcotics, such as opium, will stop the movement of the centers; but then, decapitation would be even simpler! One can imagine what confusion would be caused by these inexplicable movements of the centers if we did not think of them in terms of psychic energy. Strange as it may seem, a study of the physical traces of imperil can lead to an understanding of the accumulations of psychic energy. One can observe the traces of imperil in any nerve channel. But it also can be noticed that, around the granulations of this poisonous viper, is gathered another substance that absorbs itaccumulations of psychic energy are found there too, because each energy has its physical crystal. Whoever has seen the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida knows how visible are the crystals of even the most subtle energies. The true direction of research will be towards the study of both the physical plane of energies and the invisible energies saturating space. The way of the metaphysician has not brought meaningful results, and the alchemist is resting in his coffin. But chemistry will uncover tangible reality when it reaches a true understanding of psychic energy and all-binding fire. I consider it necessary for Us simply to provide opportunities, for freedom of the will must not be violated. Whoever wishes to will understand! Explicit formulas should never be given. There must be room for free will. Agni Yoga, 220.

By making use of the magnetism of the heights and the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, We were able to study in her the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida, the accumulations of imperil, and the emanations of psychic energy. Consider that if the emanations of psychic energy are visible to her naked eye, then they have real substance. And whatever is tangible can be concentrated to make possible the collecting of a new vital force. Thus it is precisely through the experimental methods of the laboratory that the mastery of new energies will be approached. Using their own natural emanations, people can create a store of new vitality. The energy scattered throughout space can be directly apprehended. This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the development of psychic energy. This is why the City of Knowledge, high in the mountains, is so needed. Agni Yoga, 229.

Cosmos creates for Infinity. Cosmos builds with co-measurement. Communion is imperative, and Materia Lucida is the consciousness of the cosmic rays. You are right in terming Materia Lucida the great Mother of the World. You are right in calling Materia Lucida Cosmic Love. Verily, the Universe is woven with the yarn of Lucida and the lever of Love. Poor humanity alone has clothed itself in isolation, with the veil of dark denial. Infinity I, 52. 1930.

I shall clarify the law of the blending of atoms. The law of differentiation varies as much as do the forms of Be-ness; but the law of blending is one, and therein lies the entire cosmic beauty. The differentiation draws the Origins into the furthest spheres. When in spirit the Origins are divested of seeking, the magnetic force weakens and passes from the psycho-cosmic magnet into two sharply contrasted forms. The separation and temporary delay is occasioned by the weakening of the psycho-magnet of the spirit; in a strong spirit it develops into antagonism, in a weak one into submission. But the unifying law is one. The realization of search and the forward striving of the Origins strengthens the psycho-cosmic magnet, and the attraction grows during hundreds and thousands of years until the final union is reached. A great, great law! Thus is the Universe created by the beauty of Cosmic Union. One may affirm that the level of human consciousness is proportionate to the planetary manifestation, but one cannot insist on comparing the level of Cosmos to that of the planet. How can one admit such a ration when Cosmos is boundless and gushes like a fiery stream, dispersing its sparks to generate life in all Space! One is the stream and numberless the sparks. One is the Cosmos and infinite the forms. We, your Brothers, know that page of life wherein is inscribed the oneness of Cosmos. We affirm that the manifested evolution is created not in dissociation but in a limitless striving of harmony. The more beautiful, the more high. The more powerful, the more high. Why manifest conflict between spirit and matter when they issue from one Source? Why not intensify the power and feel the psycho-life of Cosmos within oneself? We call to the Primary Source of conception. For centuries We have applied Our striving to give humanity the joy of Be-ness. But they who are participants in Cosmos manifest a lack of discernment and dream of rest and completion in the one shell. One should understand that the web comprises many threads of yarn and that the weaving action is repeated many times. The cosmic web consists of all manifestations of psychic energy and is adorned by Materia Lucida. The path is adorned by the striving toward Infinity. Infinity I, 71. 1930.

All centers refined by fires serve as sources of creation. People on Earth think that the organs exist only to sustain the physical body, but each organ of an Arhat is as a manifested creative fire. Nothing so clearly defines the life of a fiery organism as the rays of Materia Lucida. The fiery centers of an Agni Yogi constitute a creative manifestation of the Cosmic Fire. The affirmed Be-ness is in eternity and in the vital force. Infinity I, 101.

The divergence of points of view in regard to the Universe reveals an approach to varied spheres. What kind of vision has humanity? The eye of an earth dweller does not penetrate beyond the physical plane. Naturally, the search for material manifestations results in the aspiration for that which is visible only by crude sight, and the manifestation of higher spheres is thereby excluded. The world vision encompasses the creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet, and man can penetrate into the higher planes. The truth predestined by Cosmos can be attained. When the world vision directs itself into Space, it is aware of all laws. But the world vision has its boundaries and goals pertaining to it; the periphery of its striving is within the closest sphere. Its quests reach into the spheres close to Earth. But the Spatial Fire can be encompassed by the vision of the Infinite. And to the spirit who has approached the Spatial Fire, the limitless vision is granted. The psycho-life of the Spatial Fire can encompass the spheres through the assimilation of psychic energy. The spirit who has embraced the Spatial Fire lives through the creative force of Materia Lucida. The spiritual world is without bounds; and the physical mind cannot manifest the knowledge of Infinity. Only the psycho-dynamic power of spirit carries man into the higher spheres. The limitless vision verily opens the paths to the Heart of Cosmos. Infinity I, 195.

The far-off worlds possess the power of atomic energy. The Universe, based on the manifestation of eternal motion, is asserted in all processes through the tremor of life. Differentiation, as well as unification, is asserted by the tremor of life. This vibrating life permeates Space, and by this impulse lives are created. When the Creative Principle became manifest, Fohat created through Materia Lucida, and this granulation of Being carried life out into Space. Our human consciousness must be transmuted, that we may understand how the spheres are distributed. These granulations of the worlds do not represent sparks of Fohat but express vitality in various tensities. The pulse of life asserts itself in every sphere with a different tension, and with each impulse it must rise to the Infinite. After the differentiation of Atoms has taken place, the life throb carries the particles toward various ends. A combination of particles is carried along, moved by the force of Fire. During blending of the atom, this process is subject to the law of the nature of the Cosmic Magnet. The consciousness gathers in the same way as the force of the Magnet. During separation, instinct guides the tension of each inception as a new cosmic force. The earthly existence of the atom and its consciousness is affirmed as the psycho-life itself. Infinity I, 199.

In the fusion of elements, so-called, which are in correlation with the attraction of the Cosmic Magnet, it is important that the condition be maintained of as precise identicalness or of a harmonized combination. In the assembling of the new race, the same principle holds primary significance. When the foundation of a race is laid, the assembling is established upon the best principles. The Cosmic Magnet impels the seed, and around it there is developed a powerful monad. Each seed has its cycle, which develops along a general principle. When the dominant element is fiery, the principle of the new race will be built upon Fire. Astrology, the most ancient science, knows the disposition of each race and nation. When a new race is conceived, the basic principle directs all aspects of its evolution. Therefore, as one can formulate a calculation of nations according to astrology, one can also determine the character of the race to be born. All nuances in this are so delicate that only the highest cognizance can blend these nets of Materia Lucida. Infinity I, 214.

The cosmic vibration confirms all creative manifestations. That consonance establishes the correlation between the source and the reception. The established consonance resolves the aggregation of Materia Lucida, which molds the bodies manifested by man. The records of the departed races thus have been confirmed as stratifications of effects and as evidences of sequence. Thus, all creative forces are transmitted by vibration. The consonance of the cumulations directs the energies into a tide, a tide of formation of bodies. A man striving toward consonance can develop tonality. Thus is the consonance impelled, creating limitless forms. Infinity I, 246.

The most efficacious magnet is the attraction through rays. The creativeness of the spirit is based on attraction by rays. The rays of the Cosmic Magnet and of true striving can create the most refined energies. Creation through rays transmutes forms into higher forms. The power of rays can attract the necessary currents. Only when the rays reach the centers through their inherent receptivity do the currents reverberate with an unshakable consonance; and this striving exercises a reciprocal strain upon the most subtle energies. Verily, the consonance of spirit and heart may reach the synthesis of Materia Lucida. Infinity I, 265.

The oneness of the elements of the fiery centers vividly expresses the fiery receptivity of the Agni Yogi. When the invisible world reveals the tensed forces, the link with the manifestations of the higher spheres is achieved. When the invisible world is reflected in the most refined energies of the fire of the Agni Yogi, the link with the higher worlds is asserted. Hence, the creativeness of the striving of the Agni Yogi is garbed in Materia Lucida. Prismatic aspiration is the armor of the intensive spirit of the Agni Yogi. Spiritual receptivity is established through the prismatic ray. Thus, the ray of the spirit refracts all vibratory manifestations giving evidence of Fire. Thus is the highest prismatic receptivity confirmed. The Tara, giving the direction, sees the inception of a process and its completion. Infinity I, 267.

The spheres are distinguished by their tensities. Regarding the spheres as strata of propelled energies, one may define them according to qualities. A lower sphere comprises elements which are attracted to the lower emanations. But all elements are attracted by the Cosmic Magnet. How then may one determine the differences between the currents of Spatial Fire? The essence of the striving is revealed through its property of attracting identical currents. When Materia Lucida is attested, it is then possible to speak of the essence of the life energy. When We speak about the higher sphere, it means that striving is manifested in the higher tension. An identical conformity between the attraction and the evidenced tension relates to the higher sphere. Disparity between destination and impelling force manifests the lower sphere. Thus, an endless battle proceeds in Cosmos! Infinity I, 286.

The responding vibration strains the Cosmic Magnet. The Fire of Space is saturated by these vibrations. The Cosmic Magnet collects the free particles of the manifested fires in which identical currents reverberate. Materia Lucida is revealed as that driving force which creates the subtle energies. The spirit and Materia Lucida create in identical ways. The great creator, spirit, generates all strivings. If humanity would realize that the joy of striving is affirmed by the spirit, it would strive toward spirit-understanding. The Brothers of Humanity affirm spirit-understanding as a manifested power. For spirit-understanding, there are no obstacles. The all-penetrating spirit lifts the veil of ignorance. Those who deny the spirit may likewise affirm cosmic destruction. Those who have accepted the spirit which aspires to the Cosmic Magnet may affirm cosmic equilibrium. Infinity I, 289.

The possession of the knowledge of higher laws confirms the Brothers of Humanity as the Leaders of evolution. When a planet is in the process of birth, the manifestation of all energies is concentrated toward affirmation of new cosmic laws. The possession of knowledge impels humanity toward better interrelations. Every energy must be intensified by another-the directing and attracting energy. The energies are strained in identical manner upon the physical and spiritual planes; hence, the laws are in mutual correlation. The Brothers of Humanity outline the plan for human evolution, working with cosmic energies and in conformity with all courses of the luminaries. Revealing all the chosen ways of progress, We, Brothers of Humanity, confirm the best interweavings. The attraction of the Cosmic Magnet can effectuate Our manifestation and direct humanity in ways of the radiance of Materia Lucida. Thus, the Brothers of Humanity are those Propellers of evolution who teach humanity the conscious attitude toward the Karma of the planet. Therefore, one should understand that there is a uniting power in operation between all manifestations of the Cosmic Magnet. Thus, let us regard the Brothers of Humanity as the link binding us with the universal manifestations. Thus, let us accept the Covenant of the Lords! Infinity I, 303.

The course that aims toward evolution conforms to the tensity of the task when the rays of the luminaries work in the direction of the Cosmic Magnet. In this way the creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet conforms with a course of the luminaries. Verily, those tasks which are in the direction of the surging Materia Lucida are recipients of all the subtlest energies. How, then, does Cosmos differentiate its rays? The building ray will also be the repelling one. The collecting ray will also be the dispersing one. The constructing ray will also be the destroying one. For the creation of a better formula better combinations must be assembled. For this purpose the Cosmic Magnet collects the correlations which correspond to that formula. For this, humanity must keep in mind that one and the same ray transmutes, purifies, and repels. A thought directed toward evolution has similar qualities. The ray of thought is powerful. Hence, creation is boundless! Infinity I, 314.

The realization of the attraction of the Cosmic Magnet directs the energies toward creativeness. The property of attraction fuses the energies, and this combination is so great an extent correlated to the striving that it may be affirmed that the combination is a corollary of the attraction. When the energies are striving to their seed, the link with Materia Lucida is established. The compound constituted by the Magnet in fusion with the energies calls up currents which are contained in Space. The abundance of cosmic currents affords a continuous chain which links and embraces all vital manifestations. Thus, everything in Cosmos gathers itself around its vital seed, and all which is vital is drawn to its seed. And in a limitless circle the seed lives as the center. Infinity I, 327.

Materia Lucida clothes all aspects of the cosmic energies. The flux of the Fire of Space can envelop for manifestation that region which is subject to the cosmic attraction. The seed, strained toward life, is subject to this great law of attraction. When the power of impulse drives the seed toward creative fire, the striving of consciousness bestows life. The consciousness of the energy is the current of fire. How, then, can priority be given to one energy over another when the fiery tension can occur only in fusion? He who knows the law of Be-ness can affirm that the acknowledgment of the two Origins is the foundation of Cosmos. Even the most ancient conception viewed the cosmic laws as being impelled by a two-tongued flame. The indication in ancient writings concerning the manifestation of the dual Origin is also based upon the knowledge of polarity in each energy. Cosmic creativeness can be manifested only through the dual Origin. Thus, in deposing the Great Mother, humanity robs itself of the privilege of conscious cooperation with Cosmos. Infinity I, 341.

There is a law under which are created the strivings along which moves the spiral of light. Upon the tension of the vibration of light is based the law which unites all energies. Since the given law holds over all energies, the drive of this impulse encompasses all energies. Only Materia Lucida can develop all the forms that exist in the space. Only intensification of the energies can bring the task of the Cosmic Magnet to realization. Only the spirit can give expression to all strivings by manifesting identical energies. Thus, when a new step is vouchsafed to humanity it can be consummated only through assimilation by the spirit. Thus, the human pages are inscribed by the hand of humanity, and often the pages are only partly filled or inscribed with inapplicable signs. Yet humanity is summoned to limitless knowledge! Infinity I, 352.

The highest raiment for the monad is attained in pure Fire. If the monad can be encircled by Fire, it means that it can attain the highest spheres. The Agni Yogi and the Arhat both clothe their monads with Materia Lucida. When the fiery centers transmute life, We say that the spirit is striving toward ascent. The law of fiery ascent is immutable. When the striving of the Cosmic seed ceases to show pulsation, then the energy of life has ceased to exist. The psychic energy is closely linked with the cosmic seed. Hence, when the pulsations of the seed are stilled, the afflux of psychic energy ceases. But when the fire of the seed is active, the psychic energy has a powerful pulsation. The fiery centers pulsate with the Cosmos; hence, the centers of the Agni Yogi create in response to all currents. Invisibly, powerfully, the fires of the Agni Yogi create, and the records of the creativeness of Fire are inexhaustible. Infinity I, 354.

The psychic eye, with the knowledge of the spirit, certainly affords the perspective of cosmic motion. The attraction of the basic impulse of the subterranean magnet transmits the property of striving to the spheres. The Chalice, which contains the entire cosmic experience, reflects all cosmic ordainments. The synthesis of the Lotus contains in itself all the cosmic threads, and under varied impulses are gathered all the different fires of the Lotus. The psychic tension of Fire puts forms into the space. When the seed of the spirit is clothed in the fiery currents, the propelled fire tenses the entire substance of the seed of the Agni Yogi. The cosmic creativeness is directed by the Cosmic Reason, impelled through the manifestation of Materia Lucida. The Agni Yogi links the cosmic currents with the Fire of the planet. The rhythm of Mahavan is the throb of the Pulse of the Cosmic Flame. The rhythm of Mahavan is transmitted only to him who feels the throb of Cosmos. Yes, yes, yes! Only the heart which embraces the world can beat in rhythm with Cosmos. Only the heart which embraces the world can beat in the rhythm of Mahavan. Verily, the heart which embraces the world and the flame of the striving spirit affirm the best heritage for the races. Hence, the bearer of Fire feels all the cosmic tremors. Hence, the heart of the Mother of Agni Yoga is so much in tremor. Hence, the hands of the Agni Yogi are covered with sweat. But all of Us in the Tower feel each tremor of the fiery heart and each drop of sweat. Therefore, I will say that the currents of the heart fill the space with rays of light and each drop of sweat cements the space. Infinity I, 364.

In spiritual striving, the greatest task is the creating of men. Man's material form does not answer the whole plan of evolution. The creation of the human form is regarded as the highest cosmic task. When the whole of mankind will comprehend that tension of the creativeness of spirit must be expressed, the planet will advance. Only the acceptance of the manifestations of spirit as the basis can propel the entire stream of humanity into the direction of Light. Upon the spiritual plane all the subtle manifestations of Materia Lucida may be applied. Matter has definite physical limitations, but the forging of the spirit is so powerful that even a coarse envelope may be transformed. Infinity I, 387.

Each action is strained by the lever of spirit and the lever of heart. Cosmic creativeness expresses forms by these levers. In Cosmos, the lever of the spirit is the consciousness of Materia Lucida, and the lever of the heart is the same manifested symbol of attraction. How greatly humanity has deviated from the great principle of the creative Magnet! Man has accepted the center of the creative impulse as his Ego, and the action of the Ego absorbs all tensions. Thus, instead of a cosmic action there results a focus of egotism. The creativeness of Cosmos evokes cooperation. The creativeness of Cosmos evokes striving to the far-off worlds. The focal point of the Ego, rejecting all ordinances of Cosmos, generates causes which affirm the manifestation of isolation. Cosmos attracts dates which are identical with the direction of the Cosmic Magnet. The core of the Ego proceeds in isolation. The creativeness of Cosmos manifests boundless cooperation. Infinity II, 119. 1930.

He who adheres to the Teaching of Infinity gains freedom of action first of all. He who fears to adhere to the Brotherhood deprives himself of the Highest. He who dreads dogma can strengthen himself in the Teaching as in flight to the far-off worlds. He who dreads such communion can remain at the threshold. Incessancy of striving affords affirmation of Our Teaching. The Arhats, who bestow on humanity the concept of the full Chalice, cannot deprive humanity of freedom. Not in renunciation or in seclusion does the Brotherhood dwell. Each spark that kindles the consciousness is recorded; each striving arrow is recorded. Not abstraction, but fiery striving endures. Those who know the attainment of cosmic strivings may verily say, "We create with fire". We strive with fire. We live in fire. Not miracles these, but the transmutation of life into the garment of Materia Lucida. How does the Brotherhood live? How does the Brotherhood act? From Our Abode the threads of Our creativeness are stretched to the hearts, as inspirations to humanity. Hierarchy, 29.

Much more of the wondrous occurs than we are accustomed to think. One could cite some historic instances of how prominent persons disappeared without leaving traces. But those who, for certain reasons, could not hide, apparently died, asking that they be covered tightly and that afterward thick layers of flowers be strewn upon them. During the night unknown persons came, made an exchange, and departed with the apparently dead. One could point out more than one case in Asia, Egypt, Greece, when events demanded such a transformation. Of course history represents these events in an entirely distorted manner. Empty tombs and secret cremations could recall much that is unknown to the people. One should measure with large scales. One should not assume that things are limited. Materia Lucida is ample for all achievements. One can develop great responsibility precisely through great measures. There are many ways, and if now We insist upon the shortest, it means that the limit of events has approached. It is correct to observe the causes and the course of events. But only a few feel responsibility for what takes place. I can affirm that each indicated situation has its most immediate designation. Since ancient days it was customary to investigate the disciple's degree of observation. For this, a seemingly abstract formula was altered and it was observed whether the keen intelligence would be capable of retrospection in order to find application for the formula expressed. The Teaching can deepen the understanding through observation. Heart, 565. 1932.

One may observe different types of people, who can be distinguished according to their natures. Some do not think about the future, fulfilling, as it were, their entire purpose in this earthly life. Others strive forward with their whole spirit, for them earthly life does not present any finality. Even if not highly refined, these people sense with the heart that everything is ahead of them. Have dealings with the latter, for notwithstanding their errors they will be still striving into the future, and thus will already belong to the Truth. You know that Agni lives in the hearts of those who love the future. Even if their Agni is not yet manifested, its potentiality is inexhaustible. Likewise look with compassion upon people who do not know the future, as upon the sick. And truly their aura will not be luminous, for it will be deprived of the radiation of Materia Lucida. Many people have formed such privation for themselves, that they cannot even manifest through the opaque substance of the nerves. As imperil obstructs the movement of the fiery substance, so a limited thinking makes the precious substance turbid. One may heal these diseases through hypnotic suggestion. Fiery World II, 26.

The statement that "on the highest planes of Existence matter can be so subtle, so transparent that we may see only the life which is enwrapped in it, but not the matter itself..." is most vague and erroneous. How can life be seen without seeing the matter which covers it? It is wrong to imagine matter on the higher planes as something transparent. Materia Lucida, which is the substance of the forms of the higher spirits, is entirely visible to the person whose centers are open. This matter, Materia Lucida, although most subtle, is not invisible. It is a luminous substance, a matter which radiates with colors ranging beyond those known to our physical plane. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 11 January 1935.

Fohat is the subtlest fiery energy, and if it contacts an unprepared organism it may burn and cause torturous fiery death. I myself saw Fohat with my physical eyes, and was full of wonder at the splitting of the sun rays into millions of luminous sparks of Fohat. Afterwards I suffered a slight singeing of the centers. Likewise, I saw the crystal of Materia Lucida. All this was shown to me by the Great Teacher. I also was twice on the verge of fiery death, and was saved by the Rays of the Great Teacher. But this degree of experience is rather rare and one has to go through the preparatory degrees of fiery manifestation, otherwise an inopportune death would result. When the right moment comes for the assimilation of the higher fiery energies, the events of life are so arranged that the disciple comes to the right place where such experience can be given. If a disciple is ready, nothing can prevent him from receiving what is well deserved. As it is said in the Teaching, "each one will allot to himself his share." Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 20 April 1935.

Materia Lucida is the degree of the Primary Matter on the astral plane, and it is still attainable for investigation, but of course having its own degrees or gradations. Materia Matrix is beyond the astral plane, and is an equivalent of Mulaprakriti, Akasha, Primary Substance - the subtlest, super-sensous, ethereal substance, which fills the whole of space - the Mysterium Magnum of the alchemists. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 8 May 1935.

The non-consuming fire, the burning bush of Moses, is the so-called heavenly fire, which can be manifested only when there is contact with an aura of certain tension. N. K. and I witnessed such fire during our journeying in Tibet. Once, late in the evening, this fiery phenomenon occurred in our tent quite unexpectedly. My husband was already asleep. I came to my bed and stretched out my arm to turn down the blanket, and suddenly there arose a pillar, or rather a fire of wonderful silvery-purple-rose-flame. At first I did not realize what was happening, and with an exclamation, "Fire! Fire!" attempted to beat it out with my hands. But the fire was not extinguished, nor did the tongues of flame burn my hands, and I felt only a pleasant living warmth. Hearing my voice, my husband awoke and saw me standing against the background of this flame. The whole incident did not last more than a quarter of a minute, perhaps less, and the flame disappeared just as suddenly as it appeared. After this manifestation I saw the crystals of Materia Lucida and spirals, and the sparks of Fohat. However, these latter experiences resulted in a slight singeing of the centers. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 8 October 1935. 1.

Most Sacred (Treasure of the Mountain). 1933. Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York

Crystaline Structures

The refraction of rays yields sounds that enter into the symphony of the music of the spheres. One may picture their crystalline quality of subtleness together with the power of the whirlwind. There is a center in the brain which is called the bell. Like a resonator it gathers the symphony of the world, and it can transform the deepest silence into a thundering chord. It is said: "He who hath ears, let him hear." The spinal chord is also called the spear, because if we wish to parry the blows we must tense this channel. The centers of the shoulders are also called wings, because during a self-sacrificing achievement rays extend from them. The legend concerning wings is highly symbolic. Likewise, it was a favorite custom of the ancients to wear a round metal plate upon their breasts. The crown of the head is termed the well, because the waves of alien influences penetrate by this way. Everywhere in antiquity we see the covering of the head connected with the symbol of the priest, whereas now this symbol is replaced by the name of a business firm. So men have become spiritually bald! Let us conclude with a message to the newcomers: There is so much for you to learn in order to acquire the wisdom of calmness and of actions. You must discern masked faces and know how to make My Name the armor of each action. I will come unto the appointed country, and at that dawn one should not fall asleep. Therefore, learn to be sensitive and to keep about you a radiant garment. And when you are fatigued remember that inaction is unknown to Us. Try to adopt the same customs, and love flowers and sound. Walk like lions, but guard the little ones, because they will help you to open My doors. Have understanding! Illumination, II:IV:7.

Thus, each useful thought finds approval. A stroke upon the string calls forth a consonance. A clear and courageous formulation of thought is very useful. We can appreciate a mediaeval lute as well as Wagner's "Walkure." Also fine is the ancient Chinese crystal instrument. The purity of its tone corresponds to the purity of flowers. It is called a rainbow harp. The rays produce excellent trumpet sounds, and the vortex rings are irreplaceable, as in a string ensemble. Verily, it is worth-while living with such perspectives. Illumination, II:IV:15.

In conformity with the rhythm of World Motion, repetitive accrual of power is needed. The display of haste is adverse to the World's creation. The way of formation of crystals and flowers indicates how perfection develops. Illumination, II:IV:16.

The elements are spacial substance, imponderable and immeasurablesemi-amorphous crystals in the aspect of the so-called elemental manifestations. The essence of the unmanifested spirit permeates the substance of space. It is said of man that he is born and he dies. About the elemental spirit it can be said that it flashes and becomes extinct. Like an arrow, the consciousness of the manifested spirit pierces into the substance of the elements, and like a magnet it gathers the molten substance. The birth of an elemental spirit is conditioned by the contact of a manifested consciousness. Verily, boundless is cooperation! The quality, appearance and dynamic force of the spirit depends upon the spirit of the creator. Therefore, evil thinking is condemned as the begetter of monstrosity. The force of consciousness produces a corresponding reflex in the substance of space. And the flared-up focuses of space remain close to him who created them. A mediocre consciousness will beget easily extinguishable sparks, but a potentially growing consciousness can create giants. It is a factory of good and evil; therefore, the quality of thought is so important. Thus, We have hewed out a picture of the evolution of life of the space, and We can urge humanity to do better and not to besmirch the waves of the beautiful Light. The spheres of the elements are of dazzling beauty, and besmirching them is like destroying a wonderful flower. I feel that the teaching of pure thoughts will penetrate into people's consciousness. The sower of thought gathers the harvest. Therefore, with the Mother of the World all-seeing cooperation is unavoidable. The state of the substance of the space, pierced by the combinations of new rays, permits the beginning of the New Era. All Good should be gathered. Illumination, II:IX:7.

Amidst dusty daisies a lily of Heavenly Purple. It is better to live near the Celestial Flower, for earthly flowers are the sole living bond between Earth and Heaven. In the creation of floral pollen there are precipitated, as it were, crystals of prana. Without frivolity one can say that in flowers the Heaven settles down upon Earth. If the Earth were deprived of flowers, half of its vitality would disappear. Just as important is the snow, and like beacons of salvation stand the snowy mountains. Illumination, III:II:21.

One can point out why the Teachers of Knowledge experienced such suffering on departing Earth. Of course, this suffering was conscious and voluntarily chosen. Just as the host fills the guest's cup to the brim, so does the Teacher desire to impress this last sign of His Teaching. The poisoning of Buddha spared Him from deification. The suffering and resurrection�or the transformation of matterby Christ provided the attainment of the supreme earthly achievement. But no one knew about the disintegration of the body into the atomic state. People thought that His body had been stolen away by His disciples. The slander of the old world is of no consequence. Each true achievement is needed for Cosmos. The creativity of podvig is the same in every process of creation. In augmenting the profundity of the form we create an ageless crystal. The sense of perfection uplifts the spirit of creative manifestations. Christ, being a realist, desired that the phenomenon of transformation should be preceded by a podvig in complete consciousness. One can point out two kinds of podvig, the supermundane and the earthly. As an instance of supermundane striving, one can mark a serene passing, such as that of the Great Pilgrim. Let us not attempt to judge acts of podvig, for the understanding of evolution is individual and voluntary. Agni Yoga, 8. 1929.

At first you were both shown how the basic laws of matter work. You participated in levitation and in experiments with the materialization and teleportation of objects. These were performed not for amusement, but for the purpose of seeking serious knowledge. After that you were shown the astral world, but not for immersion in it. Expanding the consciousness, you received the ability to see auras and images of earlier incarnations. Having finished with the semi-material world, we then approached cosmic clairvoyance and clairaudience. Using the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, rays of different kinds and the structure of the most subtle substances could be shown. Thus we approached the realization of far-off worlds, which is close to the element of fire and therefore dangerous. That is why a period of treatment with cold was needed. The results were brilliantbecause of having achieved the so-called prismatic sight, it became possible to perceive the granulation of Fohat without undue shock to the organism. Why is it important to experience the manifestation of Fohat? The granulation of this finest energy is at the basis of cosmic condensations. This means that it is precisely Fohat that is the father providing the impetus for the formation of new spatial bodies. He who attains knowledge of the far-off worlds will feel the strength and beauty of the crystals of Fohat. This is a difficult experience, and We rejoice for Urusvati, because the physical body is rarely capable of assimilating the finest energies. Agni Yoga, 145.

How should one understand the benefits of obstacles when one is told that psychic energy, acting as a magnet, attracts all possible advantages? Truly, when a large ship increases its speed the resistance of the waves increases too. Similarly, many obstacles are brought about by our own striving. It is this process that attracts to us unexpected actions by an opposing will. If they are very strong, our own counterstroke will develop accordingly. Most important, the currents opposing us should be strong, because then our flame is ignited. Consider this inflaming useful; a conflagration would be dangerous. By inflaming I mean when the crystal form of the flame of the center is retained; conflagration is when the center flares up in a blaze. When someone is said to be depressed by circumstances, be assured that he lives unignited, and that any encounter with an obstacle confuses his consciousness. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the moment of confusion, yet it poisons all subsequent actions. But when the step is firm, the counterforces are beneficial. They generate lightning, and the thunder shakes distant mountains. Pettiness begets pettiness, however. Therefore, when bidding people Godspeed on a journey, bid them also to shun pettiness. The future is constructed by lightning-bolts of realization. The power of these great sparks depends upon the strength of the counterforce. Clearly then, success will not come from embarking on a voyage in a tub across a stagnant pool. When We say, "Set sail," We mean that you must try the ocean; the grandeur of its waves will give you joy. Does not the testing of one's strength lead to a growth of power? It may seem impossible to cross an abyss, but you have already crossed many an abyss and smiled. You see, I do not speak of fantasies, but of that which has already been tested and for which there are witnesses. Courage comes from knowing one's path. Otherwise, each one who tries a closed door would already be seen as a hero. What awaits behind the threshold? The Agni Yogi smiles at this. Agni Yoga, 257.

The illness called neuritis has a certain relation to fire. Much that is attributed to rheumatism or nervous disturbances should also be attributed to fire. These pains can easily be eliminated by locating the material crystals of psychic energy. When these deposits obstruct the nerve channels many painful developments can be expected. Like stones in the inner organs, the crystals of psychic energy can be injurious if the energy is not utilized. Especially dangerous is the conflict of the crystals of psychic energy with the deposits of imperil. Often, organisms with highly developed nervous systems are sickly. Experimental research into psychic energy is urgently needed. Whatever can be measured physically will be more easily accepted. Agni Yoga, 329.

In analyzing matter, many elements have been identified, but there are two that are not yet discovered or named. The first is the deposit of psychic energy, and the second, the substance of Fire. As long as the crystal of psychic energy is not found, the substance of Fire will not be identified. Just as the deposits of psychic energy can be found through imperil, the substance of Fire will be found through observing the tension of psychic energy. The Fire of Space, in rare cases, can be observed by the naked eye where it is more dense, near the protective purple border of the aura. Space becomes, one could say, filled with small tongues of flame. But for this manifestation a strong aura is needed, which will not suffer from the proximity of the intense flame. On ancient images one can see tongues of flame encircling the auras. But now this physical phenomenon has been forgotten. You know the full reality of what is being said. But let the scientists not complain if, prior to their discovery of Fire, We suggest that they first discover the crystal of imperil. Besides, it has almost been discovered by them already. It is easier to deal with the poison of irritation than to seek the superior psychic energy. Agni Yoga, 342.

Soulless repetition destroys the Teaching. Also, the quality of rhythm must be understood. Of course, every crystal functions according to the principles of attraction and pulsation. But pulsation "or rhythm" is characteristic of the living principle. However, any given rhythm may be more or less alive or dead. Living rhythms, spiritualized by the power of consciousness, will produce varying combinations of subtle energies. But the rhythm of the lips' soulless repetitions results only in a dead beat that violates the wisdom of silence and brings only harm. Beware of repetitions devoid of spirit! Truly, they dissolve the most precious gems of the spirit. If one's action is based only on fear or greed, then even a skeleton or a military drummer could rap out a more useful rhythm. Can one expect a manifestation of fire from the raps of the tail of a dog awaiting a bone? Remember this when you are dealing with the finest energies, when you intend to approach and awaken the manifestation of Fire. When I taught you the rhythms of the Fire of Space, I of course had in mind the application of a spiritual consciousness and a striving without base motives. Long ago it was told about the two fires: the creative fire and the destructive one. While the first shines and warms and exalts, the second sears and reduces to ashes. But I directed you only to the creative fire. You have seen for yourself how the perception of fire occurs. Even daylight could not prevent you from seeing the messengers of space. And the stars were surrounded by signs. One must treasure these fiery signs and learn to collect the best offerings of the consciousness. Not blows of a fist, nor threats, but light-winged ascent carries one to the Gates. Beware of soulless routine! Agni Yoga, 401.

We know about teraphs. We know that a teraph can be astral or material. The astral teraph is higher than the material one, just as the astral world is higher than the material world. Only very developed beings can have an astral teraph, whereas material teraphs can serve any conscious spirit. The teraph is a model of an actual event or thing. A navigator can more easily understand the behavior of his ship by studying a model of the vessel. Looking at the image, people, in a way, come into contact with what is absent. Even humble fortunetellers request first of all an image or an item closely connected with the subject. These objects direct their psychic energy, in order to increase its effect, like a beacon or a milestone. With material teraphs, one must have a special image for every need. But the astral teraph has the advantage of serving all needs and of taking on different appearances as required. Therefore it is like a milestone, marking one's steps in the development of consciousness. The astral teraph is a product of the crystallization of psychic energy, just as the material one is a product of physical effort. The chief action takes place during the creation of the teraph, for it is then that the psychic energy is most tense. Even though the astral teraph is superior, We can describe the technique of creating a material one. Agni Yoga, 419.

The material teraph was usually made as a sculpted image, by using any object to which was added something belonging to a person referred to in the ritual. Often, after the death of the owner of the teraph, it was put into the tomb, as in ancient Egypt and in the burial monuments of the Mayans and Etruscans. When the funeral rites required cremation, the teraph followed into the fire. In the Temple of Israel there was a general teraph for all uses, but for each ritual something belonging to the subject was placed under the teraph. Eventually, in the various countries there were scattered a multitude of teraphs, each one filled with the accumulations of many psychic transmissions. It is curious to observe the continued vitality of these accumulations of psychic energy. One can truly see that teraphs retain their power over thousands of years, like a seed that lives, manifesting undying power. Of the experiments with psychic energy, the test demonstrating that it cannot be dispersed or destroyed is very important. The teraph is the best proof of this, especially if the aid of clairvoyance is available to the experimenter. It is possible to make a teraph that carries an instruction whose effects will be known only in the future. The teraph can carry the message either to a particular person, or to someone else who will later own the teraph. Two things should be knownthat the preparation of the teraph requires much time, and that much time is also needed for its effects to be revealed. The teaching about teraphs comes from great antiquity, when the Atlanteans knew about psychic energy. How to make a teraph? A place must be used where the maker's psychic energy has saturated the space and has accumulated upon the objects in it. In this place a chosen image is molded out of wax, clay, or plaster. When the image has been created, it is then covered with a silver, crystal, or glass dome, or a leather cover. Agni Yoga, 420.

L. is important for the deposits of psychic energy, because the essence of L. helps to preserve its crystals. The substance of L. also shields the nerve centers, where the psychic energy is deposited. The priestesses of old used to wear plates made of L., covered with wax, to protect their centers of the Chalice. These protective plates of L. will be a panacea to humanity. I spoke long ago about L. Agni Yoga, 479. Unfortunately he didn't speak to me so don't ask me what "L." is. Editor.

We would prefer to avoid repetition, but sometimes We are compelled to return to a previous subject. Pay attention to these repetitions; they are usually provoked either by a disciple's misunderstandings or by cosmic complications that demand special attention. For example, We must repeat about the proper attitude toward psychic energy. Of course psychic energy is always present, but it can become dormant, and then it will crystallize and become inactive. That soil will have to be turned again with the plow of self-sacrificing labor. Certainly, not a grain of psychic energy can ever be lost, but its accumulations must be stirred. That is why the Teaching so condemns immobile self-satisfaction and conceit. Truly, it is better to be aflame than to be dormant. Agni Yoga, 528.

The so-called fourth dimension is a property of psychic energy. The properties of psychic energy will make possible the broadening of all understanding. Under hypnosis, one's consciousness can direct the psychic energy to the site of one's ailment. This can be done, for example, in cases of herpes, tumors, or eczema. What is needed for this is that the store of psychic energy in one's somatic system be sufficient. Psychic energy is accumulated in the nerves, and its crystals activate the somatic system, which otherwise would remain dormant. What can be the purpose of deep breathing, and why are certain fires related to it? Deep breathing affects the center of the Chalice. Agni Yoga, 542.

Every motion has its own rhythm, just as any energy has its own pattern and crystal. The pattern of the rhythm stimulates an outflow of nervous energy. Agni Yoga, 608.

Observe how people read the Teaching. Observe which passages they avoid and try not to notice. People especially often close their eyes to everything referring to betrayal and psychic murder. They do not even wish to consider that they can harm at a distance by their thoughts. Thus people avoid that in which they are most often guilty. One does not have to be a giant of thought in order to harm. Even a mediocre thought poisoned by the crystal of imperil will be very effective. To conceive treason means to accomplish an evident half of the whole, because an already poisoned shell will be receptive to the slightest impetus. Verily, poisoning by thoughts is even more harmful than narcotics. Likewise, one can remind about infection through thought-transmission. One may be weakened to such an extent that each infection can easily approach. Thought is like a key with which to open. Hierarchy, 125. 1931

The impression of the aura on film does not depend upon the film itself, but on the photographer and the subject photographed. The usual satisfactory plate is adequate, but the qualities of the participants and the witnesses are especially important. Not even with the excellent qualities of one participant should one expect immediate results. The vina must be tuned in order to attain harmonies. But people dislike preparatory work most of all. In addition, another condition is necessaryone should be able to pass at least one day without the slightest irritation. Imperil corrodes the most significant reflexes of energy. An irritable person can be called a shell in the full meaning of the word. The most significant results are obscured by one crystal of imperil. Imperil should not be regarded as a houseplant, its odor is widespreading and blights all currents. Hence, when I speak against irritation, I do not refer to dogma, but to an indicated medical cure. As always, this consideration must be carried out beginning with the most minute. For photographing the aura other, mechanical methods are also useful. Before taking the photograph it is useful to take musk, which stimulates the currents of energy. It is useful to have a black velvet screen and to manifest solemnity if it is feasible. It would naturally be absurd to crowd the room with casual, curious visitors. It is necessary to cleanse the very atmosphere of the room with eucalyptus oil. Thus, not only the occult conditions but the purely hygienic ones should be foreseen. Heart, 465.

The element of Fire, the most all-pervading, the most creative, the most life-bearing, is least observed and esteemed. The human consciousness concerns itself with a multitude of empty and insignificant considerations, but the most wonderful of all escapes it. People quarrel over a price in the bazaar, but they have no desire to stretch forth their hands to the treasure. Much that has been told about the heart must also be applied to the Fiery World, but with particular acuteness. The impetus of Fire is as strong as the structure of a crystal. Not by accident have globes and crystal spheres been employed by clairvoyants. Live embers are needed for the purification of the consciousness; the rainbow flame affirms the striving of the spirit. A multitude of applications of the work of Fire reveal themselves as the most striking conditions of existence. Beginning with the ordinary light formations visible to the open eye, up to the complex fires of the heart, we are led into the realm of the Fiery World. Fiery World I, 1. 1933

One can distinguish the labor of Fire in the most diverse manifestations. Nowadays a crystal globe is often used for concentration, in order to call forth subtle impressions, but this is a later form. In the ancient East a block of rock crystal was chosen and placed over a covered fire. Then the structure of fiery creativeness was brought to life, and it attracted the manifestations of Spatial Fire. Thus one can observe to what a degree the ancient power of fiery observation has degenerated. Fiery World I, 85.

A saturated solution forms crystals; various conditions pass before us similarly. So does the saturation of thought produce action. From thought is born a physical effect. So does the saturation of karma finally produce physical consequences. Many timid ones try to put off karmic consequences, but a fiery spirit wisely hastens it by all means. He understands that the ends of a torn fabric can but hinder the ascent. Ugly confusion should not disturb the hastening one. He recognizes within his heart that the inevitable must come to pass, and he only rejoices that everything can be passed through�the strength of Agni is in him. Fiery World I, 625.

Concentrations of crystals of psychic energy grow during each heightening of aspiration. Each tension of power of the spirit multiplies the crystals of psychic energy. Sediments of precipitated crystals, consisting of subtle energies which have been chemically transformed in the organism, feed those organs which are in special need during the expenditure of energy. Crystals of psychic energy melt down substances harmful for the organism. Through conscious tension one can actually promote this dissolving process, which is of service as a counteracting factor. Conscious sendings of psychic energy to infected or injured organs can produce a healing effect. Conscious tension of the will causes spontaneous action of the crystals. Thus, thoughts about psychic energy crystals can bring needed assistance for the injuries of internal organs. On the path to the Fiery World it is necessary to realize those fiery batteries which are contained in man. Fiery World III, 218. 1935

The consciousness contains within itself all the traces of past lives, impressions of each manifestation as well as each thought and striving for revealing of a broad horizon. The consciousness is fed by the "chalice" and the heart, and each compressed energy is deposited in the consciousness, unbreakably connected with the spirit. The spirit, upon becoming separated from the body, preserves a full connection with higher and lower energies. Certainly, the Teacher leads wisely in pointing out the affirmation of vital transmutation. Indeed, through the immortality of the spirit there are preserved all manifestations of vital energies. As are the sediments, so will be the future crystals. And thought, and heart, and creativeness, and all the other manifestations collect this energy. The whole fiery potential of the spirit consists of radiations of vital energies. Therefore, speaking about spirit and consciousness, one must take the spirit as the crystal of all higher manifestations. The ancients knew about the crystalline quality of the spirit, and the spirit was revealed as fire or flame in all the higher manifestations. Therefore, it is so important to understand the true significance of fiery transmutation. Verily, spirit and matter are refined in one impulse toward attainment of the higher fiery consciousness. Fiery World III, 227.

The rise and fall of psychic energy is conditioned by various causes. The most important factor must be understood to be the actual quality of spirit of the bearer of psychic energy. As for the fiery spirit, even during the largest decline of psychic energy, its store is never completely exhausted. But the earthly spirit is affirmed only by the lowest energies, which very easily swallow up small stores of psychic energy; since this higher Fire is brought forth by the tension of the higher centers, by higher aspirations and higher feelings. The manifestation of psychic energy is, as it were, crystallized during a decline, but the fiery spirit is able to inflame these crystals by heart tension. A transport of the spirit can even manifest the potential of the store of psychic energy. Therefore the fiery spirit cannot exhaust its store of psychic energy. This store can burst ablaze during an inflammation of the centers. It can practically disappear during expenditure in battles and during sendings at far distances, but this sacred crystal cannot entirely disappear. Its action only alters its rhythm and its properties, as well as its tension. Fiery World III, 399.

Rock crystals are formed from one fire, yet all are different. One should ponder over such fiery formations. To have them about will be a good reminder of the world of Light whither each one is permitted to aspire. Fiery World III, 605.

You have already observed how, through a certain straining of sight, it is possible to see faces of former incarnations. One may clearly perceive how a face of the present is reconstructed into an image of a past age. Vibrations and crystal formations indicate the presence of a definite energy. There can be no question of autosuggestion, for neither of the persons participating in the experiment know into what the formations are molded. Often the reconstruction begins, not in alteration of the facial lines, but in some details of headdress or clothing. The very character of the face changes quite imperceptibly, and in the most unexpected features. It may be noted that faces rarely hold to their present type. During all such unexpected metamorphoses, all premeditation is precluded. A very painful tension of the eyes indicates that the process is not a mental one, but that psychic energy is acting through the optic centers. Frequent experiences of this nature can injure the sight, yet the presence of such physical clairvoyance is exceedingly important. There can be clairvoyance under suggestion, but then the psychic energy is acting through the brain, and it is always possible to suspect suggestion on the part of the hypnotist himself. It is far more convincing when psychic energy acts directly. The same directness is expressed also in actions with the pendulum of life. Autosuggestion is not similarly precluded. An honest investigator does not know the results to be received. He is often more astonished than the others present. In both the first and the second case, onlookers are altogether undesirable. There should be nothing in the vicinity which can influence the psychic energy. The antiquity of such experiments is incalculable. Besides, they have served in state and judicial matters. It is necessary to recognize the extent of the unique usefulness of such experiments with psychic energy. They provide a barometer of illnesses and disturbances of the spirit, as well as of sincerity itselfand also of obsession. Aum, 250.

The rhythm of labor is the adornment of the world. Labor may be regarded as a victory over everyday routine. Each hard-working man is a benefactor of humanity. To imagine Earth without workers is to see a reversion to chaos. Invincible tenacity is forged by labor; precisely everyday work is the accumulation of the treasure. The true toiler loves his labor and understands the significance of tension. Work has already been called prayer. The highest unity and quality of labor arises from its rhythm. The best quality of work brings forth the rhythm of the Beautiful. Each labor contains within itself the concept of the Beautiful. Labor, prayer, beautyall are facets of the great crystal of Existence. Aum, 322.

Himalayas. Nicholas Roerich, 1933.


It is good to be in the sunshine, but the starlit sky also brings harmony to the nerves. The moon, on the contrary, is not for us. The moon's pure light affects the prana. The magnetism of the moon is great, but for repose it is not good. Often the moon evokes fatigue, like people who devour one's vital energy. The manifestation of miraculous power increases during moonlight. A pure prana must respond to the attraction, otherwise there is no miracle but a destruction of the vital treasure trove. While resting it is good to laugh, for the thyroid gland is purified by laughter. To purify the glands is a primary duty. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination, II:I:4.

Regarding the application of My medicines, all the powers of the vegetable kingdom must be directed toward the one aim for which they existthe increase of vitality. It is possible to cure all ailments by the counterpoising of vitality. Certain plants exist as reservoirs of prana. The pine trees collect it as if in electric needles. And as a bond between heaven and the depths of earth, the earth is covered with living antennae which gather and preserve the true renewing element of the spiritual tissue. Ignorance may conceal a malady, but it is better to consume it with the fire of life. Not by an artificial, depleting stimulant, but by using the life force to restore the balance. One should not search among the minerals, because they have long ago become devoid of the effect of prana. Their destination is different. But the solar manifestation bestows life. Truly, the mineral soil provides a seeming foothold on life; but this is only a pedal, which is useless without strings. And so, My pharmacy will be directed toward the essence which is common to mankind. It will affirm vitality without any slaughter, because the plants pass easily into the next state. Inoculations are good if the vitality is equal to them, otherwise they are like a destructive plaster. A being who possesses full vitality is in no need of inoculations; he has the so-called solar immunity. There is little vitality in the villages, because prana helps only when absorbed consciously. Nourishment of the spirit can proceed only consciously. To the indications about medicines one should add that the skins of the musk animals were valued in Lemuria. Also, a chalice of cedar resin figured in the rituals of the consecration of the kings of the ancient Khorassan. Druids also called the chalice of cedar resin the chalice of life. And only later, with the loss of the realization of the spirit, was it replaced by blood. The fire of Zoroaster was the result of burning of the cedar resin in the chalice. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination, II:IV:18.

Joy is as special wisdom, as Christ said. Nothing gathers the essence of prana as well as do plants. Even pranayama may be replaced by association with plants. And it should be understood how assiduously the eye must fathom the structure of the plants. The pores of the plants are enlarged not only by the advent of new leaves and flowers, but also by the removal of dead parts. The law of Earth's nurture affords, through the antennae of the plants, the possibility of drawing out of this reservoir by means of smell and sight the precious quality of vitality, the so-called Naturovaloris, which is acquired through conscious striving. Valuable as are the living plants which have not lost their vitality, preparations from them dried in the sun may also be useful. But the stages of decomposition should be avoided, because decomposition is the same in everything and always attracts the most imperfect spirits. Therefore, one should watch the condition of cut flowers. The smell of decomposition must be sensed, as it is not the external appearance but the smell which manifests the symptom. When it is not the season for flowers, it is useful to have small pine trees. Like a dynamo they accumulate vitality, and they are more effectual than right breathing. Instead of by ritual breathings one can thus receive a most condensed supply of prana. Of course, a state of rest also increases the action. Vital understanding of the power of nature will provide without magic a renovation of possibilities. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination, II:V:11.

Healer, tell the ailing ones that the use of wine diminishes by half their chances, that the use of narcotics takes away three quarters of their vitality. Certainly in My pharmacy there is no place for narcotics. Before using My medicines one must spend three years amidst prana. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination, II:VIII:14.

Among the mechanical attainments of modern civilization, the means of transportation deserve special attention. This devouring of space is already to a certain extent a victory over the supermundane spheres. But a circle of low materialism holds these conquests within the limits of low matter and the result is more harm than good. The chief danger in this haste of locomotion lies in a heightened feeling of irresponsibility. Passing beyond the limits of the ordinary, man becomes light, but because of the crudeness of feelings he loses the consciousness of responsibility. He who can fly at a speed of 400 miles an hour or who can fly higher than others, acquires the psychology of a boxing champion, and the realization of spiritual responsibility leaves him. It is possible to ennoble the conquest by stripping it of all sporting significance and directing it to labor. Hurry to save the unfortunates, fly for the unifying of humanity! Then will these conquests enter into evolution, for people must bring into ordinary usage the supermundane strivings, not forgetting about responsibility. As yet these conquests remain in the stage of ugly centaurs. When people will comprehend whither and for what reason they must fly, then will it be possible to improve the flying apparatus tenfold. It is possible to whisper a great number of useful experiments into the strata of space. Atomic energy, condensation of prana, colored rays in space, harvest in connection with repeated explosions, and many another have been destined for humanity. New Era Community, 16. 1926

True, true, truepeople must settle themselves in tested localities. Even a bear shows greater care in selecting his den. Plants will indicate the better possibilities. Look for cedars and pines, heather and oak, grass and flowers of vivid color. Natural electrification in a locality is necessary. Large, long needles of evergreen are the best condensers of electricity. Heights above eleven thousand feet, devoid of vegetation, provide useful prana. Community, 182.

It is necessary to distinguish between indignation of spirit and irritation. The fire of irritation must be divided into two kinds. When irritation has an impersonal cosmic character, its poison may be washed away by a current of prana. But if harmful feelings, such as conceit or self-pity, intensify the irritation, the sediment of poison will be precipitated upon the centers. Then there is no means to remove it; one can only wear it away by developing cosmic perception. Quality of thinking must be realized as healing. Gratitude is likewise the finest purifier of the organism. He who has found the seed and realized the care of the Sender can project gratitude into space. Great is the healing power of the emission of gratitude. One must transform everything abstract into reality. Agni Yoga, 31. 1929.

If you notice repetitions in the Teaching, it means that new details can still be found, or that a command not yet fully applied in life must be stressed again. One should remember that the benefits of the application of prana can be extended over an entire community. One can store prana not only for one's own use but, by means of psychic energy, can transmit a part of one�s store to others. In remote times a sick body was surrounded by healthy ones in order to nurture its strength. But this is a kind of vampirism that should not even be suggested. It is quite a different matter when there is a conscious transmission, voluntary and benevolent. This can be not only to one person, but even to several at once if one understands how to apportion the transmissions judiciously. It is an important reality that material benefit can be transmitted by means of psychic energy. Weighty substance is transmitted by weightless energy. This is not just suggestion but a real phenomenon. Agni Yoga, 63.

I vouch for health wherever prana is consciously safeguarded. Evolution is inseparably linked with the improvement of the life of the people. For example, in Asia the question of the use of fuels must be approached in a new way. Mineral fuels must be utilized properly, and nurseries must be established for the planting of trees. But even on the heights there have always been ample deposits of combustible materials available, and therefore people of Asia have long been afflicted by hydrocyanic acid fumes. This has been a serious threat to the progress of life in Asia, and to life itself. There will always be health where there are conscious efforts to preserve prana. The improvement of conditions of life must be an inseparable part of evolution. The snarling of dogs can lead to the rhythm of a symphony, but the stillness of a cemetery can be more frightful than the whistling of the wind. Agni Yoga, 151.

Everyone has within himself some kind of Yoga, even if only in a rudimentary stage or in a distorted form. People can be classified not only according to the elements, but also according to Yogas. Often in a hypocrite you find a perversion of Bhakti Yoga; in an overbearing athlete, Hatha Yoga; in a zealot, Raja Yoga; and in a bigot, Jnana Yoga. But what can match the heights of the true Yoga, which links the earthly consciousness with the cosmic pulse? Can one imagine anything that could replace the fundamental striving of the incarnate spirit; something that could imbue one with astral understanding; something that would make clear the purpose of mankind's existence? It is the study of Agni Yoga that brings one closer to the far-off worlds. You may ask Me what physical exercises are useful in Agni Yoga. I advise a short period of pranayama in the morning, no longer than five minutes. One should abstain from meat, except smoked meats. Vegetables, fruit, milk, and cereals are always beneficial. All alcohol is barred, except for curative purposes. Narcotics, such as opium, are inimical to Agni Yoga. Cloudy skies are burdensome for an Agni Yogi. I advise insulating one's footwear with rubber and taking morning walks, avoiding smoky air. With courage must all events of life be faced, for it is impossible to decide where is the good and where the bad. He who brings the true Yoga into life fulfills his greatest mission. Thus, before us is the foundation of Agni Yoga. Agni Yoga, 166.

A yogi should understand atmospheric conditions in order to know how to make use of them. Even an ignorant observer can clearly see that electrical waves can substantially affect normal processes. Also, magnetic whirlwinds and precipitations of humidity will have various effects on the psyche. Magnetic whirlwinds and all electrical manifestations are Our friends, but atmospheric precipitations impede the fiery current. We use an atmosphere charged with electricity to convey, even to those who are unprepared, the usefulness of concepts unknown to them. The exit of the astral body is also helped by magnetic waves. Therefore a yogi must be sensitive to all the unseen processes of nature. For this the yogi needs, first of all, contact with prana. Windows should not be closed, except perhaps when the humidity is overly dense. Long, warm baths without abrupt movements are useful. Generally, abrupt movements disturb the motion of the aura and We avoid them. A speedy rhythm does not disrupt one's link with the atmosphere, but convulsive movements wound the aura, like needles. Many atmospheric observations can facilitate the building of the future. But unfortunately, one must recognize that even mosquitoes know atmospheric conditions better than men. Yet people think that by claiming the title of king of nature, they have the right to know nothing. Agni Yoga, 194.

I advise noting what actions and thoughts are accompanied by the appearance of stars, and what are the colors and dimensions of the stars. These indications are like the bliss of the worlds. The Fire of Space is seemingly metalized, and life becomes filled with the radiance of the prana of reality. One should simply watch the signs without prejudice, and observe to what thought they relate. Certainly they may seem familiar enough to the psychic vision, but one should not lose attentiveness and let oneself think of them as familiar. Only for weak ones can the everyday work on the Teaching be tiresome. The sparks of Cosmos are unique and unrepeatable. We could provide an entire chapter describing observations of these stars. Agni Yoga, 466.

Some nervous diseases can be cured by a change of residence. One could regard this idea as a whim, but there are explanations for it. The air that surrounds one is as mineralized and magnetic as water. We make use of waters of different compositions. Why, then, should air not be similarly utilized for its effect upon the different centers? Much is spoken about prana; but pure prana is inaccessible on Earth, except on the heights, where few dare to stay. At the lower levels the prana is mineralized and is subject to the influence of discordant magnetic waves. Certainly, a change of residence can lead one to more beneficial combinations of prana, and may have a healing effect on the condition of one's nervous system. Unfortunately, so far the air in homes is generally regarded simply, as either pure or impure. In fact, every change of air has importance, since it affects different groups of nerves. Our Brother who was a shoemaker occasionally changed his trade to gardening. This is wise, for the seed growing into a sprout radiates psychic energy of particular tension. One should remember this. After the pralaya of night, the morning sun acts with special vitality in calling forth the psychic energy. Similarly, the awakened life of the seed, like the dawn, sends forth its emanations of prayer. Let us note carefully all benevolent influences. Agni Yoga, 606.

The kindling of the center of the lungs has afforded the yogis all possibilities, including those for the higher manifestations. This center endows one with mastery over water and air. Yogis have manifested themselves in flying and in walking upon the water, and specific gravity has become relative. The center of the lungs is at the foundation of all these so-called miracles. All the pains of martyrs disappeared through the control of this center, and in ecstasy, only the Chalice was functioning. This center may be called the fire-transmuter. Pure yogism is aware that the functioning of the center of the lungs can transmute everything in accordance with desire. Of course, the present-day yogis use pranayama as a method of kindling this center. A higher yogi is not in need of pranayama. For him there exists a direct current with the Fire of Space. All such manifestations as walking on water and flights need pranayama, but there are higher missions. Infinity I, 103.

Astrology defines precisely the cosmic magnetism, when the events can be defined; then one can define them precisely, accepting the cosmic magnetism as the dominating motive power. All manifestations of life lend themselves to computation. One may know all events and all manifestations of spiritual and planetary beings. Cosmic magnetism collects all the highest aspects of cosmic attraction. The spirit responding to the attraction in like measure will be that part of the Cosmic Reason which is confirmed as the Ordainment of Be-ness! Beauty is comprised in that Ordainment. And the Ordainment, liberating the spirit from the planet, affords the illumination which leads to the higher spheres. Rest must be given to the center of the lungs. It is impossible to inflame the center to a better degree. The cold of the heights has replaced pranayama. The controlling the center of the lungs by the Silvery Lotus is very important; it is only these two centers that can give to a high Agni Yogi that much power. But the conjunction of the centers is so powerful that it is difficult to apply these limitless forces upon the planet. There are now many of your revealed workings in the subtle spheres. If manifestations were needed, all is attainable to you through the use of one ray. The greatest lever of the Cosmic Heart is trust. The Cosmic Magnet likewise propels the current through trust. Infinity I, 129.

Where, then, is attention directed? It must be understood that the process toward perfection lies at the basis of evolution. It summons one to simplification and to direct communion with higher worlds. It can be seen how pranayama and other artificial methods of various yogas can be replaced by a simple, fiery heart. Certainly this simplicity is relative. The flaming fiery path leads to it. Yet it brings into life precisely that which was rejected as abstraction and fiction. I consider that each striving to knowledge should be speedily brought to fulfillment. People ask why We do not compel the striving toward evolution. But even a plain nurse tells a child, "Be like a grown-up, find by yourself!" Hierarchy, 297.

It will be asked, Which energy is assumed when one speaks of the heart? Of course this is the same Aum, the psychic energy of all three worlds. But in studying it one can establish that the precipitations are multicolored. Certainly the precipitations may be red, purple, or blue, but approaching the heart, they lose their coloring. The crystal of the heart is white or colorless. Of course, this resonance of the heart is not often observed, but one should strive toward it. The ancients advised the placing of one's hand upon the needles of the young cedars, in order that the condensed prana might penetrate through the fingertips. There are many ways of receiving psychic energy from the vegetable kingdom, but the one regarded as best is that of the open heart when it knows the direction of striving. Heart, 14.

Marakara is a very gloomy locality in the lowest strata of the Subtle World. It is difficult to be there, because prana practically never pierces it. Nevertheless, it is necessary sometimes to penetrate into these satanic layers. Heart, 309.

Pranayama of all kinds is directed essentially to the kindling of the fires of the heart. Indeed, of the multitudes who practice pranayama only very few receive positive results. Wherein lies the cause? Of course, in an indifferent attitude toward the heart. A complex exercise is devised, and the consciousness strives toward the calculation or alternation of bodily movements, in other words towards superficial methods. Yet no earthly calculations will kindle the talisman of the heart. Solar energy is non-existent without the sun; thus, also, the heart will not be kindled without striving toward the focal point. Hence, it is easier to kindle the heart through transporting oneself to the focal point than by relying on material calculations. Of course, pranayama has been wisely established as an auxiliary means for hastening results. But as soon as the mantram of the heart lost its significance, pranayama also turned into a mechanical remedy against the common cold. Therefore, let us remember about the sacred heart as the path to the focal point. Heart, 378.

At times people are ready to admit the power of thought, but they do not apply this admission to themselves. They dream of great thoughts but will not discipline the small ones. They will ask how to transmute thought into action. One must begin by disciplining the smallest thoughts and then, only, create a thought that moves mountains. The advice about disciplining small thoughts is the inception of bringing health to the heart. Do not rely upon a variety of outer pranayamas. The path of Agni Yoga is through the heart, but the heart must be aided by disciplining thoughts. Disorderly thoughts are like vermin, they injure the subtle substance. Often they carry deadly poison. Precisely the smallest thoughts are like madness, and they form the chief obstacle to the rapport of the subtle and dense worlds. How to persuade friends that they should undelayingly accept and execute that which is said about small thoughts? After all, this demands only slight attention and the realization of responsibility. Heart, 495.

Dreams and visions of former lives always have significance. A page of the astral archive seemingly flares up, recalling the identical mood of the current time. I take as an example the last vision. During an hour of fatigue because of people the first need that was observed was to give help at once. Such is the path of the Bodhisattva, when we forget fatigue and ourselves in order to help. Verily, great is the energy thus created; everywhere it is mentioned as love for one's neighbor. Such love does not calculate, but acts without delay; thus, out of the depths of the Subtle World come the pictures of the past. The detail of this vision is significantwhen the servant of pleasure set obstacles on the path of achievement, but nothing stopped the striving. Likewise, again was revealed the need of tolerance toward many persons whom one has encountered more than once. Tolerance and patience are also the path of the Bodhisattva. This path is not in the clouds but on Earth. The effluvium of life is great; hence the path of the Bodhisattva is also needed. Precisely, though these fumes are humanly insignificant, they smart the heart like salt water. Utilize the mountain air; do not tire yourselves, even a diver must not dive if fatigued. One can compare the descent into human refuse precisely with a diver's work. He is ready to help the drowning person, but he himself is in need of air. I do not exaggerate, you are in need of air during Armageddon. Prana is like nourishment for the heart. One cannot help you through ignoble ways; the remedies must be in accordance with the task. But often people do not accept the language of the heart; then the tension of the heart energy is neededin other words, the expenditure of spiritual treasures. Already, not a few are projected into the world. In accordance with the law of Existence they increase, but this does not ease the burden of the heart. Hence, let us be cautious and remember about the diver. Heart, 568.

Even for a simple examination by means of rays, the physician prescribes a special diet. Yet how much more subtle is contact with the Fiery Domain. One must prepare oneself not only through diet, but also by other external and internal means. Food requirements are not complicated. The chief thing is to avoid blood, since it is an element which introduces emanations unfit for the refined organism. But even in case of extreme necessity, one can avoid blood by using either dried or smoked meat. Similarly, in planning cereal or vegetable diets, one should be guided by the condition of one's organism. Yet even without Yoga anyone can understand that any excess is harmful. And everyone knows about the vitamins in raw products. But all these conditions, like excessive pranayama, are nothing compared with the heart's comprehension. You yourselves know how the fires flash up and how the most beautiful thoughts guide one. You may have heard more than once about robber sadhus, and they are probably quite zealous about counting their pranayama. You have heard also of certain Rishis who, even under the most intolerable conditions, did not shrink from helping people. It is especially good on each memorial day to recall the heart's acquisition of Fire. All other conditions are applied in accordance with the intrinsic worth of the heart. The heart will not fill itself with alien or animal blood, for the quality of the heart will not accept it. The fiery heart will not choke with evil speech, for this is contrary to its nature. Thus, let us welcome and always assist the natural kindling of the fires. Fiery World I, 188.

Swelling and sensitiveness of the glands is especially evident during school years. Physicians endeavor in every way to drive this manifestation inward, or they remove the glands. But hardly anyone has thought of the fact that the special sensitiveness of the glands is due to fiery manifestations awakened by new tension of the brain and heart. It is neither a cold, nor the stuffy atmosphere of quarters, but the new activity of the fiery centers which causes the tension of the glands. Also, a similar tension reacts upon the surface of the skin. Of course, treatment by means of pure air reduces the tension, for the fieriness of prana corrects the unbalanced condition of the glands, establishing a fiery harmony. But each removal by force of a fiery apparatus undoubtedly has a powerful effect in the future, lowering the sensitiveness of receptivity. Fiery World I, 213.

System, rhythm, have a determining significance. In biographies one can perceive how rhythm has strengthened the mind and Fire. In fact, at the present time rhythm is much spoken of, but it is not applied in life. Thinking is very chaotic and life is disorderly. The ancients in their pranayama exercises introduced a certain rhythm, but now everything is permitted, and man is the slave of everything. The Yoga of Fire should be another reminder about the significance of man. Fiery World I, 387.

The inhalation of fire is practiced by certain yogis and is a purifying action. One should not understand this literally. One cannot inhale flames, but fiery emanations are useful. For such inhalation, the yogi chooses a quiet place, keeping his spine erect. Before him the yogi makes a fire of deodar wood, or, if deodar is unavailable, twigs of balu, so arranged that the smoke does not reach him. Then the yogi performs the usual pranayama, but in such a way that the emanations of the resin reach his breathing. There are two results�first, a purification of the body; second, the strengthening of the Agni energy. Nothing so helps the kindling of Agni as the properties of deodar. As you know insects cannot endure the strength of deodar resin. You also know that imperfect entities cannot approach the fire of this wood. Usually, the deodars prefer a volcanic soil to grow in; in this way a significant kinship is manifested. Volcanic soil in general merits study, along with its vegetation. Not only has the inhalation of fire been practiced by the yogis but also lying on deodar planks so that the spine comes in contact with the heart of the wood. Various records of antiquity indicate how ardently people have sought the fiery element. Experiments are necessary in order to understand the value of deodar. The significance of fire should be remembered in order to understand volcanic soil. In the south of India sandalwood has also been used for fiery inhalation. Fiery World I, 430.

Walking on water or sitting upon water, like walking on fire, are remarkable proofs of thought-power. Let us recall, for example, how sitting upon water is achieved. True, the body has to be purified by a strict vegetable diet and a transport of the spirit. But in addition one should know how to swim and to float upon the water, in order the better to protect oneself from the serpent of doubt. Selecting some shallow, quiet waters, the yogi prepares a light wooden support on which he sits, so constructed that the water reaches to his waist. Then he concentrates by means of the rhythm of pranayama and lifts his thought toward the supremely Ineffable. Thus, several days can be spent, alternately resting and again drawing near to the spiritual exaltation. And when the thought frees itself from earthly attraction the human body loses its weight. Thus the yogi rises upon the water and the wooden support floats away. But should the thought remain at the original level the position of the body will remain unchanged, In addition one may notice luminous emanations of the body, which, according to an ancient saying link man to heaven. The only deciding factor in these experiments is the quality of thought. It is impossible for an impious man to sit upon the water, just as immunity from fire cannot be attained without a certain rhythm and exaltation. Who can determine how much time is required for a preliminary discipline of body and spirit sufficient to attain such an apotheosis of thought? It should be said that the degrees of patience, perseverance, and extermination vary infinitely, and, besides, certain influences of cosmic conditions are also very necessary. Nor should one laugh on hearing that the conditions are more favorable around full moon. Fiery World I, 456.

Today is a difficult day, therefore, I shall narrate a tale. "A certain demon decided to tempt a pious woman. Dressing himself as a sadhu, the demon entered the hut of the woman, counting his beads. He asked for shelter, and the woman not only invited him in and set food before him but asked him to join her in prayer. The demon, the better to succeed, decided to accede to all her requests. They began to pray. Then the woman asked him to tell her about the lives of the saints, and the demon began to recite like the best of sadhus. The woman rose to such ecstasy that she sprinkled the entire hut with holy water, and naturally sprinkled some over the demon himself. Then she proposed to the demon that they perform the pranayama together, and gradually she developed such a power that finally the demon was unable to leave the hut and remained to serve the pious woman and to learn the best prayers. A Rishi, passing by the hut, looked in, and seeing the demon in prayer joined him in praise to Brahma. Thus all three sat around the hearth, chanting the best prayers. Thus a simple woman, through her devotion, impelled a demon and a Rishi to sing in praise together. But in the Highest Dwelling Places this cooperation occasioned no horror, only smiles. Thus even a demon can be compelled to join in prayer." Fiery World I, 563.

They will ask, "How can we best serve on Earth to effect the utmost benefit at present?" One must restore the health of Earth. By innumerable ways, one must carry out the world task of regeneration. One must bear in mind that people have destroyed the resources of Earth without mercy. They are ready to poison the earth and the air. They have laid waste the forests, these storehouses of prana. They have decimated animal life, forgetting that animal energy nourishes the earth. They believe that untried chemical compounds can take the place of prana and earthly emanations. They plunder the natural resources, unmindful that the balance must be maintained. They do not ponder over the cause of the catastrophe of Atlantis. They do not consider the fact that chemical ingredients must be tested over the course of a century, for a single generation cannot determine the symptoms of evolution or involution. People like to calculate races and sub-races, but the very simple idea of calculating the plundering of the planet never occurs to them. They think that by some act of mercy the weather will clear, and people will become prosperous! But the problem of restoring health does not enter their thoughts. Hence, let us love all creation! Fiery World I, 630.

Urusvati knows that every physical manifestation reveals some small part of the invisible world. There are photographic films that can record things invisible to the eye, such as a subject's radiations, yet sometimes fail to record parts of the subject's physical body. The powerful radiations of Primal Energy can even conceal someone, completely or partially. Skeptics can ask why such unusual photographs are so rarely obtained. This may depend upon the Primal Energy, or simply be a failure to examine the films with sufficient care. The quantity of so-called spoiled film is great, and no one takes the trouble to look carefully at seemingly unsuccessful photographs. When one begins to experiment with photography immediate results are expected, but success can be achieved only at those rare times when people are consciously or unconsciously prepared for it. Nothing can happen without cause. We conduct many experiments with films, and can say that the newest films are quite suitable for experiments which can help to solve problems posed by the invisible world. In addition to photographs made in the camera, images can also be made to appear by holding film in one's hands or by putting it under one's pillow at night. Knowledge about the invisible world should be spread by all possible means. The success of evolution depends on it. Afterwards will come cognition of subtle energies. When We speak of the visibility of many subtle manifestations, some people regard it as a fiction. Such people cannot be brought to Our Abode, for they would be too frightened! All subtle signs would seem to them to be unbelievable and inaccessible. Our apparatuses may resemble simple telegraphic receivers, but they are designed for more subtle vibrations. The necessary tension requires an increase in prana. The breathing of Our ozonizers can be likened to the breathing of living beings. Our lighting system, which resembles neon tubing, can burn very brightly. The effect of such mechanical devices can be increased by cognition of the Subtle World. Supermundane I, 77.

Urusvati knows how necessary it is to correct all misconceptions. We have mentioned pranayama, and at the same time have pointed out natural ways of ascent. Is there a contradiction in this? No, because We do not reject pranayama, and even point out its usefulness, for in certain cases pranayama may be a kind of remedy for the organism. However, We always advise simple pranayama. Breathing is an important process, but, as in everything, a natural pranayama is the best and is in accord with contemporary conditions. People should not devote only a certain time of the day to the purification of breath, but should practice it frequently during the day. For instance, it is healing to inhale fresh prana several times before making an important statement. Public speakers often use this method, but they rarely do it consciously, and it is precisely the conscious inhalation of prana that will transform their breathing. Thus, the objector should understand that We approve of pranayama of a certain quality, but the ancient painful practices must be revised. Certain views of the caste system must likewise be reformed. In ancient times its restrictions were wisely applied, but evolution has since taken many turns. It is now wise to reevaluate the conditions of life, and we must not allow prejudiced thinking to be an obstacle. The Thinker taught that there should be no condition of slavery on Earth, for the nature of mankind is divine. Supermundane II, 441.

Urusvati knows that potential traitors are most indignant when treason is mentioned in their presence. Similarly, a criminal grows angry when hearing talk about fighting crime. In the history of every nation shocking examples of treason are cited. This is done not as a threat, but as a perfect illustration of ignorance. A wise Lover of humanity once told His betrayer, "Do quickly what you have decided!" From the point of view of the Supermundane World this saying was very wise; the abscess of evil had already ripened; let it burst quickly. Let us also remember the well-known example from the life of India. It would seem that the disciples of Ramakrishna revered him, but that did not prevent them from spying on him with improper motives. Ramakrishna gave all of himself to service. He suffered from an excessive outpouring of psychic energy. He departed before his time because of his self-sacrifice. The same thing happened with his disciple Vivekananda. But Ramakrishna was born to be a yogi. He labored for the higher good. One cannot deny that he was a perfect yogi. On the other hand you know that there are sadhus who can perform pranayama in the morning, then murder someone in the evening. Their consciousness debases the ways that should serve only the good. Thus let us bow before the good, whether great or small. Let us not, like merchants, weigh and measure everything, but rejoice when we meet with benevolence and good. These are especially needed in times of tension. The Teaching does not threaten, but warns out of concern. Let those who are not ready to serve at least refrain from ill will. The Thinker begged his fellow citizens, "If one cannot volunteer to come to the defense of one's people, let him at least not succumb to ill will and spite." Supermundane III, 583.

Urusvati knows that people should not only acknowledge the existence of the subtle energies, but should also work with them. Must one be some kind of giant to even think about such cooperation? In a well-designed machine each of its parts is necessary. One should more often imagine oneself as part of the Universe, by joining one's own energy with the universal energy. Thought is the finest energy that one can send forth, inexhaustibly, into the vault of the Universe. Thought can rise, as a pillar of light, and be united with the great Apparatus of energy. The duty of man is to share his possessions, and the best of them is the energy of his thought. It is the energy, consciously directed, that serves as a true yoga, the link with the Higher Worlds. We have spoken many times about the significance of awareness; it alone is life-giving. Even prana must be inhaled consciously. The Thinker said, "Each one of us, when ready for sleep, should send a beautiful thought of greeting to the forces of nature." Supermundane III, 627.

Urusvati knows the power of a deep breath. We have pointed out the benefit of correct breathing before, and much research has been devoted to the subject, but in this book, "Supermundane," one significant fact should be pointed out. In various fields of work, when feeling fatigued, people will interrupt their work or speech by taking a deep breath and thereby receive an influx of new energy. In most cases, they do this out of intuition, without giving thought to the process. How greatly would the power of this process be increased if it were performed consciously! Remember that this rejuvenating breath is supermundane, for by it man summons Higher Forces. He should understand that for greater effect, he should consciously turn to the Supermundane World and affirm his inner link with the Reservoir of Be-ness. Some workers, when pausing to take a deep breath, close their eyes. Their intuition is correct, for closing the eyes increases their concentration. We have already said that illumination can be instantaneous. Thus is performed a short pranayama, with the difference that it takes place in view of others. It is in no way lessened because of those present. Note also that a supermundane breath is single, without repetition. This is significant, for only in a lone breath can be summoned the full power of energy. With rapid repetition, shortness of breath can occur, which harms the work. The Thinker advised, "Understand the power of a supermundane breath." Supermundane IV, 816.

Urusvati knows the true meaning of self-healing. "Friend, command yourself to be healthy," thus did the sages of Hellas sometimes end their letters. In remote antiquity people already knew that beyond all medicinal remedies, beyond the right nutrition, beyond magnetism, beyond prana, everyone has a healer within himself, but they must know how to summon him. The ability to heal oneself must be developed from early childhood. Man cannot suddenly, when already ill, demand a miracle. Self-healing can take place only if one's spiritual lyre has already been tuned. Believe Me: One's inner physician will be on alert, and one's consciousness will summon him, but only if one's spirit has learned how to summon the power given to man. In addition, harmony with the Supermundane World must be achieved. Truly, these strings between Earth and the Higher Worlds will resound as a strong, summoning command. He who has cognized the Supermundane World is able to command for the good of mankind. It must not be thought that We speak about some giants of the spirit, for a measure of achievement and restoration of health is given to everyone. The Thinker said, "Be able to make your inner healer your friend." Supermundane IV, 885.

Urusvati has mastered the Yoga of thought, which is what We sometimes call Agni Yoga, in order to affirm that thought lies in its foundation. Thought is fiery. Thought is limitless. No one can define the boundaries of the dissemination of thought, which is speedier than light. Thus, it can be understood that thought will be the best link with the Supermundane Worlds. Man's thought should therefore be worthy of illumination by the fire of space. The greatest pity is when the traveler in the Supermundane World feels that he must be ashamed of his former thoughts. The record of thoughts is ineradicable; it flashes before the eyes of the newly arrived one. The Yoga of thought could be preferred to the Yoga demanding physical suffering. A brief pranayama, light diet, and striving of thought gain free entrance. One can accustom oneself to constant pranayama, just as to constant communion with the Supermundane World. Then, the earthly life will not be an obstacle to one's ascent. The Thinker repeated, "Thought is lightning." Supermundane IV, 920.

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